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5 Stages Of Social Media For Recruiting Final

5 Stages Of Social Media For Recruiting Final






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    5 Stages Of Social Media For Recruiting Final 5 Stages Of Social Media For Recruiting Final Presentation Transcript

    • THE 5 STAGES OF SOCIAL MEDIA FOR RECRUITING by Sarah Welstead, Director User Experience Head2Head November 2009
    • Agenda What is ‘social media for recruiting’, anyway? The Talent Crisis in Canada The 5 Stages of Social Media for Recruiting – and how to overcome them: Best sites for social media for recruiting Best practices (tips and tricks) If you could do one thing… Discussion
    • What do we mean by ‘social media for recruiting’, anyway? Social media is any online gathering place which allows people to share ideas, information, photos, videos – and just about everything else. Social media for recruiting is using social media tools to source, screen and secure candidates through 1-to-1 communication and by building recruitment and employment brands.
    • It’s a big topic Today we’re going to focus on how to use social media for finding and attracting candidates This presentation is designed for people who haven’t used social media for recruiting before
    • This is your talent pool.
    • This is your talent pool using social media for recruiting
    • Social media can: Help you find the right candidates, faster Cut your recruiting costs in half Help you attract better candidates Help you make better hires Make your recruiting proactive – not reactive
    • The talent crisis in Canada Statistics Canada predicts that by 2015, there will be more jobs than workers to fill them The economy has mitigated the talent crisis so far Many industries are already facing shortages Companies who don’t use all available channels will lose the war for top talent
    • It’s easy to get overwhelmed by social media
    • How do you start the conversation?
    • Remember the Kubler-Ross 5 Stages of Grief DENIAL ANGER BARGAINING DEPRESSION ACCEPTANCE
    • “It’s just hype” Only 10% of job-seekers expect to find their next job through a mainstream job board DENIAL 83% of Canadian recruiters say they’re using social media to find candidates 77% say LinkedIn is their #1 source of A-list candidates 44% say it’s improved quality of hire 36% say it reduces time-to-hire significantly
    • OVERCOMING DENIAL: Social media delivers Access to millions of candidates They’re searchable Instead of having to weed through 250 duds to get to the diamonds, you can connect to the good ones immediately The data is starting to make the business case Average age for LinkedIn is 39, Facebook 33
    • “Great – another fad I have to learn” Sure, social media can suck up a lot of time – but so does having ANGER to search for candidates reactively You’ll be shocked at how great the ROI is Since 2004, people have been saying it’s just a fad – but it’s not going away Canadians have been early adopters – and show every sign of continuing
    • OVERCOMING ANGER: Take baby steps Don’t worry – it’s easier than you think (and may even be fun) The results will be worth it You’ll learn a lot Social media is organic – you don’t have to start everywhere
    • “If it still seems important 12 months from now, then...” In the current talent market, 12 months is too long to wait BARGAINING The tools may change, but social media is here to stay There will never be a fool-proof guide to follow You already know that referrals are the #1 source of A-list candidates
    • OVERCOMING BARGAINING: Use the scientific method Articulate how, specifically, social media could help your recruiting process Building relationships with passive candidates Candidate database Improve candidate flow Build employment/job brand Improved candidate experience Then conduct calculated experiments
    • “I know we have to. But it’s just so huge.” It’s amazing how quickly you can pick this stuff up DEPRESSION It’s amazing how quickly you can make it a routine part of your day It’s amazing how much you’ll learn Don’t worry – someone on your team will be passionate about this
    • OVERCOMING DEPRESSION: The results will be worth it You’ll start to see improved candidate flow within 2- 3 months You’ll start to get useful feedback right away You’ll find you’re spending more time on the right candidates – and less time on the duds You’ll find you don’t have to spend as much money on recruiting fees
    • “It’s definitely improved our recruiting function!” Ultimately, it’s all about the results ACCEPTANCE
    • ACCEPTANCE: WHAT’S NEXT? “Let’s leverage the organization!” People in your organization are already using social media all over the place Leverage their networks!
    • Okay, you’re ready. Where do you start?
    • Remember: 1. Every organization will be different 2. You don’t have to do everything at once 3. Better to do one thing well than 5 things badly
    • The players 150 FACEBOOK: million Growing among older age groups, but still very popular among teens 200 MYSPACE: million Declining, but still popular (especially in the US) 14.8 YOUTUBE: billion Almost 15 billion videos watched in Jan 09; 100 million users in US 40 LINKEDIN: million Much more popular with adults than teens 15 TWITTER: million Unique visitors in September 2009. Growing among all age groups.
