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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. Layout – The layout of this magazine is very busy, there are pictureslocated on the left to show the content inside. The main focus is theguitarist in the middle, he has been enlarged so that he is the mainfocus of the magazine. It also shows that the top story in themagazine is going to be about the guitarist or relate to him some how,in this case 100 greatest hits.Typography – The title of the cover is bold and has the style that youwould expect from a rock magazine, for example ripped and has agrunge look to it. The buzz words and the headings are in the style ofthe magazine, this is so the house style is kept the same throughout.Language – The language is very bold and up front, this is so it isappetizing to a rock audience. It is also informal and uses languagethat you would expect your friends to use. Again this appetizers to theyounger rock enthusiasts.Target Audience – The target audience of this magazine is forteenagers and people that are interested in punk music.Purpose – The purpose is to interest and incise the target audience, itdoes this by advertising the 100 greatest hits. This causes argumentsand will eventually increase the popularity of magazine and increasesales.Colour – The colours are very bright and bold which represents thereader. The personality of punk enthusiasts generally are loud, theshades of green and yellow are florescent and appeal to the punk androck audience. The colours do not clash and work well together, thiswill make the audience want to buy the magazine.Camerawork – The shot type for the main subject is a low angle, thisis to show the dominance of the guitarist and to emphasize that he isthe main focus. It also shows that the content of the magazine relatesto the guitarist. The smaller pictures that surround the larger imagesare close-ups to show the expression on their faces, this shows themode of address to the audience which is loud and aggressive.Mise –en-scene – The props used such as the guitar again emphasizesthat kerrang is a music magazine. The setting looks like a concert, thisis so it appeals to people that go to concerts and have an interest inrock music.Mode of address -
  2. 2. Layout – The layout of the magazine is very organized asthere are is one big image and little sub images thatsurround it. The smaller images have bylines that describewhat is happening in the picture. The main headingsLanguage – The language used is very typical for a rockaudience as it includes words such as chaos and blackout.These words are aggressive and dark like, this appeals tothe rock audience.Colour- The colours that are used appeal to both malesand females, this means that it their target audience isbroadened by advertising to both sex’s. The colours makethe page layout clean and pleasant on the eye as there areonly two colours to focus on. The colours black, white andyellow are the magazines house style, this is so people canrecognizer the magazine just from it colours.Camerawork – The camera work on the biggest image hasa close up shot to emphasize his tattoos, the tattoos makethe person look appealing to the audience.Mise-en-scene – The guns in one of the images suggestthat the magazine is for a rebellious audience. Also itsuggest that the male has authority and is the mainsubject. The settings for most of the images are set inconcerts and have a dramatic feeling to them. The pictureshave life to them and make the magazine seem moreappealing .Mode of address – the tone of the magazine is informaland appeals to younger audiences. The tone is alsoaggressive as you can see images of guns and gangs oftattooed singers.
  3. 3. Layout – The layout of this double page spread is very ordered as the image is placed to the left and room has been left for the text whichis located to the right. There has been room made for the large title on the right page.Language – The title suggests that the magazine is ‘Wild’, this appeals to younger audiences especially men as the title influences youngwomen being wild. The ‘pretty reckless’ located at the top right of the page uses language that will interest the audience as many peopleare curious when it comes to reckless behavoiur.Colour- The colour scheme of this double page spread consists of three colours red, black and blonde. The black background makes themodels hair colour enhanced and brighter than it would be instead of the black. This draws the eyes in and focusses on the model that willmake people interested in the magazine. Also the colour scheme appeals to a rock audience as they mainly where deep black makeup andclothes.Camerawork – The camera angle of the image is a close up as it emphasises the models hair flowing down here shoulder and the thickblack makeup she is wearing. The angle is also eye level so it gives the effect that the model is looking at you.Mise-en-scene – The necklace the women is wearing looks like a dog collar and is similar to the loud attitude of the audience. Havingsimilar clothes and accessories displayed will make the audience relate to the subject more and will be more appealing to them.Mode of address – The tone of the magazine is outrages as you can tell from the clothes the model is wearing and the language that isused in the headings.
