The future of news and journalism in social media

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The future of news and journalism - a data analysis of over 64,000 thousand URLs shared by over 8,000 political influencers on Twitter. …

The future of news and journalism - a data analysis of over 64,000 thousand URLs shared by over 8,000 political influencers on Twitter.

It examines traditional news media brands vs. new citizen journalism and newcomers to the news mix. It explains the way content formats and niche content is challenging traditional journalism and looks to the future of how we access and consume news in the Twitter era.

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  • 1. Tweetminster : relevantcontent and data filtered bynetworks of expertsHello I’m @Killdozer from@Tweetminster
  • 2. What are we going to find out? 1: News media journalism is still the biggest single shared type of content, but not the majority of news consumed 2: News brands get more URLs shared, but have a lower average share per URL than other news sources 3: Interactive content, data and video is more sharable than traditional journalism suggesting an appetite for breaking news formats, back story tools and participation 4: Comparative spends for SEO & marketing show News Media get a lower ROE than Newcomers 5: To get maximum reach, journalists must engage with data, communities, video, mobile and live polling – diverse content is the future of news
  • 3. Methodology Our sample: 8,000 big names from the following news influencer categories (MPs, Gov Depts, local councilors, party activists, govt. appointees and NGOs) We ranked: 64,831 shared news links tweeted between 1st August 2011-31st Jan 2012. Averages: 10,805 shares per month from the top 150 news articles per month (900 in total) Approx. 10% of total media stories tweeted (Amplifier CTR for Twitter posts ) Definitions: News Media = Newspapers, TV channels, news agencies Newcomers = Bloggers, Curation, Downloads, Ex-blogs, Organisations
  • 4. Month by month results…
  • 5. News Media vs. Others in top 150 (Sources)1201008060 News Media Others4020 0 Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan
  • 6. News Media accounts for approximately 15-30% more of the most shared URLs amongstpolitical influencers.Reasons:1. They produce more content2. They cover wider subject areas3. They have the brand position & bigger name contributors
  • 7. The attention mix as total shares (URLs)140001200010000 8000 Shares 6000 News Media Others 4000 2000 0 Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan
  • 8. In terms of the total number of shares, News Mediatracks with overall volume, Newcomers occupy asmaller but more consistent volumeReasons:1. News Media has more content opportunities (breadth)2. News Media has more breaking news coverage3. News Media resources more flexible (they can cover more physical events globally on demand)
  • 9. Average shares per URL1009080706050 News Media40 Others302010 0 Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan
  • 10. The likelihood of a URL getting shared is prettymuch even between News Media and NewcomersReasons:1. Quality content ultimately determines sharing2. Newcomers represent more sharable types of content in the content mix3. Newcomers punch above their weight relative to volume
  • 11. The top 150
  • 12. 6 Month Top 150 Content Mix News Media Blogs Live Blog Data Video Journalism
  • 13. Traditional written journalism accounts formajority of News Media outputReasons:1. Legacy systems / institutional inertia2. Being behind the curve with adopting new formats doesn’t make them more competitive3. Difficult relationships around distribution rights and social ID ownership for journos
  • 14. 6 Month Top 150 Content Mix Newcomers Curation Blogs Data Downloads Events Interactive Journalism Petitions Video
  • 15. Newcomers are widely diverse, combining journalismwith interactivity, polling, data, campaigning andcurationReasons:1. Diversity of organisations2. Single issue focus and greater numbers (unlike News Media which is a smaller community)3. Appetite for consumption favours diversity – like the news itself
  • 16. The future of news?
  • 17. 6 Month Top 150 shared URLs Sources Actual Shares News Media Newcomers Average Shares per URL
  • 18. The trend is consumption favours Newcomers overNews MediaReasons:1. News Media produces too much content (overload)2. Newcomers offer user benefits (curation, specialisation, verticals, authenticity, new formats)3. Newcomers more agile, better social engagement strategies, lower risk if experiments fail
  • 19. Thanks If you want to talk or get the raw data, I’m @killdozer