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Welcome Winter,...
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Wintertime Physica...
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HOW           TO      FEEL           BETTER                                                                              6...
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Lose Weight Naturally...
NUTRITION                                                                                                         Seite 8
NUTRITION                                                                                 Seite 9
The 11 Best Foods You Ar...
YOGA                 AND      SKIING                     TOGETHER                               Seite 10

Yoga and Skiing ...
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Shape up for t...
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PartII - Shape up fo...
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Well, fit and healthy for Winter?!


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Well, fit and healthy for Winter?!

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Well, fit and healthy for Winter?!

  1. 1. KieFit Journal November 2008 W E L C O M E W I N T E R F O R B U L K I N G U P ! T R A I N I N G Y O G A A N D S K I I N G G O T O G E T H E R W E I G H T H O W T O F E E L L O S S B E T T E R ? T I P S ! A H E A L T H Y D I E T M E N U L O S E W E I G H T N A T U R A L L Y E X E R C I S E : S H A P E U P F O R S L O P E S E X E R C I S E S C A N H E L P Y O U G E T R E A D Y F O R S K I S E A S O N
  2. 2. JOURNAL KIEFIT HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE! NOVEMBER 2008 ISSUE: Well, fit and healthy for Winter?! WELCOME WINTER, 3 TIME FOR BULKING Hello Fitness Fans! UP! Start reading now and get inspired from KieFit Journal for a WINTERTIME PHYSI- 4 Happy and Healthy Life in autumn and winter time! CAL AND EMOTIONAL RESTORATION I am very glad to introduce you to my new KieFit Journal. NO SPACE FOR 5 “Happy and Healthy Life in autumn and winter” inspires you STRESS for maintaining and upgrading your fitness. A HEALTHY DIET ME- 6 NU - HOW TO FEEL Start reading, now! BETTER AND REST GREAT? Welcome Winter! LOSE WEIGHT NATU- 7 This is the motto of our KieFit Journal November 2008 RALLY FAST WITH A MEAL PLANNER edition. Use the winter time for your physical and emotional restora- OVERDOSE OF VITA- 8 MINS – SEE REVERSE tion. EFFECTS OF EXCESS Read an interesting article about the way water drinking ef- fects your organism (Page4). THE 11 BEST FOODS 9 YOU AREN’T EATING Lose weight the healthy way with a meal planner. Read a helpful article about a healthy diet (Page7). Yoga is a perfect training before, during and after the ski YOGA AND SKIING GO 10 TOGETHER BEFORE, season. Read here why! (Page10). DURING AND AFTER THE SKI SEASON Prepare yourself for the white runway! You can find an ex- SHAPE UP FOR THE 11 tensive ski workout on KieFit Journal Page11. SLOPES—EXERCISES + FOR SKI SEASON 12 Take your mat and start now! KIEFIT.COM ISSUE 13 Feel good, enjoy your healthy life! Heidi ADVERTISE 14 OPPORTUNITYS— KIEFIT.COM CONTACT— 15 KIEFIT.COM Send me your comments and ideas for further ATTENTION SEND ME YOUR COM- 15 MENTS AND IDEAS articles. FOR FURTHER • Schedules : Submit events ARTICLES. Submit your article to Email: schedules you know to be and see it in the next issue of KieFit Journal. mentioned here in the next issue! Use your article to generate additional free traffic to your website as well. • Submit your personal Fit- ness and Sport events you Closing date to submit your articles you wish to be wish to be published here and invite Kiefit Journal published here on 25th of each month. readers to attend!
