St Andrews High School Interact


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St Andrews High School Interact

  1. 1. Why Did We do it?W d d i t b c u e we w j i n de i eas hn e o e teKrclyineatcu w h i kad trc lb e wn e t h l p o l i n atd o ep epe d f i c l s t a i o s s we i f ut i ut n, o hn w hr aotsc kd ff w e ed bu i k i s i e e a l md i t o r g a t h l l ae u ol o ep te. hm
  2. 2. How did it happen?Mrs MacLean, the leader of our interact group, was thinking of new ways we could help people. So we all decided to help Sick kids Fife. She then contacted a friend of hers at the hospital, Elizabeth Nicoll and see if there was anything we could do to help. We thought that it would just be like going and reading stories for the children and that, but then we found out about the children in isolation and how they couldn’t keep toys and crayons and that once they left their room. So seeing that they already had a New Big Hospital Book, we decided to make a newer and bigger one in order to raise money to purchase toys which they could keep in their rooms.
  3. 3. How did we do it?We made posters, told friends,made competitions, we got stories in from real children who had visited the hospital, and we got designs from pupils from local schools, including our own. We even got in touch with companys and asked if they would like to help. We got the paper and ink free of charge from two separate company’s (Tullis Russell and Trojan Press) because they loved what we were trying to do.
  4. 4. After the book was completed, with one of our own fellow pupils winning the competition of designing the front cover, we went to the hospital and personally sold the books.
  5. 5. How Much Did We Raise?We raised a whopping… £133
  6. 6. So what happens now?Every year we are planning on making an even newer and bigger hospital book, to carry on helping Sick Kids Fife, but we are also planning on inviting Kirkcaldy Interact to join us on this memorable experience.