Personalisation and marketing automation case rautaruukki

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Presentation at "Digi & Mobile Summit, Helsinki 28 Jan 2014. …

Presentation at "Digi & Mobile Summit, Helsinki 28 Jan 2014.

Marketing automation and personalisation have both very positive impact how marketing is operated. They trigger cycle of continuous improvement around understanding the customers, content and media mix.

Slide 2: Ruukki marketing challenges: Product focus, wide variety of customer industries

Slide 3: Personalisation is changing marketing more customer focused

Slide 4: www front page is good place to start with personalisation

Slide 6: Transforming traditional customer satisfaction survey to personalised, automated and action oriented

Slide 7: Taking lead management as one of the development priorities

Slide 11: Learning:
- Without content you cannot automate
- Increased systematic way of working
- Analytic taken to a new level

Slide 12: Benefits
- from products to customers
- from guessing to facts
- from channels to customer relevant content

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  • 1. Personalisation and marketing automation Case Rautaruukki Kimmo Kanerva, Marketing Director Digi & Mobile Summit, Helsinki 28.1.2014 1 | Digital Deep Dive | INTERNAL date/month/year
  • 2. Marketing Challenges Product focus, variety of different customer industries, wide portfolio of products Building Metals - Engineering Product Focus Consumers - roofs
  • 3. Personalisation changes marketing towards • • • • Customer Focus Architects, Designers Construction companies Real estate investors ….. • Mechanical Designers • Purchasing • ….. • Consumers • ….
  • 4. Example: Starting from front page - personalisation Building industry - Architects Engineering – Metal industry
  • 5. Example: Personalisation – basis Target groups Objective Point per web page Consumer Direct to Pages + points Architect Colours, walls Pages + points Structural Designer CAD, structures Pages + points Mechanical Designer Pages + points – Engineering industry High strengh and wear resistant steel .. .. ..
  • 6. Example: Customer satisfaction survey Personalisation and automation PREVIOUSLY • Same questions to all customers. Survey results on a yearly basis. NOW - AUTOMATED • Customers get only ”relevant” questions. • Results immediately with sales persons in 6 pvm | etunimi sukunimi | INTERNAL
  • 7. Marketing automation Leads and lead nurturing
  • 8. Where to start: Leads to the center of business Automation • Lead routing directly to the right sales person through – Product groups – Country, region Service promise 27/01/2014 | Kimmo Kanerva, Digital marketing manager
  • 9. Leads to the center of business Automation B2B
  • 10. Lead nurturing Automation and personalisation Tactic based on availability of customer details SMS 0400123456 EMAIL DIRECT MAIL
  • 11. Automation is changing way of working • New content – First you need to plan what to automate and how – After having the right content you can start marketing automation • Capabilities – Marketing CRM and analytics – Customer focused planning: content and customer nurturing models • Increased systematic way of working – Other “IT” systems also needs to be integrated – Understanding of analytics and continuous improvements are increasing
  • 12. Benefits Previously Now Product oriented Customer focused Marketing channels Content to target group Maybe… $ Facts: xx eur
  • 13. Blog: