Secondary Research Market Analysis


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Secondary Research Market Analysis

  2. 2. According to, 152 films were released in 2013 that fell into the drama genre. Regarding how profitable the genre is, it is fourth on the list beneath action, comedy and adventure, with a total gross of $1,018,127,259 and 172 movies released (more than action, comedy and adventure) proving that it is, still in fact, a very popular genre universally and the most produced film genre of 2013. This means that my potential target audience would be large because of the vast release of films in the genre which is good when creating my own production piece. However, this also means increased competition and the need for individuality because it is the most produced genre of this year so far. HOW MANY FILMS OF THE SAME GENRE WERE RELEASED IN THIS PERIOD AND HOW PROFITABLE WAS THE GENRE?
  3. 3. shows that the top 5 most successful films in the drama genre 2013 were: The Great Gatsby, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Silver Linings Playbook, 42 and Zero Dark Thirty. I will look at the top 3 films and state a few reasons as to why the piece was so popular in the year 2013. WHICH FILMS WERE MOST SUCCESSFUL AND WHY?
  4. 4. The Great Gatsby had a worldwide gross of $348,840,419 (, showing a great response from world wide audiences which would have been for many reasons. • Baz Luhrmann directed the film who is very famous and renowned for classics such as his version of Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge. • The film had an estimated budget of $105,000,000 ( meaning production could be more professional and the film itself would be more aesthetically pleasing. • Very famous actors such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Toby McGuire and Carey Mulligan starred in the film which would influence people to go watch it because of previous successful films that they have been in. • The film is based on the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald which is one of the classics in English literature meaning the storyline of the drama is a very important and appealing aspect of the film. • The soundtrack for the film included extremely popular artists such as Beyonce, Jay Z, Lana Del Ray and Will.I.Am. THE GREAT GATSBY
  5. 5. Lee Daniels’ The Butler had a world wide gross of $112,856,907 ( still showing great popularity but came in second place to Gatsby. Here are some reasons as to why it was so popular. • The film emphasises American culture with the idea of Presidency in the Whitehouse meaning a large domestic audience could be attracted ($106,685,208 was profited alone domestically -, but a large foreign audience would also be interested due to famous topics included such as the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights movement which would have created a dramatic, history- related storyline. • The film had an estimated budget of $30,000,000 ( meaning the history included in the film could be recreated thoroughly to entice audiences to go watch it. • Stars in the film include Mariah Carey and Oprah Winfrey, both very influential celebrities both in America and globally. LEE DANEILS’ THE BUTLER
  6. 6. Silver Linings Playbook grossed $236,412,453 world wide ( placing it third on the most popular dramas of 2013 but still held great popularity for these reasons. • The film had a well recognised cast including Jennifer Lawrence, who had great fame due to the Hunger Games, Bradley Cooper, whose famed was renowned for the very successful Hangover Films and Robert De Niro, who has starred in countless classics over the years. • The book it was based on the debut novel by Mathew Quick meaning it already had publicity from 5 years before (2008). • The estimated budget was approximately $21,000,000 ( which is a large sum meaning a better level of production could be produced. • The song Ho Hey was used to accompany the trailer which was a very popular song reaching high in the UK charts and placed third in the billboard charts in America ( SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK
  7. 7. Although my target audience will be young adult females (apx. 16-25), the drama genre is still appealing. This is evident from both tables on the right as The Woman in Black and The Sweeny are both dramas and feature in both age groups meaning that the genre does still influence my audience to go watch films of a similar nature. Although my target audience appear to enjoy comedies and action films more; by including a thriller element/s in the concept of my drama teaser trailer, this will hopefully mean they will be more inclined to view the film I would produce. WHAT ARE THE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE AUDIENCE?
  8. 8. Looking at the table of the right, all of the films fall into the drama genre and have an audience that fit into the AB socio economic group. As my target audience will most likely fit into the C/D range, it will mean I need to specifically cater the film characteristic to their needs yet it will also make my product more individual by trying to target a lower social group. Even though dramas can attract both genders, it is evident here that it appeals to a more of a female audience as ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ , Anna Karenina and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen are all drams and show that over half the percentage of the audience that attended were in fact female.