Yeah, it’s 2010 - Feeling Healthy!


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This is the January 2010 issue of KieFit Journal. The free online publication about fitness, nutritional supplements tips and workout instructions.

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Yeah, it’s 2010 - Feeling Healthy!

  1. 1. KieFit Journal January 2010 Will Fruit Make You Fat? Learn the truth about fruit... Exercises For Skiing So what do you do? Clean Foods: The Eat Clean Theory - Eat More and Diet Less Video: Balanced Sweets Terry Walters, author of Clean Food, explains how to bring sweets into your diet in a nutritional way.
  2. 2. JOURNAL KIEFIT HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE! JANUARY 2010 ISSUE: Yeah, it’s 2010 - Feeling Healthy! Hello Fitness- Fans, WILL FRUIT MAKE YOU 3 FAT? + 4 Here is the January 2010 issue of KieFit Journal. The free online publication about fitness, nutritional supplements tips and THE EAT CLEAN THEORY - CLEAN FOODS, 5 workout instructions. EAT MORE AND DIET + LESS 6 A balanced healthy diet with fruits and vegetables (page 3 to 6) is important as well as continuous training session. More of this and how to on Page 7: Why weight Lifting delivers top health benefits? More on this and articles on Core Exercises ski and how to get a washboard abs for the whole year. In the January issue of KieFit Journal we have devoted our- selves to the question "Will fruits make you fat?" Published on page 3 you can find a helpful article about this. WHY WEIGHT LIFTING 7 Find another diet tip and a video clip on page 5. Terry Walters' IS AN EXERCISE THAT DELIVERS TOP HEALTH + Balanced Sweet "- explains how to bring sweets into your diet in BENEFITS 8 a nutritional way. Terry Walters is the author of the Book “Clean Food”. Find further information on "Clean Food" in KieFit Journal on page 6 to 7. Here is an interesting article by Jes Reynolds fit- ness professional. Have fun reading. Stay fit and healthy, CORE EXERCISES FOR 9 SKIING Heidi 1 GREATEST QUAD BUIL- 0 DER... + THAT ALMOST NO ONE WANTS TO DO 1 1 WASHBOARD ABS - HOW 1 TO GET WASHBOARD 2 Send me your comments and ideas for further KIEFIT.COM ISSUE 1 3 articles. Submit your article to Email: ATTENTION ADVERTISE 1 and see it in the next issue Schedules: Submit events sche- OPPORTUNITYS— 4 of KieFit Journal. dules you know to be mentioned KIEFIT.COM Use your article to generate additional free traffic here in the next issue! CONTACT—KIEFIT.COM 1 5 to your website as well. Submit your personal Fitness and Sport events you wish to be SEND ME YOUR COM- 1 Closing date to submit your articles you wish to be published here and invite Kiefit MENTS AND IDEAS FOR 5 FURTHER published here on 25th of each month. Journal readers to attend! ARTICLES.
  3. 3. FRUIT MAKE YOU FAT? Seite 3 Will Fruit Make You Fat? Article Resources: Learn the truth about it the diabolical donut has purple stuff in it. Purple is a fruit." diet-killer it's sometimes made out to be or is it just fruit and actually pretty good for you?! That being said, there ARE metabolic is- The answer to the question of whether fruit sues with fruit and fat. can or will make you fat isn't as simple as yes OR no...because the answer is yes AND no. Yes, it IS true that the body has certain limita- Sound con- tions processing fructose (the type of sugar fusing? It's not found in fruit). so bad! Fructose can only be stored as glycogen There have (glycogen is the carbohydrate storage mole- been studies cule in the body) in the liver, not in the mus- done on fruit cles. Muscle cells lack the proper enzymes to sugar convert fructose into this storage molecule. (fructose) and So that leaves the liver for storage… how it's me- tabolized in When liver glycogen levels are full and your the body and body can't store any more carbs in the liver, liver, which I'll get into in a bit, but I'm also go- fructose IS easier for the body to convert into ing to talk about fruit from a practical stand- fat than other carbs because of its molecular point. structure. First, here is why it WON'T make you fat… This fat is NOT immediately converted into bodyfat, however. It becomes free fatty acids Fruit is a fat-free (with rare exception, like avo- circulating in the bloodstream. If they're not cados) and fairly low-calorie, high-fiber food. burned, they CAN be stored as bodyfat. It's going to be hard to eat ENOUGH fruit to But the OTHER good stuff you find in fruit, result in an excess of calories, resulting in no- notably the fiber and vitamins and minerals, ticeable fat gain...hard, but not impossible. outweigh the "dangers" of storing a little extra fat. You would have to look long and hard to find somebody who ate a lot of fruit and had -- > continued gained a lot of fat because of all the fruit they ate. Fruit roll-ups, fruit juice (with 10% real juice), Fruity Pebbles and Froo Loops… maybe not so hard, though I do have to say high fructose corn syrup is NOT a fruit just because it has the word "fructose" in it, so that doesn't count. And I don't know about you, but I have yet to hear of somebody sitting down in front of the television and not realizing they ate an entire bag of apples or saying their doctor told them they need to lay off the bananas! "Real" fruit actually contains a lot of water, nutrients, fiber, etc...healthy stuff...stuff your body NEEDS. It's generally when we start mucking around with fruit that we start to run into problems. In the words of Homer Simpson..."This jelly
