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Provides a brief overview of UNIT4 and our key solutions, including Agresso Business World ERP and CODA Financials.

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Unit4 Overview Brochure

  2. 2. Over 5,200 customer UNIT4 core values organisations across 100 countries rely on UNIT4 business software to manage AGILE RESULT DRIVEN their dynamic business needs We design, build and We proactively deliver business implement dynamic solutions software simply, quickly and At UNIT4 Business Software we are proud to develop software that easily empower you to cost-effectively, creating value and services that help dynamic organisations to embrace change 4 ERP simply, quickly and cost-effectively. meet your changing today and into the future 6 Financials Whatever type of change your business faces, be it internal business needs 8 Project Costing and Billing change driven by strategy or external change in the market place our solutions are designed to support you as you adapt, 10 Reporting & Analysis providing the means to manage, control and analyse across the 12 Procurement entire organisation. 14 Human Capital Management From finance to procurement, HR to project accounting, group consolidation to personal expense management, and many more, 16 Group Consolidation our proven portfolio meets the requirements of different markets, 18 Education technologies and types of organisation across the world. CONNECTED TRANSPARENT 20 Environmental Performance With offices in 21 countries and sales and support in many more, Management We are committed to We give you ultimate insight you can be sure wherever you need to be, we are there for you. 21 Shared Services successfully connecting and control across your Anwen Robinson UK Managing Director 22 Services people, processes, systems organisation UNIT4 Business Software Ltd 23 Managed Service and organisations 24 Collaboration Software2 3
  3. 3. ERP Business Software Agresso Business World from UNIT4 is a fully integrated which allows for ongoing, post-implementation changes role-focused ERP system, ideal for service or people based without the typical external IT costs and services that can in action organisations that need financials and a broader range of cost firms huge sums of money each year. core functions in a single unified business system. Customer Case Study Uniquely, Agresso Business World integrates organisation- Derwent Shared Services For service intensive organisations, the Agresso Business wide data management and business process Derwent Shared Services is an NHS organisation which World ERP suite is widely acknowledged as the business management with reporting and analytic capabilities. has faced continual change since its creation in 2002. software solution that delivers the lowest Total Cost of The result is unparalleled agility and power to measure It is the flexibility of Agresso Business World that has Change. This is achieved thanks to its VITA™ architecture and understand the organisation. enabled the team at Derwent Shared Services to react rapidly to change and adapt the system to ongoing organisational change. “When we have gained new clients or needed to manage organisational change we have been able to adapt the system in-house. Features Benefits This has helped us to keep and expand our client base • Broad functional range in • Achieves a complete while also delivering added value.” a single unified business overview of processes and Assistant Director of Finance, Workforce and system. performance in a single Performance • Integrated organisation- system allowing faster and wide data management, more informed decision Customer Case Study Halcrow “Innovative analysis and reporting tools. • Automation of business making. • Increases efficiency and Halcrow, the UK-based infrastructure planning, design solutions you processes using powerful workflow. improves working practices across the organisation. and management specialist is a powerful illustration of the need for a people-centric, service organisation can count on” • Allows swift and effective to remain flexible to stay ahead. “In Agresso Business • Easy to change response when system World it is quick and easy to change attributes, pre-implementation and changes are required to relations and trees, write new reports, refine business post-implementation, even support organisational processes and introduce more efficient workflows to without IT support. change. reflect what you want from the system. It’s also easy to add new companies as we expand and to account • Lowers total cost of for joint ventures.” ownership and cost of Systems Accountant change.4 5
  4. 4. Financials Business Software CODA-Financials is a best-of-class financial management Unlike modular systems CODA-Financials holds the various application created from the ground up as a dedicated ledgers for your business within one combined database, in action financial software solution and designed to integrate streamlining processes whilst ensuring consistent, accurate easily with your other business systems without impacting and current data. Designed to support businesses regardless them. CODA-Financials’ LINK™ architecture sets it apart of the scale or complexity of requirements it delivers all the Customer Case Study from ordinary accounting systems by providing a financial multi-currency, multi-language, multi-country capabilities Barings Asset Management information backbone for companies with fast-changing that you need as well as the most flexible chart of accounts “CODA-Financials allows an unlimited number and mixed application environments. It is a global on the market. of companies and their data to be managed and accounting solution for mid-to large sized organisations, accounted for. Each of our companies has its own offering a ‘no compromise’ approach to financial modelling, Also a unified ledger system, CODA-Dream is ideal for reporting parameters, accounting period, language process control and application choice. growing organisations that have a simpler structure and and reporting currency but the information is still straightforward accounting needs, and