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  1. 1. Kerrang! Double PageSpread Analysis
  2. 2. This is an unusual masthead of the double page spread as it is a pulled quote from the main body text. However, it is still very eye catching to the reader.The typography contains different colours, fonts and sizes whichgives it an edgy feel. They typography is bold and capitalised withthe text in colours white and pink. The text stands out as itcontrasts the black background it has been placed into. Thelargest piece of text in the masthead is ‘ABSOLUTELY!’ whichconnotes positivity. Certain words have been presented in pink,bolder font which implies these words are important and need tocatch the readers attention. The strap line under the mastheadtells the reader what is included on the pages which is beneficialas this helps the reader realise whether or not they want to readon.
  3. 3. The main image on the page is of a famousband star called Davey Havok. He is thedominant feature on the page as he isspread largely the whole first page. Celebrityendorsement has been used which will bringin a secondary audience to the magazine asfans of Davey will want to read more abouthim. His genre of music is rock and hisclothing and appearance reflects this. Hisarms are covered in tattoos which arestereotypically associated with rock stars.He is wearing a necklace with a cross on itwhich connotes he is religious. This isunusual as rock stars are seen as rebels andnot religious. He is wearing a casual T-Shirtwhich connotes he is laid back and doesn’tcare about his appearance. This colour of hisoutfit reflects the colour scheme of the pagewhich is black, grey, white and pink. These,apart from pink, are all colours associatedwith rock. He is using direct mode of addressso catches the audiences attention anddraws the reader in.
  4. 4. The text has been set out into 3 columns which is a typical convention of a magazine. This is because it is clear to read for the audience. The typography in the main body text is small yet still easy to read. The font is consistent throughout the interview which is contrasting to the masthead which is very unique. Drop cap typography has also been used to start offthe text. This has been used to create a different sense of style. In this case,the drop cap letter is ‘D’ which stands for Davey connoting he is an importantfigure. Each question that has been asked in the interview has beensurrounded by a white box. This ensures that the question stands out to thereader and it clear to read. The white box contrasts the dark grey backgroundwhich makes it more eye catching and bold.
  5. 5. I think that the bright, white lights that border the doublepage spread is extremely effective. As the pages are about a rock star who regularly performs on stage, the lights reflect this really well. They imply that he is on stage. White stars have also been superimposed onto the page.These connote happiness and positivity and imply that he himself is a star. The connotation of positivity and happiness contrasts the stereotypical image of the rockgenre which is normally associated with rebels and Goths.
  6. 6. At the top of the page, an eye catching shape has been superimposed with the text ‘NEWS’ in it. The typography islarge, bold, capitalised font and is a strong, bright red colour. This makes it very eye catching to the reader and their attention will be drawn to this. By putting the text in a different colour to all other text on the page, it implies thatthis is important information. Also, an institutional aspect hasbeen placed in the box to promote the magazine, which is the website of the magazine online.
  7. 7. The majority of the colours on the page are grey, black and white, which are all strongly associated with rock. However, as very contrasting colour has been added; pink. This is very unusual for a rock genre magazine as pink is stereotypicallyassociated with girls. The target audience for this magazine is of a youthful target market of both girls and boys, so a mixture of colours must be used to please all readers.