Archives of the City of Kingsport- Edited Version
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Archives of the City of Kingsport- Edited Version






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Archives of the City of Kingsport- Edited Version Archives of the City of Kingsport- Edited Version Presentation Transcript

  • Archives of the City of Kingsport
  • What is an Archives?
    • Archives consist of "documents or records relating to the activities, rights, claims, treatises, constitutions, etc., of a family, corporation, community, nation or historical figures
    • [and]...a place where public records or other historical documents are kept." (Random House Unabridged Dictionary).
    • Of all our national assets, Archives are the most precious; they are the gift of one generation to another and the extent of our care of them marks the extent of our civilization.
    • Arthur G. Doughty
    • Dominion Archivist, 1904-1935
  • What is an Archivist?
    • An Archivist is responsible for appraising, arranging, describing, preserving and providing access to records of enduring value
    • An Archivist is also responsible for the oversight and management of an archival repository.
    • Archivists are collectors and keepers of history.
  • Kingsport Archives
    • The Archives, located in the library’s lower level, houses papers and photographs of individuals, organizations, industry, business, and non-current City records pertaining to the history of the City of Kingsport for preservation and research purposes.
  • Mission of the Archives
    • Identify records of enduring value
    • Protect and Preserve records
    • Access-Make available to patrons
  • Kingsport Archives Collection Policy
    • The Archives of the City of Kingsport collects materials, published and unpublished, relevant to the history of the City of Kingsport .
  • What does the Kingsport Archives Collect?
    • letters
    • memoirs
    • diaries/journals
    • scrapbooks/photo albums
    • professional papers
    • genealogical information
    • books
    • school yearbooks
    • speeches/lectures
    • business records
    • subject files
    • legal documents
    • minutes/reports
    • brochures and flyers
    • photographs
    • films/videos/audio tapes
  • Collection and Appraisal in Archives
    • Identify items that have permanent (archival) value based on collection policy, mission statement, and overall appraisal
    • Appraisal Decisions
      • Content
      • Authenticity
      • Condition
      • Value
      • Uniqueness
  • Values of Records in an Archives
    • Operating/Administrative - records used for current work of the organization or institution, generally short-term records
    • Fiscal -financial records
    • Legal- records documenting legal rights of an individual or organization (an example is a patent or trademark file) or records required by statutes and regulations to be kept.
    • Archival
      • Evidential -records of “proof”
      • Informational -worth is in the people, things and events in the records in relation to importance to collection policy
    • Monetary -worth in the market place
      • The Kingsport Archives does not appraise items based on monetary value
  • Evaluating Appropriateness and Value of Records for the Kingsport Archives
    • Kingsport Related?
    • Does it fit any appraisal values therefore giving it archival value?
    • What condition is it in-can it be preserved and stored in the archives?
    • Will it be useful and accessible to researchers
  • Collections in the Archives
    • Kingsport Community Manuscript Collections
    • The community collections come from people, organizations, businesses, and industries.
    • Example: KCMC 0049-
    • J. Fred Johnson Family Collection, 1893-mid 1990s.
  • Collections in the Archives
    • Kingsport Municipal Manuscript Collections
    • These documents have been created by various departments within the Kingsport City Government.
    • Example: KMMC 37- Kingsport Fire Department Collection, c.1871-1989 and undated
  • Why donate your personal and family collections to the Kingsport Archives?
    • Environmentally controlled environment
    • Safe, secure storage
    • Proper handling and use
    • Access to your records for future generations
    • Cared for in order to ensure that it is preserved as long as humanly possible
    • Your records are important to preserving the history of Kingsport; its places, people and cultural heritage
  • Preservation An Integral Part of any Archives Program
    • Protect materials by minimizing any deterioration-chemical or physical- and damage
    • Extend life cycle of materials
    • Protect from loss of information
    • Conservation Methods/Treatment
      • Rule of Reversibility :
        • No treatment should be undertaken that cannot later, if necessary, be undone without harming the item. Treatment should be incapable of altering its physical, chemical, aesthetic, or historical integrity.
