How to Write SEO-friendly Product Descriptions

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Writing descriptions for an e-commerce website isn't an easy task, especially when a retailer stocks thousand of different products. But well-written product descriptions can have a significant impact …

Writing descriptions for an e-commerce website isn't an easy task, especially when a retailer stocks thousand of different products. But well-written product descriptions can have a significant impact on e-commerce conversion rate. Here are a few tips to help you te get started.

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  • 1. Write Product Descriptions for your E-commerce website Case study
  • 2. Well-written product descriptions can have a significant impact on e-Be commerce conversion rate • Interesting : speak to yourInteresting customers using their language to keep them longer on your site • Informative : explain the products’Informative features and benefits that you know your audience would like to know aboutUnique • Unique: differentiate yourself from retailers who duplicate product descriptions or use the ones made by their competitors or suppliers
  • 3. Know Your Product• Describe yourproduct’s basicfeatures to give yourvisitors a quick insightabout your key sellingpoints• Keep it simple, nottoo technical
  • 4. Know Your Audience Who is this product good for?Which are thebenefits yourcustomers areinterested in? Detailes Information: The Joseph Heffalump Mattress is an affordable mattress that is designed specifically for children, its attractive elephant design will be a hit with kids of all ages and the extra edge support will also help stop them from rolling off! The open coil spring system gives the mattress a medium firmness and will provide all the support your little one needs to get a great nights sleep. The fillings are soft andWhy do you like this product? comfortable and the mattress is hand tufted to keep these fillings in place and make the mattress more durable. Extra edge support adds stability to the mattress and helps to prevent roll-off. The mattress is finished with a soft Belgian damask cover that adds a touch of luxury and is both soft and smooth, the ideal sleeping surface for your child. This mattress is one of our favourite childrens mattresses here at Only Mattresses due to its fun and attractive design and the practicality of the extra edge support. If this isnt quite what you were looking for then check out our other open coil mattresses.
  • 5. Differentiate Why is this product better than others? What is the product going to do for the customer?There are few things we think are better than a mattress which has 2000 pocket springs and 70mm of memory foam here at which is what makes this one of our favourite mattresses. Breasley mattresses are very reasonably priced considering their quality, another mattress with similar specifications would set you back a considerably larger amount than this one does. However, Breasley are so confident of the quality of this mattress that they offer a 5 year guarantee with it. Now that is putting your money where your mouth is!The 2000 pocket springs react independently of each other, meaning that they only react to the pressure directly applied to each one. This means that each part of your body gets what feels like tailored support and also helps to prevent roll-together when sleeping with a partner. 2000 pocket springs is a high number of springs and the difference between 1000 springs and 2000 is pronounced, even between 1600 and 2000 you will feel a great difference in the level of support your body is given. If you can pay just a little bit more and go for 2000 rather than a lessernumber we recommend you do.On their own 2000 springs would make for a comfortable mattress, but when there is 70mm of memory foam on top of this it makes for a significantly more comfortable mattress. The memory foam allows you to sink into the mattress ever so slightly, which means your spine is aligned and pressure doesnt build on the heavier parts of your body and joints. The deeper the memory foam the more comfortable the mattress usually, although bear in mind that if you dont enjoy the sensation of sinking into the mattress 70mm may be a little too deep for you.This mattress has a removable and washable cover which is made from the Outlast fabric. This revolutionary fabric absorbs excess body heat and disperses it so that you dont overheat during the night and wont sweat as much as you might. This mattress is suitable for any bed base and is also no turn meaning it is simple to care for.If you are looking for a mattress that maybe has less foam or more springs then you can check out the rest of our pocket sprung and memory foam mattresses here.
  • 6. Write like a profesional 1. Understand your audience2. Adjust your voice 3. Be structured At only-mattresses we have selected the Shire Comfort Elizabeth for those who like to feel well supported but dont like their mattress to be too firm. You will appreciate the 13.5 gauge open coil spring unit that provides the perfect base for a fim support. The supportive coil sprung system of this mattress is complemented by the 6 gauge rod edge support wire that frames the mattress, this helps the spring unit to keep its shape and makes it more durable. Mattresses arent all about support however, you need to feel the soft and cushioning effect as well to get a good nights sleep. This mattress provides for that with the generous layers of soft and sumptuous fillings that are piled layer upon layer on the spring unit. This mattress represents exceptional quality and a tremendous price, proving that you need not compromise on quality and comfort when searching for a bargain. If this mattress isnt quite what you were looking for you can then check out our other open coil sprung mattresses.
  • 7. Share yourComments with UsAccording to you How a goodproduct description should be?