Kingston Business Bulletin
Taking Care of Business in Kingston

Volume 4 2013

As we approach the end of another
year, it is timely to look back at the
objectives that you set for your
The Workplace Emergency
Management Manual (WEMM)
WEMM is a simple online tool that
assists small to medium workplaces
to c...
To visit the events
Page on our
website, please scan
the QR code.

For more details visit:
For more details visit:

Phone : 9581 4735

Retailers migrate online to keep up with tre...
Creating New Business
Start up Program Opportunities for Industry
Industrial Symbiosis is a mutually
for Busine...
Rio 2016 Olympics
launches portal for
potential Games suppliers
Australian companies can apply to
provide goods or service...
What’s on in Summer
• Kingston Farmers’ Market
- 2nd Nov, 7th Dec, 1st Feb.
• Kingston Business Women’s Network Luncheon
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Kingston Business Bulletin Nov 2013 (2) - latest information for Kingston businesses


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Connect with the latest business information and services with Kingston Council's November issue of the Business Bulletin and visit our new business website at Our free online Business Directory helps customers and suppliers find what they need, so register on our website.

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Kingston Business Bulletin Nov 2013 (2) - latest information for Kingston businesses

  1. 1. Kingston Business Bulletin Taking Care of Business in Kingston Volume 4 2013 OPEN DAY FOR INDUSTRY Monash University is hosting tours for industry of some of its highend research facilities on Tuesday 17 December 2013. Development, Business and Innovation, Monash University, CSIRO, Australian Synchrotron, Small Technologies Cluster, Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication and local government municipalities of Greater Dandenong, Kingston, Knox and Monash. SEMIP aims to improve connections between businesses and between businesses and researchers; providing potential for significant long term job creation in the South East Melbourne region. The Monash Industry Open Day will open up four of its research facilities to manufacturers, engineering and product development companies from the south east region of Melbourne. Businesses will have the opportunity to visit select Monash Research Technology Platforms to see the technology and capabilities, ask questions of Monash University’s experts and find out how your business can benefit from, and access, these cutting-edge research facilities. The Monash Open Day will include the following facilities: • • M o n a s h C e n t re f o r A d d i t i v e Ma n u fa ctu ri n g State-of-the-art facility consisting of the latest technology for manufacturing specialised and complex components from a wide range of metal powders (Ti, Ni, Al alloys and steel). M o n a s h C e n t re f o r E l e c t r o n M i c ro s c o p y Conducts specialist research in advanced electron microscopy and atom probe microscopy to determine the composition, structure and bonding of materials down to the atomic scale. S p a c e s ar e l i m i t e d an d p r io r i t y w i ll b e gi v e n t o m an u f a c t u r i n g a n d e n g i n e e r i n g c o m p a n i e s t h a t a re i n t e r e s t e d i n c o ll a b or a t i ng o n R & D p r oj e c t s w i t h M o n as h. F o r m ore i nf or m a ti o n c o n ta c t M s Cl a r e M e e ke r o n 99 0 2 0 3 87 o r c l a r e . m e e k e r @m o n a s h . e d u Monash Centre for Electron Microscopy • S o la r c e ll p r i n t i ng f a c i l i t y Pilot scale manufacturing equipment for printing dye-sensitised solar cells and organic solar cells directly onto flexible materials. • C AV E 2 A next generation hybrid 2D and 3D virtual reality environment that supports information-rich analysis with stunning immersive visuals and intuitive interaction tools. The Monash Industry Open Day is sponsored by the South East Melbourne Innovation Precinct (SEMIP), a partnership between the Department of State Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing INSIDE THIS ISSUE Positive Ageing Consultation Page 2 Retailers migrate online to keep up with trends Page 5 Rio 2016 Olympics launches portal for potential Games suppliers Page 7
