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Kenny rogers

  1. 1. THE COWARD OF THE COUNTY Kenny Rogers
  2. 2. Analysis  This video tries to teach the viewer a valuable lesson, that fighting is wrong but some times necessary.  The lyrics of the song establishes the general mood of the video and the visuals make up alot of the meaning.  The genre of this video is best represented by the mise en scene as the locations and the characters attire in the video represent the country music style very effectively.
  3. 3. Andrew Goodwin  1. This video contains genre characteristics of a country musical as some of the characters wear cowboy hats and they all wear blue jeans.  2. The relationship between the lyrics and the visuals are illustrative.  3. There are alot of close ups of the characters in this video but these are used more to show the emotional responses of the characters rather than a visual style.  4.There are no intertextual references in this video.  5.There is no voyeurism in this video.
  4. 4. John Stewart  1.This video contains alot of close ups to focus on the main characters face  2.This video has a clear old fashioned American influences as some of the characters are wearing cowboy hats and other typical American clothing from an older period in time.  3. This video does make the viewer feel nostalgic as well generate new meanings as it is all in black and white but also has  4. This video does not fit this point as the video is animated and does represent any of the performers lifestyle in the narrative.
  5. 5. Steve Archer  1. Yes, the video does have a strong coherent relationship between the narrative and the performance in the video as the father appears on the scene when his lines are sung and the character act out everything that goes on in the song.  2. There is no dance or choreography in this video. But the use of animation is impressive.
  6. 6. Sven E Carlsson  1. This video does not try to sell the body image, appearance or lifestyle of the artist as he does not appear in the video but his voice might be, as his voice is almost instantly recognisable.  2.The singer is telling a story through the images on the screen rather then by personal imaging, as the narrative has been completely animated and follows the lyrics of the song almost perfectly.
  7. 7. Laura Mulvey’s theory  1. I this video there is a female character she has a major role in the narrative of the video, so this video is effected by this theory.  Although Becky the female character in the video is a important part of the narrative some of the other character still see her as an object that can be used and abused.
  8. 8. The End