    • Canadian recruiters say: 69% of CDN recruiters use LinkedIn for recruiting 44% use Facebook 9% use Twitter 6% use blogs 3% use YouTube 3% use Craigslist 77% say it’s improved their ability to connect to passive candidates 44% say it’s improved their quality of hire 36% say it’s reduced their time to hire
    • The 3 sites you need to know about 76,000+ new #3 most #3 in in the users in Facebooked world in Canada every country in the number of month world registered Twitterers
    • BASIC STATS Network Membership & Reach Over 40 million professionals ~2 million members join Latin America per month Europe 3% 24% Roughly 1 new sign-up per second 200 countries Asia English, Spanish, French, and 8% German! Africa Members from all industries 1% Members from all five hundred Middle East 1% of the Fortune 500 Oceania 2% Other North America 0% 61%
    • NETWORK STATS Top 10 Industries on LinkedIn (by membership) Canada has the 4th largest 1. Information Technology network of LinkedIn memberships 2. Computer Software 3. Telecommunications •1.5 million Canadian members 4. Financial Services •67,000 new members per month 5. Marketing & Advertising •11th most connected country 6. Banking •Average connections: 14 7. Management Consulting 8. Internet 9. Retail 10. Real Estate
    • BEST RECRUITING USES Use LinkedIn as an instant talent pool Your entire recruiting and HR team should have complete profiles on LinkedIn Create and participate in discussion groups among the candidate sectors you need most Build your corporate and personal brand Supercharge referrals and expand outreach programs Strengthen professional relationships Manage and track relationships including alumni Post and broadcast jobs instantly Target groups and associations Build talent pipelines and warm leads
    • 10 TOP TIPS 1. Improve your organization’s profile page 2. Build your personal brand (top- of-mind) 3. Create and administer corporate and alumni groups (referrals!) 4. Participate in industry groups 5. Broadcast job openings 6. Ask and answer questions 7. Create events 8. Smart searching/saved searches 9. Reference search 10. Applications and polls
    • BASIC STATS: Canada has the 3rd most Facebook users of any country in the world Almost 50% of people in the GTA have a Facebook account Fastest-growing Facebook group is the 30+ crowd
    • BEST RECRUITING USES: Easy to create applications such as ‘HotJobs’ feeds Easy to create groups and ‘fan pages’ Great way to build employment brands Helps tap into immediate personal networks Can tap into diversity networks
    • Twitter: Basic stats There are probably 15+ million registered users (this is up from 10 million in April 2009) Probably only half that are regular users • 72.5% of all users joining during the first five months of 2009 • The cities with the biggest Twitter populations are New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, San Francisco, and Boston. • There are more women on Twitter (53%) than men (47%) • Based on a sample of 20 million Tweets, Tuesday is the most popular day for Twitter activity, accounting for 15.7% of total activity; followed by Wednesday (15.6%) and Friday (14.5%) • US is the biggest Twitter country by population, followed by UK, Canada and Australia.
    • Twitter: Best uses Community building (candidate communities) Generating buzz about events Engaging in stakeholder dialogue Putting a ‘face’ on the organization Demonstrating thought leadership
    • Blogs Yes, blogs are also social media Done right, they’ll do the recruiting for you You should be talking to your marketing department Don’t think the best and brightest aren’t checking
    • BLOGS: Best uses A blog with entries by various team members Not just about how great it is to work there, but ‘neat stuff’ about what the company is doing Blog RSS feeds can then update your LinkedIn profiles, Facebook groups, and Twitter account Encourages a dialogue
    • Basic guidelines Have a strategy Be prepared for that strategy to be blown out of the water Make someone responsible for social media Know the privacy concerns Recognize that it’s a long-term build Talk to marketing!
    • Privacy Facebook’s PIPEDA contravention Just because a candidate posts personal information doesn’t mean recruiters can use it Facebook apps may no longer be legal Increased due diligence
    • Other issues Someone has to have responsibility for how your recruiting brand is portrayed It can be 24/7 Setting guidelines for employee use
    • If you could do just one thing... Make sure everyone responsible for recruiting in your organization has a complete, compelling profile on LinkedIn – including updating their status twice a week
    • About Head2Head Head2Head Canada Inc. is a privately-owned, incorporated Canadian company that specializes in providing innovative insourced and outsourced recruiting solutions to leading organizations. With more than 35 employees, 125 active consultants and 3 offices nationally, Head2Head is one of the fastest-growing talent management companies in Canada. Since 2000, Head2Head has helped more than 300 organizations save 50-75% on their hiring costs, cut time-to-hire in half while improving hire quality, and put 10-20% more revenue on their bottom lines. CONTACT: Paul Dodd, President 416.440.2030 paul@head2head.ca