  3. 3. WELCOME WINTER 3 Welcome Winter, Time For Bulking Up! By Sean Barker But, this does not have to mean that your Crank up your favorite tunes, hit the weights training has to slow down. and then hit the kitchen! The rest will take care of it itself. “Crank up your As the fall-winter season draws in learn to favorite tunes, welcome the sound of moving iron and the heat generated by intense training sessions. hit the weights My goals during the winter are to put on as and then hit the much muscle mass as possible. I forget about kitchen! “ eating only low calorie foods and keeping my abs ripped. Tank tops and gym shorts are no longer my choice for gym attire; sweat shirts and sweat pants are the clothing of choice to keep my body warm during those heavy train- ing sessions. For anyone who has trouble putting on weight, cardio if at all should be kept to a couple sessions a week for health and condi- tioning. You need all the calories you can get to put on size. This is the time to pack on some solid weight through heavy in- tense workouts, a high calorie diet and making sure to consume high-quality pro- tein every three hours. I first tried this approach last winter and come spring I was 12 solid lbs heavier. Taking in a surplus of calories allow you to train heavy and intense which should be between 4-6 reps and makes sure to give your body enough extra fuel for repair and growth. Now, I am not saying to go and get shares in McDonald's and eat all fast food. But, your first priority should be nutrient dense foods Learn the "The Truth On Fat Loss, How To Finally not empty calories. Lose That Beer Belly" in this FREE report from Sean Barker at Sean is a Certi- If you are going to eat out make protein your fied Personal Trainer and a proud and busy Dad. Sean first priority and don't worry about the carbs has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years and have appeared in High Perform- and fats. The protein will help build muscle ance Muscle Magazine, been on health and fitness and the carbs and fats will supply the extra radio shows and was selected as a sponsored athlete calories to help put on weight. Healthy fats by one of the top supplement nutrition companies in such as flaxseed and canola oil are not only the world. His popular Dad Fitness fat loss workouts have helped thousands of Dads around the world lose good for you they will supply you with extra fat, gain muscle, and get lean in less than 3 hours per calories to meet your caloric needs. Also week. For more information on the Dad Fitness work- make sure to drink lots of water to help in di- outs that will help you burn fat without spending hours gestion and metabolic processes from all the in the gym, visit food you eat. Article Source: expert=Sean_Barker
  4. 4. WELCOME WINTER 4 Wintertime Physical and Emotional Restoration By Mary Ann Copson Winter is a time of moving self through nutrition, inward gathering. A healthy, general anxiety are likely. deep inward. It is a time of warmth, and rest. vital kidney/adrenal connec- Restoration and rejuvena- conservation, rest, storage Winter Correspondences: tion allows for the proper tion of the kidney/adrenal and quiet replenishment. Water is the element that balancing of opposites: energy resolves this fear When winter comes there is corresponds to winter. calm yet energetic, strong and opens up the pathway a darkening of skies and a yet nurturing, active yet to joy and loving expres- Water governs the metabo- retardation of growth. The restful. Disruption in the sion. Often deep fears and lism and controls the blad- cold drives us to huddle in kidney energy in the body insecurities will not yield to der. Water is the essential our den and seek our may show up in a number insight and understanding fluid of life through which all warmth from within. In win- of ways including: until the kidney/adrenal things must pass. Water ter, we move toward greater Problems with the bones pathway is restored and makes up the majority of receptive and introspective strengthened. the human body. Water is energy and slow our out- The climate is cold and the the receptive element, the Problems with hearing and ward expansion. associated direction is north Winter is the time of rest. - the place of wisdom, intro- You may find that you re- spection, intuition, and an- quire more sleep, down cestral guidance. Groaning time and quality rest. In win- is the sound of winter and ter, you may need an earlier the color of winter is blue bedtime and a later waken- and black. ing time. Because of this The kidneys influence the pull toward rest, you may storage of the life force in also be drawn to mediate, the bones and the bone pray, dream or contemplate marrow. "I felt it in my more deeply to restore your bones" is an indication of a spiritual energy. deep and intense intuitive Autumn energy drives us knowledge. Winter is a downward to our roots good time for undergoing where we hibernate through restorative bodywork. the stormy, housebound The sexual organs and times of winter. The dark- sexuality are also water/ ness of winter pulls us in- element of the emotions the ears including ear infec- winter elements. Either too ward calling us to be more and winter can be a time of tions much sexual activity or too receptive to our own needs deep emotional experi- little sexual activity may be and the counsel held deep ences. related to the health and Problems with the head and within us. The kidneys and the blad- functioning of the kidney/ the hair including hair loss Seemingly contradictory, der are the two body organs adrenal complex. Tradition- the Winter Solstice - the