  2. 2. Editorial As we approach the end of another year, it is timely to look back at the objectives that you set for your business at the beginning of 2013 and assess whether those objectives have been met. Did you take advantage of any of the business development programs that were provided by the City of Kingston and the State and Federal governments? These programs are delivered locally to make it as easy as possible for you to participate. The Economic Development team is currently putting together a comprehensive program of business education and networking events for 2014 and would welcome any suggestions that you may have. There will be a particular focus on the use of technology to improve business efficiency. Business operators in every industry face a sometimes bewildering array of new digital opportunities. Kingston will be working with VECCI to deliver the Federal Government’s Digital Enterprise Program which will include information sessions, workshops and individual coaching on all things digital. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the roll-out of the national broadband network, there are many things that businesses can do now with current and emerging technologies. Make 2014 the year that you embrace the future – which is really the present! I hope you get a chance to take a break over Christmas and the New Year and spend some quality time with family and friends. We all need to take time to recharge the personal batteries. Suzanne Ferguson Manager, Economic Development, City of Kingston “Entrepreneurs are contrarian value creators. They see economic value where others see heaps of nothing. And they see business opportunities where others see only dead ends.” Daniel Isenberg 2 What is the ‘New Economy’? The term ‘New Economy' was first used to describe high-growth industries on the cutting edge of technology. It’s now become shorthand for a vision of the future based on universal values and shaped by fast-converging social and economic trends. Many of these trends are driven by emerging technologies and demographic changes. This has created massive complexity and a volatile operating environment for leaders and significant new opportunities for organisations able to respond. These include: • Activist shareholders demanding tangible evidence of ‘shared value' • Agile competitors creating new business models to capitalize on a growing desire among consumers for collaborative consumption rather than outright ownership • Development of a number of growth-metric alternatives - the Happy Planet Index, Bhutan's Happiness Index, the Ethical Markets Quality-of-Life Index - that better acknowledge and reflect levels of community and environmental wellbeing • The emergence of technologies and platforms that enable rapid crowd-based fundraising, micro-loans and community-based currencies that bypass banks altogether • Growing broad-based support for investments that produce social and environmental benefits as well as financial returns, necessitating a rethink of how we define ‘value' • The explosion of MOOCs (massive open online courses) via Khan University, Udemy and strategic alliances that threaten the revenue streams of traditional universities • Increasing pressure on insurers - and their clients - add risk as significant weather events wreak havoc on communities and cost shareholders dearly (the World Bank released a report late last year warning of ‘a cascade of cataclysmic changes' if the global community fails to act on climate change.) Such activities reflect two things: a refusal to accept the status quo, and a desire for a more human-centred, sustainable economic system. To re a d m o r e o n t h e n e w e c o n o m y re a d : ‘ B r e a k t h r o u g h C a p i t a l i s m ’ b y Vo l a n s . T h e B r e a k t h r o u g h re p o r t d r a w s o n i n t e r v i e w s w it h ov er 100 s enior corpor ate and inv e s tm ent e x ecut iv es . h t t p ://w w w .b re a k t h ro u g h c a p i t a l i s m .c o m / r e p o r t s .h t m l POSITIVE AGEING CONSULTATION Baby Boomers, mature consumers, older adults, senior customers -whatever one names them - this market is large and growing! We know that older people represent a significant segment of our economy and that many have significant disposable income. Kingston Council is embarking on a consultation process to inform the development of their second positive ageing plan and is interested in the views of local business people to identify how businesses can be assisted to tap into this market. A short survey for businesses has been prepared and can be completed online. Visit the Services and Support page on the Kingston website at: The Council’s approach is based on the World Health Organisation’s “Global AgeFriendly Cities: A Guide”. The purpose of the Guide is to engage cities around the world to become more ‘age-friendly‘ so as to tap into the potential that older people present for communities. Th e g u i d e r e c o g n i s e s t h a t : • the proportion of older people in our communities is growing and will continue to grow (the City of Kingston has a higher than Victorian and Australian average number of people over the age of 70) • older people have much to contribute to their communities • older people are involved with the full gamut of life activities as leaders, parents, customers, employees, students and more • facilitating positive ageing has impacts and benefits beyond the older population for the broader community. Consultation will focus on eight interrelated factors which have been identified by the World Health Organisation as impacting on the experience of ageing, including employment. If you would like to be involved in the consultation, or would like more information, you can visit the Council’s website: or contact Jenny Branton on 0417 532 344 or email A Business Bulletin for the City of Kingston
