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Plumbobs 11

  1. 1. Welcome back to The Plumbobs’ Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge!Last chapter (which was ages ago) we saw what Dotty, our teenage alien bad apple heiress, got up to while her older siblings, the golden trio, were at University. This chapter, we start off with some Universityhappenings (which was meant to be brief, but I took far to many photos) before moving onto the important stuff – babies!
  2. 2. So, University. The triplets (Lainey, Pip and Rhys) moved into the dorms and spread the hula dance to all the dormies.
  3. 3. While they were perfectly happy in the dorms, I wanted them to move tothe Greek House so they all called Chandler Inada, the placeholder, and pledged in. And as it happened, he and Lainey had 3 bolts!
  4. 4. Before long cousin Sophia (Oscar and Contessa Pamela’s daughter) joinedthem in the dorms. As a teen she had been turned into a vampire by hermother, but that was slightly inconvenient now she was a young adult so she cured herself.
  5. 5. The triplets and Sophia stayed in the dorms for one, mostly uneventful year, before moving to the Greek House.
  6. 6. Life was much better there. It was less crowded, the food was good, and there was a bar. (And less lag!)
  7. 7. And Chandler and Lainey got to be a bit closer and more adorable.
  8. 8. Unfortunately Sophia also fancied Chandler (2LB), but then again she’s a flirty pleasure sim. Chandler was having none of it though, at first.
  9. 9. However, he couldn’t resist Sophia forever and a moment of weakness threatened to ruin what he had with Lainey.
  10. 10. After a while though all was forgiven, by Lainey at least.
  11. 11. Her brothers on the other hand, were not impressed with Sophia’s behaviour. Pip especially was outraged and became enemies with Sophia!
  12. 12. And she was made to sleep on the hammock, outside in the snow.
  13. 13. After that madness had passed things were much calmer. Pip found love with Amaya Rodiek.
  14. 14. Chandler and Lainey got their relationship back on track.
  15. 15. And I gave the Greek House a bit of a makeover (mostly I just redid the bar/bbq area and made all the woodwork white).
  16. 16. Then Dotty moved into the dorms and selected Maths as her Major. Her LTW is to be a Game Designer.
  17. 17. Not a lot happened, just the usualschoolwork, skilling, making friends and cleaning stuff.
  18. 18. And dancing of course.Also, I let her keep the outfit she transitioned into. It’s a perfectly good outfit but I rarely use it!
  19. 19. Dotty was soon joined by some more cousins, Glenn and Lucas. In caseyou don’t remember Glenn is the son of Oona and Jihoon Hsu, and Lucas is the son of Genesis and Sam Mazza.
  20. 20. Lucas was chief gnome rescuer. =)
  21. 21. Although that gnome wasn’t needed for long, as they soon all pledged into the Greek House.
  22. 22. As well as studying, the triplets did a lot of bug hunting for the Bug Me Not challenge. I couldn’t decide who should be the bug nut (and I mayhave forgotten about it for a while), so I had them all bug hunting, all the time, to see who did it first.
  23. 23. Chandler and Lainey had a beautifulengagement in the rain at the park! Awww.
  24. 24. And then Chandler graduated with a 4.0 GPA in Economics.
  25. 25. Rhys was the last of the triplets to get paired up, the lucky lady being Vicki Reamon.
  26. 26. That just left Dotty to get sorted in the partner department, seeing as the cousins are all either Pleasure or Romance sims and are not getting married or having babies. The first date wasn’t very successful though.
  27. 27. On a more positive note, Dotty did the Xylophone trick shot first time, and a few more times after that! I’m so proud of her.
  28. 28. Yay, another engagement before graduation! I love Amaya, she’s beautiful.
  29. 29. The triplets finished Uni before Sophia, but stayed the extra time so they could bug hunt. Sophia left right away though, with a 3.7 GPA in Art.
  30. 30. Bug hunt faster!None of them managed to get all the bugs before graduation, but Pip had the most bugs and so moved back home to complete the challenge.
  31. 31. Goodbye triplets!(I forgot to note down what GPA’s they got, but they all did pretty well).
