Australian content marketing research 2014


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We produced this infographic on the Content Marketing Institute's latest research into Australian content marketing benchmarks, budgets and trends in 2014.

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Australian content marketing research 2014

  1. 1. AUSTRALIAN CONTENT MARKETING benchmarks, BUDGETS AND TRENDS 2014 How are Australian marketers keeping up with the content marketing revolution? Let’s explore the findings from the Content Marketing Institute’s latest research into content marketing practices in Australia. 81% of Australian marketers say they are producing more content now than they were last year. 93 % On average, Australian marketers allocate 27% of their total budget to content marketing. 15 % Same of Australian B2B and B2C marketers are now using content marketing. BUT 69% of Australian marketers are planning to increase their content marketing budget in the next 12 months. 4% Less 43% More 38% Signficantly more 75% of marketers surveyed now have a dedicated content marketing resource. AUSTRALIAN MARKETERS USE AN AVERAGE OF 13 CONTENT MARKETING TACTICS: Article on website Research reports Social media content Case studies Infographics eNewsletters Whitepapers 84% 84% 82% 80% 72% 71% 70% 64% 49% 48% 45% 43% 43% Blogs Microsites Articles on other websites Online presentations In-person events Videos But which do they rate as the most effective? 73% 66% eNewsletters 63% Email is not dead! In-person events Research reports It’s clear Australians marketers have embraced content marketing, but what are their organisational goals? Lead g has in eneration 12% creased b from last ye y ar. ORGANISATIONAL GOALS FOR CONTENT MARKETING 80% 72% 68% 65% 62% 58% 54% 40% 37% Lead generation Brand awareness Engagement Customer retention / loyalty Customer acquisition Thought leadership Website traffic Brand awareness is still the top content marketing goal. Lead management/ Sales nurturing Which social media channels are they using to amplify their content? Most effective social media platforms Social media platforms used by marketers. 86% 26% 52% 79% 29% 79% 43% 49% 74% 30% Australian content marketers have fallen in love with LinkedIn! 47% Australians are producing lots of content, using a variety of tactics and social media platforms, but are they achieving results? 45% 49% Only 33% of Australian content marketers feel they 28% are effective… 51% Very effective 5% Effective Somewhat effective 3% A little effective Not at all effective 13% So Australian marketers are increasing budgets, hiring Content Managers and planning on producing more content, but they don’t feel like they’re effective at content marketing? TOP SIX CHALLENGES FACED BY AUSTRALIAN MARKETERS Lack of time 66% Producing enough content 44% Producing a variety of content 41% Many of these challenges come down to planning and the strategic approach that marketers are taking. Only 52% of Australian marketers have a documented content strategy. 41% Producing engaging content 38% Lack of budget 38% Inability to measure effectiveness So what are the other 43% doing? Yes 52% No: 43% Unsure: 4% You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint; nor should you create and distribute content without a content strategy. DO DOCUMENTED CONTENT STRATEGIES INCREASE EFFECTIVENESS? YES! 80% of Australian marketers who rate their content marketing as ‘very effective’ have a documented content strategy. So why aren’t Australian marketers developing content strategies? They’re in a rush to produce more content… Lack of time 66% Producing enough content 44% AUSTRALIAN MARKETERS NEED TO STOP CREATING CONTENT FOR CONTENT’S SAKE. Developing a content strategy enables you to define your content objectives, target audience, format and style, distribution tactics and KPIs from the outset. You can therefore effectively implement and most importantly measure your content marketing program. After all, how can you measure ROI if you don’t understand why you’re producing content in the first place? INFOGRAPHIC: RUSSELLTATE.COM The key takeaway from this year’s research… This infographic was produced by King Content, Australia's most awarded content marketing agency. For more content marketing articles and advice visit our website: The conversation starts here. Disclaimer: The statistics used in this infographic were originally published in the ‘Content Marketing in Australia: 2014 Budgets, Benchmarks and Trends’ research report conducted by the Content Marketing Institute and ADMA. This report can be found at