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  1. 1. 2 012 ISS U E 5 IN THI S ISSUE: Noah Meets Ryder Cup Hero Are you Soccer Tough? Winner of Sports Personality of the Year The Geordie Runners Fe Fi Fo FUNNNNNN!
  2. 2. Academy News Editor Welcome to our latest newsletter. What an amazing summer 2012! Of course I'm not talking about the weather or England in the Euros. Luckily the Tour De France, Wimbledon, Ryder Cup and Team GB brought the sparkle and sunshine needed for a good old fashioned British Summer. If like me you experienced every emotion possible ranging from excitement, anticipation, inspiration, shouting, screaming, fatigue (from staying up too late) and frequently ending up in tears (usually of joy). Arguably it's been one of the best years of sport in the last century. We will be calling on the members to enter an Olympic Competition in the coming month. Enjoy the read and welcome to the new footie season. Regards Claire S20 Editor. Wrekenton Nou Camp joins us for a night of S20 training Patrick Burns brought one of the junior teams from Wrekenton Nou Camp to sample a free training session. It was a chance for S20 members and Wrekenton to try something a little bit different. A super session and the response from the kids were brilliant. If your team would like a free training session at Soccer20, please contact us at info@soccer20skills.com BEWARE..... If you're looking for trouble...............then you've came to the WRONG PLACE. At Soccer20skills we encourage 'Respect' and that it has a great importance in everyday life. We aim to teach children to respect their parents, their teachers, their coaches, their team mates, other players and themselves. We also teach respect for the culture and traditions of football, and consideration of other people's feelings, rights and differing opinions. The photo to the right shows some of our Thursday Evening members. Player development has been notable throughout all of our sessions and we at Soccer20 believe this is a combination of hard work, desire of members and parental support. Keep up the good work. Get yourself on YouTubeGet yourself on YouTube. Soccer20skills.com has launched its own channel to share video uploads with members. A couple of members have uploaded their own footage, but we want more. Let's show the world how great Soccer 20 is. Check it out and get uploading. http://www.youtube.com/user/Soccer20skills?blend=17&ob=5#p/u 2
  3. 3. Amy Excels Amy Richardson who has been one of our longest serving members worked with Sunderland Academy Girls during last season and is saying 'goodbye' to Soccer20 to fully commit to her training and development with Sunderland this season. We are all thrilled for you, well done Amy and continue your undoubted hard work and commitment. We will be keeping a close eye on your progress...... FE... FI... FO... FUM... We See the Tot Stars Having Fun..... The 'Soccer 20 Tot Stars' may be the youngest group at Soccer 20, but their progress has been amazing in such a small space of time. Our youngest member is 3 years old. The group continues to grow and we are very proud of each and every one of them who attend every week whatever the weather, to learn with the ball, interact with other children and have lots of fun. See some of the members in below. Advertise in the next newsletter We require your Company Name, Logo, Contact Name, Telephone, E-mail, Web, Twitter and a 20 Word Description. Cost Per Newsletter- £20, for more details contact us at info@soccer20skills.com 3 NEWS IN BRIEF Tom and Kellen watched the Honduras V Spain game at the 'Sports Direct Arena' during the Olympic Games. The lads and dads took in the atmosphere and met some fabulous spectators from around the world including the African Drummer posing for his photograph with Kellen below (not sure if the blokes behind are more impressed with match or the S20 Hoodie).