  4. 4. FRUIT MAKE YOU FAT? Seite 4 Will Fruit Make You Fat? - continued - Article Resources: Therefore… 1. The fructose should have little chance of being converted into fat. 2. If some excess fructose IS converted to fat, chances are good it'll be USED by the body soon after being converted to fat be- cause you're in a caloric deficit. Granted, just like ANY other carbohydrate, if you eat too much of it, it can be stored as fat. If you're a competitive bodybuilder peaking for a competition, you MAY have to watch your fruit intake to be sure you come in at your leanest. But for the average person looking to drop bodyfat, fruit is not something I would be too worried about (unless you're on a low-carb diet, in which case you're watching ALL carbs anyway). And here's the point that a lot of people miss, I would be FAR more concerned about a per- especially when they hear that fruit has the son drinking too much of that diet soda gar- potential to work against fat loss when on a bage while dieting before I'd even be slightly diet… concerned about them eating an apple. Bot- tom If you're dieting, you should be in a caloric deficit. This means that your liver glycogen line, my stance is this...DO NOT feel guilty levels should very RARELY be full. You're in about eating fruit, even while dieting. Treat it as you would any other food with calories in a deficit after all! it and simply be aware of your intake be- cause ANY food has the potential to make you fat, especially if you eat it when your body doesn't need any more calories for that day. If you want to minimize the impact of fruit on your fat-loss diet, eat it in the morning when liver glycogen levels are naturally at their lowest point. This will help ensure fructose won't be converted into fat. Honestly, there are MUCH more impor- tant things to worry about when it comes to fat loss...your training and overall nutri- tion are much more important than worry- ing about eating too much fruit.
  5. 5. EAT CLEAN THEORY Seite 5 The Eat Clean Theory - Clean Foods, Eat More and Diet Less Article Source: While the effectiveness of fad diets contin- ing the necessary nutrients and reduces ues to fail, there are some approaches to overall performance. creating a balanced, nutrition menu such as the clean eat diet, that serve both athletes You don't feel outward physical effects from and health-fitness seekers very well. This eating one unhealthy meal, but the effect method of focusing on clean eating habits accumulates and will manifest over time if throughout the week is one of the most ef- you continue to ingest poor quality foods. fective nutrition & gym tips I can suggest. For example, cell membranes may become damaged, loosing their ability to transfer Whether your goal is sports performance, much needed proteins and waste into and weight loss, leaning down, or building mus- out of the cell. cle, learning to eat properly and in accor- dance with your goals is a key component As more and more cells function on a lim- to your success. ited capacity, various indicators act as 'warning signs' alerting you to the problem. It's a common misconception that modifying You may experience symptoms such as a your eating habits only applies to those who lethargy, regular headaches, a cold, or the desire weight loss, but performance related flu. Atherosclerosis, diabetes, high blood goals require the same or more nutrition pressure, and heart attacks are more seri- planning. In fact, most high performance ous conditions that take longer to manifest. athletes are fairly lean, and if your sport Unfortunately, these life threatening condi- requires speed or quickness, losing weight tions are becoming common health con- by following a healthy, well balanced nutri- cerns for more than half of America's popu- tion plan may improve your performance. lation. Learning the principles of the eat clean diet Is it natural for more than half of an entire means creating a lifestyle instead of simply country to routinely develop these condi- following a diet. You'll adjust these princi- tions? I feel the reason these conditions ples to your individual needs and begin to occur is because of prolonged depravation lean down, lose weight, improve your per- of appropriate nutrients to the cells in our formance, or all three! Eating clean means body. The symptoms, both minor and major consuming high quality foods in their most are signs that your cells aren't able to do natural state that are basically free of all their job. Undoubtedly, genetic dispositions unnatural additives. Foods that are free of and abnormalities can cause