  32. 32. Another failed matchmaker date for Dotty. =(
  33. 33. The boys were fairing rather better in the love (or lust) department however.
  34. 34. Finally Dotty got a good drop from the matchmaker. His name isEdward Vu, but we shall call him Ed. They are adorable together.
  35. 35. Dotty graduated (in her undies) with a 3.5 GPA inMaths. Not bad for a Bad Apple. I threw her a party,in case she had a want for it, and her parents were all loveydovey. =)
  36. 36. And then she grew up wearing the same outfit she wore as a young adult, but in a different colour! She must really love that outfit.
  37. 37. Lucas and Glenn are left place holding the Greek House for the moment, but soon the youngest cousins (Jace and Aaliyah, twin children of Isaac and Sandy) will take over that role. Now, let’s get to the main house!
  38. 38. Pip grew up wearing this silly outfit, so I decided he should keep it untilhe’s completed the Bug Me Not challenge. It’s going to take a while so don’t expect to see much of him.
  39. 39. Other than Pip the only other people in the house are Kana, Brody and Moody. They’ve completed all the challenges they needed to so they mostly just work, train Moody and wander around on free will.
  40. 40. Oh, and start fires.Brody managed to set himself on fire while cooking, and then Kana caught fire too!
  41. 41. Fortunately Pip was there to put them out, otherwise I think I would have lost them both!
  42. 42. Needless to say, Brody and Kana were pretty exhausted after their ordealand couldn’t even stay awake long enough to eat their perfect omelettes (courtesy of Pip).
  43. 43. A few days later and it was time for Dotty to move back home. You’d think she’d be used to the flamingo’s by now! Also, look at poor Pip being chased by bees. That happened a LOT.
  44. 44. I had Dotty invite Ed round and ACR took over, no lullaby just yet though.
  45. 45. He moved in too after that. He’s a knowledge/pleasure sim just like Dotty, but he wants to be a Celebrity Chef. That won’t happenunfortunately, as there are no promotions allowed once their first child is born.
  46. 46. Brody was, of course, delighted to have his youngest daughter back at home.
  47. 47. Awww, happy families. =)
  48. 48. Seeing as Dotty and Ed both have career LTW’s which they can’t fulfil Ihad them wish for Peace of Mind, which will come in very handy indeed.
  49. 49. Dotty managed to max creativity all by herself!
  50. 50. And then it was stargazing time. Dotty and Ed need to max their One True Hobby enthusiasms, and Dotty’s is Science. Ed’s is Sports.
  51. 51. That night Ed did two things; changed his turn-on’s to make him moreattracted to Dotty, and found a job in the Business career in order to get the Execuputter. I find that is the easiest way to max out Sports enthusiasm.
  52. 52. Dotty continues to be an excellent Bad Apple by cleaning everything.
  53. 53. And busting moves all over the place. =)
  54. 54. Sadly though, the happy times didn’t last too long. Kana passed away after work one evening, aged just 72. I’ll miss you Kana! =‘(
  55. 55. Pip was distraught, as was Brody. Dotty didn’t seem to bothered though, seeing as she wasn’t actually related to Kana.
  56. 56. Still life must go on.
  57. 57. Gah, I really have to delete that bar, or at least move it out of the kitchen. Dotty does this all the time!
  58. 58. Moody will have to wait until someone else is awake before he gets a wash. I’m not wasting Dotty’s precious commands now that she’s preggers!
  59. 59. I think it’s fair to say Dotty’s a bit hormonal.
  60. 60. And she has morning sickness, so yep, definitely pregnant!
  61. 61. Ed worked hard and got himself an Execuputter from work. Dotty was not impressed.
  62. 62. Brody and Ed both brought a friend home from work one day and they boogied on down in the lounge. They did make me chuckle. =)
  63. 63. Saturday started just like any normal day, with Ed telling Dotty just how hot she was, but it was set to be a far more eventful day than usual.
  64. 64. For starters Ed proposed to Dotty, in his undies as a tribute to Dotty’s underwear loving ways…
  65. 65. And then the two were wed in a quickie ceremony in the garden.
  66. 66. All of the family attended, but didn’t pay a lot of attention as is normal for a sim wedding. Brody loved it though.
