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Internet is an unique platform for the deaf. Internet helps the deaf to communicate in a very unique way by creating a platform for connecting, sharing, understanding.

The added advantages along with the technology are also a growth in personal, psychological and motivational perspective of the Deaf Community. A sense of security, enhanced self esteem, high levels of confidence, a platform for understanding and correcting, personal empowerment etc.

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Sign tv – deaf news, deaf entertainment and deaf education

  1. 1. SignTv – Deaf News, Deaf Education and Deaf Entertainment An Online Website that will Produce, and Host programs for the Deaf in Sign Language
  2. 2. Advantages of Internet for the Deaf Community Internet is a unique platform for the deaf. Internet helps the deaf to connect in a very unique way by creating a platform for communication, sharing, and understanding. The added advantages along with the technology are also a growth in personal, psychological, motivational perspective of the deaf. A sense of security, enhanced self-esteem, high levels of confidence, a platform for understanding and correcting, personal empowerment etc. Any individual, Group or Community can use this online web facility for free in their own home/place, schools, educational centers, institutions for the deaf etc.
  3. 3. An online website will provide and reach the deaf and the deaf community in a very innovative and creative way, SignTv the online website will be easy to access and to be accessible by anyone, anywhere, where internet is available and which can be accessed for Free. About: SignTv and its most important program is to provide online the availability of News in Sign Language this has not been attempted by many and SignTv will produce and then broadcast news by embedded/recorded/streaming the daily news online through an innovative and creative medium an Online Website. Local, National and International news can be broadcasted or streamed to the deaf. To collaborate with other entities who are involved in supporting the deaf community in Kerala, India and other countries to produce, share and work together towards providing News, Entertainment and Educational programs for the Deaf. By supporting the unreached and the under privileged who do not have the sources to watch, to share and to get involved, that’s where SignTv is going to become an important and integral space for the deaf in a Non-Profit way.
  4. 4.  At Present the deaf (approximate 40-60 %) do not have access to Television, Computers, Laptops, Tabs, and Mobiles etc as a single user.  Because they cannot afford it or own one.  Individually owning a Television, Computer, Laptop, Tab, and Mobile etc. which they can access, use and make use of or share their time to make use of the medium to watch, entertained and to be educated. Problems:  Most of the time Television/Computers is used by the older persons in the family, wherein a deaf individual cannot watch or are not allowed to watch.  News for the deaf is very limited, Indian news channels, most of them do not support deaf oriented support space with sign language.  Very limited Deaf channels, Deaf programs, and Deaf oriented entertainment is not available especially to those who cannot afford or have the sources to access.  Programs in Sign language is not available, specially not many well organized and professionally produced programs are not made and available due to the fact it may not be income generating or even though programs are available only very few can access or have access.  Major concern is that sign language is different from state to state, country to country. Project Prepared and Presented By Kingsley David – Founder SignTv
  5. 5.  SignTv will Produce, Co-Produce, Host, Co-Host, and Share Programs as mentioned above for the deaf as an individual, in groups or as a community.  SignTv will have the space available to be used and accessed by the deaf for free and to share and support the deaf community to access this online space.  SignTv will connect with other Individuals, Deaf Schools and Institutions to Create, Produce, Co – Host, Collaborate for creating and producing programs for the Deaf.  SignTv will work towards providing access to computers, laptops, tables, mobile phones for deaf individuals to be get in touch, keep in touch and to share.  SignTv will submit projects for Governments to Initiate / Support the deaf by giving free Internet and Computers, Laptops, Tabs, and Mobiles etc, for the Deaf so that they can use, access and share anytime as an individual or as groups using online platforms. Solutions:  By having or providing Computers, Laptops, Tabs, and Mobiles etc an individual, groups, communities or Institutions can use the online space anywhere, anytime.  This online space will be a very new innovative, creative, accessible platform in Sign Language  Organizations, Welfare Societies, Sponsors, Donors, Individuals, Charities, Institutions shall come forward to Provide, Support, Donate, Give free Computers, Laptops, Tabs, and Mobiles for the deaf so that they will have their own medium through which they can make use of the facilities provided by SignTv.  SignTv as a Non-Profit organization will find the means and channels to derive financial or income generating means to support this idea/program/project to provide free Computers, Laptops, Tabs, and Mobiles for the Deaf.  SignTv will work towards collaborating with other Deaf related entities in Kerala, India and other countries to support and provide Projects and Programs especially to those deaf who are unable or cannot afford or have the channels to use or watch. Project Prepared and Presented By Kingsley David – Founder SignTv
  6. 6. Deaf News: Project Highlights: SignTv will produce daily local, National and international news in “Sign Language” and then broadcast it in SignTv as embedded news or recorded news or live web streaming. SignTv will strive towards getting trained and becoming professionally qualified in producing and news reporting by using the guidance and facility of the Press Council of India and other News and Media training facility. This is to in the future produce very professional news reporting and news broadcasting for the deaf in “Sign Language” Project Prepared and Presented By Kingsley David – Founder SignTv
