SYANA RETREAT 2011 - Activism through Social Media


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  • This is more of a free form talk so feel free to jump in whenever you have a question or a comment
  • Like a class reunion, Facebook is great for reconnecting with old friends. Getting updates on their lives. Updating them on your life. And making new friends. Like a class reunion, there are multiple private conversations going on in different parts of the room at the same time.Twitter is like a large roundtable discussion on various and sundry topics that’s televised for all to see (if they tune into the channel). Experts are part of the discussion. And so are neophytes. Each person has the floor for a few seconds, and others respond to them instantly. Then someone else has the floor, and others respond instantly. And on and on it goes.Facebook is better for connecting, reconnecting, and keeping up with friends as well as making new ones. Twitter is better for sharing and gaining information, knowledge, and resources.Facebook encourages you to stay within the network for your communication. Twitter is a jumping-off point that hands you multitudes of resources to go somewhere else and learn.Facebook is a huge FILTER BUBBLE!
  • Talk about retweets as well.
  • Opening the megaphone goes both ways. If you say something stupid or offensive, it is out there forever and someone will find it one day.Even if your statuses are private, information about you can still be found from contextual clues. (what ads come up, what your search profile brings up, etc)Slactivism: Joining groups (ex. Join and I‘ll give a dollar to a charity.. etc)Tunisa fell, then 6 days later Egypt started. Khaled Said’s death was a rallying point for people in Egypt. (He was pulled out of an internet café and killed by police)Imagine if Twitter existed in 1984World aids day was the first time twitter changed it’s colors (to red). This kind of momentum allowed (RED) to drive a global conversation that involved hundreds of thousands of people, provoking thought, dialogue and action — both online and off — around their cause
  • Top organizations in 2010Relay for Life – 416 millionRace for the Cure – 122 millionMarch of Dimes – 102 millionTeam in Training – 97 millionStart! Heart Walk – 92 million
  • If your cause is secular, it is easier to get behind. Do something for the greater good and get your face out there.Pepsi Refresh VideoAvaaz empowers millions of people from all walks of life to take action on pressing global, regional and national issues, from corruption and poverty to conflict and climate change. Our model of internet organising allows thousands of individual efforts, however small, to be rapidly combined into a powerful collective force.
  • SYANA RETREAT 2011 - Activism through Social Media

    1. 1. Activism through social media<br />@kirpaul<br />#syana2011<br />
    2. 2. REARRANGE (4 MIN)<br />DEFINITIONS (1 MIN)<br />FACEBOOK VS TWITTER (2 MIN)<br />HOW TO TWEET (10 MIN)<br />POWER OF THE INTERNET (10 MIN)<br />SOCIAL GIVING (3 MIN)<br />HOW TO GET STARTED <br />Outline<br />#SYANA2011<br />
    3. 3. A category of sites that is based on user participation and user-generated content. <br />They include social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, social bookmarking sites like, social news sites like Reddit, and other sites that are centered on user interaction.<br />so·cialme·di·a<br />#SYANA2011<br />
    4. 4. 629 million users<br />5.5 million status updates & 8.1 million messages sent per hour<br />Keeps you in a filter bubble.<br />200 million users<br />12.5 million tweets per hour<br />Conversational.<br />Facebook vs twitter<br />#SYANA2011<br />
    5. 5. Normal Tweets<br />@Mentions<br />@Replies<br />TWEETs<br />#SYANA2011<br />
    6. 6. One person can connect to the world.<br />Opening the megaphone.<br />History<br />“If the Internet didn’t exist, Barack Obama would not be president of the United States” – Ben Rattray.<br />Organize passionate people to work together for a change.<br />Ranting vs. Acting<br />Slacktivism vs. Activism<br />Tunisia/Egypt<br />"Why do the Tunisian youth 'demonstrate' in the streets, don't they have Facebook?“<br />KhaledSaid’s death<br />World Aids Day<br />Punjab Police<br />1984?<br />Power of One ►Power of One Million<br />#SYANA2011<br />
    7. 7. 2009 - 15 Billion donated via online giving<br />People who use online tools raise 6x more<br />Average donation size<br />Online/Web - $60<br />Mobile Web - $56<br />Facebook/Twitter - $40<br />Twitter users increased goals by at least 3x & raised 10x more than those who don’t use Twitter<br />Twitter was only method where average fundraiser beat his or her goal. <br />Only 50% of people tap into their social network when fundraising<br />50% of people only give because their friends asked<br />Twitter and Facebook posts convert .25% of impressions into donations.<br />Social Giving<br />#SYANA2011<br />