that don’t need a contained in one database so we can account by multilingual user interface. individual company and the Group as a whole with no extra effort. The flexible element structure means we can easily slice and dice detailed information for high Features Benefits level analysis.” • Unified ledger. • Steamlines processes and Financial Controller • Flexible chart of accounts. ensures consistent accurate and current data. Customer Case Study • Easily customised user • Data can be structured Arlington Securities interfaces – screens and entry forms can mirror exactly as needed and is “CODA-Financials offers excellent integration facilities existing company systems immediately available at any and a wide choice of hardware platforms. This “The choice of and styles. • Range of deployment level for analysis. • Changes to the system can gives us great flexibility when choosing the other applications needed to support our business.” the professionals” options. • Designed to slot into be easily managed centrally. • Familiarity and ease of use Finance Manager existing business systems, for operators helps improve integrating with other efficiency. best-of-class applications. • ‘No compromise’ for finance executives on choice of application.6 7
  5. 5. Project Costing and Billing Business Software Project Costing and Billing is an integral part of the tools to streamline administrative tasks, while providing Agresso Business World solution. It provides far reaching managers with in-depth information for maximum visibility in action control over the people, processes and costs that go into a and control. successful project. The flexible structure can be adapted to address virtually Customer Case Study From project definition and cost-capture to invoicing and any project scenario, no matter how complex, how diverse Lloyds TSB Registrars performance monitoring, it uses powerful automation the resources required, or how long the project duration. “The use of the Agresso Project Costing and Billing module, in conjunction with our Agresso General Ledger has simplified our processes for the recording, monitoring and recovery of client expenses. This has delivered real business benefits by allowing us to focus staff time on the value adding task of recovering client expenses as quickly as possible.” Finance and Planning Director Customer Case Study Features Benefits Halcrow • Powerful workflow • Administrative tasks are “Halcrow project managers are largely self-sufficient, automation capabilities. streamlined, reducing able to drill down to the detail, make enquiries • Flexible structure. project overhead and and run their own reports, budgets, forecasts and improving efficiency. accounts all in their local currency. The data is then • Integration with • Adapts to address the most automatically converted so that all the accounts Procurement Management “Maximum visibility applications. complex project scenarios. • Provides greater project are consolidated in UK sterling. “If all the currency issues are transparent, project managers don’t • Seamless integration and control” need to spend time doing currency translations with popular Project related purchasing and concerning themselves with exchange rate Management tools. efficiencies and control. fluctuations, which can be vast over the lifetime of a • Self-service on-line access • Project Managers have major infrastructure project. The result is they’re more for Project Managers. maximum visibility and productive and more in control.” control of resources, Systems Accountant • Comprehensive reporting timescales and finances, tools. wherever they are based.8 9
  6. 6. Reporting & Analysis Business Software One of the biggest challenges faced by organisations is In addition to a full toolset of business software, UNIT4 how to turn the vast amounts of data captured across has a dedicated team of accredited Business Intelligence in action multiple business systems, databases, departments and Consultants, who can provide consultancy support to:- projects into usable information to measure progress • Assist the board with mapping strategies to Performance UNIT4 Business Partner against objectives and inform decision making. Management reporting With a full range of tools designed to work across all UNIT4 • Define business information requirements applications and beyond, from at-a-glance dashboards to Cognos has an active history over a number of • Design architectures and platforms for delivery powerful analysis tools, relevant and accurate information years of working with UNIT4 (and formerly CODA), • Build business intelligence and planning solutions providing business intelligence and reporting tools, can be efficiently placed at the fingertips of users at all levels across the business. • Provide complete and flexible support solutions after and the core technology behind some of UNIT4’s going live analytic applications. Cognos is the world leader in business intelligence products, and many of UNIT4’s customers have benefited from the close integration that exists between UNIT4 and Cognos products. Features Benefits UNIT4 Business Partner Nathean Technologies • Highly visible and • Trends and direction relevant personalised dashboards to an individual’s decision- After many years of working with UNIT4 customers delivered to individual making are made easy to across multiple industries, Nathean Technologies have desktops. see and act on quickly. specifically developed next generation self service • Flexible yet straightforward • Data manipulation allows “Business intelligence and analysis tools, accessible to business users not just IT. user insight, compared to inflexible static reports. analysis and reporting packs for Agresso Business World, CODA Financials, CODA Dream and Agresso planning solutions” QL. The strategic partnership between UNIT4 and • Brings together data • Gives users controlled access Nathean allows all of the above to be provided and from multiple different to information without supported by UNIT4 under the ‘Logix4’ brand. sources across the business them needing to be users into one place. of all source systems. • Expert consultancy from • Consultants understand and business professionals. meet business needs, rather than just delivering an IT solution.10 11
