Adobe fireworks cs5 [old version]


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Adobe fireworks cs5 [old version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Adobe Fireworks CS5 [Old Version]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating5.0 out of 5Product FeatureDesign with vector and bitmap tools together toqachieve optimal imagery quickly.Create rich, interactive screen graphics with fewerqsteps.Quickly optimize designs for websites, rich mediaqapplications, and mobile devices.Work faster with significant performanceqenhancements, including greater control over pixelplacement of design elements,Import Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files whileqmaintaining color matching, element fidelity, andediting capability.Create and name slices efficiently, and thenqdeliver superior-quality graphics optimized for theweb and a wide range of devices.Export Fireworks designs into the Adobe Flashqsoftware family, or copy/paste into Dreamweaver.Read moreqProduct DescriptionAdobe Fireworks CS5 v.11.0 - Graphics/Designing - Complete Product - Standard - 1 User - Retail - PC ReadmoreProduct DescriptionCreate expressive screen graphics for virtually any device rapidly with Adobe Fireworks CS5 software. Designwebsites, user interfaces, or rich media applications using both vector and bitmap tools. Import assets fromAdobe Photoshop or Illustrator software and export to HTML and CSS, Adobe Flash Catalyst software, or theAdobe AIR runtime. Optimize final imagery with the industrys leading screen graphics software.
  2. 2. Adobe Fireworks CS5 provides a unique combination of bitmap- and vector-editing tools, a contextual userinterface that displays the controls you need based on your selection, and shares the familiar Adobe CreativeSuite interface, including tabbed panels and consistent keyboard shortcuts. Click to enlarge.Rapidly prototype and design for the webEasy-to-use design tools for screen-based designCreate and edit vector and bitmap images, or import and modify native Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files.Changes remain editable at any time, and final output is optimized for display resolutions.Sophisticated prototypingDesign interactive layouts for websites, mobile, and rich Internet applications (RIAs). Reduce development timeby exporting multipage, clickable website comps as standards-compliant, CSS-based layouts, and bring RIAprototypes into the Adobe AIR runtime without writing code.Improved performanceWork faster with significant performance enhancements, including greater control over pixel placement ofdesign elements, improved file opening and saving, updated symbol operation, and quicker bitmap and vectoroperations.Intelligent integrationImport Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files while maintaining color matching, element fidelity, and editingcapability. Export Fireworks designs into the Adobe Flash software family for advanced interactivity design.Copy and paste objects between Fireworks and Adobe Dreamweaver software.Enhanced optimization and scaling toolsOptimize graphics for a wide variety of screen types with preview, selective JPEG file compression, andcomprehensive export controls. Intelligently scale buttons and graphic symbols with 9-slice scaling toaccelerate website and application prototyping.Effortless client collaborationDemo with two-way video communication in real-time online meetings with the Adobe ConnectNow service.Generate clickable PDF files or interactive HTML comps for review. Create Adobe AIR prototypes to run on anyplatform.
  3. 3. Integration between Fireworks and Adobe Device Central makes it easy to set up a Fireworks project and previewit in Adobe Device Central. Click to enlarge.Elements from the Fireworks mock-up are preserved when the file is exported in FXG format and opened in FlashCatalyst.Fireworks can now open and create Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) files, which can also be used in Adobe InDesign,Photoshop, and Illustrator software.CSS and HTML file exportDesign complete web pages in a robust graphic environment and then export standards-compliant, CSS-basedlayouts--with external style sheets--in one step. Integrate foreground and background graphics with distinctslice types, and utilize repeating images.Customizable and reusable assetsJump-start your design process with the Common Library of graphic symbols, form elements, text symbols, andanimations. Design your own custom symbols and styles for continued rapid design and prototyping.Improved type handlingProduce exceptional type designs with the enhanced Adobe text engine. Copy and paste double-byte
  4. 4. characters from Illustrator and Photoshop software without loss of fidelity. Float text inside a path and more.Developer productivity toolsSave development time with quick asset creation and image optimization. Also rely on Fireworks for batchprocessing of graphical elements.Whats New in Fireworks CS5?Feature refinementsFireworks CS5 includes extensive productivity enhancements that let you create rich, multi-layered web images,comps, and interactive designs with fewer steps, while maintaining the quality, accuracy, and flexibility of yourdesigns. In addition, significant changes have been made in the user interface that enable you to access keyfeatures directly from the Properties panel.UI responsiveness and performanceFor this release, the Fireworks team searched for opportunities to improve the softwares performance