disease, but sugar, hydrogenated fats, trans-fats and the most common diseases in America to- other unnecessary ingredients are all con- day are directly related to obesity that de- sidered 'clean'. At first glance eating clean velops from poor lifestyle choices, including might sound boring, but if you're creative poor nutrition (the "American Diet"). and learn to use spices, you'll be surprised at all the menu of healthy and good tasting -- > continued choices you can create. Video: The reason eating clean is so crucial to having a lean body, performance, and good health is explained when you consider your body on a cellular level. Invisible to the na- ked eye, microscopic cells work together collectively to perform all the large scale functions of a healthy body. Gross motor function, digestion, and even respiration is the result of groups of microscopic cells working together to perform functions we can discern with the visible eye. Eating low quality foods can prevent cells from receiv- Terry Walters, author of Clean Food, explains how to bring sweets into your diet in a nutritional way.
  6. 6. EAT CLEAN THEORY Seite 6 The Eat Clean Theory - Clean Foods, Eat More and Diet Less - continued - Article Source: There is a substantial body of research vitamins and nutrients. These guidelines are indicating that the fast food, deep fried, sug- the basics of creating a healthy nutrition ary snack staples we Americans know and menu. love are the cause of the downward trends in our nations health. The principles of clean If you have the discipline to eat clean even eating are almost the complete opposite to 80% (90% is best) of the time, you will notice the typical "American Diet". Fast food, your body becoming lean, your energy levels doughnuts, ho-ho's, greasy hot dogs, white will probably rise, and you will notice im- bread with no substance, all of these things proved performance in your chosen physical have little to no nutritional value, yet even activities. You can literally transform your though they feel horrible, lethargic, and fat, body composition by eating clean. Eating they continue to eat more and more of the regular, high quality meals supports your same junk. metabolic rate and your cells, by providing just the right combination of nutrients to em- It's a well known fact that numerous medical power your body to perform at the highest studies site diet, exercise, and a healthy level. If you want to look your best & feel body weight as preventative measures for your best, you must eat clean! the degenerative diseases I previously de- Sometimes the best gym tips are based on scribed. Scientific studies prove that clean the habits you must build in the hours you're eating will build healthy cells and therefore a away from the gym. Learning the basics of healthy body. Plus when you eat right, you the eat clean diet, then creating your own will feel better! Pretend your body is an ultra healthy nutrition menu is a key component to performance sports car, and the food you eat achieving your goals. If you want to learn is the gasoline, oil, and all that other impor- more about healthy eating and get some tant stuff that fuels the car. What type of fuel ideas for healthy recipes, visit my blog at do you put into a Lamborghini or Bent- ley....I'm guessing it's not going to be unleaded 86 octane. The car won't perform well unless you fill it with the highest-grade gasoline. Well, your body works the same way and it won't function effectively or look good if you feed it inferior quality foods. The basics of eating clean are using a few Jes Reynolds is a fitness professional who has been studying health & fitness for over 12 years. In addition simple rules for most of your meals each to actively participating in health, fitness and athletics, day. If you simply follow the rule of consum- Jessica received a B.S. Kinesiology from Michigan State ing a portion of lean protein (cold water fish, University. Her combined education and experience white meat poultry, etc.) in combination with working with all types of individuals, from the physi- cally or mentally handicapped to the elite athlete, al- complex carbohydrates (yams, whole wheat lows her to understand both the scientific and behav- bread, etc.) at each meal you'll notice a sig- ioral aspects of weight loss, fitness and athletics. nificant change in how you feel and how you Jes Reynolds is a leader in teaching proven strategies look. In addition, adding fresh fruits and for reaching health, fitness, and athletic goals. If you vegetables to each meal will leave you feel- want to learn more about health, fitness, and human ing full & healthy! Clean snacks include the performance, visit: apples, fruit & nuts, or chopped veggies with Article Source: hummus (one of my favorites) the fiber in expert=Jes_Reynolds these snacks satiates hunger pangs; plus fruits and veggies are loaded with beneficial