  7. 7. Procurement Business Software There is more to procurement than just the buying of Our Procure 360° approach will help you to make the goods and services. When recognised and supported as Procurement function a real, sustainable, recognisable in action a strategic function, procurement can not only improve asset to your organisation, enabling you to:- profit margin but also support business change and provide • Understand the true performance and costs of your Customer Case Study a powerful competitive edge. operation Seafield Logistics UNIT4’s portfolio of ERP-based and best-of-class • Achieve better management, compliance and Seafield Logistics provides warehousing and procurement software is complemented by a wealth of cost-control distribution services throughout the UK. The company’s expertise in the field of procurement to offer a completely procurement processes have been overhauled. “We have • Deliver visibility and meaningful measurements of new service concept for our clients: Procure 360° – a control of suppliers which has prompted a whole new improvements and savings complete diagnostic review and range of work programmes. supplier management programme. We’ve noticed that the software is helping inject discipline into the business around the correct purchase order procedure. We can also measure supplier performance against order fulfilment and invoice accuracy. We are making quicker, Features Benefits more informed decisions based on accurate information • Procurement dashboard to • Enables faster decision which we can access in a matter of seconds.” monitor suppliers, contracts making and more effective Managing Director and spending for at-a-glance management of trading reports and analysis. relationships. Customer Case Study • Analysis of current buying • Provides visibility to drive Reigate and Banstead Borough Council activity by category and down costs and increase “As well as putting in a financial system, we wanted “Accurate supplier. • Definition of agreed supplier competition. • Offers visibility to remove it very much integrated with a Purchase to Pay (P2P) system. We needed full functionality, right across information criteria and performance measurements. non-performing and non-compliant suppliers. the board and decided to take the opportunity to re-engineer our P2P process. We looked at the whole in seconds” process, end-to-end, and centralised a lot of it – • Supports implementation of • Cuts out maverick spending delivering £150,000 worth of savings.” processes and policies. and help gain control of Financial Information Manager • Expert consultancy from costs. procurement professionals. • Realistic methodologies to achieve best practice.12 13
  8. 8. Human Capital Management Handling change is about more than just analysing trends employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement, no or keeping the numbers straight. It affects people, and matter what changes occur along the way. how they deliver your organisation’s strategies and goals. Human Resources - Our single, definitive HR control and Whether the changes you face are large or small, internal information centre keeps personnel data organised and or external, about capitalising on growth opportunities or Features Benefits surviving through tough times, better people management under control – no matter where it comes from or how intricate and fast-changing it is. • Provides a single, definitive • Reduces administrative Business systems will be crucial. Payroll - Our dedicated payroll support solution provides control and information costs. Software UNIT4 offers a complete range of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions covering all aspects of HR, full support for payments for all employee types, fulfilling all centre to help get the best from a workforce. • Improves business performance, motivation in action legal, regulatory and taxation requirements. It covers the payroll, recruitment and salary review. Whether you are definition of employee payments and deductions, pay rates • Standardises and streamlines and control. looking for specific stand-alone systems or a total people and allowances, as well as the calculation of gross and net business processes. • Enables an organisation Customer Case Study management software suite, our products deliver the pay, and statutory reporting. • Monitors trends, such as to operate safely and Bangor University operational agility to better manage every stage in the absenteeism. effectively with the right Bangor University is based in North West Wales • Tracks employee training skills available at all times. and has around 2000 staff and 500 casual workers. and skills. • Empowers managers and The key benefits delivered from the fully integrated • Self service for managers employees. HR/Payroll and Finance is that all University data is and employees. • Enables you to effectively centralised, so they no longer have to use multiple manage the employee systems to generate sets of data. As a result reporting • System-wide administration lifecycle. has become a lot simpler across that data. “We’ve and security to protect been able to remove the dependency on most of our employee information. • Helps your teams to fulfil disparate Access databases and spreadsheets so that • IT departments can their current and future everything is held within Agresso and can be reported establish audit trails and roles – efficiently and from the single system. We have saved a lot of time in implement internal control effectively. producing cross dataset reports and have more faith policies as required. • Easily adapts with you to in the accuracy of the information we are reporting.” new structures, activities HR Systems Development Officer “Improve performance, and objectives. • Enables you to manage, motivation and control” support and keep developing the people that deliver your14 success. 15
