Packing gluten free & allergy free snacks


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Discover snack ideas for local and global travel, excerpted from Kim Koeller's multi-award winning Let's Eat Out with Celiac & Food Allergies series from GlutenFree Passport

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Packing gluten free & allergy free snacks

  1. 1. Gluten and Allergen-Free Snack Ideas Shopping ChecklistsThere are a wide variety of foods you can pack while traveling by car, train, boat or plane. Thesesnack ideas have been developed based upon years of personal global travel experiences, exten-sive research, focus group feedback and product ingredient analysis. Remember to read eachproduct label, review ingredients and use your best judgment to determine which snacks are safe.Also, bring enough food to get you to Fresh/Dried Breads and Nuts and Trail Chips and Crispsyour destination and for your excur- Fruits Cracker Mixes caramel cornsions throughout your trip. For exam- apples baguettes almonds corn chipsple, if you’re flying eight hours, pack apricots breads brazil nuts cheese snackstwo to three meals worth of snacks in bananas breadsticks cashews popcorncase of delays and/or mistakes. cherries corn cakes flax seed potato chips/ The following snacks reflect prod- clementines crispbreads filberts/hazel- crispsucts that can be readily eaten any- cranberries crackers nuts pretzelswhere without a microwave, oven, currants rice cakes hemp nuts rice chipsstove, toaster or refrigerator. Some dates savory biscuits macadamia nuts soy crispson-the-road snacks that you may figs toast nut butter tortilla chipswant to consider are grouped into ginger peanuts veggie chipsthree basic categories, No prepara- grapes Cakes, Cookies peanut buttertion, Hot water preparation, Cooler mango and Biscuits pecans Prepared/required. nectarines biscotti pinenuts Prepackaged oranges brownies pistachios Light MealsNo Preparation: papaya cake bars soynuts falafelSample Shopping Checklist peaches cookies walnuts hard-boiled eggsThese snack suggestions can be car- pears digestives sandwichesried with you in your backpack, purse pineapples macaroons Candy andor briefcase or can be kept in your plantains magdalenas Confectionery Packaged office, school plums muffins bars Dressings/ locker, automo- raisins sweet biscuits chewing gums Sauces bile, etc. Be sure strawberries wafers chocolates mayonnaise to read product tangerines cremes olive oil labels and review Canned/ diabetic candies salad dressingcountry-specific regulations. Cereals Packaged Meats drops salsaFresh Vegetables Canned/ amaranth & Fish fudges soy saucebeets Packaged Fruits buckwheat flakes anchovies fruit snacksbroccoli apple sauce corn flakes jerky (beef, tofu) gummi candies Granola/Energycarrots fruit cocktail corn puffs canned chicken hard candies Barscauliflower mandarin or- granola pepperoni jellies fruit and nutcelery anges millet salmon lollipops/lollies barscherry tomatoes peaches muesli sardines marshmallows fruit filled barscucumbers pears quinoa sausage mints granolaedamame rice bran/crisps spreadables pastilles protein barsgreen beans Seed Snacks rice flakes/puffs tuna soothers rice barslettuce pumpkin seeds soy flakes turkey tablets sesame seedpeppers sesame seeds teff white fish toffee barsRadish sunflower seeds vegan
  2. 2. Gluten and Allergen-Free Snack Ideas Shopping Checklists Fresh Vegetables Deli/Packaged and Salads Meats cucumbers chicken hearts of palm corned beef lettuce ham peppers liverwurst tomatoes pancetta pepperoniHot Water Preparation: Dairy/Non-Dairy prosciuttoSample Shopping Checklist Alternatives roast beefThese on the road snack suggestions cheese salamican also be carried with you when you cheese spreads summer sausageare hungry. You just need to ask for cottage cheese turkeyhot water in a container wherever you cream cheesemay be. Hot water is available in many string cheese Dips and yogurts Spreads Visit www.GlutenFreePassport.comlocations including: convenience baba gannouj or for:stores, restaurants, coffee shops, Fresh Fruits bean dip • Snacks by manufacturerbars, petrol stations, airplanes, air- blueberries chutney • Tips and ideas on preparing yourports, etc. Be sure to read product blackberries guacamole own snacks prior to leaving yourlabels and review country-specific cantaloupe hummus homeregulations. grapefruit jam • Airline mealsHot Cereals Instant Soups honey dew pâtés • Hotel tipsbuckwheat and Meals melon preserves • Free chef dining cardscorn cereal beans mango tapenade • Global resourcescorn grits/meal beef and veg- papaya tzatziki • Food labelingoatmeal etable raspberries • Listings of stores by country thatporridge flakes broccoli strawberries Desserts carry gluten and allergen-freerice cereal chicken flan productsrice porridge chili jello • Dining tip videosquinoa miso mousse • Restaurants and bakeries across mushroom pudding the globeNoodle Dishes onioninstant rice split pea noodles potato rice vegetableCooler Required:Sample Shopping ChecklistThese on the road snack suggestionsthat require cooling may be refrigerat-ed in a small portable cooler, insulatedmug or small refrigerator in your hotel Excerpted from the award-winning Let’s Eat Out! series of books, eBooks and mobile appsroom or office. Be sure to read prod- created by Kim Koeller and Robert La France and published by R & R Publishing, LLC.uct labels and review country-specific ©AllergyFree Passport ®, LLC