  7. 7. WEIGHT LIFTING Seite 7 Why Weight Lifting Is An Exercise That Delivers Top Health Benefits By Vince DelMonte While some individuals are than going for an hour run. effect on health by showing strictly interested in obtaining reductions in the rate of insulin muscle for aesthetics, for most Decreased Frequency of Inju- resistance, blood pressure, people, this isn’t an interest. ries diabetes, heart disease, and Instead, you’re more inter- even cancer. ested in knowing what health When you strength train, not benefits weight lifting will have only are your muscles going to If you couple a solid weight for you… get stronger, but you’ll also training program then with a Find out how to work the ligaments and ten- well-thought out diet, you’ll be eat delicious food Far too many people overlook dons that are connecting putting your best foot forward and still lose the many health at warding off these weight with and fitness bene- chronic problems these Free Fat fits that weight Loss Meal Plans! training has to Prevention of Fat Gain offer, and be- The Diet Solution cause of this, ex- The more you weight perience problems lift, the higher your me- down the road tabolism will be, thus with their body the more food you can such as de- eat while maintaining creased bone your weight. If that isn’t density, a slowed good news for your fu- metabolic rate, ture and the fight increased stress against body fat, I’m not levels and other sure what is. negative conse- quences that are Now, with all of this associated with said, one big problem many constant stress. bones, muscles, and other people run into is the thinking tissues, thus reducing the pattern that using a muscle Increased Bone Density chance they become injured building program will make when participating in other you big and bulky. Weight lifting, being one of the physical activities. best weight bearing exercises This is most certainly not the you can do, will increase your If you’ve ever been injured, case. bone density and help ward you know just how frustrating off osteoporosis or stress frac- this can be. In about 80% of Let’s look at an analogy to tures in the future. all injury cases, the injury is a gain an understanding of this. direct result of a tendon, liga- Many people think running is ment, or muscle not being Pretend you have two teams the best exercise for increas- strong enough when a stress- and each are going to try and ing bone density, but this isn’t ful force is applied. build a house using the exact necessarily true. If the truth is same building technique. told, running actually pro- Since weight training will really motes muscle breakdown in hit all those deep tendons and the body, while weight lifting, ligaments, it’s the best injury One team is given 10,000 being an anabolic process, prevention out there. bricks to construct this house, helps to promote the building and the second team is given of tissues. only 1,000 bricks. Reduction of Health Related Risks Therefore, weight lifting is go- Who’s going to build the big- ing to be much better at pre- ger house? Numerous studies have dem- serving your bone mass, not onstrated that regular weight to mention it’s far less impact training can have a positive --> continued
  8. 8. WEIGHT LIFTING Seite 8 Why Weight Lifting Is An Exercise That Delivers Top Health Benefits - continued - By Vince DelMonte The choice should be obvious – team one So, hopefully it is clear now that just be- since they have more bricks to build it with. cause you’re weight lifting, it does not mean Now, think of those bricks as being the calo- you will end up with bulky muscles as a re- ries you put into your body. Unless you’re sult. Many people make this incorrect as- supplying enough calories, you aren’t going sumption – but it really is the diet that to build really big muscles. This is precisely makes all the difference in how this weight what makes bodybuilders look like body- lifting will shape your body. builders. When you make the decision to work with It’s not just about the way they train, but me using my 6-Pack Ab Quest program, I’ll more about the way they eat (if you’ve ever take you through the weight lifting and had a teenage son in the growing process in ab techniques that will provide maximum your house, you likely know just how much results with minimal effort on your part (why food must be consumed when growing at spend more time in the gym than you have rapid rates). to?), as well as provide you with meal plans that are custom designed to ensure you get Whether it’s growing in height during pu- the best results from your training without berty or trying to build bigger muscles later the muscle bulk – in fact, the plans are for- on, calories must be supplied for this growth mulated to help you shed the fat so you look process to take place. leaner and more defined. You can’t build a house out of nothing. Likewise, you can workout all you want, but Not choosing to if those building blocks – in the form of include weight amino acids, carbohydrates, and dietary fats training as part are not there, you aren’t going to see too of your current much muscle growth. workout pro- gram is without -a-doubt the So, don’t get caught thinking that just be- biggest mistake cause you add weight lifting to your work- you could outs, you’re going to develop large bulky make as far as muscles. If you control your diet, this simply your long-term will not happen. health and fitness level is concerned. Don’t let this exercise pass you by any longer. About the Author: Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain found at http:// He also specializes in teaching skinny guys how to get a six-pack and build muscle, without drugs, supplements and training less than before with his program found at
