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  • 1. ‘Last Minute Decisions’ Presents ‘Chubby-Checker 3000’ A Directed Study Report By Killian Stone (09005157) Denis Cronin (10103031) & Killian Vigna (10129758)
  • 2. 2.1 Project Objectives  For this project we are looking to create an application for smartphones users who are trying to find a way to monitor their weight loss or gain controls.  The aim of the application is to allow users keep control of not just weight management, but also their internal and physical appearance.  With this app, the user will input body mass index measurements, which will in return, display not just their body fat measurements, but also their muscular composition too.  The app will be a free download for owners to use in conjunction with the purchase of our Skin Fold callipers product.  The skin fold callipers will contain direct instructions for all users (beginner to professional) allowing them to achieve the most accurate measurements, which will in return send their results via a Bluetooth feed, to their smartphone app, where it will be saved for further records.  Along with measurements, the app users will then take a full body photo to save with their measurements, to allow both internal and external management.  The Skinfold callipers will be made available in most sporting and pharmaceutical outlets, with a unique code for a free download of the monitor application.
  • 3. 2.2 Project SummaryThe reasoning behind opting to call our product the ‘Chubby-Checker 3000’, is as it makes the user’s goals amore enjoyable, and fun experience. The Chubby-Checker 3000 is a catchy name that sounds more impersonal,and less daunting than something with that of a more serious title. It’s an option the buyers have chosen topurchase themselves, allowing them to keep records in their own time, and just like the title, it proves thecallipers and application are very simple to (once in conjunction) use. It takes very little time for the user’s, oncehonestly and (with the use of our professional instructions) correctly used, it should only take the average userbetween 10-15 minutes, once a week to use, and over time (depending on progression), this time will drasticallydecrease, motivating the user to never miss a ‘Weigh-in’.With access to this application, the users will then be able to send their Skinfold measurement results through aBluetooth feed from the callipers to their app diary where they will have simple use of monitoring theirprogression, and can be used as a personal motivational tool, thus as we aim to achieve, more determinedindividuals.The commercial aims of the Skinfold callipers is to have our product displayed, and available for retail in allmajor Sports stores, and Pharmacies in Ireland. The callipers will be purchased at the recommended retail pricegiven, and comes with a free download code allowing the ‘Chubby-Checker 3000’ calliper owners access toobtain the smartphone app diary as a free bonus.Although our main objective is to provide the main Sporting and Pharmaceutical companies in Ireland with ourcallipers product and our free app download from main online application stores such as iTunes and the Androidapp store, we will then broaden our products to a larger market, with the introduction to product collaborations.The next step in expanding commercially would be to lease out the retail licence of our Skinfold product to suchretails as Health stores, followed by Fitness Instructors in Gym’s across the nation. Along with branching out tofurther chain’s. Following this, we will then, like the ‘Nike +’ products which we have seen drastically increasethroughout its market since their launch, release extensions to our callipers and app products.The market we are aiming to break into is the sales of a physical product, which can then allow the consumer,obtain a free app download for their smartphones. Such ideas could range from buying a bicycle, and instead ofthen having to purchase a cycle computer separately, you will receive a free app download which will wirelesslytransmit such achievements as ‘Distance of your cycle, average speed, time taken, calories burnt, wheelrotations’ and so on to your smartphone, or you could buy a kettle, with an app that count’s down exactly howlong the kettle will take to boil, depending on how much volume is added for people who are in a separate roomto the kitchen, which would prove extremely useful for people entertaining guests as there will be no need tokeep exiting the room to check if the water is boiled or not.
  • 4. Diagram of Our Concept Below are some simple images found from different apps and modified in order to show the user how our product will work. 2. The user selects which point they want to measure 1. The callipers are connected using the diagram given. They are then given an automatically to smart instructional video on how and where to measure phones via Bluetooth. this point on your body. 3. Results are given after every measurement is taken.4. User can take pictures once a week after they have taken their measurements. These are then stored so you can keep track of how your body is progressing. 5. The user can select from number of different work out videos according to what body physique they wish to accomplish.
