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Want to up your listing game? It all starts with proven systems and a plan yuo can replicate time and again. Don't reinvent the wheel. You will find a listing plan that will result in winning more listings than you ever have.

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  • This is a group project. Discuss with your neighbors. Person with the shortest hair share one.
  • If you were to imagine a place where you look forward to the service and know you will enjoy the experience where would that be. Form groups of 5 and share why you gave the answer you did.
  • Get with your neighbors and discuss What tools or skill from what we just looked over do you feel you would most like to walk away having learned today?
  • Schedule drop off and 1st appointmentBefore the AppointmentEmail to confirm appointment and goalsPrepare pre-listing presentation and arrange to preview the home and deliver the presentation
  • I’m not hating on you 1 steppers
  • He who asks the questions controls/guides the conversation?
  • Power Listing for Realtors Coldwell Banker Version

    1. 1. Stand out amongstyour competition! Rapport Building Plan Proven Marketing Strategy Maximum Value with Strategic Market Positioning Winning Team Strategy with all your CUSTOMERS Skilled Negotiator Expert Facilitator
    2. 2. We need to excel above what an average agent woulddoWe need to excel at what is expectedThen we need to do the unexpected Go the extra mile it’s not very crowded up there……
    3. 3. • Capture & Convert with Success• Stand out from the Competition• Have a strong commitment to the appointments and more face time than the competition• Set Winning Expectations• Incorporating soft closes- Build Commitment into your process while addressing objections before they happen• Strong Market Positioning = Sold Listings• Close & Sign the Listing with a seller who is on “The Team”
    4. 4. Preparations & Planning!Becoming Partners in Success with your CustomerStaging - PresentationCleaning & De-clutteringAvailability to be shownFeedback and follow up
    5. 5. Stage your MLS Listing Sell the House and Bait the Buyer Call to ActionMonitor the Sellers PositionMake the Seller Accountable for PriceCreate a Customer for Life!
    6. 6. Building Rapport and Commitment from 1st contact Power Listing gives you the Competitive EDGE We do Business with People we Like! So do our customers!
    7. 7. Qualify and Convert the Call! When the call 1st comes in……Be prepared with your Questions! • May I ask how you got my name? The reason I ask is that most of my business is from personal referrals and I always want to know who to thank for my business • Please tell me about your home • What made you decided to move at this time? • By what date would you like to be settled in your new home? • Will you be interviewing other agents? • When will you and any other decision makers be home for me to see your home and answer any questions you may have about the marketing process? • What are your plans when your home sells?
    8. 8. I want to be totally honest with you, the listings I takeSELL. It’s a process of accurately identifying the sellingpoints of a home, combined with a competitive marketposition and the home being in show ready condition.Let’s set a time to get together you can show me yourhome, allow me to learn more about your goals and thenshare with you how I can get your home sold and why weare selling so many. Then at that time If you’re comfortablewe can go ahead and work together.I have an opening at _______ or _______. Which wouldbe better for you?
    9. 9. The exciting news is I specialize at selling homes in yourneighborhood!Let’s set a time to get together you can show me yourhome, allow me to learn more about your goals and thenshare with you how I can get your home sold and whywe are selling so many. Then at that time If you’recomfortable we can go ahead and work together.What would be a good time for you?I have an opening in my schedule at __________ or__________. Which would be better for you?
    10. 10. 1. Set the Agenda for your first meeting2. Tour The Home3. Review Seller Needs and Concerns4. Discuss Current Market Conditions5. Discuss your Marketing Strategies Answer questions you may have about hiring me
    11. 11. • Before the Appointment • Email to confirm appointment and goals • Prepare pre-listing presentation and arrange to preview the home and deliver the presentation.• 1-step or 2? Why? • 2 steps, Can you arrive with a CMA on a house you have never seen? • Set yourself APART from your competition – find out who your competition is. • This gives you an opportunity to gather information & learn their HOT BUTTONS
    12. 12. Dear ___________,I am look forward to meeting with you this ____________to learnmore about your goals. It is my job to not only educate youabout the market and help you to establish a competitive marketposition that will get you the best possible price. My customersalso count on me for my honesty throughout the process, fromstaging, marketing, and my experience when it comes tonegotiations and getting to the closing table. It’s not over untilit’s over.Please know that my mission is to get you where you want togo, on time!Your REALTOR for life,
    13. 13. 1st Appointment This is your time to SHINE!!! Know the inventory in the neighborhood of the HOME before you go HAVE THEM SHOW YOU THEIR CARDS BEFORE YOU SHOW THEM YOURS!Learn what they really liked about the house when they bought itLearn what improvements they have madeLearn about past experiences they have had in selling homesLearn what they are looking for in an agentTake very specific notes on the home
    14. 14. Be the Expert @ Soft• Feature Sheet Closes • Take organized notes on the property • Opportunity to discuss showing instructions • Inquire about Re-issue credit • Inquire about HOA • Confirm School information RESELL THEM THEIR OWN HOUSE (Why ________________________is Different and Why it’s important to get all this detailed information)
    15. 15. The “Average” Agent can deliver……… 1. Sign 2. MLS 3. Internet 4. Flyer 5. Open HouseWhat is a Seller ~ Customer looking for?1. Sell the House at the Best Price2. Love the House3. Experience & Knowledge4. Enthusiasm and Energy! So why are you Different? Whole Package
    16. 16. Time for Your Marketing Presentation Value Proposition NOT Price!