  3. 3. The Workplace Emergency Management Manual (WEMM) WEMM is a simple online tool that assists small to medium workplaces to create plans for emergencies. It is the first of its kind in Australia, and is designed to make emergency management planning more accessible for smaller businesses that may not have the resources to undertake extensive emergency plans. HOW DOES IT WORK? HOW TO GET STARTED? This online tool takes you through the emergency management process step-bystep; creating a customised manual for your business. The tailored manual can be saved as a pdf or printed and inserted into the folder as a complete, professional Workplace Emergency Management Manual. The manual can be printed as often as is needed for the term of the registration. Simply log-on ( bout/) to WEMM today, and make your business better prepared for any emergency. This tool was created by the Metropolitan Fire & Emergency Services Board, Melbourne, in partnership with CGU Insurance and E3 Learning. WORKPLACE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT PLANNING - WHY DO WE NEED IT? All workplaces have potential risks that expose them to emergencies. Workplace emergency management planning: • Provides early and accurate identification of workplace hazards • Enables you to plan towards reducing the impact of potential workplace emergencies • Helps fulfil duty of care • Assists with business continuity planning SUNSMART TRAINING - WORKPLACE EDUCATION PROGRAM In Australia it is estimated that approximately 200 melanomas and 34,000 non-melanoma skin cancers per year are due to occupational exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Health & Safety responsibilities, as well as supporting their efforts to be SunSmart workplaces. Aimed towards both outdoor and indoor workers, the program comprises a 1 hour or 1.5 hour face-to-face group session with an experienced facilitator, anywhere in Victoria. SunSmart is currently taking bookings for its Workplace Education Program (WEP). This program is designed to assist Victorian businesses and organisations fulfill their legislated Occupational You can view more information, visit _others/at_work/workplace_education_ services/. A Business Bulletin for the City of Kingston To d i s c u s s o r b o o k a s e s s i o n , c o n t a c t E m m a Wh i t e o n ( 0 3 ) 9 6 3 5 5 1 4 8 o r e m a i l : s u n s m a r t @c a n c e r v i c .o r g . a u . 3
  4. 4. To visit the events Page on our website, please scan the QR code. For more details visit: Phone : 9581 4735 When do I have to give a refund? Under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), when a product or service fails to meet a consumer guarantee, your obligation to provide a type of remedy will depend on whether the failure is major or minor. A Ma j o r F ai l u r e with a product or service is when: • a reasonable consumer would not have bought the product or acquired the service if they had known about the problem the product is significantly different from the description, sample or demonstration model shown to the consumer the product or service supplied is substantially unfit for its normal purpose and cannot be made fit within a reasonable time the product is unsafe or the service supplied has created an unsafe situation. • • • In either circumstance, the consumer can seek compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. M i n o r f a i lu re s A minor failure occurs when a problem with a product can be fixed easily and in a reasonable time and does not have the characteristics of a major failure. In the case of a minor failure, you can choose between providing a repair or offering the consumer a refund or an identical replacement (or one of similar value if it is reasonably available). If you have identified a minor fault, but have not been able to fix it within a reasonable time, the consumer can choose to get the job done elsewhere and charge you reasonable repair costs. Alternatively, if the fault cannot be repaired within a reasonable time, or at all, the consumer can choose to reject the product and demand a refund, replacement, or the difference in value. A re f u n d f o r ` ch a n g e o f m i n d ’ i s up to y ou. ‘ No r e f u n d ’ s i g n s a re u n l a w f u l . Be careful about what you say to consumers about their refund rights. This includes the wording of any signs, advertisements or any other documents. Signs that state ‘No refunds’, ‘No refund on sale items’ and ‘Exchange or credit notes only’ are unlawful because they imply that it is not possible for consumers to get a refund under any circumstance – even when there is a major problem with a product. Th i s c o n t e n t w a s p r o v i d e d b y C o n s u m e r A ff a i r s Vi c t o r i a . F o r m o r e i nf or m a ti on v i s i t c o n s u m e r. v i c . g o v . a u /s m a l l b u s i n e s s Wh e n th e re i s a m a j o r f a i l u re w i th a p r o d u c t , t h e c o n s u m e r c an c h o o s e t o : • reject it and choose a refund or identical replacement, or keep the product and ask for compensation for any drop in its value caused by the problem. • Wh e n t h e r e i s a m a j o r f a i l u r e w i t h a s e r v i c e , th e c o n s u m e r c a n c h o o s e t o : • keep the contract and get compensation for the difference in value between the service delivered and what they paid for, or cancel the service and get a refund for any unconsumed services. • Lifestyle Home and Living store – Charman Rd, Cheltenham Kingston Business Women’s Network Luncheon Activating the Exceptional in YOU Kingston Business Women’s Network Luncheon on Wednesday 13 November With keynote speaker – Dr Rosemary McCallum The event includes a special ‘Retail Showcase’ highlighting the hidden gems of exceptional Kingston retailers. Join us from 11am to explore and discover the Retail Showcase. Date: Time: Venue: Dr Rosemary McCallum PhD, Abundant Life Solutions, helps people create exceptional lives that are balanced and harmonious in mind, body and spirit, to overcome limited thinking and become visionaries for their own lives. Cost: Wed 13th November 2013 12.00pm - 200pm Hemisphere Conference Centre 488 South road, Moorabbin $49 per person (inc GST) - 2 course meal and one complimentary glass of wine. RSVP: 6th Nov by booking online at: Dr Rosemary McCallum 4 A Business Bulletin for the City of Kingston
  5. 5. For more details visit: Phone : 9581 4735 Retailers migrate online to keep up with trends Research indicates that bricksand-mortar retailers have been slow to adopt multichannel strategies, overlooking the opportunities available in new online strategies. Many bricks-and-mortar stores have lagged behind online retailers. This is gradually changing, however, as traditional retailers migrate online to complement their existing sales. Despite this, the outlook for domestic retailers is optimistic, as continued investment in online platforms is expected to contribute to stronger consumer demand. As our retailers strengthen their market presence, it is anticipated that competition from international online retailers will soften, while the growing use of smartphones and tablets for mobile shopping will fuel demand. To ensure you keep up with this changing consumer behaviour, consider further training in your online presence and the opportunities e-commerce can bring. In 2014 Kingston Council is partnering with VECCI, the Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry to deliver free online training to Kingston businesses. More details on this training is included in this Bulletin, see Page 6. *SOURCE: IBISWorld Pty Ltd Heavy investment into new e-commerce platforms has assisted traditional operators to evolve into successful ‘bricks and clicks’ retailers, winning back market share from online-only retailers that previously dominated the online market. IBISWorld research indicates these multichannel retailers now account for 42.8% of online women’s clothing sales in Australia and are quickly gaining ground on the online only retailers, which represent 57.2% of sales. * Australian retailers still lag significantly behind our international counterparts that have migrated online. Global retailers generally offer competitive prices, wider product ranges and advanced online platforms. THE CHRISTMAS CUSTOMER Christmas is a critical trading period for most retail businesses with many retailers making the bulk of their profits during these crucial few weeks. As you are setting up your store for Christmas, keep in mind that your Christmas customer is probably different from your day-to-day customer. Your day-to-day customer is likely to be someone who knows, understands, enjoys, and uses the merchandise you sell. Your Christmas customer isn't usually the end-user, they are a gift-giver! Christmas customers are shopping with a specific problem to solve. Provide the solution to their problem and you have made a sale. Display and sign your merchandise to make the experience super easy for your Christmas customer to find the gift they are looking for. Great customer service becomes even more important during the Christmas period. Your customer may be a little more stressed than usual and giving fantastic service is amongst the best ways to relieve this stress and make the customer want to return to your store. Research indicates that store environment is an important element in retailing given that around 70% of purchases are an impulse or unplanned purchase. Think about the way your shop is laid out with Christmas merchandise. Which products are customers most likely to visit you for? Consider putting these further from the door, while putting ‘impulse’ items near the till and enticing products by the door. A Business Bulletin for the City of Kingston 5
