WordCamp Europe 2013 Git & WordPress-Themes
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WordCamp Europe 2013 Git & WordPress-Themes



Session on WordCamp Leiden

Session on WordCamp Leiden



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WordCamp Europe 2013 Git & WordPress-Themes WordCamp Europe 2013 Git & WordPress-Themes Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome everybody! Session „Git & WordPress Themes“
  • @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu Git & WordPress Who is this talk for? • Level: Git Beginners • Designers developing WordPress themes with no programming background • People who tried again and again but didn‘t get a grip on how Git works
  • @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu Git & WordPress What‘s not in this talk • The answer to all questions • Step by step tutorial how to use Git • Advanced secrets and Git-Voodoo
  • @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu Git & WordPress Who we are
  • @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu Git & WordPress Kirsten Schelper {designer} Elisabeth Hölzl {developer}
  • @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu Git & WordPress What we do • We build custom WordPress themes for clients • We live in Munich, Germany • We dont‘t drink much beer
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/14646075@N03/5055254756/sizes/l/in/photostream/ Yes, we survived the Oktoberfest!
  • @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu Git & WordPress How we got in touch with Git
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu The s_theme (by Automattic) … lives on GitHub* … used by Kirsten as a boilerplate * built by different people working together * gets fixes and changes frequently
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu Kirsten‘s workflow so far … download s_theme from Github … working on my local copy … missing all fixes and changes by Automattic because my local copy had no connection to the original s_theme on github
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/jondissed/1387181891 This didn‘t feel right
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu So, let‘s get started with Git!
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu Just copy and paste these commands to the terminal
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu Kirsten‘s story • I installed Git on my local machine • I tried some stuff, changed files etc. • But I didn‘t SEE anything • This whole Git thing –was totally invisible!
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu Interim result • As a designer with no programming background, you are completely lost • You need some help from a friendly developer
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu What makes Git tick?
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu The problem challenge 1. Abstraction. Hard for visual people. 2. Working with the command line means: There is no visual feedback You literally don‘t see what you are doing. 3. It‘s all in the command line
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/zigazou76/3622235298/sizes/l/ Git is simple. Well, not quite.
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu Some Git greek • init • repository • commit • branch • merge
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceuSCHELPERDESIGN.NET initialize
  • Omm! http://www.flickr.com/photos/joao_trindade/4323984439/sizes/l/in/photostream/
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu Example Git Workflow
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu Goals workflow s_theme • We use the s_theme as a boilerplate for our WordPress themes • We don‘t want to miss updates any more • We don‘t want to lose our custom code either
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu Roundup GitHub workflow • Choose a project on GitHub and fork it • Install Git on your local machine • Clone the project to your local machine • Do some work • Connect your local project to the original project on GitHub (step 3) • Fetch updates from the original project (step 4)
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu Kirsten‘s Git Workflow
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu Staging Area • Git wants you to add your changes to something called „staging area“ before you commit them. • The staging area is like a warehouse where you can pack sensible packages, e.g. menu goes with menu, slider goes with slider. • The staging area allows you to configure your commits in a meaningful way.
  • Feeling lost? Darinburt/istockphoto.com http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-2070269-lost.php
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu It‘s not easy • Git takes a lot of learning • But it‘s worth it Don‘t be scared –working with Git is pretty safe It‘s actually rather hard to destroy something
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu Ressources for learning Git • Brandnew video series on Treehouse: Introducing Git Basics • Series of articles in our blog (German and English*) http://die-netzialisten.de/ • git the stupid content tracker Tutorials and excellent ressources coming soon
  • Git & WordPress @kirstenschelper @taxifisch | #wceu Thank you! Your Questions