Stephen Pierce Increase Revenue Report


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Stephen Pierce shows you how to Increase revenue with this free report that shows how to increase revenue by detailing dozens of specific ways to increase revenue.

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Stephen Pierce Increase Revenue Report

  1. 1. Increase Revenue Report
  2. 2. For more FREE Training please visit Page | 2 To win the competitive game of marketing, and increase revenue don’t do things better …do better things. CASH-SURGE From Any List! How To Make 5 Figures in 55 Minutes Flat!The objective of this marketing strategy is to collect PREORDERS for new releases and offer adiscount to current clients for paying in advance of the official release.The product PREORDERS are sold via a 55 minute content rich webinar or teleseminar.Heres the basic layout I used on two occasions to produce over $50,000 from just 55 minutes onthe phone.Conduct a 55 minute webinar or teleseminar with content.Title of webinar or teleseminar, "The Ultimate _____"Invitation sent to...Current paid clients only Best margins Higher yield Can opt to invite nonclient subscribersProvide Webinar or Teleseminar handout/cheat sheetFollow-up ahead of event with... Regular eMail Text Message Voice BroadcastOn the call cover solid content like... 5 Elements of _____ 3 Steps to _____ 3 Tips to _____ The #1 Rule of _____ The Ultimate _____The content should have a functional/emotional link to the product being released.Capture PREORDERS immediately with… Pre-Order Instant cash discount (Save $1XXX or XX%, today only) /preorder.html webpage© Stephen Pierce International, Inc. Increase Revenue Report
  3. 3. For more FREE Training please visit Page | 3 Testimonial Request Script"If you have benefited in anyway, financially, emotionally, or intellectually from "XXXXX" we wouldlike for you to email us your experience. Please be as detailed as possible.As you know, we dont ask much of you and only look to continue to add value to your life and toyour "XXXXX".However, unless you speak up and let us know the impact, and the impression we are making onyou. We will never know.This also keeps us motivated in providing "XXXX" at no charge and will keep us looking for waysto up the level of value we add to you." Special Situation Webinar or Teleconference The “Special Situation” Teleconference Use law of persuasion “Urgency” Opening line… “Take action within the next 55 minutes, and you could…” Trigger phrase into results “Early bird users have…” Give “7 reasons why XXXXX could be their opportunity of the decade if they act fast.” Give precise instructions starting with the phrase “What you need to do NOW is…” Detail the benefits and the value Offer a “Quick Response Bonus” Close with the phrase “If you are XXXXX and you are serious about experiencing XXXXX, take action IMMEDIATELY!” Don’t Compete, Compliment Don’t Compete, Compliment Create Complimentary “Fieldbooks” for hot selling products Call them “The XXXXX Fieldbook” What You Can Learn From Ty, Inc. Here today, gone tomorrow Do a quick release and market withdrawal After a few QRMW’s you can do them without notice and condition your customers to move swiftly if they are not to be left out. You must build enough tease, seduction and allure to make it work After doing these a few times the profits per release will be maximized as more buyers are sucked into the uncertain window of time before market withdrawal. This is an abstract profit optimizer that has been mastered by Ty, Inc for there “Beanies”© Stephen Pierce International, Inc. Increase Revenue Report
  4. 4. For more FREE Training please visit Page | 4 10 Decision Bars 1. 30-Day In-Home Free Trial (No money up front) 2. 30-Day In-Home Free Trial (Charge for shipping) 3. 10% Down, Pay balance in 3 easy payments 4. 90 Day Split-Pay, pay first installment now, next in 90 days 5. 45 Day Split-Pay, pay first installment now, next in 45 days 6. 3-Pay Plan, pay first installment now and the next two in 30 and 60 days 7. $1 Dollar Test Drive, balance billed in full in 30 days 8. 1st Module Free, pay for each additional module monthly 9. Free 7 day access 10. Free 30 day access 19 Add Ons 1. Upgrade/Update Protection 2. License/Password Insurance 3. Priority Email Support 4. Premier Phone Support 5. Club House Access 6. Links to bonuses with higher level bonuses listed but not linked 7. Sell upgrades 8. Trade up programs 9. Sell premium/priority support 10. Sell total solutions 11. Down-sell stripped down version 12. Partial purchases 13. Offer Priority Rush Delivery at twice your cost 14. Add a $19.95 monthly program to your product 15. Order Trapper "Order within the next 7 minutes and youll recieve..." 16. Sell the bonuses only after multiple tries to sell the product 17. Offer a physical version of your digital product as an upsell 18. Offer back up version of your software on CD as an upsell 19. Send free CD of complementary product with only 20% of content unlocked Upgrade to Second Copy"Receive a second copy of XXXXX for just $$$$$ more - have an extra copy for a friend or as abackup."© Stephen Pierce International, Inc. Increase Revenue Report
