Journey Through the Wilderness


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Journey Through the Wilderness

  1. 1. Journey Through the Wilderness A Bible Study By Bishop Jerry F. Hutchins Kingdom Now Ministries Norcross, Georgia
  2. 2. • As recorded in the Book of Exodus, Israel escaped slavery in Egypt - God miraculously set them free from hundreds of years of bondage. They came through the Red Sea and saw God provide through the desert wilderness.
  3. 3. They came to Mount Sinai where God appearedto them in a spectacular way; where Moses wentup on the mountain to meet with God and receive the law. At Mount Sinai Israel also embraced an idolatrous image of a golden calf and was corrected by the Lord.
  4. 4. Encamped at MountSinai, Israel built atabernacle of meetingand established apriesthood, receivingGod’s plan for thepriests and the nationat large in Leviticus.At the end of the Bookof Leviticus, theyhave been out ofEgypt for a little morethan a year.
  5. 5. Exodus covered a yearLeviticus only a monthBook of Numbersencompasses more than 38years
  6. 6. In Hebrew the bookof Numbers is titled“In the Wilderness”instead of Numbers.
  7. 7. The theme of the book of Numbersis the journey to the Promised Landof Canaan. Its opening ten chapters,covering a mere fifty days, describehow Moses organized Israel for themarch from Sinai to the PromisedLand.”
  8. 8. After leaving Mt.Sinai, the Israelitesheaded toward thepromised land.When they arrivedat a place calledKadesh-Barnea,twelve spies weresent into the landto find out about it.
  9. 9. They returned after forty days, withthe report of the beauty of the land,but ten of the twelve spies forgotabout the fact that God was helpingthem andpersuaded the people theyjust were not able to capture theland.
  10. 10. From Sinai to KadeshNumbers 10:11 – 13:33Note Numbers 10:35David later takes thewords of Moses andwrites a song (Psalm68)
  11. 11. The People ComplainedNumbers 11:1-3Biblically, complaining was notlimited to what a person said alone.Complaining, in Hebrew, means “toshow oneself as sad”. Peoplecomplain by merely showingsadness rather than contentment.
  12. 12. Before Israel said anything, theywere already complaining.Complaining is a physical oremotional demonstration before itbecomes a verbal expression.Later, we will see Israel“murmuring”. Murmuring is theverbal expression of what hasbeen demonstrated throughphysical complaining.
  13. 13. God was first upset with Israel because they did not act as if though they were happy or appreciative of what He had done for them. Remember, complainingis a demonstration before itbecomes an expression.
  14. 14. In the Hebrew, the word “murmur” is the same word that is used for“lodge, abide, remain, tarry,continue, dwell.” Murmuring refers to voicing a complaintcontinuously as if the complaintabides, lodges, remains, tarries,dwells. It’s dwelling on a complaint.
  15. 15. God RespondsNumbers 11:1-3God sends fire to consume them.Moses intercedes for the peopleThe place is named Taberah
  16. 16. God Sends QuailNumbers 11:4 – The Mixed MultitudeExodus 12:38 says that a mixed multitude wentout of Egypt. This means that not all of thosewho came out of Egypt with Moses wereethnically Israelites; many Egyptians (andperhaps other foreigners) went with them,because they were fellow slaves in Egypt, andbecause the God of Israel has shown Himselfmore powerful than the gods of the Egyptians.
  17. 17. The mixed multitude murmurs ofhunger. (Numbers 11: 4-13)Moses murmurs from theweariness he bears trying to leadthe people. (Numbers 11:14)God tells Moses to get help from70 Elders (Numbers 11:16-25)
  18. 18. Eldad and MedadNumbers 11:26-30Eldad and Medad were not of the 70Joshua wanted Eldad and Medad silencedMoses was not intimidated.
  19. 19. God Sends Quail• Numbers 11:31-33• Moses names the place again… Kibroth-hattaavah which means “graves for the lustful”
  20. 20. Name 9 things that happened atTaberah 1. The people complain 2. God sends Fire to consume them 3. The mixed multitude complain 4. Moses complains of the burden 5. 70 Elders are chosen to assist 6. Eldad and Medad receive the Spirit and Prophecy 7. God sends quail 8. God sends a plague 9. Name of the place changed to Kibroth-hattaavah
  21. 21. On to Hazeroth• And the people journeyed from Kibrothhattaavah unto Hazeroth,.... After having stayed there a month or more (Numbers 11:20)• and abode at Hazeroth; at least seven days, as appears from Numbers 12:15; which was eight miles from Kibrothhattaavah, or Taberah, which were the same place.
  22. 22. Miriam is Punished at HazerothNumbers 12: 1-16Notice the use of the word “spakeagainst” rather than “complained” or“murmured”. The phrase used heremeans that Miriam and Aaron talked toeach other regarding Moses in anegative manner. They did not engageto people in their discussion but Godheard it and responded with wrath.
  23. 23. If Miriam and Aaron can speakto each other and get away withit, they will speak to othersalso. God had to stop it withMiriam and Aaron before thelittle leaven spoiled the wholeloaf.
  24. 24. From Hazeroth To Kadesh
  25. 25. 12 Spies sent from KadeshNumbers 13:1-33