  67. 67. I love Dotty and Ed together!
  68. 68. As does everybody else.
  69. 69. Ed then proceeds to heart fart Dotty. She was unimpressed (but she did look beautiful).
  70. 70. The party was still going on whenDotty went into labour! Howeversome family member were more interested in their lunch.
  71. 71. Such as Pip. He just saw Dotty as being totally in his way.
  72. 72. But soon enough little Owen Plumbob was born. As you can see, he looks a lot like Ed, but with Dotty’s eye colour.
  73. 73. That same day Brody passed away. He was 81 years old, and a brilliant heir.
  74. 74. I’ll miss you Brody!
  75. 75. Dotty and Moody were especially upset.
  76. 76. Dotty had plenty of things to keep her occupied though, like stargazing.
  77. 77. Hey Kana! She seems to be a very calm ghost which I’m glad of.
  78. 78. Poor little Owen. You’d think he’d be well looked after with two stay at home parents!
  79. 79. But really, I hardly control Dotty at all, hence her feeding Moody mouldy food from her plate.
  80. 80. Yay, baby P is on the way!
  81. 81. Not a lot happened while Owen was a baby, so it’s already time for his birthday!
  82. 82. I adore him so much! He looks an awful lot like Ed, but with awesomeeyes. Owen is an Aries; 7-8-7-3-1 (that’s almost exactly the same as Ed too, except Owen is 1 point more outgoing than his Daddy).
  83. 83. That same night Brody came out to haunt for the first time. He was quite sad to be dead, as you’d expect, but cheered himself up by scaring his pregnant daughter.
  84. 84. Which led to a very difficult few hours for Dotty. I thought I might lose her! She was alright though. =)
  85. 85. After Pip had completed a portrait of Ed, I decided it was time for him toleave the main house. He caught 29 bugs, the same 29 as Oscar, and 12 days of searching for the 30th bug must surely mean I’ve got that glitchwhere you can’t catch all 30. (Also, he’s a family sim and was desperate to get married to Amaya). So thank you Pip, and see you later!
  86. 86. Ah, bubbly Moody is so cute!
  87. 87. As is little Owen even if he does look really sad. =(
  88. 88. Poor Ed has his hands full, what with Dotty being pregnant and having a toddler and a dog to look after,
  89. 89. It means that sometimes Owen gets left all alone, he doesn’t seem to mind though.
  90. 90. Hehe, I love Ed’s face. I like to think this is his main concern about what is going to happen next; “Will she be wearing clothes?” …
  91. 91. So, Ed needs some help around the house,
  92. 92. And I need a zombie for the University challenge …
  93. 93. So welcome back Teresa Plumbob!
  94. 94. Ah, this might not go well.
  95. 95. Things calmed down a bit once Teresa got a bit of a makeover, and she delighted in jumping on the couch after being dead for so long.
  96. 96. She loved little Owen the most though, especially seeing as she never got to meet any of her grandchildren before she died.
  97. 97. Later that same day Dotty went into labour for the second time …
  98. 98. And soon another baby boy was born, little Percy Plumbob.So that’s where I’m going to leave the main house for this update. Now it’s time to see what the triplets have been getting up to.
  99. 99. Lainey and Chandler got married in their living room and quickly got to work producing babies.
  100. 100. Resulting in Emma and Chester Inada, who are both quite shy, active, playful and very mean. Also, Chester got blonde hair from his great grandma Teresa!
  101. 101. Rhys married Vicki Reamon, and they too had themselves some babies.
  102. 102. The eldest is Dennis, a mean, serious, active and outgoing little boy.
  103. 103. Who was soon followed by twins Wesley and Zach, who both got Rhys’s black hair and dark blue eyes.
  104. 104. And finally we come to Pip. He and a Amaya Rodiek threw a wedding party, seeing as they had to wait so long to get married.
  105. 105. Teresa and Dotty don’t get along at all when I’m not controlling them!
  106. 106. I love Amaya’s makeover, she’s so pretty!
  107. 107. And they have a newborn baby girl called Amber, who also got Teresa’s blond hair!That’s it for this update, I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment here on my LJ or over at Boolprop, and thank you for reading. =)