  5. 5. For more FREE Training please visit Page | 5 Don’t Just Say Thank YouOffer coupon on thank you page..."Thank you for letting us know that you...For helping us out we are offering you the following coupon code:<INSERT CODE HERE>This offer is good for XX% off your next purchase at XXXXX and expires XXXXX. Simply enterthe code when checking out and XX% will be discounted from the total sale amount." Value Statement TemplateThis product__________________, helps _________________________ (specificclient/customer) to ________________________ (do something regarding a business/personalconcern) by __________________________ (delivering something of value).Example: “Stephen Pierce Coaching helps business owners to find, get, keep and growcustomers, by helping formulate successful marketing, selling and servicing systems.” What You Will Miss TemplateBy not (what is the desired action?) now, you will not (what do they stand to lose?).By not signing up for Stephen Pierce Coaching now, you will not get the right informationright now to make real money on the internet. What You Are Wasting TemplateIf you are not using (product/service) you are (what is the waste?)“If you are not using Stephen Pierce Coaching you are burning up money. Guarantee Reinforcement TemplateWe can offer you (whats the guaranteed benefit) because (reason why).We can offer you guaranteed results because we provide you with proven systems thatwork that we use every day in our own businesses.© Stephen Pierce International, Inc. Increase Revenue Report
  6. 6. For more FREE Training please visit Page | 6 Fast Cash From SharewareShareware CD ROM Special Offer(This CD is not associated with the above product, it is a special offer from bill me an additional $21.95 ($19.95 + $2.00 S&H) for the SharewareCD Volume X. This CD is filled with the trial versions of over XXX great software titles.Order now and save days of download time by getting over 600 megabytes of great shareware onone CD.----- Offer License Protection ServiceProtect your purchase with our License Protection Service!For an additional $3.99, well keep a record of your registration code should you need to recoverit for any reason. (e.g. computer crash, virus, etc...) Registration codes can be retrieved byfollowing the directions on your order confirmation email. To accept this service, and for peace ofmind, just leave the box checked! 7 More Ways To Increase Revenue 1. Sell the software, make long term revenue from selling the templates 2. Sell the software, make long term revenue from selling service agreements 3. Sell the ebook, make long term revenue from selling "change management" 4. Sell memberships, make long term revenue from selling discount event access 5. Sell "how to" information, make long term revenue from selling step-by-step tutorial 6. Sell the home study course, make long term revenue from selling strategy guides 7. Sell the shareware, make long term revenue from selling shareware updates +plus price Thoughts to Increase Revenue Connect the New to the Old. “If you liked shopping at X for your Y needs, you’ll love shopping at Z” “You’ve always valued greater X. Here’s an offering that takes X to a higher level.” Anticipate the future. What does your market need that they have yet to discover they need? Don’t just look to satisfied existing customers, look to fill implicit needs. “If X happens, what will customers want?” Who do you mean the most to? How fanatical are they about you? Get closer to them and leverage the relationship. Use testimonials that don’t just speak highly of your product or service, but reflects how the customer switched from another brand as well.© Stephen Pierce International, Inc. Increase Revenue Report
  7. 7. For more FREE Training please visit Page | 7 Profit Lures. What can you give away to lure customers into buying and then hook them to trade up. Sell the demo, test drive or sampling of your product or service. Invite prospects to a show and tell. Use photos and videos to show and tell the difference you offer. Think “before and after”. How do clients feel AFTER using your product or service? Capture this emotion.© Stephen Pierce International, Inc. Increase Revenue Report