Content team, assemble!


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Understanding the roles required to make content marketing work.

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Content team, assemble!

  1. 1. Content Team, Assemble! Understanding the roles required to make content marketing work
  2. 2. Makes sure the organisation and keeps all the wheels turning. Content champion buys into the mission
  3. 3. Knows what the audience wants and where they typically go to find it. Audience specialist
  4. 4. Marries audience needs with what the brand is trying to say ( ). Content strategist much more here
  5. 5. In charge of overseeing the entire content-production process and keeping to the . Senior or managing editor editorial calendar
  6. 6. Has a sound editorial eye and makes all written content the best it can be. Editor
  7. 7. Tells a good story through written content, backing it up with research and interview skills where required. Writer
  8. 8. Puts the finishing touches on any content – wherever it might appear. Sub-editor
  9. 9. Helps any of the aforementioned people do what’s needed to get the content out the door. Editorial assistant
  10. 10. ‘Beautifies’ all content and creates visual assets such as infographics and memes. Designer
  11. 11. Captures quality footage with a digital camera. Videographer
  12. 12. Weaves the footage from the videographer into a watchable (and shareable) story. Video editor
  13. 13. Captures and/or edits sound content for podcasts or videos. Audio engineer
  14. 14. Creates quality imagery to accompany your content. Photographer
  15. 15. Decides which photographs – from a photographer or stock library – would work best with each piece of content. Photo editor
  16. 16. Designs the platform the content will be hosted on. Web developer
  17. 17. Ensures the content is visible and actually being seen. SEO specialist
  18. 18. Oversees social channels to ensure a consistent, on-brand tone. Community manager
  19. 19. Posts to your social channels and keeps an eye on each page’s conversations. Social media moderator
  20. 20. Finds out and how to tweak it to better suit the audience’s needs. Analyst what content is working
  21. 21. (Which takes us back to the beginning to start all over again…)
  22. 22. Presented by King Content, Australia's most awarded digital content marketing agency. Check out our blog for more content marketing insights and advice. @King_Content
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