  • 5. 2.3 Commercial Opportunity 1. What gap need or problem in the market does the technology address?The main questions we wanted to ask here were;  How many people have set about wanting to make a change in the way they look?  How many people have spent a fortune on Gym memberships as part of new year’s resolutions, or a last minute bid to achieve the ultimate beach body for before their summer holidays.The unfortunate truth here is, many gym goers often lose their motivation to continue working out when theycannot see immediate physical affects, or they believe they are gaining weight rather than losing it due to slowalterations of their physical shape or the weighing scales has told them there has been no change in weight for 2weeks (due to the loss of fat, and increase in muscle).The unfortunate truth here however is this may be due to an increase in muscle gain which is a regular result inpeople who tend to incorporate weights into their training routine, but due to poor health education, very fewpeople realise they are actually gaining lean muscle, which weighs more than fat. Due to the misconception ofmuscle and fat compositions, The aim of the ‘Chubby-checker 3000’ is to raise awareness about this issue, andwe plan for our product to better help these people understand how their body reacts internally as they workout.At the moment there are numerous other devices and applications to help gym goers lose weight or gainmuscle. However, the main advantage our product has over the competition is, our product tells you how muchfat you have burnt AND how much muscle you have gained. This is achieved through our collaboration of aBluetooth enabled digital callipers and smartphone application. The callipers automatically synchronises withyour smart phone application keeping a digital record of your body, or ‘smartphone diary’ as we like to put it,along with the ability to take a full body photo and store it with your calliper measurements. This gives the usera simple yet effective way of monitoring their external physique, and internal health.We plan to sell our product in sports shops (Lifestyle, Elverys) and Pharmacies (Boots, McAulys) aiming atboth the male and female population. The callipers will be purchased in stores and contain a code which willenable the user to download the application via app stores such as the android app store or iTunes, with no extracharge.The market segment for our first product is aimed at the fitness industry, as this is a rapidly growing section ofthe market which according to ‘’ is expected to exceed $10.5 billion by 2015. Following thelaunch of our product- application synchronisation, we will then plan on extending this kind of simultaneousmarketing strategy to further product-application collaborations such as our previously explained Bicycle-smartphone computer download, and the Kettle-Boiler countdown application.At the moment, we are currently aiming our ‘Cubby-Checker 3000’ product at all male and females in the 18 –50 age group with smartphones, who wish to improve their physical appearance without the over heads ofcostly Personal Trainers, and expensive Gym memberships.
  • 6. 2. What are the current approaches to address the problem and why is the proposed technology better than these? Similar Products on the Market There are many tools and electronics out there which can find a person’s body fat percentage. However many of these ways are either expensive our inaccurate. In the beginning of this project we searched for the different methods in which a person can measure their body fat percentage. One inexpensive way was to take certain measurements of certain parts of the body and calculate your body fat percentage however this way is much more inaccurate than using a skin fold callipers. One of the other popular methods out there was Hydrostatic weighing where by the person is submerged under water and they are weighed under water and above water by doing this it is easy to calculate the users body fat percentage. But the downfall to this method is the fact that the person has to have the correct facilities available. They would have to visit research labs, universities, or hospitals and this process can take up to 30 minutes costing $100-150. Looking at every option on the market we felt our Bluetooth enabled wireless callipers was the most accurate and reasonable priced instrument on the market. We are aiming our product at the people who have very little time and money. Our product offers the user an easy way to work out at home and keep record of their body’s changes. Although there are many skin fold callipers already on the market we feel our product is current and extremely user friendly. Below is a table of similar products on the market which are our main competitors.Product Advantages Disadvantages RRPBasic skin fold No guide for how to use. €14.99Callipers Simple basic callipers Though to read accurately if taking measurements alone. Calculating body fat percentage manually may lead to inaccurate results unless a professional is with userAccuFitness Fat-Track Digital Callipers displays results on screen Cannot digitally store €34.99II information on body fat Accurate results Offers no help in lower your Simple design of product. For easy use body fat percentage.