  9. 9. Group Consolidation Business Software UNIT4’s consolidation tool, OCRA, offers a powerful Multiple levels of consolidation and sub-consolidation yet straightforward solution for multi-company and can be catered for, and are fully integrated and kept in action international organisations to deliver group reporting ‘in sync’. Changes roll-up into the higher levels and are and accounting more easily and consistently. available for drill-down analysis from above. Customer Case Study It automates the process of reconciling and combining OCRA Netting can be used as stand-alone solution or as Intrum Justitia the accounts from across a group of companies, and an integrated part of the OCRA suite. Europe’s leading credit management services company their various disparate ERP, finance and other business has operations in 22 countries and consequently has a systems, into a single ‘consolidated’ group for statutory high volume of inter-company payments every month. and management reporting. It has used OCRA’s Netting module to drive significant benefits across the company, including: • freeing up working capital and cutting bank charges by cutting the number of intercompany payments by around 94%; Features Benefits • cutting the number of head office staff required • Quick to implement. • Rapid return on investment. by automating much of the inter-company • Stand-alone or easy • Improved accuracy and payments process integration with any finance efficiency – eliminates or ERP system. manual calculations and Customer Case Study • Multi-dimensional Microsoft spreadsheets. Stafford Group Excel based reporting tools. • Easy drill-down analysis Stafford Group’s accounting structure was becoming providing clear visibility. increasingly complex and meant that it was reliant on • Integrated netting tool. an expansive model of spreadsheets for consolidation • Multiple levels of • Enables reporting to “A powerful management and statutory reporting. Stafford consolidation. meet both statutory and Group purchased OCRA. “We were up and running operational requirements. in just one month. The software is incredibly easy • Commentary and audit trail consolidation for adjustments. • Reduces intercompany transaction and foreign to implement and so we started reporting from the system almost immediately. We have reduced the solution” • Meets reporting requirements exchange related costs. number of spreadsheets in circulation considerably of local legislation and and reduced month end from three days to just one, multiple GAAPS. • Allows easy management so we can say hand on heart that this software is of re-organisations and • Flexibility to handle complex great value for money.” re-forecasts. structures. Group Financial Controller16 17
  10. 10. Education Business Software UNIT4 Business Software has been creating partnerships With the additional Research Awards and Curriculum with the UK Post 16 Education sector for over 20 years, Management modules Agresso Campus uniquely offers in action during which time we have developed a comprehensive a complete solution involving both in-house solutions solution for the sector. and best-of-breed applications from partner suppliers to the sector. By offering an integrated solution that can be The UNIT4 solution – Agresso Campus - provides solutions implemented with a modular approach, institutions can for the major administrative functions of Finance, HR, Customer Case Study strategically invest in key areas in order to deliver functional Student Management, Estates, Student and Business De Montfort University and efficiency benefits at the earliest opportunities. Engagement (CRM) and Environmental Management. Features Benefits “Making sure our technological capabilities are strong • Modular approach allows • Allows institutions to choose ensures we keep ahead of the competition. In selecting flexibility. key areas for investment for Agresso solutions we have been able to ensure our maximum benefit/return and students experience the very best in terms of the • High level of integration build them over time. quality and availability of the information and services reduces administration we can offer. Agresso is also known for its ability to and improves efficiency • Saves time and money, change as the environment dictates. We certainly and accuracy. improves user and student benefited from this flexibility.” • Deployment via internet or experience leading to Head of Business Systems Group intranet of key parts increased competitive advantage. of system. Customer Case Study • ‘Platform’ approach • Provides relevant access Sussex Downs College “Integrated extends to include third party partner applications for all stakeholders (SMT, department heads, tutors, “A fantastic solution, which is intuitive and powerful, delivering first class financial information to the efficient for a complete solution. students) for streamlined college as a whole, as and when we need it. And of processes and improved • Developed specifically for course we have saved money and time, improving the solutions” visibility. the Education Sector. efficiency of the department and our ability to provide • Reduces administration costs a first class service to the College and our students.” and number of suppliers with Finance Manager the option of placing prime responsibility with UNIT4. • An expert approach with no compromise and with functionality as standard.18 19
  11. 11. Environmental Performance Shared Services Business Management The environment for both public and commercial organisations is characterised by globalisation, mergers, acquisitions and consolidation Software in action requiring the standardisation of operations to stay competitive and Sustain4 from UNIT4 is the fastest, most When we say fast, we mean fast. You can get started efficient. An effective way of keeping costs down and improving reliable system for understanding and immediately – a Skyline report that models your environmental efficiency is by moving certain functions to one central location. Customer Case Study improving your organisation’s environmental performance impacts takes just 15 minutes. Without Sustain4, that could Avis Europe and business sustainability. take you literally months, or even years, of monitoring and Centralisation is only half the story. An increasingly popular and Avis Europe