International Lithium: Presentation Of Our Strategic Partner - Ganfeng Lithium May 2014


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International Lithium: Presentation Of OUR Strategic Partner - Ganfeng Lithium from China. Ganfeng Lithium is the leading integrated and diversified lithium materials producer.

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International Lithium: Presentation Of Our Strategic Partner - Ganfeng Lithium May 2014

  1. 1. Ganfeng Lithium The Integrated and Diversified Lithium Producer SZ. 002460
  2. 2. Company Overview Ø Founded in 2000, listed in China Stock market since 2010. Ø Focus on Lithium products production, become leading intergraded Lithium producer in Asia. Ø Leading Lithium Metal producer worldwide. Ø Highly technology oriented, the only Lithium company in the world has the capacity to produce Lithium from both hard minerals and brine. Sales Revenue USD
  3. 3. Company Overview - 2013 Employee: approx. 1100 in 5 production sites Sales revenue: USD 112 m Export: 30% Domestic: 70% Transportation: To Shanghai Port :800km To Guangzhou Port:750km To Nanchang Port:150km Ganfeng Lithium Guangzhou Port Shanghai Port Nanchang Port
  4. 4. Company Overview - Business Structure Ganfeng Lithium Metal Division Organic Division Inorganic Division Specialties Division Major market served: - Battery industry - Pharmaceutical - New materials
  5. 5. Lithium Export Distribution Canada U.S.A Japan South KoreaGermany Turkey France India U.K. Israel Singapore Italy
  6. 6. Battery Market - Primary Battery Ganfeng product Lithium metal Ingot/Foil Various Lithium chemicals Usage Electrolyt Anode
  7. 7. Ganfeng product Cathodes Li2CO3 Battery grade LiOH.H2O Battery grade Other Battery grade Lithium salts LCO NCM LFP LMO NCA NCM pre-course Battery Market – Rechargeable Lithium Battery Electrolytes LiF High Purity grade Li2CO3 High purity grade LiPF6
  8. 8. Lithium metal Ganfeng product Anode Battery Market – Lithium Metal Polymer Battery for EV
  9. 9. Lithium Metal Alloy grade PPSLiCl Al-Li Alloy Butyl Lithium Polymers Ganfeng Products Usage Market LiF Rare Earth metal production New Material Market
  10. 10. Lithium Metal (Catalyst Grade) Ganfeng Products Downstream Customers' Products Pharmaceutical Intermediates New Material Market Butyl Lithium Specific Lithium Salts
  11. 11. Metal Division Major product lines: - Lithium metal catalyst grade - Lithium metal battery grade - Lithium metal High purity grade - Lithium Alloy - Lithium foil
  12. 12. Organic Division Major product lines: -N-butyl Lithium Supply inside China and export to polymer and pharmaceuticals industries Organic Lithium factory (Located at Hexia town, Xinyu, Jiangxi) ISO Tank for n-butyl
  13. 13. Inorganic & Specialties Major product lines: - Lithium Chloride anhydrate - Lithium Carbonate Battery grade - Lithium Carbonate High purity grade - Lithium Hydroxide Battery grade - Lithium Hydroxide Technical grade - Lithium Fluoride Technical grade - Lithium Fluoride Battery Grade
  14. 14. Multiple Raw Material Supply Ø Lithium brine Ø Spodumene Ø Lepitolite Ø Recycled material from internal and external Ø Lithium carbonate TG
  15. 15. Access to Low cost Lithium Resources Ø Ganfeng owns 17.5% of International Lithium (ILC), a Canadian listed mining company, who owns Lithium properties in Argentina, Canada and Ireland. Ø Ganfeng has 80% participation interest in the Mariana brine project in Argentina, where ILC owns 20%. Ø Ganfeng owns 51% of the Blackstairs Lithium Co in Ireland, where ILC owns 49%.
  16. 16. Mariana Brine Project
  17. 17. Part 6 全球及中国锂的供应 l  全球的主要锂供应 商产能 l  全球具备开采条件 的锂项目 l  中国的主要盐湖锂项 目 Mariana Brine Project
  18. 18. Blackstairs Lithium Mineral Project Ganfeng Lithium owns 51% and International Lithium owns 49% of Blackstairs Lithium Co. in Ireland. Under the terms of J/V agreement Ganfeng Lithium can earn additional 24% by investing $10 million in the project or by producing Feasibility Study.
  19. 19. Company Overview - Quality Control Ganfeng Lithium is certified by: ISO9001 industry
  20. 20. Certificates Overview Certificate of ISO9001 Certificate of ISO14001 Certificate of ISO18000
  21. 21. Sustainable growth Ø  Certified by ISO14000 for environmental management Ø  Certified by ISO18000 for Occupational health and Safety management Ø  Continuously improving the energy efficiency Ø  Participating the DSM global sustainable growth program as the important supplier Ø  Recycling Ø  Ganfeng Lithium has build up a system of recycling for all of the Lithium and other valued elements through the whole process
  22. 22. Our Strength and Unique TechnologyØ  Integrated production Ø  Recycling: green production and cost saving Ø  Flexible and fast reaction to market demand Ø  Highly committed and experienced management team Ø  Innovation Ø  Strong R&D capabilities Ø  34 major patents until 2012 Ø  Process improvement Ø  Tailor-made products capability Ø  Unique technology Ø  Produce LiCl directly from brine Ø  Produce Lithium metal battery and high purity grades through unique distillation process Ø  Lithium foil production in the inert atmosphere Ø  Unique process for Lithium carbonate high purity grade
  23. 23. LiCl anhydrate LiF Tech Grade Li Metal-CG Li Metal Ingot BG Li Metal Foil BG Brine/ Minerals Down stream Li chemicals Primary Lithium chemicals Li Metal Li Alloy Organic Li Li Hydrids More than 20 different Li products Li2CO3- BG Li2CO3- HPG LiF- BG LiH2PO4-BG LiOH.H2O- TG Strength-Integrated Production Flexible and Cost Saving
  24. 24. Thank you