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Man as a worker sexual being lover believer -- Topic in Philosophy -- Thanks for viewing! ^^ ...

Man as a worker sexual being lover believer -- Topic in Philosophy -- Thanks for viewing! ^^
My own made Powerpoint again~ maybe some can already recognize who's the real me ~ and what's my real name .. anyway .. Thanks again by the way please just ignore the first slide .. we use to have a skit at first so~ yea ..



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    Man as a WORKER, SEXUAL BEING, LOVER, BELIEVER :Philosophy Man as a WORKER, SEXUAL BEING, LOVER, BELIEVER :Philosophy Presentation Transcript

    •  Any activity whereby man exerts physical and/or other powers in order to make or do something.  It involves the whole human person.  It is not just a mere human activity; it is a personal human activity.  It is the whole person that works.
    • According to Pope John Paul II, on human work: “Work is one of the characteristics that distinguishes man from the rest of the creatures whose activity for sustaining their lives cannot be called work. Only man is capable of work, and only man works, at the same time by work occupying his existence on earth. Thus, work bears a particular mark of a person operating within a community of persons.”
    •  a basic dimension of human existence  the founding entity of man and society  Man works for himself to produce his own satisfaction and works for the State as well that produces goods for the people.
    •  A human activity  It is a form of pleasure  Has divine implication to propagate life  Should be done in the context of marriage  An expression
    • “Sexuality is the foundation of man’s personhood. It is the specific manifestation of man’s being-in-the-world. Because man is being-in-the-world-with-others, sexuality manifests man’s inherent need to relate to others. In this regard, sexuality can be interpreted as the fundamental factor of man’s intersubjectivity or man’s interpersonal relatedness. Thus, sexuality presents the uniqueness of a person in his emotions, feelings, actions, attitudes, and thoughts, among others.”
    • o A dynamic principle of action o The fundamental characteristic of the human person’s-being-with-others o It could be subjective hence irrational or objective hence rational
    • Ludic Love Storge Love Pragma Love Eros Filial love or Philia Manic Love Agape
    • He emphasizes that living beings need others like themselves, that sexual love unites spiritual and carnal love, that there is no normal man outside a normal human relationship, and that man has the duty to love. Teilhard de Chard 1. Love is an Encounter 2. Love is Silent 5. Love is Growth 4. Love is Giving 3. Love Always Seeks for Unification
    • 6. Love is Action 7. Love is Creative 8. Love is Mutual 9. Love is the Supreme Value 10. Love is Mysterious 11. Love is a Decision