purchased CODA Financials in 2007 measurement to achieve. It can even benchmark you against effective way to meet this challenge and achieve sustainable benefits is It is the only Environmental Performance Management and today it is the core financial accounting other organisations in your sector. You can then go further, for companies to set up a shared services centre. solution that takes standard business data and shows how solution used in its Shared Services Centre in step by step refining the measurement and understanding of your organisation impacts the environment. It allows you Budapest to serve operations across Europe. your direct impacts, and those of your suppliers. UNIT4’s solutions have a 30-year history of helping medium and large to make business decisions on where to focus for maximum “CODA’s flexible approach, its rich functionality organisations around the world to improve their financial processes, improvement and helps you engage with and manage your and ease of use combined with its ability to handle automate operations and deliver greater value. suppliers as part of that process. the different currency and legal requirements of our European operations, helped in successfully delivering this project.” Avis Europe Features Benefits • Sign up and get started immediately as it is based on • Improves competitive position by benchmarking against Customer Case Study existing business data. other companies in your sector. Berkshire Shared Services Berkshire Shared Services (BSS) was established • The fast results mean you can manage and then improve • No need for months of monitoring and measuring before in 2001 and provides a wide range of non-clinical your environmental impact. seeing a result. support services to the NHS and other public sector • Benchmark against other organisations in your sector. • Cutting environmental impact can improve process cost bodies in Southern England. The advanced web • Investigate your supply chain, a major source of efficiencies, and allows targets for tax and compliance to functionality of Agresso 5.5 is helping the shared be met. environmental impact, and identify and manage the suppliers who contribute most to your environmental footprint. “Delivering services organisation deliver significant productivity • Allows you to stay ahead of regulation and enhance your and efficiency improvements, while removing paper- • Embed sustainability considerations into your procurement reputation. productivity based processes. “We have been able to deliver cash decisions and achieve higher standards. • Increases appeal to customers, prospects, investors and staff. and efficiency” savings of £3million to our clients. We have also • Data can be accessed through a powerful on-demand • Allows you to gain greater understanding and control of exceeded client expectations for service delivery.” environmental dashboard. external influences on your own environmental impact. Director of Finance, BSS • Incorporates the world’s most comprehensive • Delivers fast results and lets business executives monitor 20 environmental impacts database. ongoing progress through dashboards.20 21
  12. 12. Services Managed Service Consulting Encompassing implementation services, business consultancy, technical services and disaster recovery, The whole range of UNIT4 solutions are underpinned by a our experts help you build high-quality business There are many reasons why organisations choose to This ensures that the customer retains full control over wealth of consultancy, training and support expertise. Our administration, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and outsource either all, or part, of their business systems their business information application, both hardware specialists work in partnership with your teams before and after financial and analysis systems to meet your business application infrastructure. and software. implementation, applying a best practice approach – backed challenges and help you to seize opportunities. The most basic reason is that it is the corporate strategy This approach has proven to be both successful and cost with domain and sector experience – to help you succeed. of an organisation to divest itself of all non-core business effective for our customers. There are a number of reasons Support activities - the provision of Information Technology why this approach to supporting UNIT4 applications Our Support team helps you achieve the levels of Services being just one. should be considered. For some customers it is difficult systems continuity and availability that your business to train and retain skilled technical staff, such as in Our Managed Service teams have provided our customers organisations where there is a high level of staff turnover. requires. We pride ourselves on delivering friendly, with a comprehensive technical support service for many For other customers, they may just want to utilise the professional, effective assistance via our UK-based years. In line with this, the UNIT4 Managed Service allows staff they have on other business critical applications in support centre to achieve this. customers to deploy UNIT4 application software on their the corporate enterprise. own hardware, typically at their head office location, Training without the need to rely on specialist technical skills Our professional trainers, supported by consultants, necessary to support the underlying server infrastructure. provide a variety of ways to help your organisation reap maximum benefit from your solution, enabling you to achieve: detailed understanding of the system’s potential, faster more efficient implementations and upgrades and ongoing optimum return on your software investment. Custom Software Our Custom Software team provide the facility to “Supporting your have your CODA Financials, Agresso Business World or Dream solution specifically designed, or extended, “A best practice to meet the individual requirements of your business. We work with you to design, implement and maintain business systems” approach” systems that integrate seamlessly with UNIT4 software and extend its control and functionality even further across your organisation.22 23