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1.5 Animal Needs
1.5 Animal Needs
1.5 Animal Needs
1.5 Animal Needs
1.5 Animal Needs
1.5 Animal Needs
1.5 Animal Needs
1.5 Animal Needs
1.5 Animal Needs
1.5 Animal Needs
1.5 Animal Needs
1.5 Animal Needs
1.5 Animal Needs
1.5 Animal Needs
1.5 Animal Needs
1.5 Animal Needs
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1.5 Animal Needs


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. A study of Science SOL 1.5a: the life needs of animals Lillian Dix Animals of theWorld
  • 2. Animals have needs:
    • Air
    • Water
    • Food
    • Shelter
  • 3. Air
  • 4. Air
    • All animals need air to breathe.
    • Some animals have lungs.
    • Some animals have gills.
  • 5. Water
  • 6. Food
    • Some animals are carnivores .
    • Some animals are herbivores .
    • Some animals are omnivores .
  • 7. Carnivores
    • Carnivores are animals who eat only meat. These flesh eating animals some times do not need to eat for 2 or three days after a meal. Examples of carnivores include Lions and Tigers, these animals are known as predators. That means they hunt other animals and kill them for food.
  • 8. Herbivores
    • Herbivores are animals who are vegetarians, they eat only plants. Vegetarians often have to eat vast amounts of plants to get enough nutrition, because plants are easily digestible. Examples of vegetarian animals are elephants, giraffes, cows, rabbits, and sheep. These animals spend most of their days grazing and eating.
  • 9. Omnivores
    • Omnivores are animals who have a mixed diet, and eat both meat and plants. An obvious example is a human being-us!
  • 10. Shelter
  • 11. Land Animals
    • Some animals live on land:
      • In trees
      • In caves
      • In houses
      • In logs
      • In the ground
      • In hives
      • In forests
  • 12. Water Animals
    • Some animals live in the water:
      • In oceans
      • In ponds
      • In streams
      • In rivers
      • In lakes
  • 13. Writing Activity Choose one of the following writing prompts and complete the assignment. Illustrate when you have finished writing.
  • 14. Writing Prompt #1
    • Meat eaters...
    • Lions are some serious meat eaters.  Can you think of some other animals that eat meat?  Where do they live?
  • 15. Writing Prompt #2
    • Winging It
    • Dragonflies live in ponds, pools, troughs, tanks, barrels, and just about any place that has at least six inches of water and a few plants. Write about a place near your home where a dragonfly could live. Or describe a place you might create for dragonflies to make their home.
  • 16. Sites used for graphics
    • (water animals)
    • www.curriculum.calstatela. edu (fish and crocodiles)
    • (animal houses)
    • (carnivores, herbivores, omnivores)