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Adobe flex builder pro 3.0

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Adobe Flex Builder Pro 3.0ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating5.0 out of 5Product FeatureEnables intelligent coding; interactive step-throughqdebugging; and visual design of user interfacelayout, appearance, and behavior ofbusiness-critical RIAsAbility to import assets from Adobe Creative Suiteq3 makes it easy for designers and developers towork togetherTake advantage of editors for MXML, ActionScript,qand CSS; syntax coloring; statement completion;code collapse; interactive step-through debugging;and moreVisually design and preview user interface layout,qappearance, and behavior using a rich library ofbuilt-in or custom componentsAll of the powerful features included in Flex Builderq3 Standard, plus powerful testing tools andinteractive data visualizationRead moreqProduct DescriptionFLEX BUILDER PRO 3 WIN MAC Read moreProduct DescriptionAdobe Flex Builder 3 Professional software is a productive Eclipse based development tool for creatingbusiness-critical rich Internet applications that run in Adobe Flash Player or Adobe AIR, enabling intelligentcoding, interactive step-through debugging, and visual layout and design of the user interface.Content Assist displays code completion hints as you enter MXML, ActionScript, and CSS code.
  2. 2. In MXML Design mode, you interact with your Flex applications visually; dragging and dropping components onto the design area, selecting and resizing components, and so on.To support a particular task or group of tasks, editors and supporting views are combined into a perspective.Flex Builder contains two perspectives: Flex Debugging and Flex Development. Flex Builder Professionalcontains an additional perspective, Flex Profiling.When you create a project, Flex Builder switches into the Development perspective so you can begin developingyour application
  3. 3. Top reasons to buy Adobe Flex Builder 3• Powerful coding tools: Take advantage of editors for MXML, ActionScript,and CSS; syntax coloring; statement completion; code collapse; interactivestep-through debugging; and more.• Rich visual layout: Visually design and preview user interface layout,appearance, and behavior using a rich library of built-in components. Create orextend those components easily if you need to.• Interactive data visualization: Create data dashboards and interactivedata analysis by simply dragging and dropping a chart type and linking it to adata source using the Flex Charting library.• Skinning and styling: Customize the appearance of an application usingCSS and graphical property editors to quickly set the most commonly usedproperties and preview the results in Design view.• Integration with Creative Suite 3: Import ready-to-use creative assetsdirectly into Flex quickly and easily with new Flex Skin Design extensions forAdobe Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Fireworks software.• Code refactoring: Find references to classes, variables, and methods, andrename them easily.• Native support for Adobe AIR: Build desktop applications with the sameskills and codebase as your RIAs with new desktop components and Adobe AIRdevelopment tools.• Powerful testing tools: Use memory and performance profilers toinvestigate memory use and analyze where applications are using resources.Automated functional testing support, now included in Flex Builder Professional,enables regression testing.• Advanced data services: Invoke web services or request XML data viaHTTP using a rich, built-in library of data access services. Use open-sourceBlazeDS to easily connect applications to back-end services, leveragingRemoting and AMF, a binary, high-performance HTTP-based data transport.You can also add real-time data push and pub/sub messaging.• Open-source framework: Beginning with Flex 3, the entire Flex frameworkis now available as an open-source project. Flex Remoting and Flex Messagingare also available as open source in BlazeDS.Powerful coding toolsAdobe Flex Builder 3 is a powerful Eclipse based IDE that includes editors for MXML, ActionScript, and CSS, aswell as syntax coloring, statement completion, code collapse, interactive step-through debugging, and more.Rich visual layout (Enhanced in Flex Builder 3)Visually design and preview user interface layout, appearance, and behavior using a rich library of built-incomponents. Extend the built-in components or create new ones as needed.New in Flex 3--Interactively set and preview CSS values on any of your components in Flex Builder design view.Interactive data visualization (Enhanced in Flex Builder 3) (Professional edition only)Create data dashboards and interactive data analyses by simply dragging and dropping a chart type andlinking it to a data source using the Flex charting library. Use the powerful new Advanced Datagrid to enableusers to explore complex data.New in Flex 3--Use the powerful new Advanced Datagrid to enable users to explore complex data. Charts havealso been enhanced with new interaction support, a drawing API, and support for multiple axes.Skinning and styling (Enhanced in Flex Builder 3)Customize the appearance of an application using CSS and graphical property editors. Quickly set the mostcommonly used properties, and preview the results in design view.New in Flex Builder 3--Design View within Flex Builder has also been enhanced to support rendering of skinsand styles, allowing designers and developers to update properties and visualize how they affect each skinwithout needing to rebuild the application.Integration with Adobe Creative Suite 3 (New in Flex Builder 3)New Flex Skin Design Extensions for Adobe Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Fireworks make it fast and easy toimport ready-to-use creative assets directly into Flex Builder 3. Use the new Adobe Flex Component Kit forAdobe Flash CS3 Professional to create interactive, animated content in Flash that can then be exported as a
  4. 4. Flex component.Code refactoring (New in Flex Builder 3)The new Flex Builder 3 refactoring engine allows developers to quickly navigate through code or to quicklyrestructure code by renaming all references to a class, method, or variable.Native support for Adobe AIR (New in Flex Builder 3)Flex Builder 3 provides the fastest way to create applications for Adobe AIR, including all the tools required tobuild, debug, package, and sign AIR applications. The Adobe AIR runtime lets you quickly develop RIAs for thedesktop using the same skills and code-base you use to build RIAs for the browser.Powerful testing tools (New in Flex Builder 3) (Professional edition only)The Flex Builder 3 memory and performance profilers enable developers to improve application performance byproviding tools to monitor and analyze memory consumption and CPU cycles. Support for automated functionaltesting tools such as HP QuickTest Professional (formerly Mercury QuickTest Professional), is also now availablein Flex Builder 3 Professional.Advanced data services (New in Flex Builder 3)Invoke web services or request XML or other data via HTTP using a rich, built-in library of data access services.Use open source BlazeDS to easily connect applications to back-end services leveraging Flex Remoting andMessaging, providing, a binary, high-performance, HTTP-based data transport, plus real-time data push andpub/sub messaging.Flex 2 and 3 SDK support (New in Flex Builder 3)Flex Builder 3 can create applications based on either the Flex 2 SDK or the Flex 3 SDK, enabling developers toleverage many of the great new Flex Builder 3 capabilities while maintaining Flex 2 applications.Improved project workflows (New in Flex Builder 3)Use new Flex Builder 3 project wizards to support the most common back ends. New wizards make it fast andeasy to get started, whether youre using PHP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Java. Workflow for developers usingLiveCycle Data Services is improved as well. Lastly, improved project portability support enables developers toshare projects and application settings more easily.Web Service introspection (New in Flex Builder 3)Flex Builder 3 can now retrieve a WSDL and generate ActionScript proxies to make calls andserialize/deserialize strongly-typed objects. New code hinting is available for making Web service calls anddealing with responses.Read more