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5x7 Model Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The CHURCH CH ristians U niting R egionally for CH rist
  • 2. Roles in the CHURCH Few local churches have individuals with these key equipping gifts. However, at the City/ Regional level, these equipping ministries can almost always be found. The pastor is often expected to fill all the roles at the local church level.
  • 3. Roles in the CHURCH Not Everyone...
    • Is an evangelist - but everyone can witness
    • Is a prophet who directly hears what God intends for the future, but everyone can learn to test what is heard
    • Is an apostle/planter- but everyone can support new works
    • Is a pastor - but everyone can provide care for others
    • Is a teacher - but for men and women, teaching others is a sign of maturity.
  • 4. Roles in the CHURCH
    • Impossible for one person to fulfill all five key functions
    • The church at the city/ region level needs to:
    • Train and equip believers
    • Become self-aware
    • Deliberately and strategically begin to advance the kingdom
  • 5. Roles in the CHURCH
    • The church at the city/ region level should be led by:
      • Educational Leaders
    • Church Leaders
    • Business Leaders
    • Emerging Leaders
  • 6. Government Education World Media Family Health Care Individual Roles in the CHURCH
    • One person’s lifestyle change can effect a larger sphere of influence.
    • We can see results if we have a dramatic change in all areas of the community.
  • 7. 4 Steps Needed for Positive Change 1. Corporate Prayer 2. Committed Relationships 3. Deliberate Action 4. Shared Understanding
    • Who we are as Christians
    • Communication is key
    • What our calling and responsibility is
  • 8. Lifecycle of an Organization Life Death Birth/Infancy Adolescence Prime Late Bureaucracy Early Bureaucracy
    • Prime is the best stage to be in.
    • The goal is NOT to reach a balance between form and function
    • This is actually the beginning of death!
    • This is where we are in a state of flux between form and function and can work most productively.
    Form Function