andstability so you that can work smoothly and quickly, whatever the task at hand. Compared to Fireworks CS4,Fireworks CS5:Installs up to 17-40 percent fasterTakes up 7-10 percent less space on your hard diskLaunches 12-15 percent faster after you start your computer ("cold launch")Launches 11-49 percent faster after youve launched Fireworks and then quit ("warm launch")Reduces response time in user interface components such as panels and context-sensitive controls, so youcan work without interruptionAdobe Device Central integrationEasily experiment with designing for mobile devices. Integration between Fireworks and Adobe Device Centralmakes it easy to set up a Fireworks project and preview it in Adobe Device Central. In Fireworks, choose File >Device Central, select a target device, and click Create. Fireworks creates a new project with the correct pixeldimensions of the devices display. Use Fireworks to craft your mobile content, and then choose File > PreviewIn Device Central to emulate your content using the updated online library of device profiles.FXG ExportFireworks is optimized for designing screen graphics, making it ideal for creating assets for delivery via theFlash Platform. Fireworks CS5 supports the latest FXG format (2.0) so you can easily export individual objects ormultipage designs as editable FXG elements for use in Flash Catalyst and other software.Adobe Swatch ExchangeFireworks can now open and create Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) files, which can also be used in AdobeInDesign®, Photoshop, and Illustrator software. ASE files created with other Creative Suite applications can beeasily imported into the Swatches panel in Fireworks, allowing you to work with color schemes that may havebeen created in other projects. Additionally, you can create ASE files from Adobe Kuler themes and use them inyour design.Sharing ASE files allows you to maintain color consistency among design teams, including those using AdobeKuler, and across design projects.Fireworks templatesSave time by jump-starting your project with a variety of templates, including web and mobile designs,wireframes, grids, and document presets.Type enhancementsIn Fireworks CS4, integration of the Adobe text engine introduced exciting new capabilities for high-qualitytypographic design and efficient text handling. In Fireworks CS5, weve continued to harness the power of thetext engine to provide enhanced features for editing and formatting text. Together, these refinements make itmuch easier for you to efficiently achieve the typographic quality and effects you want. Now you can:Select text with similar attributes, such as bold and italic, inside a text block
  5. 5. Select non-contiguous text elements within a single text blockUndo/Redo text-editing changesTake advantage of greater fidelity when copying and pasting text, including double-byte text, from Illustratorinto FireworksSearch for a font by typing the first few characters of the name in the font list box (Windows only)Use keyboard shortcuts to adjust kerning and tracking characters up to 200 points in 10-point and 100-pointincrements, and enjoy accurate mapping of kerning and tracking values when opening Fireworks CS3 filesSee a text overflow indicator showing when text doesnt fit on or in a pathTriple-click a text block to select an entire paragraphUse line and paragraph breaks and specify the space after a paragraphPaste text copied from Microsoft Office applications as text rather than a bitmapCopy and paste more text into a text block at onceEmulating CSS text styling is significantly easier in Fireworks CS5. Thanks to improved selection features, youcan quickly style your text to resemble the styling of a specific CSS rule (color, line height, character spacing,weight, style, or size).Pixel-perfect precisionFireworks CS5 includes numerous features to enable you to precisely control the placement and appearance ofdesign elements. In addition to stroke alignment, type-handling enhancements, proportional scaling, and FXGexport, Fireworks CS5 allows you to create crisp graphics that align to the underlying pixel grid.The Compound Shape toolsCreating complex vector shapes is much faster and more flexible in Fireworks CS5, thanks to the CompoundShape tools in the Properties panel. The Compound Shape tools allow you to group vector shapes temporarilyas you draw them, so you can both move the objects as a group and edit individual objects one at a time. Youcan also achieve nondestructive effects such as punching, intersecting, or cropping overlapping vectors. Withthe Compound Shape tool, you can use simple shapes to build complex vectors faster and more flexibly.Extensibility enhancementsFireworks offers a high degree of built-in extensibility. Fine-tune workflows to your personal preferences or theneeds of specific projects using simple JavaScript commands for batch processing. Use the History panel tocapture a custom workflow sequence, add it to the Commands menu, and apply it to multiple images.To take advantage of the extensibility in Fireworks, third-party developers release numerous extensions. FromFlash panels to Auto Shapes (artwork with JavaScript logic attached) to workflow commands, extensions canstreamline your workflow in numerous ways. Many of these extensions are free and available at the AdobeExchange and Marketplace ( Read moreYou May Also LikeAdobe Fireworks CS5 Classroom in a BookOffice Mac 2011 Home and Business 2011 - 1PC/1UserAdobe Acrobat X Professional