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Search engine optimization blug presentation
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Search engine optimization blug presentation


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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • Welcome at the Lialis Search Engine Optimization presentation. It is an open session so feel free to ask questions. Are there visitors who are not familiar with the term SEO? …. Please be seated because with SEO you will earn money!
  • Since we started with SEO we earned 100.000 euro just with visitors who found on us the internet as result of good optimization of
  • Simply said SEO is the process of improving the visibility of your website for both Search Engines and human visitors and persuading them to purchase. It is a continuous process, if you stop visits will drop You need to change your web pages to improve search engine visibility and get higher rankings Your pages need to be attractive for human visitors and persuade them to buy your product/service SEO is no science. There are many rules, guidelines and options. It is impossible to perform them all, so find your own way
  • This is what it is all about, google. If you type a search phrase in Google, the top and right sections are sponsored results, in blue. These are websites where companies pay to be shown. This does not mean the websites and products are really good. In addition, 85% of search engine users don't click on paid links. In red rectangle organic results show up, this is SEO; websites that are valuable according to Google as result of good optimization.
  • What we did is. We searched the Internet for optimization tips. We purchased a Website Content Management system. We followed the above roadmap to fill our new web pages with content and optimize them for search engines
  • Let starts with the beginning of the roadmap – the keywords You start with a product or service you want to sell. Each product should have its own web page with its own keywords. Keywords are the cornerstones for SEO. Without them you won’t be able to do SEO.
  • Now we start with determining a keyword long list. Think as a customer Check your competitors Use software
  • If you were a customers, what would you search for? There are many words people can use to find something, for example domino or Notes, archive, or arching, email, or mail or e-mail, and so on. You have to write down all these options And you can use google to help you find more keywords possibilities. When you do this properly you will have hundreds of keywords
  • To make the list even longer you can use SEO tools, they will help you with finding even more keyword options. As an example, in the first picture webceo finds more keywords based on the string lotus domino archive solution
  • The list of keywords is now very long. I wont name them all, but you can see there are many ways to look for this solution.
  • You can’t use all the keywords, this means shortening the keyword list. We are going to do this now by using the keyword effectiveness index (it’s a difficult term, I will use kei now)
  • KEI tells you how valuable a keyword is. The KEI is calculated from on the amount of google searches for this keyword and the amount of websites using this keyword. So the best keyword is a keyword that is often searched for with few websites using that keyword For this job we use software like for example Rank Tranker…
  • Keywords with a poor KEI are eliminated from the list. The list gets shorter, this is good.
  • You need to know how you competitors optimize their websites. Maybe they do it very well for a certain keyword. If they have a higher PageRank than you, they will be presented before you. If there are multiple good competitors, it can be wiser not to use this keyword. If they do a bad optimization job, it is easy for you to do it better.
  • Its possible that the competing web page source code displays the keywords used. As an example Sherpa uses the keyword email archiving, email archiving software, archiving system and email archiving services. You have to make an decision what to do next. Remember, we have a list of keywords shortened by KEI in the previous step. Are the sherpa keywords on your keywords list? If yes what will you do? A. Keep the sherpa keywords on your keyword list and you will have to do more work beating them. B. Do not use the sherpa keyword, you don’t have to beat sherpa, but will people find you Goolge will calculate which site will show up above the other. This calculation is based on my items, for example -how well is my site optimized -how may times do I change content -how many links are there linked to my site, this is part of your PageRank -how fast is my site and so on Bottom line I have to spend more effort thus money then sherpa if I want to beat. Do I have more money then sherpa?
  • So the list is getting shorter
  • From the keywords that are left, choose one main keyword and 2 – 4 sub keywords. If you use too many keywords, this can be seen as spam and you page is not optimized for any keyword.
  • These are the keywords we are going to use for optimization.
  • In this sheet I show how we use the main and sub keywords.
  • Pictures on your website have alt values, here you have to use the keywords as well.
  • Use the keywords in the PDF files.
  • Your website content management system must supply fields for back SEO optimization.
  • If your CMS system does not follow the SEO rules then its hard to get good rankings.
  • Also a clear navigation will help Search Engines to find deeper pages than your homepage.
  • After the Search Engine presented the search results for the users search phrase, it does nothing for your web page. It is up to the content on the page to persuade the visitor to stay on your site and take action. So supply your visitors with; Informative content that is unique and up to date, otherwise they will click away Make sure the content is easy to read Make sure the visitors can easily navigate through your website Make sure the layout of your web pages is the same on every page
  • Supply different contact options and at least one contact option per page Supply download option for software and or manuals Add Youtube movie(s) Don’t make your text too long, visitors don’t like to scroll a lot. Supply extra information in pdf’s Possibility to share the information with others through social media
  • Website Submission: Search Engines determine how soon they present your web page or changes, but it is possible to accelerate the process. Submit your website for indexation in Google Submit your website for re-indexation in Google Webmasters if the page is changed significantly Add Search Engines verification codes to your html code
  • Linking: Find out which pages link to your pages. Each of your pages has their own PageRank. The PageRank has influence to the search engine ranking and is determined by the amount of links, and their value, to your web pages. S o overview is important. Use WebCEO…
  • Or use Google Webmasters
  • Link with you resellers, customers, contacts, etc.
  • Don’t place your URL everywhere where possible, this can harm your rankings. Only use sites with that are ranked by Google and does not have thousands of links to other websites as well. For example
  • Participate in LinkedIn groups or start your own topic.
  • Give reactions on forums, but make sure it is applicable to the topic, otherwise it will be seen as spam
  • Supply software downloads on associated community pages
  • Guidelines for using social media: There are plenty options, use them on a regular base and be unique. Make sure a person is responsible for supplying information about your company, products, results, via social media. Your company should have a Twitter account
  • Write blog articles. Make sure you never use the same content on your web pages as on your blog, this will be seen as duplicate content, this can harm your ranking.