  9. 9. EXERCISES FOR SKIING Seite 9 Core Exercises For Skiing By Thomas Lambert - Article Source: Skiing is all about the legs, right? So there's great thing about planks is that you can do no real point in getting strong abs is there? them almost anywhere. When I travel, I com- First, let's clear up a misconception: there's a monly do them in the airport and sometimes lot more to core strengthening than just the in the aisle of the aircraft. abs. All the muscles of the torso that give you support and stability for good posture need Back extensions help, especially if you sit at a desk all day. These require a bit of equipment, but you can improvise. If you own a stability ball (yoga Okay, so why bother with the core? ball, Pilates ball, Swiss ball), you can do this Two reasons: in your living room. Put your hips on the ball and your feet under the sofa and again hold a 1. Injury prevention. position where your body is straight as a board. If you have a partner, you can get a bit Most importantly, because skiing, especially better position by putting your feet under a mogul skiing, can really pound the lower dining chair with someone sitting on it. At the back, you need to strengthen those muscles gym, you might have a special apparatus for and antagonistic muscles as well. A Swedish this exercise (called a Roman chair) or you study found that people who could hold an can put your feet under the dumbbell rack isometric back extension for about a minute instead of the sofa. were much less likely to suffer back pain in the following year. For recreational skiers, The key point is that studies show that iso- this is far and away the more important fac- metric endurance is more important than tor. strength in terms of injury prevention. In other words, it's more important to hold the straight 2. Power transfer. out position against the clock than it is to do "reps" moving up and down. If you have strong legs, but a weak core, your torso will be like a noodle that can't remain If you don't have any equipment at all, you rigid and transfer forces efficiently. This is can do similar exercises by getting on all why Austrian skiers refer to torso "thickness" fours on the floor and lifting one leg and one as a crucial characteristic of top competitors. arm straight out, or by doing a "superman" Using those powerful legs efficiently requires where you lie on your stomach and lift your a powerful core. arms and legs slightly off the floor. So what do you do? Go Skiing! Obviously, that set of exercises barely cracks If you're still doing sit-ups because that's what your high school football coach taught the surface. There are many many more, but you, please stop. If you have a weak core, this is a good start and will allow you to build some basic core rigidity and help maintain these can do more harm than good. What we want is exercises that are both safe and ef- good posture and keep you healthy the next fective. There's not much point in getting in- time you're out banging the bumps on the ski jured doing the exercises that are supposed slopes. to help prevent you from getting injured! Planks If you do only one exercise, this is it (in vari- ous forms). Start with front planks. Essen- tially, get in a position like a pushup, but rest- ing on your elbows, rather than your hands. Try to keep your body straight as a board and hold for one minute if you can (or two if you can). Form is important. If you can only go 20 Ski hard! Have fun! seconds before your middle sags, only do 20 Tom Lambert is a lifelong skier. In fact, his mom skied seconds. with him in the womb. He is a ski instructor and fitness enthusiast. Check out his website if you want tons more Now, add in all variations. Do them on your core exercises for skiing or, for that matter, just want left and right side. If you have the shoulder tips to ski better in general. flexibility, do them in reverse as well. One