  4. 4. Layout – The layout of this front page cluttered as there islots of text surrounding several images. The main focus isthe model, he has been placed in the center to make himmore important than the other images. Also he has beenenlarged to fill the page, this again emphasis hisimportance in the magazine. Buzz words have been placedso that they are clearly visible to the audience. This is so itmakes the magazine more appealing and more people aremore likely to buy it.Language – The language used is aiming at a teenageaudience, this is because they use words like sweet andinclude exclamation marks to make the text seem asthough someone is shouting. All this appeals to a youngeraudience.Colour- The colours used are very bright, this draws theeye into the most important subjects such as the modeland the buzz words.Camerawork – The camera angle is ac close up to show offthe mans makeup and his prop, in this case an ice cream.Mise-en-scene – The ice cream is used to correspond toone of the headings, this makes it relevant and supportsthe title. The setting is a clean white background. This isused to focus your eye on brighter colours such as themodels t-shirt and buzz words. If the background was tocomplex it would interfere with the rest of the magazine.Mode of address –
  5. 5. Layout – The layout of this contents page is complex asthere is a lot of text and pictures. They have made themain image larger than the rest as he is the main focus ofthe contents page.Language – The bold text at the bottom of the pagehighlights the band names which will appeal to thereaders and overall increase the sales of the magazine.Colour- The colours are very dark and have a depressingfeel. The colours on the main page are washed out to givea scary and old feel to the image. This appeals to arock/punk audience because the colours appeal to them.Camerawork – The larger image is a wide shot, this is toshow the whole band, they have done this so thePhotographer can show the detail of each mask. The angleof the camera makes the band seem intimidating becauseof how many there are.Mise-en-scene – The masks have been introduced as it isthe bands trade mark. This is to entice people as theyrecognize the masks from other sources such as TV andlive concerts. The masks also have an aggressive andscary look to them, this appeals to the target audience.Mode of address –
  6. 6. Layout – The layout of the double page spread is clean and set out in a particular order. The text has been moved into blocks of text tokeep the magazine ordered. The pictures have also been placed around the text so that they do not interfere with it. The main image hasbeen enlarged so that he is the main focus of the magazine. The singer has been placed in the middle as he is the main attraction for themagazine, also he is the first person they will see when the audience look at the double page.Language - Whiplash has been used to emphasized violence and injury, this appeals to the target audience.Colour- The colour scheme that has been used is very dark and depressing, this appeals to the audience as the colours are similar to whatthe audience wear. The red has been used to highlight the main part of the magazine, also the text is white so that it stands out againstthe black background.Camerawork – Mid shots have been used to show off the rock stars guitars and tattoos this shows the aggression that the magazine istrying to portray. A close up of the main rock star is used to show his emotion so that you can connect with him more.Mise-en-scene – The guitars in the images suggested that the magazine is about musicMode of address – The tone of the magazine is aggressive and intimidating as the rock stars have tattoos and have mean expressions onthere face.
  7. 7. Layout – The layout of this magazine is very complex andwild. Text has been placed all around the image and looksto untidy. The rock star has been enlarged so that he is themain focus of the magazine. Bold buzz words such as ‘Robzombie’ have are bigger than other text as they are themain attraction.Language – The language of this magazine is aggressiveand out of the ordinary. Names of well known rock starshave been placed along the magazine to attract theaudience. The language is over exaggerated because theyhave used words such as kill and undead. They will attractthe reader because of the emotion of the words that areused.Colour- The red represents blood, death and evil, thisattracts the audience as they are the subjects the targetaudience are interested in. The green and red colours arevery bright and represents a comic book feel. This givesthe magazine a hint of comedy.Camerawork – The camera angle is a close up to show offthe mans makeup and his prop, in this case an a chainsaw. The chain saw represent anger and aggression.Mise-en-scene – The chain saw signifies anger andaggressions which is associated with the rock genre, thisthen appeals the target audience.Mode of address – The tone of the magazine is aggressivebecause of the props and costumes. It also has a cartoonfeel to it which represents a humorous feel to themagazine.
  8. 8. Layout – The layout of this contents page is complex but isstill ordered. This is because the text and pictures havebeen placed in a certain order. The main pictures havebeen placed at the top to show them off before the lessimportant images. Page numbers have clearly been placedthis shows that the magazine is organized.Language – Words such as ‘access all areas’ attract anaudience as they suggest that there is exclusiveinformation inside. The word Chinwag has been usedsuggesting that it is for a British audience, this is becauseonly British people use this word.Colour- The colours have been the same through out thecontents page and the title, this is to keep the house styleso that people can recognize the magazine. The coloursare depressing and mainly consisting of black, red andbrown. These colours normally appeal to a male audience.Camerawork – A close up has been used for one of theimages to show his mean and aggressive expression, theseover exaggerated expressions are usually associated withthe rock genre. Several wide shots have been used toshow the band members, this is to show off there clothingas it is a main part of their trademark.Mise-en-scene – The settings that have been used aredark and depressing which again are associated with therock genre. The costumes that the band members arewearing are usual black to signify their personality, theyusually consist of blacks reds and browns which relate tothe style of the magazine.Mode of address – The tone of this contents page isaggressive and is aimed at a mature audience, this isbecause of the rude gesture that the band member isshowing. The strong facial features that the rock stars areshowing represent anger.
  9. 9. Layout – The layout of the double page spread is organized as the text has been clearly placed at the bottom of the page. The main picturecovers the page suggesting that they are the main focus. Buzz words have been located at the side but still can clearly be seen because ofthe bright colour that has been chosen. A side bar located at the far right of the page includes other information, it is kept to the side as itis not the main story on the page.Language - Hot Metal and fresh from the forge are a play on words suggesting there are popular metal players that have been recentlydiscovered. These play on words attract the audience to the buzz words. Words such as WTF are typically used by the younger generationmeaning that the content is meant for a younger audience. The title ‘baptized in blood’ is unusual and is eye catching because of it strangenature.Colour- Colours such as black, red and yellow have been seen In the magazine several time, this is to keep the house style the same, thered also relates the titles as red represents blood. Again red also represent heat which has been used for the background to the buzz word.Camerawork – A wide shot is used to capture the bands movements which are wild energetic. Also the wide shot shows off the bandmembers clothing and tattoos.Mise-en-scene – The setting of the shot is located in what seems to be a dark ally way, the location is typical of a rock magazine as it darkand spooky. The clothing ranges from black to white, the bland colours signify the personality of the readers and band members.Mode of address – The tone of the magazine is loud because of the bold words that have been used such as blood and WTF. The magazineis not forcing you to read the content as it suggests not telling you to read it, this is because the words ‘Also try..’ have been used provingmy statement.