  4. 4. Kids Do Good Aaron from our Monday and Thursday sessions, left primary year 6 to move to his new secondary school this summer, like many other year 6 pupils. But Aaron left in style as he was awarded sports person of the year and also bagging a 100% attendance award. Well done mate, a massive achievement which you should be very proud of. (See Aaron with his sister, who was on hand to celebrate and help carry his awards!!) Super Skills Brothers Callum and Connor McKechnie from the Monday sessions share a love of football and often practice together to perfect their skills. The lads also share a passion with their mum and sister for photography. The images below were taken by Connor and show Callum performing a 'Rainbow Flick', what a couple of fabulous action shots. The Price Is Right Bailey from our Thursday night sessions has been chosen to attend the 'Martin Gray Football Academy'. Enjoy the experience and working with some exciting coaches. “Come on Boro” Huge thanks to Middlesbrough Football Club Academy who have recently endorsed our Soccer20Skills Programme. It's great for us to gain an endorsement and support from a Club who is well known for its fantastic Academy System; A club who produces players with the calibre of Adam Johnson and Stewart Downing. 4 Noah Meets His Ryder Cup Hero Soccer 20 player Noah Charlton is the proud winner of the Durham Golf Partnership Srixon Tour under 12 Order of Merit. Despite being one of the youngest payers at 9 years old, he beat over 30 other children, over 4 tournaments to win the trophy. He then represented the winning Durham team against Northumberland and Cumbria, coming second out of 48 in all age groups. Here is a picture of Noah with his hero and Ryder Cup winner Lee Westwood.
  5. 5. Coaches Corner Think about your football in a helpful, positive way We are extremely privileged to be able to introduce the next article by Dan Abrahams for our S20 Coaches Area. How you think about your football on a day to day basis determines how you feel about your football, and how you feel about your football heavily influences how quickly you learn in training and how well you perform on matchday. I spend many hours every week teaching Premiership footballers how to think effectively after training and before matchday. Here is one technique you can use that I talk about in 'Soccer Tough': Summary I want you to write down your 3 best ever games. Write them in detail just as we've discussed before. This will give you something to come back to every day that can help build and maintain a strong soccer image. It will help you take control of the memories you have of your football. I am a global leader in football (soccer) performance psychology and sport psychology. I work with a number of individuals, clubs, governing bodies and national associations worldwide. I am also a visiting lecturer on football psychology at the Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de Andalucía Oriental in Granada, Spain. My passion is to de-mystify sport and performance psychology by creating and delivering simple techniques that footballers and coaches can use to find consistent high performance under pressure. I am author of a bestselling football (soccer) psychology book called 'Soccer Tough'. When writing down your 3 best games remember key moments such as the runs you made, the tackles, blocks, passes and headers you won. Add feelings to your story – “I felt strong, confident and powerful” and “I felt like I was unbeatable” – these are exciting images to remember and to reinforce. If your friends or loved ones were watching you what do you think they would have seen? Write their viewpoint down as well. 3 Golden Rules to Become the Best Footballer you can be When you spend time off the pitch reminding yourself of the times you perform at your very best you feed your brain and body confident pictures and images. The footballer who commits to this technique on a daily basis will build self-belief and feel great going into his training session and matches – giving himself an improved chance to learn quicker and play better with more consistency. My new book 'Soccer Tough' helps footballers of all abilities to build their mental toughness and develop the mindset of an elite player. In this article I will introduce you to 3 golden rules that will help you become the very best footballer you can be. Get yourself on YouTubeGet yourself on YouTube. Soccer20skills.com has launched its own channel to share video uploads with members. A couple of members have uploaded their own footage, but we want more. Let's show the world how great Soccer 20 is. Check it out and get uploading. http://www.youtube.com/user/Soccer20skills?blend=17&ob=5#p/u 5
