Essential qualities of a content strategist


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Until recently, not many people held the title of content strategist. Even now, a job search for “content strategist” on LinkedIn, SEEK, Monster or any other job site is likely to turn up few results. But as more and more companies are recognising the value – and importance – of content to their marketing and branding efforts, these companies and content marketing agencies are finding that a content strategist is exactly what they need.

So if you can’t find them under that moniker – it is a relatively new industry and quirky title, after all – just how do you go about finding a content strategist? What do you search for? Turns out, a little bit of everything. Like many modern-day professions, the content strategist wears many hats and draws on a spectrum of skills.

Editorial and storytelling skills, diplomacy, number crunching, critical analysis and more… find the right combination of skills within these existing – and more familiar – roles and you just may find your content strategist.

Our content strategy team has taken inspiration from existing jobs to define the essential qualities of a content strategist and create this handy SlideShare guide to help in your search.


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Essential qualities of a content strategist

  2. Think you know what it takes to be a successful content strategist? Think again.
  3. Whether you're looking to hire a content strategist for your brand or you've got your eyes set on a content strategist position, there are a number of qualities you need to keep in mind when defining this role. Our content strategy team has taken inspiration from existing jobs to define the many characteristics and skills of a successful content strategist. Here’s who to look for...
  4. A detective who never lets anything slip under their radar Understands an editorial brief and when a piece of content meets – or misses – it. Looks at every piece of content for accuracy, consistency, structure, flow, style and grammatical perfection. Possesses exceptional attention to detail.
  5. A raconteur with a skill for narrative Knows and understands the audience and accordingly adjusts the story for that audience. Touches or relates to the audience in some way. Engages said audience with compelling content, from drawing people in with good headlines and intros to presenting good pacing, structure and substance to finishing with a payoff of key takeaways or CTAs.
  6. A curator with the ability to pick out the best from a vast sea of material Serves as content custodian. Finds, gathers, presents and contextualises digital content on a given topic to an online audience through social media, blog posts, feature articles, e- books and more (for more, see our guide to content curation).
  7. An investor who knows where to place the budget for the best ROI Creates a lead funnel for every project. Ensures every piece of content has a CTA. Knows what content will deliver the most ROI as far as traffic, brand awareness and leads are concerned.
  8. An archer who is skilled at hitting business targets Understands the targets (both business and marketing goals). Recognises the crucial value of and implements systems for forward planning. Meets deadlines with unwavering precision (and recruits a team of fellow sharpshooters with their own track records for hitting the bullseye).
  9. A data analyst with the ability to give data a soul Looks at key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics, such as site visits, shares, likes and conversions, and translates them into usable and valuable insights. Analyses these insights to determine what you’re doing right (and what you’re not) and uses these determinations to drive decision making and change (for example, tweaks to your content calendar or even to your overall content strategy). Likewise, examines what your competitors are doing (again, both right and wrong) and uncovers potential opportunities there.
  10. A firefighter who can put out any fire that may flare up during projects Anticipates and identifies potential pitfalls/problems and always has a contingency plan. Comes armed with solutions, not more problems. Always puts the best interests of the community first – both the clients and the audience.
  11. A diplomat who can keep both clients and creatives happy Negotiates and works closely with clients on content areas (topic generation), social media approaches, obstacles and any unforeseen circumstances. Serves as an additional brand ambassador for the client, promoting the client and further strengthening the relationship between client and audience. Exercises skill in managing change, from seemingly small content changes to big strategy shifts. Artfully manages client expectations and alleviates any concerns – and always with a smile!
  12. A news presenter who can convey information with knowledge and credibility Presents proposals, pitches and recommendations with flair, instilling confidence and inspiring action. Can read the mood of a boardroom and speak the client’s language. Communicates information in a timely and accurate manner, speaking directly to the audience.
  13. A chef who works well under pressure and can manage a diverse team Thrives in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. Creates processes and procedures to streamline projects. Can get the best out of their editorial team to achieve results.
  14. A marathon runner who can go the distance Favours long-term strategy over short-term campaigns. Looks for opportunities to refine a strategy and content approach. Has an always-on approach to content marketing.
  16. A savvy marketer. An inspirational storyteller. A valuable part of any organisation. A content strategist.
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