Social Media for EUMA NW - September 2011


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How Ian Pettigrew/Kingfisher Coaching use Social Media: Sharing

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Social Media for EUMA NW - September 2011

  1. 1. Social MediaEUMA NW September 2011
  2. 2. My contextThe scale of Social MediaWhat is Social Media really about?Marketing is changing!What do all these technologies do?Kingfisher Coaching on Social MediaIan Pettigrew on Social MediaSocial Media successSocial Media failuresUsing Social Media for yourself or your organisation
  3. 3. Coaching for Peak Performance (in yourself & others) Training/Workshops Coaching & Mentoring skills Kingfisher Coaching1:1 Coaching High-performing teams
  4. 4. The Social Media Revolution Click for Socialnomics Video
  5. 5. @UnMarketing Aiming for the bottom of the barrel: - Cold calling? - Direct mail marketing? - Listing in directories? - TV Advertising - Print Advertising? - Google search/PPC/ Sponsored LinksFrom UnMarketing by Scott Stratten(@UnMarketing)
  6. 6. @ducttape MarketingMarketing is getting people who have a specific need orproblem that is a good fit for you:- to know, like, and trust you- to try you and then do business with you- to continue to do business with you- to refer you to others who are also a good fit
  7. 7. My business presence on Social Media...
  8. 8. My personal presence on Social Media...
  9. 9. Social Media successes & failures
  10. 10. Success.- StarbucksIdeas - 70,000 suggestions. Top idea received95,000 votes and 1,000 comments- ASOS - Facebook shop (adding 280,000 fans/month)- Amazon
  11. 11. Sixty out of the FTSE 100 still show no sign of social media on their corporatewebsiteOnly 16 of the 29 FTSE 100 companies with a presence on Facebook updatetheir corporate profiles with fresh content on a weekly basis – with just 19attempting to engage with the audience and be responsive.Similarly, only 23 of the 54 companies which have Twitter profiles are regularlyposting tweets and 22 of them post corporate tweets – with no personality orinspired thought going into the output according to the report.Source: Radley Yelder / The Telegraph
  12. 12. Social Media for the CEO (@LinkedinQueen)Shut up and listenOpposites attractThe Social Media EquationMeasure Return on Investment (ROI)
  13. 13. Social media is a lot like a cocktail party.Imagine a large room, filled with interesting people.There are many conversations happening at once.People are talking about themselves, asking questions aboutthe other person and then a common thread is discovered.Something that both people have in common.Thats when the conversation gets very lively and aconnection is made.Drew McLellan