  10. 10. GREATEST QUAD BUILDER Seite 10 Greatest Quad Builder... That Almost No One Wants To Do By Tom Venuto, CSCS, NSCA-CPT - It’s axiomatic that the exercises which give (especially the sumo or wide stance version). you the best results are always the hardest These can be performed holding a single ones to do. If you want a huge back… you dumbbell with both hands on the front of the row and deadlift. If you want huge legs, you shoulders, cupped between both hands squat… OR… you do THIS leg exercise – (goblet squat) or with two dumbbells, one in that almost no one wants to do because its each hand, resting on top of each shoulder. one of the hardest of them all. The limiting factor on these front squat varia- tions is often the poundage, as holding heavy Which one am I talking about? FRONT dumbbells can become unwieldy. This can be SQUATS! partially overcome by performing the dumb- bell front squat last in a leg workout or sec- In my opinion, front squats are one of the ab- ond in a superset, or by manipulating tempo solute best quad builders. Back squats are a and range of motion so the exercise is made tremendous mass builder as well, but front more difficult. The dumbbell variations are squats introduce an additional level of chal- also a great choice for women who usually lenge because they require flexibility, tech- don’t require as much weight as men for nique, and core strength because the bar stimulation. must be held and balanced on the front of the shoulders. As such, the front squat does eve- I find that the front squat is particularly effec- rything the back squat does and more. tive at developing the tear drop shaped vas- tus medialis portion of the (“lower”) quads, One great advantage of the front squat, espe- and you can emphasize this effect even more cially for someone like me, having previously by elevating your heels on a board or a suffered a low back injury (herniated L4), is wedge. Elevating your heels is considered that the torso can be held in a more upright controversial and some say that this is dam- (vertical position). Since there is less forward aging to the knees. I’m not convinced that this trunk inclination, this removes some of the is the case with a slight elevation and very stress and shear forces from the lower back. strict form and controlled tempo, although I At the same time, this upright position is would not recommend this method to anyone closer to a bodybuilding squat and throws with existing knee problems. much more emphasis on the quads and less on the hips. It is truly a superb bodybuilding exercise. --> continued There are two styles of front squatting, the Olympic lifting style and the crossed arm style. I find that most athletes, and of course Olympic lifters, use the former, while most bodybuilders seem to prefer the latter. The Video: barbell should generally be your weapon of choice, but for bodybuilders, front squats on Legs exercises : How to Squats for quadri- the smith machine are an outstanding alter- ceps muscles native. The Smith machine front squat takes some of the balance issues out of the picture, which allows the physique athlete to really focus on working the muscle rather than wor- rying about balance and stabilization. Be sure to rotate between both versions, however– barbell and smith machine – because long term overuse or dependency on machines may lead to stabilizer weakness or muscle imbalances and variety is never a bad idea in the physique game. Incidentally, the barbell front squat is an outstanding “core” exercise. A third version of the front squat worth con- sidering is the dumbbell front squat
  11. 11. GREATEST QUAD BUILDER Seite 11 Greatest Quad Builder... That Almost No One Wants To Do - continued - By Tom Venuto - There is certainly a risk to benefit ratio of Note: 4-point tempo prescriptions are as fol- every technique variation, and you have to lows: decide if the added potential benefit is worth the potential risk, depending on your particu- 3020 tempo = lar situation (consult the appropriate medical 3 = negative/eccentric action or training professional if you’re not sure) 0 = pause in stretch/bottom position 2 = positive/concentric action You can also emphasize the medialis and 0 = pause in contracted/top position increase overall effectiveness by working FULL squats (breaking parallel) and only So if front squats are so good, why don’t coming up three quarters (no locking out). more people do them? Simple – because Have you ever seen Mr. Olympia Ronnie they’re damn hard. Here is what I usually see Coleman’s workout videos? I realize that Mr happen: Olympia’s bodybuilding video tapes are not “workout instruction” nor do they really have Someone will start front squatting (or try to), anything to do with us mere mortals, but I and they inevitably put on way too much pay attention to everything in the world of weight. Their form is horrible, it feels totally bodybuilding, and I did find it very interesting uncomfortable and unbalanced, so our nov- to watch Ronnie front squatting 500+ ice front squatter quits and writes off front pounds. I also found it interesting that he squats for good after only one try, and heads went rock bottom and he did ¾ reps without back over to the leg press machine. releasing tension for even a single rep. I usually advise them to unload the bar and Although he certainly has some advantages master the form first with very light weights, over other bodybuilders, everything is rela- but invariably, ego gets in the way, and 315- tive and he has some ridiculous quads, even 405 squatters and 1000+ pound leg pressers don’t want to be seen with a single “wheel” (45 pound plate) on each side of an compared to other IFBB pros. Indeed, con- Olympic bar while they patiently master the tinuous tension ¾ reps are a tremendous technique for a new exercise. Alas, they technique to employ with the front squat ex- never learn to front squat, they go back to ercise, regardless of whether you’re a novice what is easy and familiar and they never gain or a pro. Be prepared to leave your ego at all the benefits of this awesome exercise. home, however. Tom Venuto, NSCA-CPT, CSCS In addition to the ¾ reps, try manipulating your tempo. It will limit your poundage even Lifetime Natural Bodybuilder further, but what you sacrifice in strength you will make up in hypertrophy. Whereas a regular rep might be 2011 or 3011 tempo, or even a full-out explosive concentric with a controlled eccentric, bodybuilders may want to try utilizing a tempo of 3020, or (even harder) 4030. With sets of 10 -12 reps, this will give you a minimum of 50-70 seconds of About the Author: continuous time under tension. The lactic acid burn around the 10-12thth rep has to be Tom Venuto is a natural bodybuilder, certified strength and conditioning felt to be “appreciated.” The only thing more specialistthe Fat, Feed a certified personal trainer (CPT).how toisget lean of "Burn (CSCS) and The Muscle,” which teaches you Tom the author difficult than continuous tension/non-lockout without drugs or supplements using methods of the world's best bodybuild- ers and fitness models. Learn how to get rid of stubborn fat and increase ¾ reps are continuous tension, non-lockout your metabolism by visiting: reps with a slow tempo. Truly a quad killer!
  12. 12. WASHBOARD ABS Seite 12 Washboard abs - how to get washboard abs By Vince DelMonte If you're getting ready to bare your mid- well? It's the perfect opportunity to really section for the summer months or potentially challenge those muscles and help develop escaping the cold for a warm vacation, get- washboard abs. Simply place an exercise ting washboard abs is probably something ball under your arms or under your feet and you would love to take with you. Potentially push-up from there. If you're really ambitious, the top request personal trainer's hear every- try both at the same time (note, use a spotter where is with regards to tightening these when doing this as there is a good chance muscles. Face it, washboard abs not only you'll roll off until you gain the skill necessary look great, but, they also signify the holy grail to balance). of fitness. The only time when you don't want to de- One big misconception that some people crease your stability too much, however, is have regarding getting a washboard stomach when you're lifting very heavy weights in ma- is that you should be working all these mus- jor compound lifts (such as squats for in- cles separately. Because these individuals stance). This could prove to be very danger- often envision the so-called '6-pack', they ous because one small movement in the think that you can divide this muscle up, wrong direction due to being off balance working on it section by section. could cause your form to go and that could lead to a severe injury. Without a clean diet, six pack abs will never be yours. One thing you must realize is that So, keep your destabilization work to exer- while exercise is important, it's only going to cises that are performed with your body take you so far. No matter how many weight or very light weights. crunches or sit-up variations you perform, if you've got a solid layer of fat covering your By following these principles though, you can stomach, your muscles are not going to be be sure that washboard abs are on their way seen. for you. Unfortunately, this simply isn't true. While the abs definitely do consist of a few different muscles, all of these muscles are Video: How To Get Washboards Abs! going to contract simultaneously, helping perform whatever movement is being asked of it. You can definitely target certain areas slightly more than others, but overall, you cannot solely isolate any one of the muscles in particular. So, having said that, try not to do too many isolated ab exercises during your workout. While these can be nice in a sense that you'll likely really 'feel the burn', they aren't going to work as many muscle fibers as possible - which is your primary goal with any weight lifting session you perform. The better thing to instead, is to do exercises that decrease your balance because that is what best calls your muscles into action. About the Author: Think doing ab crunches on the floor is good? Move those crunches onto an stability Vince DelMonte is the author of Your Six Pack Quest found at exercise ball. He specializes in helping chubby guys and gals get six This applies for other calisthenic exercises pack abs without gimmicks, supplements or dieting. as well. Performing a set of push-ups? Why not move those onto an exercise ball as
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