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Microsoft visio premium 2010

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Microsoft Visio Premium 2010ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating3.8 out of 5Product FeatureVisio 2010 Premium simplifies complexity with aqdiverse set of intuitive, professional diagrammingtoolsBring your diagrams to life with dynamic,qdata-driven visualsShare dynamic, data-linked diagrams with othersqthrough their browserEasier diagram creation with modern templates,qand automatic alignment and spacingIntuitive navigation with an updated user interfaceqand Shapes windowRead moreqProduct DescriptionVisio Premium 2010 32-BIT/X64 US DVD SD 6/15 Read moreProduct DescriptionVisio Premium 2010, introduced this year, offers advanced diagramming capabilities for IT and Processmanagement, including new templates for Business Process Management Notations (BPMN), The MicrosoftAccelerator for Six Sigma and SharePoint Workflow; new process management tools such as subprocess to helpwith standardization and reuse; and rules and logic validation to ensure accuracy and consistency across theorganization. In addition, SharePoint workflows developed in Visio 2010 Premium can be exported for executionand real-time monitoring on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.Diagram faster and better in Visio 2010 with a more intuitive user experience.
  2. 2. Jump-start diagramming in Visio 2010Backstage View with a variety oftemplates and sample diagrams. Clickto enlarge.Dynamic, data-driven diagram inVisio 2010 created using AutomaticData Linking and Data Graphics. Clickto enlarge.Dynamic, data-linked diagram sharedin the browser using Visio Servicesand Sharepoint Server 2010integration. Click to enlarge.Simplify Complexity With a Diverse Set of Intuitive, Professional Diagramming ToolsJump-Start DiagrammingMeet your diagramming needs for IT, business, process management, and more with modern pre-drawn shapesand intelligent templates.Find and Access the Tools You Need QuicklyEvery step in creating a diagram is more intuitive, with logical groupings of features in Ribbon tabs, anenhanced Shapes window for easy access to shapes, and a new status bar that helps you move more efficientlywithin and between your diagrams.Draw Diagrams FasterWhether youre creating a diagram from scratch or modifying an existing one, Visio 2010 helps you add andalign shapes easily and accurately with features such as the Quick Shapes Mini Toolbar, Page Auto Size, andAuto Align & Space.Simplify Large and Complex DiagramsAdd clarity to diagrams using Subprocesses and Containers to group related shapes visually and logically.
  3. 3. Make Your Diagrams Professional-Looking and Appealing in SecondsTake advantage of a range of formatting tools and design options, including modern shapes and visuals, a richgallery of themes, and Live Preview.Model and Monitor Sharepoint WorkflowsCreate and monitor SharePoint workflows more easily with a new, advanced template that contains SharePointworkflow rules, and supports exporting and importing workflows between Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010and Visio 2010.Ensure Consistency and Accuracy With Diagram ValidationCheck for common errors and support diagramming standards across your organization using diagramvalidation. With one click, you can validate a diagram against a set of rules to make sure its logical andproperly constructed.Bring Your Diagrams to Life With Dynamic, Data-Driven VisualsGaining a clear and complete view of information that matters to your business requires both a high-levelperspective and detailed data. With just a few clicks, Visio 2010 helps you see the entire picture by showingmeaningful information and data graphically in a single, always up-to-date diagram.Easily connect your diagrams to one or more data sources including Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, andSharePoint Services, using the Data Selector and Automatic Link wizards.Display real-time data right within diagram shapes, based on conditions you define, using expressive graphicssuch as color, icons, symbols, and data bars. Then, add a legend to explain the meaning of your data-linkedgraphics.Keep the linked data in your diagrams up-to-date effortlessly using Automatic Refresh, which can refresh dataautomatically at specific time intervals you set.Share Dynamic, Data-Linked Diagrams With Others Through Their BrowserShare Diagrams With Others on the WebSharing your interactive, refreshable, data-linked diagrams with others is easier than ever. With just a fewclicks, publish your diagram to SharePoint Server. Users can see your real-time information in their browsers ata high level, right on the diagram, or delve into the details--even if they dont own Visio.They can pan and zoom in the online diagram, follow hyperlinks in shapes, and refresh the data. Diagrams canbe rendered in Microsoft Silverlight (high-fidelity) or in PNG format for those who dont have Silverlight.Create Visual Mashups Using Visio ServicesCreate visually compelling, interactive dashboards for your audience by combining Visio diagrams, real-timedata, and different applications in SharePoint Server. Visio Services and SharePoint Server 2010 integrationsupport visual mashups of actionable data and diagrams for an information-rich visual experience.Which Version of Microsoft Visio 2010 is Right for You?VisioStandardVisioProfessionalVisioPremiumEasier diagram creation with modern templates, andautomatic alignment and spacing.X X XIntuitive navigation with an updated user interface andShapes window.X X XDynamic, data-driven shapes with links to real-time data andautomatic refresh.X XDynamic web sharing with others via their browsers--even ifthey dont have Visio.X XNew process management tools for modeling businessprocesses, including BPMN and SharePoint workflow.X
  4. 4. Intelligent validation for finding diagramming errorsvalidated against business logic.XRead moreYou May Also LikeMicrosoft Project Professional 2010 [Old Version]Microsoft® Visio® 2010 Step by Step: The smart way to learn Microsoft Visio 2010-one step at a time!Microsoft Visio 2010 Introduction Quick Reference Guide (Cheat Sheet of Instructions, Tips & Shortcuts -Laminated Card)Microsoft Office Professional 2010 - 2PC/1User (Disc Version)Microsoft Project Standard 2010