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Green zone
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Green zone


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  • 1. Green Zone
    Tagline: Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller is done following orders
  • 2. Budget
    $100, 000, 000 was the over all budget of the film
    The film opened at #2 in the United States with $14,309,295 in 3,003 theatres, averaging $4,765 per theatre. Given its budget of roughly $130 million, in addition to its $100 million in marketing, Green Zone has been referred to as a flop for its production company Universal Studios.
  • 3. Distribution and Marketing
    The film was released in Australia and Russia on March 11, 2010, and was released in the USA on March 12, 2010.
    It was distributed by Universal studios
    TV and Internet adverts, posters, billboards, and the official webpage.
    Green Zone was also advertised by magazines, internet advertising and radio to get the maximum viewing in cinemas
  • 4. Target Audience
    The target audience of this film is Teenagers 15+ and Adults that like action pack films and/or fans of Bourns series.
    The Daily Mail called the film “a preachy political thriller disguised as an action flick”. The paper acknowledged that while important political truths do emerge over the course of the film, the film overreaches itself as these points have “the air of being aimed at ignorant American teenagers.”
  • 5. Production Practices
    Intent to adapt a film of the 2006 non-fiction book Imperial Life in the Emerald City by Rajiv Chandrasekaran, a journalist for The Washington Post. Greengrass wrote a script based on the book, working with researchers Kate Solomon and Michael Bronner.
    Production of GreenZone was originally to begin in late 2007 Production actually began in January 2008 in Spain and moved on to Morocco
  • 6. New Technologies
    Use Twitter and Face Book were used to allow the audience to follow the progress of the film and give their own opinion.
    Green Zone is now being shown in 3D and digital screenings
  • 7. Comparison with Hollywood Films
    James Bond Casino Royale: Both action films with alot of gun and violence, they both films have complicated story lines. Both advertised using TV Ads.
    Avatar: Both films were extensively advertised on the Internet and Posters /Billboards, Both films involve large scale Action scenes and a Dramatic subplot.
  • 8. Comparison with Warp Film
    Dead man’s shoes:
    Both films contain scenes of violence but Green Zone’s are on a much larger scale.
    Green Zone had a much larger advertising campaign as adverts were shown on the TV, Internet and Poster were put up on cinema walls and billboards (this is above the line advertising) were as Dead man’s shoes was just put straight into the cinemas.
    Green Zone had a big budget and so was able to make more prints allowing it to be shown in more cinemas were as Dead man’s shoes had a small budget and could only be shown in the smaller local cinemas.
  • 9. How Audience Challenge
    The Audience challenged the movie, Some have called it "anti-American" or "anti-war"
    Richard Gonzales the military adviser for the film, whom Matt Damon’s character was based on, emphasized that the film is pure fictional and the political controversy is unwarranted. He said “Green Zone suggests that we were lied into the war in Iraq that is unfortunately being twisted by some in order to give value to a bumper sticker that I deplore,
    The mantra has become the left wing version of the war”. He sees the film solely as a “Bourne-in-Bagdad thriller”.
  • 10. The End
    Director Paul Greengrass