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Input Device
Input Device
Input Device
Input Device
Input Device
Input Device
Input Device
Input Device
Input Device
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Input Device


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Input device
  • 2. Introduction
    An input device is a piece of hardware use to enter data into computer .
    There are 2 different type of input device.
    Automatic and manual input device.
    In this presentation I’m going to talk about automatic input device.
  • 3. M.I.C.r
    Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is an automatic cheques reader.
    It read 300 cheques per minute with 100% accuracy.
    At the bottom of the cheque there are cheque number, bank or building society sort code and customer’s code account number.
    The number are written in special ink which contain iron particles.
    This ink can be read by M.I.C.R
  • 4. O.M.R
    Optical Mark Reader can use to check the multiple choices test.
    They detect of pencil mark by reflecting light onto it.
    10,000 forms can be read in an hour depend on the quality of machine.
    Only one computer needed to collect and process data.
    OMR accurate than data that being keyed by a person.
  • 5. OCR
    Optical character Recognition is use for scanning the character accurately depend on how clear the writing is.
    95% accurate
    Cheap and faster than paying someone to manual input information.
    All documents need to be check
    If document have poor handwriting more mistake will occur.
    Not worth doing for small amounts of text.
  • 6. Barcode reader
    The barcode give information about country of manufacture, name of manufacture and a product code.
    It does not contain the price of an item.
    A barcode reader is automatic scan or read by visible red light.
    To identify the product and price from the database.
  • 7. Magnetic stripe reader
    Magnetic stripe usually found at the back of most credit card and membership card.
    Magnetic Stripe Reader machine read the magnetic stripe and the data is read and fed back to the computer.
    Simple to use
    Cheap to produce
    Security are produce by using pin code.
    Very limited amount of data.
    Data can be easily destroy by strong magnetic field.
  • 8. Biometric device
    Finger print and retinal identification are being used in many places.
    Special device will capture the biometric data which pass on to the computer for processing and identification.
  • 9. Sensors
    Sensors are used to detect quantities outside computer
    Such as light, temperature and pressure.
    Collect data automatically
    Data can be transmitted immediately to the computer.
    Or can be stored for a period of time.
    'Analogue to Digital Converter' (ADC) must be connected between the computer and the sensor in order to process input from sensors.