  6. 6. Practice with a purpose The most obvious ones are the weather and the state of the pitch. It's fairly evident that you can't control those aspects. And yet how many soccer players place their focus on them? Many times I've walked onto a pitch with the team before a game and heard someone say “I can't believe how bad the pitch is. How can we play well on this?” Where do you think this soccer player's performance focus is going to be during the match? Do you think he might be easily distracted? Having an abundance of ability in football is nice to have, but however talented you are it is the quality of your training that determines the trajectory of your football. In fact, so important is this that I advise clients to stop using the word training and start calling it practice. And any old practice isn't enough – it is deliberate practice that is important. As I describe in Soccer Tough: Similar to the state of the pitch I've heard footballers moan about the weather. Last season a player came up to me on Thursday and said he hoped it wasn't going to be raining during the game on Saturday because he had decided he was rubbish when playing in the rain. I, of course, pointed out that if he wanted a career in professional football in England he was probably going to have to get used to playing in the rain (it rains a lot in England!). Joking aside do you think this player's thinking going into the game was helpful? His performance focus was inevitably going to be damaged if it rained - something he couldn't control. Deliberate practice isn't easy and it begins in the brain. It's not a soccer player doing an hour of training, doing a bit of five-a-side and having fun with mates. It's mentally and physically taxing. It is a kind of focused, repetitive practice in which you are always monitoring your performance, correcting, experimenting, listening to immediate and constant feedback, and always pushing beyond what you have already achieved. When you next go and practice make sure you set yourself a goal, preferably a specific area you'd like to improve. Concentrate fully and push yourself out of your comfort zone by attempting the things you don't find easy on the pitch Before the next time you play jot down some the things you can control like your 'body language' and 'how confidently you execute your role' and try to focus on these. Avoid placing your attention onto the things you can't control – they will only direct your mind away from what is important during the game Control the controllables The biggest killer in football is distraction. Taking your mind away from the game can lead to hazardous consequences. A correct focus of attention in football starts with an understanding of what you can and can't control. There are plenty of things in football you can't control and if you play your focus on them you can easily get distracted as you play. As I point out in Soccer tough: Huge thanks for sharing some of your work with Soccer 20 members. Congratulations to Dan on the launch of his book 'Soccer Tough'. The reviews are first class describing it as 'powerful', 'superb' and 'definitely recommended'. Get it on your Christmas list........ Advertise in the next newsletter We require your Company Name, Logo, Contact Name, Telephone, E-mail, Web, Twitter and a 20 Word Description. Cost Per Newsletter- £20, for more details contact us at info@soccer20skills.com 6
  7. 7. Wiggle those toes for Rob!!! Rob Burgess is a local chiropodist worth mentioning. Feet are never a good subject, especially when there's a problem with them. But after a visit to Rob, this has changed our view completely. It's not just about the bad stuff and getting a treatment when things are wrong. Looking after your feet is so important, particularly if you play sport. Rob gave loads of excellent advice about how feet work, posture, what keeps feet healthy and how to look after them. Very thorough and gave some cracking advice on getting rid of a verruca. A very professional service in a relaxed atmosphere and he was also wonderful treating our child. Would definitely recommend. Rob has recently been working with members from various local football academies. Contact: Rob@burgesspodiatrychiropody.co.uk Calling All Junior Clubs Would your team like to play in the creative playground for free? Why not give us a shout. We can arrange for your team to join in a one off session with us in a non competitive environment (offer available to teams of 811 year olds). This allows the children and coaches to experience something different. If you are interested please contact us at info@soccer20skills.com S20 Runs For Charity The Gibside Fun Run is a 5 mile run (not sure about the fun bit) to raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. Set around the beautiful Gibside National Trust Site it takes in most of the views (and hills!). Jake, Tom and Claire ditched their usual Sunday morning routine to take part in the fundraising and ran in the 3rd run organised by Keith and Amy Morris whose son Alby was diagnosed with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy in 2009. They all finished with impressive times to cross the line and celebrate. The run will hopefully be organised next year again (probably spring time), anyone interested in running as a small Soccer20 group and raise some money for this worthy cause, let one of us know. If running is not your thing and you prefer walking or dressing up in fancy dress (for the race I mean..........), then feel free to join us. If it's a decent day, we may have a picnic and spot of rounders afterwards. 7 Just Missed Out? Didn't catch up on other editions of the newsletter- Click on the link below to read other issues of the S20 newsletter...