  6. 6. Creating New Business Employment Start up Program Opportunities for Industry Industrial Symbiosis is a mutually for Business beneficial relationship between industrial enterprises to optimise - NOW OPEN the use of resources, create value, The State Government has recently launched a new employment program aimed at supporting young unemployed people into jobs and training. drive productivity, reduce costs, improve environmental sustainability and maximise resource and asset utilisation. In particular, it includes a focus on the recovery and use of by-product resources, energy, water and underutilised capacity that would otherwise be wasted. Kingston Council is committed to supporting initiatives that drive total cost reductions or total revenue increases for businesses, through redirection of waste streams and the adoption of processing options which consume less expensive inputs. If y ou are i nteres te d to fi nd o ut m o re a b o u t S u s t a i n a b l e B u s i n e s s ini tiat iv es , a nd i ndus t rial s y m bios is , cont act Angel a S t ubbs – a n g e l a .s t u b b s @k i n g s t o n .v i c . g o v .a u Or c a l l 9 5 8 1 4 7 8 7 The Employment Start Up for Business program offers a direct response to Victorian small and medium sized (SME) businesses that are experiencing difficulty in filling job vacancies. The program will assist eligible small to medium businesses across Victoria to employ young people aged between 15-25 years. Each new employment placement will be full time, of at least 30 hours per week, and will involve accredited training for the new employee that is appropriate to the workplace and the job description. The program offers up to $4,000 for each successful employment placement. Funding will support employers with the recruitment process and with the training and retention of a new young employee within their business. For more information on this grant and how to apply, visit the Business Victoria website. Online training on the way for businesses Kingston businesses will soon have access to a new training program aimed at helping organisations become more digitally aware. Under Federal Government funding, Kingston has joined with other key councils and the Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) to provide this training initiative to local businesses. Business owners and their employees will have the opportunity to attend the training programs which will run throughout a two year period. There will also be one-on-one mentoring services available throughout the program. Training will range from information on developing an e-strategy to global online opportunities and managing customer relationships online. 6 A full training schedule will be available later this year. To r e g i s t e r y o u r i n t e r e s t i n t h i s t ra i ni n g p l ea s e e m ai l b u s i n e s s @k i n g s t o n .v i c . g o v . a u o r c al l Ec o no m i c De v e l op m e nt on 9 58 1 4 7 35 . A Business Bulletin for the City of Kingston
  7. 7. Rio 2016 Olympics launches portal for potential Games suppliers Australian companies can apply to provide goods or services to the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games through the newly launched procurement website. Companies can pre-register to become a potential provider of products or services to the Games using a portal on the official Rio 2016™ website, which details selection criteria as well as required goods and services. Visit: Pre-registered companies can participate in the Supplier Development Program which walks potential providers through sustainability requirements and other details. “Through the Supplier Development Program, we intend to strengthen relationships with suppliers in order to use the demand of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games to encourage the sustainable development of the national market,” Rio 2016™ said on its website. The website also details the supplier management framework for companies that qualify as providers. Melbourne Business Awards Gala Breakfast The Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) in Brazil can assist Australian companies with finding local partners. They stated that there is a strong push from the organisers for the development of the local industry so a partnership with local companies will be key for winning some of the contracts. Who will be named Business of the Year? The answer to that question will be revealed on December 6th at the Melbourne Business Awards’ annual gala breakfast. Australian companies have a distinguished track record when it comes to record helping host nations stage global sporting events. At the 2012 Olympic Games, 46 Australian companies helped London stage the Games, including FCT Flames which engineered the iconic Olympic Cauldron unveiled at the Opening Ceremony. Contracts won by Australian companies at the 2012 Olympic Games include the design of the Athletes Village, audio systems design, lighting consultation and security advice as well as cleaning and waste management services and