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2013 CV K.R.J.B. van der Steen


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  • 1. Curriculum Vitae Kim Rosalia Johanna Barbara van der Steen PERSONAL INFORMATION Kim Rosalia Johanna Barbara van der Steen Oosterstraat 114, 4812 VD Breda, the Netherlands +31(0) 76 88 75 134 +31(0) 6 27 445 947 Date of birth 09/03/1980 Nationality Dutch WORK EXPERIENCE 01/02/2012-present Coordination & planning of production department, editor television programme ‘NV Nederland’ Burnett Television, Neerloopweg 23, 4818 RS, Breda, / General information Burnett Television is the producer of a television programme on the Belgian national television channel Kanaal Z, named ‘NV Nederland’. The programme covers relevant economic themes in a specific Dutch region (mostly close to the border with Belgium). Aim of the programme is to inform Belgian CEOs and other decision makers about economic opportunities and developments in a region in order to encourage Belgian-Dutch cooperation. Profits come from selling broadcasting time to companies featured in the programme. Tasks        coordination and planning of film crew coordination and planning of episodes Editor of the website, YouTube Channel, newsletter and most activities on social media regarding the programme all after sales contact with clients deciding on the composition and subjects of the programme writing of voice-overs and all other texts concerning the programme hiring third parties (e.g. voices, subtitling companies, extra cameras/crew), for the best possible price Business or sector Media / advertising 01/02/2012-present Traffic Coordinator BusinessViewMedia Burnett Media, Neerloopweg 23, 4818 RS, Breda, General information BusinessViewMedia is part of Burnett Media and the publisher of the ‘Wirtschaftsreport’, an annex of the German Business Magazine ‘Wirtschafts-Nachrichten’. Target group of this monthly magazine are CEOs and managers. Wirtschaftsreport is published seven times a year on average. The magazine covers the most important economic themes and branches of a specific Dutch region. Furthermore, the report holds interviews with members of the government, officials and CEOs of different enterprises. Aim is to inform German companies about Dutch economic developments and business opportunities in a specific area and to encourage German-Dutch business. Profits come from advertisements of featured companies. Tasks     traffic coordination all after sales contact with clients and third parties (DTP, journalists, printing office) composition of layout and content of reports managing the distribution of reports in the Netherlands Business or sector Printed Media / advertising Page 1 / 4
  • 2. Curriculum Vitae Kim Rosalia Johanna Barbara van der Steen 01/01/2007-31/01/2012 Coordinator International Office ROC West-Brabant, International Office, Trivium 76, 4873 LP, Etten-Leur, / General information ROC West-Brabant is comprised of nine vocational education and training colleges in the south of the Netherlands and has about 26,000 students in vocational education and 2,500 staff members. International Office is the department responsible for European grant applications, international workplacements and all other activities concerning international cooperation in education. Tasks  Organization of workplacements and accommodations for foreign students in vocational training  Building and maintenance of relations with all parties concerned: companies, teachers, hosting families, commercial accommodations  Arrangement of day-to-day schedules for visits of international relations (teachers, coordinators, companies), including the booking of venues, accommodations, rental cars etc.  Organization of meetings on the subject of internationalization. Various target groups, interactions in English mostly.  Assisting in European grant applications for the Erasmus programme (former Leonardo) of the European Union Business or sector International collaboration in education 01/03/2009-30/04/2009 Researcher European Platform Europees Platform, Kennemerplein 16, 2011 MJ, Haarlem, Exploratory research on thestate of Europass documents in the Netherlands. Contacts with various stakeholdersand coordinators. Europass documents are used in various ways in international workplacements, for example to verify the international / European level of education of a student. Business or sector International cooperation in education EDUCATION AND TRAINING 14/06/2013 Time Management Training, duration: 1 day. Advanced course in time management. Main areas covered: planning, organization, prioritizing, multitasking. 01/02/2012-30/11/2013 Various courses / training days In-company courses. Topics covered: discourse techniques (face-to-face and by telephone), communication levels, writing skills for the internet. 01/09/2011-30/11/2012 German Language course Goethe Institut, Westersingel 9, 3014 GM, Rotterdam Duration: 14 weeks. Certificate acquired in Level B2 in European Qualification Framework, both in speaking and writing. Page 2 / 4
  • 3. Curriculum Vitae Kim Rosalia Johanna Barbara van der Steen 01/09/2007-31/08/2008 Master Cultural Studies (MA), specialization ‘Kunsten, Publiek & Samenleving’ (Arts, Public and Community) Tilburg University, Warandelaan 2, 5037 AB, Tilburg Thesis (in English) “Hidden in plain sight. Problems surrounding multiword units in acadamic language” Research about the effect of language styles used in text books for the subject economics in lower secondary / vocational education. Main subjects Consumer Behavior, Hermeneutic Research of Text & Images, Analytical methods of functional documents, Consequences of Digitalization, Data Processing, Advertising and Persuasion, Evolution of the Internet, Language Policy, Non-Verbal Communication. Skills acquired  researching skills  structured working methods  detailed analysis of data  various means of retrieving information 01/09/2002-31/08/2005 Bachelor Linguistics (BA) Tilburg University, Warandelaan 2, 5037 AB, Tilburg Thesis (in Dutch) “Leenvertalingen. Wat is er zo Nederlands aan het Turks dat in Nederland gesproken wordt?” About loan translations in the Turkish language spoken in the Netherlands. Research about the distinct language structures of Turks living in the Netherlands. Main subjects Semantics, Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Sociolinguistics, Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Intercultural Communication, Discourse Quality. Skills acquired  planning  researching abilities, collecting and judgment of information and data  structured working methods  detailed analysis of data PERSONAL SKILLS Mother tongue Dutch Other languages UNDERSTANDING SPEAKING WRITING Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production English C2 C2 C2 C2 C2 German C1 C1 B2 B1 B1 French B1 B2 B1 B1 B1 Levels: A1/2: Basic user - B1/2: Independent user - C1/2 Proficient user Source: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Communication skills ▪ good communication skills, able to adjust communication styles in different situations ▪ adaptability – due to the various ‘roles’ in my job I am able to communicate in a fluent way with various target groups, ranging from CEO’s to mechanics. ▪ hosting / presenting ▪ able to build and maintain relationships with professional partners Page 3 / 4
  • 4. Curriculum Vitae Kim Rosalia Johanna Barbara van der Steen Organizational and job-related skills Computer skills Other skills Driving licence ▪ Very structured working routines – crucial becauseof the many different tasks in my present job ▪ Punctual/precise working style – needless to say, an editor has to be very precise ▪ Multitasking abilities – due to my many different responsibilities I am an experienced multitasker ▪ Planning and prioritizing –essential in my present job ▪ negotiating skills – in order to cut on the expenses I have to make sure we hire the best people for the job, but for the best price. ▪ good command of Microsoft Office tools ▪ basic knowledge of programming language HTML ▪ able to work with various types of CMS (content management sytem) for websites ▪ able to find useful and reliable information in a short amount of time, capable of determining whether this information is useful and relevant ▪ able to fashion imaginative solutions for problems / complications ▪ wide general knowledge due to frequent participation in quizzes ▪B ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Memberships Member of the English for Kids Foundation, editor of the Newsletter and co-editor of the website. The English for Kids Foundation aims to support and stimulate the learning of English all over the world, to give children the opportunity to take part in international communication. For more information on our various projects and activities see Treasurer of the Objectieve Bredase Bierproevers (OBB), a local association for beer tasting. References Mrs. Annejet Goede, Manager International Office ROC West-Brabant, E., T. +31(0) 6 5139 1019 Other references available on request. Page 4 / 4