    17. 17. You may choose to h_____ me to market your homeYou could choose n_____ to hire me to market your homeWe could mutually agree that your home does not q__________ for my marketing plan.”Why are You Different?
    18. 18. Creating Your Point of Difference• Largest Coldwell Banker in the State of Florida• Only Company who Exclusively Hires Experienced Realtors• Sells over 100 million in Relocation• No other Brand Name Company outsells us in this Market• Most Respected Brand Name in Real Estate Nationally• Real Estate Technology ~ Most Progressive Company Locally!
    19. 19. Your Brand Value Nationally and LocallyA Proven Marketing StrategyAdvisor, Negotiator, FacilitatorSuccessfully Service the ListingYour Knowledge and Reputation
    20. 20. Are there certain Objections you hear all the time?Address them confidently.•"Can we just start a little higher so we can leave ourselves some negotiating room?”•“Will you negotiate your commission?”•“We have a friend in the business”• Why is your price Lower than the Other Agents? They showed us comps too.•You’re too Busy, you have so many listings we want someone that can give usattention.•You don’t handle homes in our price rangeWill you cut your commission?
    21. 21. PRICE? In addition to the strength of our Company, our ability to expose your home in its best lightThe Elephant in the Nationally and Globally along with my room. experience, another important part of my value proposition is my price counseling. The sellers I work with are able to attain top dollar for their homes, which is why I reserve my price counseling for my customers. Ultimately “Mr Seller” you will determine how to position your home on the market. It’s important to be confident in the agent and company you choose. I feel very comfortable with you. Do you feel comfortable working with me and in choosing me to be your agent? Great then let’s get started!
    22. 22. Won’t Commit?I know it’s a huge decision…I am a little concerned though. Can I tell you why?Somewhere, somehow, I have not completelyconvinced you that I can sell your home. So, let me askyou, what specifically is stopping us from gettingstarted tonight? (Deal with issue)Are you ready to get started?
    23. 23. JustBe TellPrepared You’re me Hired How Much Acknowledge Educate Comparables vs Competition Market Position
    24. 24. Maximum Vale Worksheet Note Short Sales and REO on lists • Present the Shopping Cart completed • Present a landscape MLS view with Active listings • Present a landscape MLS view with Sold listings • Present a landscape MLS view with Pending listings • Full MLS Sheets for Active, Pending and Sold for sales in exact same neighborhood within the last 60 days. Research the subject subdivision for the last 12 months, because they have
    25. 25. Wants to list at a higher price, another agent gave them a higher sale price or want to start at a higher price and come down later.I understand what you are saying…Possibly they emphasized listed prices. What we need tobe focused on is what has SOLD and CLOSED.You see…there are two places you can price your home.You can list it where everyone else is that is NOTSOLD, or you can list it where it would SELL! Which would you prefer to start?
    26. 26. I’d rather see you get ten offers and turn them down than have no offers at all.Wouldn’t you agree?If we get a low offer why don’t you let me work to negotiate the buyer uprather than have a price that brings no offers at all. Does that make sense?The problem is we can’t cook if we’re not in the Kitchen, meaning without anoffer negotiating isn’t something we’ll be doing anyway.
    27. 27. Does staging really matter? What is staging? How to make a great first Impression. What can be a distraction to Buyers? How do you make buyers remember your home? Know your competition in the marketplace!
    28. 28. Staging, Does it Matter? What is Staging? How to make a great first impression! What can be a distraction to Buyers? How do you make buyers remember your home? Know your competition
    29. 29. 1. To Sell the Listing2. To prospect for Buyers3. To get more listings It’s all in how you package it. Use words like: Comfortable stylish luxurious warm romantic magnificent elegant exciting fresh distinct graceful original tremendous soothing stunning practical superior classic sparkling secluded textured elaborate paradise towering tranquil peaceful transformed personality.