  8. 8. MAN OF THE MOMENT Your Football Legends: Name: Neil Charlton Peter Beardsley, the Lionel Messi of his day and Zinedane Zidane – just the best ever! Age: 43 Favourite Pre Match Meal: Football Clubs Played For: If I am watching 2 pints of Peroni and a bag of crisps if I am playing I don't bother with the crisps. ? Windy Nook Junior School 79/80 season The Invincibles Favourite Football Moment: ? Fincher Hair and Beauty Wholesalers Aston and 5-a-side in the highly competitive Sutton Coldfield Hair Salon and Spa league. Winning a five-a-side tournament when I lived in Birmingham. The opposing team's goalkeeper only had one ear. It wouldn't have been so bad but his glasses kept slipping off. Since school I have never played for an 11 a side team that all had the same strip. The best ever, as a Newcastle supporter was when we were 6-0 up at half time against Leicester in the last match of the Keegan promotion season. Favourite Footie Boots: Growing up all my sports equipment and clothing were hand me downs from my Mam's godson who was two years older and living in Germany. I was the only kid dressed as Gerd Muller who could bend the toes of his 3 sizes too big boots back to the laces. Best advice you can give: Keep playing as long as you can and if the big lad on the other team wants the ball - let him! If I had my time again I would......... never would have gone to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Cheers Neil. What Neil.... (I hate a run Charlton)....... forgot to mention is that he runs...... quite fast, quite far and quite often. He has completed the Great North Run in very impressive times for a number of years and is as well known as Brendan Foster on the course! He completed the GNR this year and more recently the Kielder Marathon (and he still turned up the following day for an Allstars training session). Day Job: Sales Director for a Hair and Beauty Wholesaler Did You Know? 1. I was born the same week as the first moon landings and was named after Neil Armstrong. If only Buzz Aldrin had been first! 2. I have been a Hairdresser for over 27 years working all over the world. I have worked with many famous Stylists and did a hair show in March with TV celeb Hairdresser Lee Stafford in front of 800 people 3. I can wiggle my ears. 8
  9. 9. MANY HAPPY RETURNS! Anth and Sam the coaches were 40 years old in the last month. Sam above is a regular coach at Soccer 20 and has been instrumental with Chris, Kev and Anth in developing the 'Tot Stars' on a Monday evening. Rumour has it he scored an average goal playing for the Allstars (like any good wine Sam, it all improves with age!!) Anth will be our Allstars 'Man of the Moment' in the next Newsletter. There are some cracking photos to share (with some cracking hairstyles). Here's one from his Scottish Premiership days playing against Ally McCoist at Ibrox Stadium Get yourself on YouTubeGet yourself on YouTube. Soccer20skills.com has launched its own channel to share video uploads with members. A couple of members have uploaded their own footage, but we want more. Let's show the world how great Soccer 20 is. Check it out and get uploading. http://www.youtube.com/user/Soccer20skills?blend=17&ob=5#p/u 9
  10. 10. ALLSTARS New footie season and you still haven't joined a team to train with? Why not join us to keep fit, train like a pro and have a bit of a kick about. The lads meet every Monday between 8-9pm at our Cardinal Hume Venue. The group are like minded and enjoy a bit of banter, if you fancy the odd game, we also arrange of visiting teams on some of the Monday session. The group are growing and if you fancy a FREE session to try it out just give us a shout. Please see the following link to take a look: http://soccer20skills.com/all_stars/default.asp. 10
  11. 11. The Great North Runners Yet again, some notable performances from S20 members in the recent Great North Run events. Well done to all who took part in the mini, junior and senior races. A shout out to Steve Drummond, Neil Charlton, Claire 'the desk lady' Cole, Daniel Coulson, Tristan Crang and Thomas Cole who all completed the courses. Congratulations to Tristan one of our youngest members of S20 who is pictured left on his race day: Party NEWS You Can Be Party To This! Our Soccer20 Parties are becoming popular with kids. Feedback is very positive from parents and children. If you don't know where to start please ask us. Prices start from as little as £4.99 per child. James Thompson also got to meet Iris 'The Olympic Torchbearer' with the olympic torch before she and the torch set off from the Angel of the North. Iris is known to some of us at Soccer 20 and is a fantastic fundraiser, who not only helps out at a local Marie Curie Centre and local soup kitchen, but she makes a difference to lots of people by listening and caring in the local community. Contact us: Soccer20skills.com Limited, Greenesfield Business Centre, Mulgrave Terrace, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. NE8 1PQ. Telephone: 0191 490 9147 Fax: 0191 477 6888 http://www.soccer20skills.com 11
  12. 12. Business United...
  13. 13. Don’t just dream of a WHITE Christmas Experience one. Prices start from £25 per person for three-courses Where better to celebrate than Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse Bar & Grill? But don’t just take out word for it, come and enjoy the Marco Pierre White Christmas experience for yourself To reserve a table visit www.mpwsteakhousenewcastle.co.uk or call 0191 300 9222.