  • Create a Facebook page Create LinkedIn group for your products and add information about new releases, etc.
  • Your company and your employees should have a LinkedIn page. Add your products to the LinkedIn company page.
  • Use video websites to present your product video’s
  • Integrate social media to your web pages, like Twitter and links to your blog articles. For Twitter there is a twitter widget available.
  • Make sure there are several social media options available for your visitors, so they can share or recommend your content. Also add a link to your LinkedIn product group so visitors can become members.
  • If you optimize your web pages correctly, there is no need to use paid advertising programs Pay-Per Click give you fast results, but you need to keep paying. SEO give you results on the long term and the costs are low compared to the financial results.
  • We measure the search engine ranking for each keyword on a weekly base. You have to make sure your keywords are presented with the first 30 results. It is statistically proven visitors only look on the first 3 pages. By measuring, you can see if changes to website have a positive or negative effect on your ranking. The xls shows the rankings of the keywords per week. For ‘domino archiving’ we are not presented within the first 100 search engine results, but for ‘lotus domino archive solution’ we are number 1 and also our other keywords rank well. If we want to rank better for ‘domino archiving’ we should optimize the web page more for this keyword.
  • There is difference between bots that visit your site shortly and human visitors. So not only the amount of visitors is important but also the time they stayed at your web pages, through what page they visit your site and from what page they leave your site. Ter info: 0 was when we started with the new website and Google Analytics did not work.
  • Most important, keep track of the conversion rate; we measure how often a product is downloaded and how much we sell as a result of SEO.
  • SEO does not have to be expensive. The costs can be divided in: People costs: you need to investigate in acquiring knowledge and while it is continuous process it takes time and time is money Tool costs: there are plenty free tools available, so don’t spent too much on SEO tools Advertising costs: if you do start with a pay-per-click advertising campaign, make sure you know how it works to prevent yourself from high costs
  • The possibilities for SEO are endless, the only thing you know for sure is that if you do nothing, your competitors will outshine you. It is an continuous process, your SEO results will decrease if you lay back. Measure to know, otherwise you don’t know if you effort has positive results. In the end conversion is most important. You can get thousands of visitors, but if only a few purchase your product, you are doing it wrong.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Search Engine Optimization
    • 2. Show me the money. Search Engine Optimization
    • 3. Search Engine Optimization
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :
      • Continuous process
      • Improve your web pages
      • Be attractive for human visitors
      • No science
    • 4. Scope Search Engine Optimization
    • 5. Roadmap Search Engine Optimization
    • 6. Keyword strategy Search Engine Optimization
    • 7. Search Engine Optimization Determine Keyword long list
    • 8. Search Engine Optimization Use Google and SEO tools to find keyword options
    • 9. SEO tools:
    • 10. Search Engine Optimization Keyword long list
    • 11. Search Engine Optimization Check the strength of each keyword
    • 12. Search Engine Optimization Determine the Keyword Effectiveness Index.
    • 13. Shortened keyword long list Search Engine Optimization
    • 14. Check how your competitors optimize Search Engine Optimization
    • 15. Search Engine Optimization
    • 16. Shortened keyword long list
    • 17. Search Engine Optimization
      • Determine Keyword short list
      • Guideline:
      • 1 main keyword
      • 2 – 4 sub keywords
    • 18. Search Engine Optimization Keyword short list
    • 19. Search Engine Optimization Optimize for Search Engines.
    • 20. Search Engine Optimization Use your keywords in the picture Alt text.
    • 21. Search Engine Optimization Use your keywords inside the documents on your page.
    • 22. Search Engine Optimization Back end:
    • 23. Search Engine Optimization Search engines expect the most important Meta tags to come first.
    • 24. Search Engine Optimization Search engines expect clear navigation.
    • 25. Search Engine Optimization
      • Optimize for human visitors
      • Guidelines:
      • Informative content, unique and up-to-date
      • Readability
      • Clear navigation
      • Consistency in layout
    • 26. Search Engine Optimization Supply several ways to your products:
    • 27. Search Engine Optimization
      • Give your visitors action possibilities:
      • Contact
      • Download
      • Buy product
      Search Engine Optimization
    • 28. Website submission Search Engine Optimization
    • 29. Which pages link to your pages? Search Engine Optimization
    • 30. Search Engine Optimization
    • 31. Search Engine Optimization Find valuable link partners Both parties agree in linking
    • 32. Search Engine Optimization Participate on the Internet Possibility to supply a link to your website and attract visitors
    • 33.  
    • 34. Search Engine Optimization
    • 35. Search Engine Optimization
    • 36. Use social media Search Engine Optimization
    • 37. Search Engine Optimization
    • 38. Search Engine Optimization
    • 39.  
    • 40. Search Engine Optimization
    • 41. Search Engine Optimization Integrate social media in your web pages
    • 42. Search Engine Optimization
    • 43.
      • Advertising
      • No need
      • Pay per Click
      • SEO long term
      • SEO high ROI
      Search Engine Optimization
    • 44. Measure = knowing Search Engine Optimization
    • 45. Check your visitors Measure with Google Analytics, amount of visitors, the page they enter, the page they leave, etc. Search Engine Optimization
    • 46. Search Engine Optimization
      • Check Conversion
      • More downloads
      • More sells
    • 47. Search Engine Optimization
      • SEO costs
      • People: knowledge + time
      • Tools
      • Advertising
      • It is worth the investment!
    • 48.
      • Keep in Mind
      • Endless possibilities
      • Continuous process
      • Measure to know
      • Conversion
      Search Engine Optimization
    • 49.
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