  7. 7. The using of video chat facility in SignTv can be a great opportunity for learning and sharing in real time. This will create a very exciting and innovative platform for deaf communication bringing more individuals, groups together to watch and learn and share. Video Chat Facility: Individuals can makes use of this for chatting, connecting and sharing with anyone anywhere locally, nationally or internationally paving the way to understand the world in a better, faster and easier way. This video chat window can be used by Tutors, Sign language Trainers, Sign language interpreters, Deaf schools, Deaf training Institutions / Centers, for presentation, to Educate, Train, Present, Introduce, to get to know how other entities work, for Know-how and Knowledge sharing. For e.g.: Government deaf schools can use this free facility to learn, educate, introduce and share with others deaf schools by using the web chat facility so that the Sign language can be used and seen which can make communication so much more easier and in a more innovative and creative way where individuals, groups can see each other, view each other’s programs and events.
  8. 8. Users can organize events to participate and watch from anywhere, anytime. For e.g.: using the Calendar in the SignTv site they can pre book slots for- ( by pre booking slots will allow faster streaming of Web chat or Web streaming for users. Many users at a given time will slow down the feasibility for continued undisrupted video streaming) Video Chat Facility: E.g.: School A (Trivandrum) and School B (Pune) will pre book a slot for introducing about their own school, what they do, where they are located, what is the culture, food, history etc all in “Sign Language” They can use the web facility to stream video from their own location presenting in sign language events or programs bringing individuals and groups more closely. Keep in touch – Get in Touch programs are slots that can be used for introducing and presenting programs, events, cultural programs either recorded embedded videos or live streaming. A live or recorded video presentation can be watched by everyone anywhere.
  9. 9. Educational Programs: This is where SignTv will be going a step further by working with Sign Language Interpreters, Deaf Teachers, Deaf Schools and other Deaf Educational Institutions to produce, co-produce, create a new medium of video based sign language educational programs which can be used by anyone for free by downloading the videos from the site or play it directly from the SignTv website or watch real time video streaming of educational programs streamed live from the studios or other spaces. These embedded video based Sign Language educational programs can be viewed in the class rooms, school halls, or community halls at any given time anywhere from the site. Project Prepared and Presented By Kingsley David – Founder SignTv
  10. 10. This will be one of the most important aspect of SignTv, Providing entertainment for deaf to watch and enjoy. Production of entertainment videos for the deaf, presented in sign language with closed captions either recorded or live presentation (Web Streaming)!  Live Interviews  Live Debates  Live presentations of events  Live Travel Videos and presented in Sign Language. Entertainment Programs: Recorded or live video streaming of:  History  Culture  Arts  Performing arts  Visual Arts  Food  Places  Music  Religions  Traditions
  11. 11. Producing Inspirational Videos, and Videos with messages from prominent personalities, Music Videos, Other creative programs and events by the Deaf in Sign Language. Entertainment Programs: We will also work with other entities to produce videos for presentation in other sign languages based in other locations which can be/will be streamed or embedded in our site to be watch or viewed later. Freely available or copyrighted videos which can be shared through SignTv website for viewing from other creators or producers. Already present You Tube Videos based on sign languages, Animation, Deaf Songs, Deaf Funny Videos etc can be embedded in our site for use by anyone anytime. Live web streaming from other locations can be streamed through our website for viewers.
  12. 12. This will be purely based on interactions individually, or in groups with a Doctor Online through Web Chat! Using sign language. ENT Doctors presenting Health Talks to Parents and the Deaf. Discussions and Debates on Deaf Hearing, New advancement in speech and hearing technology, new developed methods for the Deaf, Hard of hearing etc. Health Talk: About implantations and surgeries that improve the hearing. How to recognize or understand early signs of deafness or hard of hearing Deaf presenters presenting programs to better understand various health issues, various available health camps and health workshops for the deaf. Presentation by Developers, Companies, Organizations, Institutions that are working on new methodology to improve, identify, enhance Speech, Hearing, Learning and Deaf support hardware/software’s etc.
  13. 13. My name is Kingsley David ( Founder & President of SignTv) I am from Kerala, South of India. I am a deaf supporter. Working along with the deaf community in Trivandrum now. An year back I had an idea to do something of value something different and give it back to the community. That’s when I understood that the deaf are an ignored and isolated community in India with more than 18+ Million deaf in India ( sources from internet) . Thanks and Please Share I have now made my dream into a reality with a small step by creating an online site that will present deaf news in India in sign language. Impart education, share knowledge, understanding and correcting using internet as a platform for the deaf. Building connections and communications with the unreached deaf in India. Please join us and support @ Thanks and Regards Kingsley David