  • 7. FatTrack® PRO - This can hold up to 50 users profiles with the Very expensive due to personal $119.00Digital Body Fat last 3 readings. training software and so muchMeasurement System memory for storing results. Built with high quality materials for the most accurate result. Provides user with a personal training software Clear easy to read LCD screenSlimguide Callipers Helpful booklet on how to use €19.99 Simple plastic Callipers Though to read accurately if taking measurements alone. Although you receive a booklet of information on how to calculate your body fat percentage, as it is manually inputted it leaves a better chance of an inaccurate resultChubby-Checker 3000 Digital Bluetooth callipers/ stores information Expensive due to better TBC on smart phone app technology Easy to read and keep track of results Offers exercise planes Offers video tutorials on how to take measurements for the most accurate result Visually body diary All of your information is at your finger tips so you never fall behind on your exercise plan Simple to use as measurements are automatically sent to your Smartphone application From this table you can see how much new technology can enhance this product making it easier for users to calculate their body fat percentage and we hope to influence more and more people to use our product as thanks to the enhancement in technology users can use this easily and obtain accurate results at home.
  • 8. 3. Describe the markets and consumers where your technology will have the strongest commercial potential.We know our product, the ‘Chubby-Checker 3000’, will have the strongest commercial potential in thehealth and fitness market. We aim to achieve sales in all large pharmacies and fitness stores around Irelandwith the potential to expand to a global market in a few years. We would first aim to sell our product in theshops to the general public and then consider licencing the product to third parties such as gyms and hotelsso that they could allow their members to use the product which may result in more sales of the product aspeople wish to use it in their own homes.The health and fitness market has been growing rapidly in Ireland over the last four to five years mainly dueto an increase in hotels, which has grown by about 33% in the last 5 years. There are also around 500leisure centres in Ireland now compared to about 200 up north.We plan to use our product to take advantage of these growing markets by making it available to the publicin all sectors of the market. As the public become more health conscience due to government campaigns torid the country of obesity we believe more and more people will be looking into monitoring there healthfrom home. For this reason, we have chosen to aim our product out to these people we believe it couldbecome as common as a weighing scale in a bathroom. People like to know how healthy they are and ourproduct supplies them with a simple yet effective way of monitoring their body fat percentage as well asmuscle growth.
  • 9. 2.4 Economic impactDescribe the commercial potential of the project output(s) in terms of providing a basis for setting up anew commercial enterprise and/ or licensing the technology to improve the competitiveness of industry.This product will be of great interest to Gyms and other fitness centres around the globe, allowing them fullcontrol of the ‘Chubby-Checker 3000’s right’s whereby only their customers will have full access to theproduct-application collaboration, meaning customers will then have to pay excess membership fees, while onlybeing able to have limited access to the product. We will however refuse to give full licencing of the product toa third party as our target market is aimed at everyday consumers who can have exclusive access whenever,wherever they feel, and have complete control to their monitoring goals.For this reason, we have chosen to begin leasing out only selling rights to Sporting chains and Pharmaceuticalcompanies across Ireland to begin with, therefore preventing our product becoming a ‘gimmick’ across themarket and a reason to raise the costs of gym memberships across the nation. Each company will have a‘Chubby-Checker 3000’ Skinfold callipers for sale to the public, and on purchase of the item, the consumer willthen receive a unique application code to download for free within the product, therefore making our productmore appealing as there will be no hidden app charges to avail of the full product.Comparing our product to the Nike + iPod application which uses both a product (the shoes) and an applicationto work, we can see how well a product like this can do in the market.“So far Nike has sold 1.3 million Nike+ iPod Sport Kits, according to SportsOneSource, and 500,000 Nike+SportBands (at $59 apiece), wristwatch-like devices for runners who dont want to listen to music. While salesfrom these products total $56 million” ( a start-up company this product could lead towards other weight control/muscle gaining equipment beinginterwoven with smart phone applications for ease of use by the consumer. As the product began to sell, newerproducts could be introduced to the market by the company as a potential market will have already beenoutlined by the first product sales.As with the Nike+ iPod Sports Kits, our ‘Chubby-Checker 3000’ is an innovative idea using both a physicalproduct along with a smart phone application. As this market continues to expand, the potential ideas possiblealso increase evermore. As physical products alongside applications become more common on the market it ishard to see where it could end up. Bicycles being sold alongside apps that count the revolutions of the wheel orspeed/distance travelled, tools being sold with applications on how to use them, the possibilities in this marketare endless as it is a fairly newly discovered corner of the market.