managing the volunteer workforce. Advertisements promoting local businesses will be seen by more than 7000 community members on a big screen at this year’s City of Kingston’s Carols by the Bay on Sunday 15 December at the Peter Scullin Reserve, Mordialloc. For an affordable cost, your business has the chance to advertise on the ‘big screen’ truck at this evening event. You can also consider sponsorship of the event. There are a variety The awards were established in 1992 as a forum to recognise the achievements of small to medium businesses operating in Melbourne’s south eastern region. Vying for the 2013 Business of the Year title will be south eastern based businesses: of packages available which include benefits such as: • on site presence as a presenting partner • event naming rights • VIP tickets to the event along with an invitation to the VIP reception where you can meet the stars of the show! F or m ore i nf orm at i on a bout how y ou ca n a dv e rt is e , or for s po ns or s hip op por tuni t i es for th i s e v e nt o r a ny of C i t y o f K i n g s t o n ’s m a j o r f e s t i v a l s , c a l l t h e Fe s t i v a l a n d E v e n t s t e a m o n 9 5 8 1 4 75 4 or e m a i l e v e n t s @ k i n g s t o n .v i c .g o v .a u • P r o f e s s i o n a l D i v i n g S e r v i c e s who specialise in commercial diving • Om n i C o n n e c t providers of Data Centre facilities and Telecommunications Carrier services. • AN OPPORTUNITY TO SUPPORT CAROLS BY THE BAY Support Kingston’s annual end of year celebrations and promote your local business to the community. Six local companies will vie for the prestigious award at this festive end of year event. G r a s S p o r t s A u s t r a l i a who offer expert design and construction of synthetic grass surfaced facilities • He l l a A u s t r a l i a manufacturer of automotive lighting equipment and provider of LED lighting solutions • E x h a u s t C o n t r o l I n d u s t r i e s the air and noise pollution control specialists • B r e a d s o l u t i o n s creators of innovative 'ready to bake' bread products • He u c h specialists in Industrial Cooling and Transport refrigeration • S l a t t e r y & A c q u r o f f builders crafting beautiful stairs cases since 1920 Melbourne Business Awards chairman Geoff Lawyer says, “Melbourne’s south east region is one of the most commercially dynamic and innovative industrial centres in the country, the base for thousands of great businesses and entrepreneurs. The Melbourne Business Awards exist to recognise and reward these businessmen and women who continue to push the boundaries of commerce and industry.” The Business of the Year will be announced at the gala breakfast held at Hemisphere Conference Centre, 488 South Road, Moorabbin, on Friday, December 6th For more information about the Melbourne Business Awards, or to book tickets for the gala breakfast, please visit: A Business Bulletin for the City of Kingston 7
  8. 8. What’s on in Summer • Kingston Farmers’ Market - 2nd Nov, 7th Dec, 1st Feb. • Kingston Business Women’s Network Luncheon - Wednesday 13th November • Melbourne Business Awards Gala Breakfast - Friday 6th December • Carols by the Bay - Sunday 15th December • Monash Open Day for Industry - Tuesday 17th December • Kingston Pre-Xmas Farmers’ Market - Sunday 22nd Dec, 8:00am to 12:30pm Kingston Council has a new Business website! As technology evolves it is important to stay up to date. Council has undertaken a redevelopment of its business website to enhance the options and features available for the best possible user experience. The new business website allows for a professional look, easy navigation of content, a new Business Directory, social media sharing and interactive communication with Council’s business team. Take a look for yourself at: Free Online Business Directory The Kingston Business Directory can assist to find goods and services locally and support our Kingston economy. to your own company website as well as making it easier for customers to find you. community inspired leadership If you are a business in Kingston, you can list for free, find other businesses to partner with and subscribe to Council’s mailing list for information on business programs and events. List your Kingston based business on the free online Directory and gain the benefits of increased search engine optimisation Our new online Business Directory provides the opportunity to create a whole new look for your business - and be noticed! • Register for free- Boost the SEO of your own website! • Make sure customers find you! • Join our mailing list. DISCLAIMER The information in this publication is given in good faith and has been derived from sources believed to be reliable and accurate. However, the City of Kingston does not accept any liability whatsoever for its contents or the use of the information. For information regarding any of the articles included in this newsletter please contact Suzanne Ferguson on 9581 4712, PO Box 1000 Mentone 3194