Primary Target Audience Research


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Primary Target Audience Research

  2. 2. For this task I will identify what my target audienceactually wants within the media they view and to dothis I will gain information from primary research suchas questionnaires/ focus groups or interviews.However there are advantages and disadvantageswith each type of primary research.
  3. 3. QUESTIONNAREThis form of primary research is good as it presents afixed set of answers to pick from (excluding open-answered questions), it’s relatively quick, informationcan be displayed in data forms such as charts and itallows the researcher to get a large proportion of dataif given to a large group of people.Yet the disadvantages are that open-ended questionscan produce large amounts of data that take a longtime to analyse, people usually find questionnairestiring to fill out, some answers may be false and thiscannot be proven and no emotion real can beconveyed from the audience.
  4. 4. INTERVIEWSome advantages of this are that the research ismuch more personal so more in depth responses canbe given and more detailed questions can be asked,there is a higher response rate compared to otherforms of research and the researcher can feelcomfortable not having to present themselves to alarge group. The disadvantages of interviews are thatthey are very time consuming and few interviewswon’t be a good representation of a larger audienceand results may be interpreted in different ways.
  5. 5. INTERVIEWThe advantages of this primary research are that it isquicker than an interview as people do not need to beinterviewed separately, emotion can be clearly seen ifrecorded e.g. through body language and facialexpressions which make answers more effective and theresearcher can actually interact with the audience to gaininformation through a more engaging experiences.However the disadvantages are that if the focus group issmall then their answers may not be representative of thewhole target audience as the data isn’tproportional, people of the focus group may just answerthe same as their peers as they may feel pressured to givesimilar answers and the researcher’s ability to phrasequestions and setting may affect the audiences results.
  6. 6. For my research into what my target audience wants Iwill be using a focus group and some questionnaires.This way I can engage with my target audience andget more personal and opinionated answers fromthem when using the focus group and then thequestionnaire can fill the gaps and provide me withdata that can be displayed on graphs and be a goodrepresentation of a larger audience than just a focusgroup.
  7. 7. QUESTIONNAIRE RESULTSQuestion 1: What media do you use on a day-to-day basis?Internet – 8/8Magazines – 1/8TV – 3/8Images - 4/8Music – 6/8Other – 0/8
  8. 8. Question 2 :How often do you use media in a day?10-30 minutes – 0/81 – 2 hours – 1/82 – 5 hours 5/85+ Hours 2/8Question 3:What do you enjoy about the media in which you use?Entertaining – 7/8Relaxing – 4/8Informative – 2/8Inspiring – 5/8Other – 0/8
  9. 9. Question 4:What aspects of media do you enjoy? Genre – 2/8Imaging – 5/8Editing – 3/8Sound – 7/8Narrative – 2/8Other - 0/8
  10. 10. Question 5:If you could choose, what more would you wantfrom the media that you use?(Open-ended question)When asked this question, my target audience’sresponse overall was that they wanted it to be faster,have less advertisement and more free content. Forexample one answer was ‘More access to free media’and another was ‘Faster internet’
  11. 11. Question 6:Our idea for our own Thriller film is a classic murder investigationfilm. Our idea consists of a group of adolescent teenagers, whogo on a camping trip. Their trip however takes a turn for theworse as a psychotic killer murders one of their friends. The restof the story revolves around the solving of the case and thecapture of the criminal as well as focusing on the feelings of themain characters, which will most probably be one of thestudents/teenagers and a FBI agent solving the case. We willonly be producing an opening sequence.How would you rate our idea out of 10?10/10 – 19/10 – 28/10 – 17/10 – 36/10 – 1
  12. 12. Question 7:In your opinion, how could we make our ideabetter and what things could we change toimprove it?(Open-Ended question)When I asked my target audience how they thoughtour idea cold be better, the overall response was thatwe needed to add something into the story to make itmore original and less predictable, for example a twistof events. Here is an example of an answer I gotback. ‘Maybe add a twist to the storyline to make it abit different.’
  13. 13. Question 8:We plan to stick to the common codes andconventions of the Thriller genre so that our filmrepresents that of a classic Thriller film.Do you agree that this is a good idea?Strongly Agree – 0/8Agree – 5/8Not sure – 2/8Disagree – 1/8Strongly Disagree –0/8