  • 10. 2.5 Technology Innovation 1. Describe the proposed technology development.In order to bring this product to market some technological knowledge is required. First of all, a digital callipermust be programmed to connect with a smart phone so that the application on the phone can process, save anddisplay the data gathered by the callipers. For this to work, we need the Skinfold callipers to be Bluetoothenabled in order to connect up to the users smartphone. This will require getting a programmer to write somecode for both the application software and the physical callipers. Once the product and the application could talkto each other without any mistakes in the code and bug free, then the ‘Cubby-Checker 3000’ product will beready for prototype development and testing on a closed market.To design an app program suitible on both iPhones and Android smartphones, we need to find a C++Programmer to create the technical side of the apps, while working closely with ourselves to create the UserInterface weOnce the complicated coding has been done then a working prototype could be built which could be used toshow the full potential of the product. The best way to test the prototype would be user testing, so for this reasonwe would create a few prototypes and give them, along with the application, to a small group of test users. Wewould ask them to use the product and application for a 90 days and see how they use it, as well as if they feel itworks, or helps show any physical changes in their body.Once the 90 day trial period is up we would then gather our test users for a short interview in which we couldget further feedback on the product and discover any flaws left in the coding of the product. If all test results arereturned positive then the product would be ready for sale to the public.The final to market product should, hopefully, be a simple digital callipers that the consumer would find easy touse. The consumer would use the smart phone application to tell where exactly on their body they should bemeasuring, as well as storing and viewing the results of passed measurements. The collection of data stored onthe application over time should allow the user a vivid and well laid out interface so they can easily understandthe data presented to them and be able to tell whether or not they are making progress towards their physicalgoal.As of right now this product cannot be fully made by our team as no one has a strong enough understanding ofprogramming in order to write the code needed for this product to work. However the smart phone applicationcould possibly be created easily enough by our team and if a professional programmer was hired to write thecode then this product could quickly become a reality.
  • 11. 2. Describe the status of the technology in terms of intellectual property rights. Looking into our intellectual rights we were hoping to patent our product as a wireless device however in the early stages of this project we found a research group from a Portuguese university has developed a wireless skin fold calipers to evaluate body fat mass and percentage by measuring skin fold thickness and have already applied for a Patent on this product. ii Although we felt as our product had been created it reassured us that the technology was out there already, which left the market open for us as we were confident in getting our Bluetooth enabled calipers created. As there are so many products on the market already that sync up with a users smart phone we are unable to hold any patent on this product, as it is such a broad industry. We hope to create a partnership with a company already in existence, which creates digital calipers and we shall generate a Bluetooth enable digital calipers. We feel it is unnecessary to create a patent for the ‘Chubby-Checker 3000’ applications as this app is designed to only sync up with our product we feel this would be a waste of time and money. Software patents can cost thousands of euro and can take up to a few years to obtain. However we do intent to patent our code for our application. iiiiii Above is an indication of not only how hard it is to get a patent regarding applications but it also shows how much the application market has grown so much in just three years. We shall trademark the name ‘Chubby-Checker’ as our own brand.
  • 12. 3.1 Team Members & Skills Set Qualifications, Skills & Team Member Roles Experience Denis Cronin Web Design Blog Management Killian Vigna User Interface Design Design of App Interface Production Manager Killian Stone Time and Layout Managment Potential Programer Java, C++ Code writing for application4.1 Project Work planStage 1 Technical Workplan – WorkpackageStart Date February Finish Date AprilAim/Objective To Design and Develop a Bluetooth Enabled Callipers with Smartphone ApplicationManager(s) Killian Stone, Killian Vigna, Denis CroninContributors Potential ProgramerDescription/Activities Promote the Product to Possible InvestorsMilestones To Syncronise a Skinfold Calliper with a Smartphone ApplicationDeliverables Accurate Body Fat Percentage MeasurementsStage 1 Commercial Workplan – WorkpackageStart Date April Finish Date N/AAim/Objective To reach Potential Market inIrelandManager Killian Stone, Killian Vigna, Denis CroninContributors Focus GroupDescription/Activities Market the Product Through RetailersMilestones Competitors such Nike + and AccuFitnessDeliverables National Retail SalesProject Workplan Overview Project Stage 1 Stage 2 Aim of Stage Secure Investors Market the Product Duration of Stage Three Months April - Ongoing Workpackages User Interface Design, Promoting the Product to Application Home Users Programming Deliverables Device Designed and De- Market Placement Bugged Cost per Stage TBC TBC Total Cost TBC
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