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Portfolio from my time at Wyatt Media Group

Portfolio from my time at Wyatt Media Group






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Portfolio from my time at Wyatt Media Group Portfolio from my time at Wyatt Media Group Presentation Transcript

  • PORTFOLIO from Wyatt Media - Clara Grelsson Bilddagboken is Sweden’s biggest youth oriented website, with over 75% of Sweden’s youth (13-24 yrs) as members and 1.1 million unique visitors every week. I started out in january 2008 and ended my employment in August 2009.
  • GB Glace - Unilever introduction Every Spring GB Glace are releasing new varieties of ice cream and flavours. With this campaign GB decided to work with Sweden’s biggest youth oriented website, Bilddagboken. Having over 75% of Sweden’s youth (13-24 yrs) as members, Bilddagboken is by far the best viral community in Sweden for GB’s product. In order to be fresh and different this campaign had to change from previous years to match Bilddagboken’s structure. Changing from another online platform (previous it was running on Lunarstorm.se) The original ice cream test was the starting point but this year they wanted spread the message virally among Bilddagboken’s members. With 1,2 million members we understood that this part was incredibly important for a successful campaign. In addition to the ice cream test we created a picture competition on Bilddagboken. This part of the campaign is the heavily appreciated by the members but it is important to point out that they realize this event is sponsored by a company and is connected to that company’s products in some way. The competition lasts for 3 weeks, during the first two weeks the members can create and upload pictures after the presented theme. In the last week everyone can vote for the best picture. The most voted picture wins.
  • GB Glace - Unilever campaign Visits on campaign site 533 701 Click on ice cream test 400 000 Text Uploaded pictures 205 000 Text
  • GB Glace - Unilever result Newsdesk http://www.newsdesk.se/pressroom/mindshare/pressrelease/view/saesongens-glassnyheter-sprids-viralt-284551 Dagens Media, DIG newsletter http://www.dagensmedia.se/mallar/dagensmedia_mall_dig.asp?version=228493 Dagens Media http://www.dagensmedia.se/mallar/dagensmedia_mall.asp?version=221067 (Links to swedish web sites but can be translated in Google Crome or with Translate)
  • Amanda Jenssen - Sony Music Entertainment introduction During my first period at Bilddagboken I was working as an Account Manager. One of my customers was Sony BMG (today Sony Music) who had just signed Amanda Jenssen from Swedish Pop Idol. Before the release of her debut album Sony BMG wanted to get young people to actually buy the CD and not download the music illegally. Young people in Sweden are in the lead of all illegal downloading. My suggestion was to create a so called sponsored picture diary. Amanda had a picture diary of her own before she participated in Pop Idol and she updated her profile the same as anyone else, by texting the picture to a special number. At the same time we created a campaign site and premiered Amanda’s debut video with a competition. The goal was to watch the video and count how many times they saw Amanda on her moped. Many people watched it several times just making sure they had counted correctly. This meant people were listening to the song over and over, which will have them remember the song in the future. This recognition of Amanda’s single on the radio or out shopping, can influence a person to buy the song or album. The campaign was very successful and appreciated by Sony BMG. Amanda became a huge hit and won many awards, including the Rock Bear which is quite impressive since it is voted for by the public.
  • Amanda Jenssen - Sony Music Entertainment campaign Banner ad Annons Constant updates Result Period: 2 weeks Clicks 130 000 New friends over 10 000 Amandas visitors Followers over 17 000
  • Amanda Jenssen - Sony Music Entertainment result Dagens Media – http://www.dagensmedia.se/mallar/dagensmedia_mall.asp?version=165878
  • LG - Chatt up introduction LG launched a new chat mobile during fall 2008. Our campaign proposal was to activate and show how fast you can communicate with this new model. Together with Wyatt’s in house agency, Chatt Up was created and based upon an already fixed conversation with a few missing words. These words were written with the keyboard on the campaign site We turned this into a competition and the winner received two phones, one for him/ herself and one for a friend. When a member had played the game they could challenge their friends. This campaign was possible to share outside Bilddagboken. The campaign was also translated into Norwegian for the Norwegian market.
  • LG - Chatt up campaign My friends are notified about new picture - watching and 94 % of the visitors activated themselves in the game. taking up the challenge Banner ad Annons Visitors: 122 768 Played games: 115 459 You can also tell friends outside Bilddagboken. Statistics for viral spread Visitors from the tip function: 19 169 Number of uploaded images: 8198 Click on the uploaded image: 12 522 CTR: 152%
  • Wasa Sandwich - Skogens Skatt (forest treasure) introduction Wasa bread had a successful advertising campaign at Bilddagboken with a photo contest. Now OMD, the media agency, was interested in a follow up “2.0 version” to launch their new Wasa bread sandwich. This job was also a project together with Wyatt Creative as the production agency. Wasabread wanted us to focus on the ingredients (pepper, cream cheese and chanterelle) and make the members interact with the brand. We came up with the idea of a game in a orest environment were you could move the package sideways to collect the ingredients as they are falling down from the sky. It went faster and faster and after level no 5 they got their final time – that is, if they got that far.You could challenge your friends by uploading a picture in your picture diary. This campaign had a viral spread between the members and it was 4 pictures uploaded each minute constantly during 2 weeks – night and day! The prize in the game was your very own banner ad at Bilddagboken, which was linked to the winners own picture diary. It was in line with the rest of the campaign and the theme of "becoming a celebrity"
  • Wasa Sandwich - Woods treasure campaign My friends are notified about Banner ad new picture - watching and taking up the challenge Statistics for viral spread Number of uploaded images: 75 119 Click on the uploaded image: 24 666 CTR: 33% 5365 images uploaded / day 223 images uploaded / hour 4 photos uploaded / minute The members who were on the high scoore list took screen shots and uploaded them on their picture diary to show their friends.
  • Doodle for Google - Google Sweden introduction The ad agency Daddy (now CP+B) contacted Bilddagboken when they had a mission for Google to make a summer campaign. The goal of the campaign was to get youths all over Sweden to design their own Doodles with the theme ”What if?” I was in charge for the campaign from Bilddagbokens side and planned together with Daddy and Kim from the Google office. The task was to figure how the campaign should work online while it also ran as an event. 5000 doodles were drawn and myself, Googles doodler in chief, Dennis Hwang were picked to be on the jury. It was an honor.
  • Doodle for Google - Google Sweden campaign The offical site http://www.google.se/intl/sv/doodle4google/ Check out the jury page http://www.google.se/intl/sv/doodle4google/jury.html
  • CONTACT DETAILS Clara Grelsson +46 70 237 11 97 c.grelsson@gmail.com www.grelsson.com Twitter: @KirranG Skype: KirranG84