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Media conventions

  1. 1. A2 MediaStudiesReal MediaConventionsKialli Perry
  2. 2. “In what way does your media product use,develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products.”Our brief for our A2 coursework (which we decided onourselves) was to create an advertisement for a newfemale targeted indulgent chocolate. To ensure our finalpiece appealed to the audience it was targeted to, wedid research into several other advertisements of similarproducts.For our A2 projects we composed three televisionadvertisements (one of which a sponsorship) and a radioad, we took inspiration from multiple different places foreach of these.
  3. 3. Advertisement 1Galaxy The soft sensuous musicwe featured in all threeof the advertisementwas one conventionwhich we decided wewould use. A similarstyle of music is featuredin the majority of similarmedia text, theconvention seems tocomplement the tone ofthe text which is why wedecided to use this inour piece. first advertisement featureda woman coming in from work(which was made clear by useof costume and props) andindulging herself into ourchocolate bar. This was similarto, and inspired by the galaxyadvertisement involving asimilar plot.Whilst doing our research andlooking at other similar mediatext we came across thegalaxy advertisement whichwe used for inspiration.
  4. 4. The slow camera movementswhich were in keeping with themusic and added to theindulgent theme and variousclose ups that we used helpedus to create a similaritybetween this advertisementand ours.
  5. 5. Advertisement 2 Our second advertisement was more original, it was notbased on or entirely inspired by one specific advertisementhowever we did get some inspiration from other chocolateads in general. Our plot of the women meeting up for lunchand conversing came from the idea of chocolate bringingpeople together which is seen in the majority of chocolateadvertisements. Including Ferrero Rocher and KinderBueno. We decided to make this advertisement more fast pastesimilarly to the Kinder ad to show versatility with our productwhilst still in keeping with our theme. We included moreshots per minute when filming and edited the shots so thatthey lasted a shorter duration, this increased the pace ofthe text on a whole. The discussion and banter betweenthe women was another aspect we included in our pieceto show the lighter side of our brand whilst still appealingpredominantly to women.
  6. 6. This advertisement still included someconventions of a similar media textsuch as the close ups of the productand people enjoying it on multipleoccasions, a title page of thechocolate and a slogan related to thecompany.However we didn’t stick to otherconventions that we had in the otheradvertisements like the slow, soft musicor the low key lighting.
  7. 7. SponsorshipLindt/MalteserOur sponsorship was our most originalidea, however we were inspired byaspects of other products. Lindt’slindor truffles advertisement inspiredour sponsorship advertisement in thesense that the focus of the ad wasrelaxation and indulgence. We keptthis convention in using the low keylighting, soft music and slower,smoother camera angles.
  8. 8. The plot for advertisement was to show abusy mother with a heavy work loadhowever once she indulged herself in theSignature chocolate the atmosphere ofthe advertisement changed. The softslow music featured in the previousadvertisements begins to play to showthe transition of mood of theadvertisement and the same slow androunded camera angles from the lindorchocolate ad created the same effect.This advertisement was our mostadventurous in the terms that wecreated a product with multiplegenres.This advert had a more of acomical, humorous side than theothers. An idea which was generatedfrom the advertisements of Maltesers.Maltesers as a brand is more light andcheeky than that of Lindt or FerreroRoche. We thought that this aspectwas quite attractive to the audienceso we decided to include it alongwith the typical conventions used inour other ads. By showing how muchwork the mother had, and thenhaving her leave her duties to indulgeherself we were able to create thiselement of cheekiness and a sort ofhypothetical wink to the audiencewho would relate.
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