  • Temperature
      • Higher temps speed up chemical reactions so the colder the environment, the longer materials will last.
      • Recommended maximum temperature of 68 degrees.
  • Relative Humidity
      • high humidity ( above 65-70%)
      • encourages growth of mold and mildew
      • low humidity (below 30%)
      • causes materials to be dry and brittle
      • recommended 45% relative humidity
  • Other Factors in Storage Environment
    • Air Quality: Atmospheric pollution can cause deterioration of archival materials
    • Light: Light speeds up the oxidation of paper and thus its chemical breakdown. Also has a bleaching effect-think of something left out in the sun.
    • Biological Agents: Fungi, Insects and Rodents
    • Good Housekeeping practices are very important!
  • Basic Preservation
    • Remove staples, paperclips, rubber bands
    • Unfold papers
    • Put in acid-free folders
    • Re-box in acid-free boxes
    • Photocopy newspaper articles
    • Wear white, cotton gloves, especially when handling photos or negatives
    • Never use pen to identify photos
  • Access to Archives of the City of Kingsport *Patrons Welcome*
  • What can you do at the Archives?
    • View Historic photos of Kingsport on display
    • Check out exhibit cases filled with items from the archives and Kingsport artifacts
    • Read Local history books
    • Research!
    • Learn about Kingsport history
  • Bringing the Archives to You! Take a Trip Down Memory Lane from Home
  • Online Image Gallery Over 2,000 images
  • Search by Category example: Buildings
  • Search by Keyword example: Dobyns-Bennett High School
  • Browse Newest Photos added to the Gallery
  • Click on thumbnails to view information about the image (date, photographer, location, ID number, etc.)
  • Print and digital copies of the images on the image gallery may be obtained by visiting the Archives
  • Search the Archives Collections
    • Search the Archives holdings by keyword
    • Example:
    • Looking for information on the Frank and Mack Show?
    • Type Frank and Mack into the search feature and see what collections have info on the Frank and Mack Show.
  • Finding Aids- information about the collection
  • Box and Folder List-Listing/Inventory of what is in the collection
  • See something online you want to investigate further?
    • To view the items in a collection you must come to the archives
    • Materials from the archives do not circulate- they must be viewed in the archives reading room
    • Walk-ins and appointments are welcome
  • Archives of the City of Kingsport Blog “Bringing the Past to the Present”
    • http://
  • Great way to Post Upcoming Programs/Events
  • Link Current News with Historical Photos and Information
    • Pet Dairy announced closing of local plant
      • Blog post about closing included photos of the plant along with the history of the plant
  • Highlight Past Events/Anniversaries
  • A blog is a great way to keep statistics
    • Daily record of visits
    • Top pages/posts
    • Search engine terms
    • Manages subscribers to the site
    • Gives a good idea of what people are interested in and want to see from the Archives
  • The Archives is also on Facebook
  • Another way to Promote the Archives of the City of Kingsport!
    • Post links to new blog posts
    • Allows people to comment and submit fan photos
    • Great way to promote the Archives and encourage interaction with “fans” of the page
    • Share news and events
  • Think you know a lot about local history? C heck out the Kingsport Trivia Questions on Facebook
  • Want to get More Involved with the Archives? Join the Friends of the Archives
    • Take an active role in helping to preserve Kingsport’s history
    • Help promote the archives
    • Volunteer in the archives
    • Help with fundraising projects
  • Archives of the City of Kingsport
    • Monday:
    • 2-5
    • Tuesday:
    • 9-12 & 2-5
    • Wednesday:
    • 9-12 & 2-5
    • Thursday:
    • 9-12 & 2-5
    Kingsport Public Library and Archives 400 Broad Street Kingsport, TN 37660
  • Contact the Archives
    • Brianne Wright
    • City Archivist
    • 423-224-2559
    • [email_address]
    • [email_address]
    • My connection to the past, like any Historian's, is through the stuff that's left behind. It's not an imaginative connection, although imagination is part of it. It's about documents , it's about sources, it's about clues, it's about the leavings, the shards, the remnants of people who once live and don't live anymore. Without the documents, there's no history.
            • Laurel Thatcher Ulrich