Citizenship stage 2


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The Boys' Brigade citizenship stage 2 project on 'health'

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Citizenship stage 2

  1. 1. Their approach to giving• These steps are to accomplish their goals for as many people as possible
  2. 2. How they contribute• Extreme poverty and poor health in developing countries• Failures of America’s education system• New techniques to help farmers in developing countries grow more food and earn more money• New tools to prevent and treat deadly diseases
  3. 3. • Guiding Principles and passions of the Guiding Principle #1: This is a family foundation driven by the interests Gates family. Guiding Principle #2: Philanthropy plays an important but limited role.• Guiding Principle #3: Science and technology have great potential to improve lives around the world.• Guiding Principle #4: We are funders and shapers—we rely on others to act and implement.• Guiding Principle #5: Our focus is clear—and limited—and prioritizes some of the most neglected issues.• Guiding Principle #6: We identify a specific point of intervention and apply our efforts against a theory of change.• Guiding Principle #7: We take risks, make big bets, and move with urgency. We are in it for the long haul.• Guiding Principle #8: We advocate—vigorously but responsibly—in our areas of focus.• Guiding Principle #9: We must be humble and mindful in our actions and words. We seek and heed the counsel of outside voices.• Guiding Principle #10: We treat our grantees as valued partners, and we treat the ultimate beneficiaries of our work with respect.• Guiding Principle #11: Delivering results with the resources we have been given is of the utmost importance—and we seek and share information about those results.• Guiding Principle #12: We demand ethical behavior of ourselves.• Guiding Principle #13: We treat each other as valued colleagues.• Guiding Principle #14: Meeting our mission—to increase opportunity and equity for those most in need—requires great stewardship of the money we have available.• Guiding Principle #15: We leave room for growth and change.
  4. 4. History• 1994 - the foundation was formed as the William H. Gates Foundation with an initial stock gift of US$94 million.• 1999 - the foundation was renamed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation• 2000 - After a merger with the Gates Learning Foundation , Gates gave an additional US$126 million• 2006, Gates announced his plans to transition out of a day-to-day role with Microsoft, effective July 31, 2008,[10] to allow him to devote more time to working with the foundation
  5. 5. Impact/ Prospective impacts• Ending polio• Vaccines for malaria to prevent widespread number of deaths• Increasing technology for increased rice production• Improving the education
  6. 6. Team Names• Jonathan Ng• Jia Zhi• Benedict Chui• Kieren Kong
  7. 7. ••• ox-a&sa=N&rls=org.mozilla:en- US:official&biw=1503&bih=633&tbm=isch&tbnid=N2aDtw726iNRBM:&imgrefurl= m/2010_10_01_archive.html&docid=8zQ8YXD1o3Qd1M&imgurl= halmers3/wef-bill- gates1.jpg&w=350&h=466&ei=AujdTvmlOsjQrQfnt9DaCA&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=740&vpy=260&dur=594&hovh= 259&hovw=194&tx=129&ty=287&sig=102655318721423547499&page=1&tbnh=136&tbnw=114&start=0&ndsp= 21&ved=1t:429,r:17,s:0••• efox-a&sa=N&rls=org.mozilla:en- US:official&biw=1503&bih=633&tbm=isch&tbnid=q3gLHUo0IfzKrM:&imgrefurl= ll-gates&docid=GkHKw19NFbibdM&imgurl= Gates101.jpg&w=321&h=300&ei=UerdTuz6KsXUrQeZyqTfCA&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=609&vpy=302&dur=138&ho vh=217&hovw=232&tx=121&ty=166&sig=102655318721423547499&page=6&tbnh=123&tbnw=121&start=112& ndsp=24&ved=1t:429,r:19,s:112•• US:official&biw=1503&bih=633&tbm=isch&prmd=imvns&tbnid=bbaIsAuqZYaKKM:&imgrefurl=http://publisherswi content/uploads/2009/10/Malaria-no-More- 300x155.jpg&w=300&h=155&ei=rOvdTuH3DYPJrQfGj_H7CA&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=359&sig=1026553187214235 47499&page=1&tbnh=89&tbnw=172&start=0&ndsp=22&ved=1t:429,r:20,s:0&tx=105&ty=38