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This brochure is one piece of a comprehensive package of marketing tools designed to be interchangeable and customizable for specific client needs. Designed while employed by CGBA.

This brochure is one piece of a comprehensive package of marketing tools designed to be interchangeable and customizable for specific client needs. Designed while employed by CGBA.

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  • 1. Excellence in Corporate Interiors E V O L U T I O N O F T H E C O R P O R AT E L A N D S C A P E Innovative technology is continually changing business relation- ships and the way people are conducting business. The interior landscape is rapidly evolving to accommodate the changing nature of work. Flexibility within the work environment becomes vital to ensuring team productivity and effective communication. The de- sign challenge is to respond to the emerging issues of electronics and communication within team oriented open office plan, flexible workstations and teaming spaces for casual and formal use. To ac- commodate the new needs of the corporate landscape, design must include responsive lighting design, innovative building systems, movable partitions, modular furniture and the appropriate support technologies for maximum adaptability and team productivity. H E A LT H Y B U I L D I N G S Interior workspaces have a tremendous impact on their occupants. Increased psychological well-being can have positive impacts on productivity, employ- ee retention and stress reduction. • Decrease the occupants’ sense of enclosure • Increase the individual sense of privacy • Maximize personal control over environment • Control ambient noise levels to facilitate concentration • Provide diffuse, uniform natural light To reap the psychological, physical and fiscal ben- efits of a healthy building, a variety of design prin- ciples should be employed.
  • 2. Trends in Workplace Environments ROOM FOR GROWTH As the current market expands and contracts, so must the individu- al businesses that make up the market. The ability for a company to respond directly to the shifts in the economy keeps overhead down, productivity up and ensures a competitive edge in the marketplace. Corporate shifts can quickly amount to lost revenue and increased overhead, but the ability to foresee and plan future changes through the smart design of an experienced interiors firm will keep a com- pany lean, adaptable and in fighting shape. S U S TA I N A B L E D E S I G N Sustainability is a key component to all aspects of the design and construc- tion process. The built environment is wholly dependant upon an ever-decreas- ing supply of natural resources starting with construction and continuing through the entire life span of every building. As the demand and costs for materials and energy continue to increase, our commit- ment is to produce design solutions that minimize waste and environmental im- pact while maximizing energy efficiency and the quality of spaces where we work, play and live. C o n t ac t Robert Bostwick, AIA 2729 Prospect Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44115 bostwickr@cgbarch.com 216.621.4610 phone 216.621.4632 fax www.cgbarch.com ©2006