that deal with the body's ally the predominate energy beginning of winter - is ac- Problems with sexuality and flow through the bladder water and are associated libido, reproductive prob- tually the harbinger of light. with winter. They "open to occurs between 3-5 PM and Devoid of outward growth in lems and urinary problems through the kidneys be- the ears" and the ears are the dead of winter, every the sense organs associ- tween 5-7 PM. During this day from the solstice on ated with winter wellness, Slow or poor growth of the time, relaxation and rest gets longer. as is the sense of hearing mind or body may be required to stay As we draw deeper into and the ability to listen. emotionally centered and ourselves and mimic this The kidneys are seen as Accelerated aging receptive. If you have diffi- contradictory aspect of win- being the storage place for culty getting through this ter, we too are in the proc- our life force. They are the time of day you may need Excessive fear or insecurity to regenerate your kidney/ ess of storing, building and seat of the cycle of transfor- generating our own light. mation and they generate adrenal pathway by includ- The light must first collect our will and ambition. A loss of the "sparkle" in the ing in your diet nourishing internally before it is strong eyes winter foods. The kidneys are related to enough to sustain our out- the adrenals, which gener- Copyright (c) 2008 Mary Ann Copson Mary ward growth and expan- ate energy, warmth, and Fear is the emotion of win- Ann Copson is the founder of the Evenstar Mood & Energy Wellness Center for Women. sion. sexual and reproductive ter. With Master's Degrees in Human Develop- ment and Psychology and Counseling, Mary To facilitate growth in the expression in the body. Like the winter, fear can be Ann is a Certified Licensed Nutritionist; Certi- fied Holistic Health Practitioner; Brain Chemis- newness of spring, winter is The kidney/adrenal connec- deeply rooted internally. try Profile Clinician; and a Health, Wellness the time in which you need tion is the foundation of the When there is poor or weak and Lifestyle Coach. Reconnect to your physi- cal, emotional, mental, psychological and to take special care of your- body's energy expression - kidney/adrenal energy, ex- spiritual natural rhythms at http:// evenstaronline.comArticle Source: http:// both outward reaching and cessive fear, phobias and
  5. 5. NO SPACE FOR STRESS 5 Meditation: No Space for Stress By Sera Redmonds Rising competition & routine hassles has • Count your breaths, and speak the number gifted us an unwanted evil – stress. Nowa- of the breath as you let it out. This will keep days you will find several techniques & medi- your mind engaged cations to deal with stress & stressors. But you yourself are the best doctor of any men- • Do this for ten to twenty minutes. tal problem. Meditation has appeared as a Other than counting your breaths, you can self-boosting & soul enriching technique that not only helps relieve from stress but also also do the followings: relax the mind with sustained concentration. Focusing On An Object These days, meditation has become one of the most effective & popular stress manage- This technique is found to increase the con- ment tools. Meditation is incredible way to centration power. Here, you have to focus lighten up & relax during & at the end of a attention completely on examination of an stressful day. By little & regular practice, you object. Look at each & every detail of the can soothe your life by doing meditation 20 object, like shape, color differences, texture, min a day. temperature and movement of the object. The Idea behind Meditation Objects often used are flowers, candle flames or flowing designs, but you can use When you practice meditation, your heart other. You can use any object while doing rate and breathing slow down, your blood this. pressure stabilizes, oxygen is used more efficiently, and you sweat less. Meditation Focus On A Sound improves your immune system & thus ageing slows down. Your mind gets refreshed and This technique is used more often as some your creativity increases. Meditation helps to people like to focus on sounds they make. It consciously calm down your body and focus entirely depends on your lifestyle what sound your thoughts on one thing for a sustained fetches more of your attention. “Om” is the period. This makes your mind engaged, di- classic example of focusing on sound. verting it from the problems that are causing you stress. It gives your body sufficient time Imagery to relax and restore its strength, and to clear This technique is really stimulating, energiz- away stress hormones that may have built ing, pleasant and effectivdely removes up. It has also been noticed that people who stress. This involves creating a mental image meditate regularly find it easier to quit smok- of a pleasant and soothing place in your ing, drinking and drugs. mind. Whatever the way you use, it is impor- Meditation is no magic but it can be of great tant to keep your concentration intact. If any help to your body and mind to deal with unwanted thoughts or distractions walk into stress and other difficult issues of life. You your mind, let them drift out. can do it quite easily by following these Meditation has been a proven useful and steps: practical relaxation technique from ancient • Sit gently & comfortably at a silent place times. It rests your body, let stress hormones to cave in, and occupy your mind to let un- • Close your eyes pleasant, stressful thoughts stay away. • Begin with relaxing the muscles of your feet and work up your body relaxing muscles About the author: The author, Sera Redmonds, addresses mental health related issues. If Concentrate on your breathing. you wish to seek help for psychological problems to help yourself or your loved ones or if you want to buy xanax online you can log on to http:// for more information and advice. • Inhale deeply and then let your breath out. Article Source:
  6. 6. HOW TO FEEL BETTER 6 A Healthy Diet Menu - How to Feel Better and Rest Great? By Sherry L Harris If you are overweight, it may be part of the Dinner reason you are not resting well at night. Everyone knows that one of the easiest Some foods can cause insomnia. So, let's things to make is a salad. end the trend right now and eat healthy, so you can sleep better. The right salad can fill you up and have all the nutritional value you need. First of all, Although going on a diet sounds like a good don't use iceberg lettuce. It's not bad for you, thing, not all diets are healthy diets. Here are but it has all the nutritional value of water. some suggestions of things to eat while you Romaine lettuce is a good alternative. are on a diet that promotes both weight loss Chicken and fruit are a great combination of and health. things to put in a salad. Having fruit with din- Breakfast ner makes it easier to get the recommended five servings a day and chicken will provide Perhaps the easiest the protein you healthy breakfast on „Although need from meat. It the go is fruit and will also help the going on a diet cheese. You can salad fill you up sounds like a even prepare it the more. good thing, not night before. Just grab an apple, put Different kinds of all diets are some cheese slices melons are great healthy diets. “ in a zip lock, and for for salads. Also, protein throw in add feta cheese some walnuts. If you and walnuts for a like waffles but don't healthy twist. like the sugary Shrimp, which are syrup, try using pea- also fairly easy to nut butter instead. make, can also be This is sure to fill added to a dinner you up and get you salad. Thai dress- the protein you ing is perfect to need. A quick and creative breakfast idea is top it off, and won't overload you on the calo- huevos rancheros rapidos. Simply slice up a ries. A side of pasta can go great with a hard-boiled egg and roll it into a whole wheat shrimp salad also. tortilla. Healthy flavor options include Cana- dian bacon, lean ham, cheese or a little Yes, by eating right and exercising you are salsa. setting yourself up to not only look fabulous, but to get some much needed rest. Lunch Healthy lunches can go way beyond your typical peanut butter and jelly sandwich. For a slight variation, try peanut butter and ba- nana on whole wheat bread. Add a low-fat yogurt for your dairy and you're good to go. If you like Greek food, pita's can offer an inter- national twist on the basic sandwich. Use pita bread to make a wrap with hummus, feta cheese and black olives. You can also use a tortilla to prepare a quick burrito. Just fill it Need insomnia help? Sherry Harris offers FREE information packed ebook, with refried beans, salsa, lettuce and shred- "101 Amazingly Simple Ways to Beat Insomnia." Get the solution to your ded cheese. sleeping problems right now at Get all the help you need to fall asleep fast, free sleep tips (that work!). Hope you enjoyed the article topic A Healthy Diet Menu. Visit us now. Article Source:
  7. 7. LOSE WEIGHT NATURALLY Seite 7 Lose Weight Naturally Fast With a Meal Planner By Roger Kent Is it possible? Yes. How hard or how easy your meal plan up-to-date with the most Youtube Video it is to lose weight naturally fast differs from recent developments in the industry. one person to another and it's actually A Healthier Diet Click here based on a large series of factors that are So what's the best meal planner out there? Where's what I consider to be individual to you (weight, height, gender, "Strip that fat" is the best selling meal plan- a healthier diet. blood type). ner according to internet sales giant click- bank and is guaranteeing to make you Most people don't know about this and try shed 6-7pounds in the first 2 weeks and 50 random recipes they find. The problem with pounds within the first year just by sticking this is that it's potentially dangerous. Just to the meal plan. because it worked for someone it doesn't mean it will work for you taking into consid- What's nice is that they give out a free re- eration all those factors. One such case is port on weight-loss companies secrets. You can get your free report here. Thanks BodyPerformanceTV the lemon cleansing diet (drinking and eat- ing lemon on an empty stomach). This for reading, I hope you lose weight natu- might work for people with really low stom- rally fast and keep in shape for as long as ach acidity but in many cases it has been you live for! known to lead to gastritis and stomach ul- cer. This is a perfect example of how something that's good for someone can be harmful for somebody else. That's why in order to lose weight naturally fast in a healthy manner you need some- Article Source: thing custom-tailored for your specific expert=G._P._Wolf needs. Enter nutrition. This has been known mostly as a pop- pseudo science up until lately because of the lack of funds required for research. However do to the global over-weight prob- lem (over 60% of world population and over 70% of Americans are now believed to be overweight), governments and non- profit organizations have been pumping hundreds of millions of dollars annually into nutrition research. The results are the new-age meal plan- ners, programs that are just stuffed with nutritional equations and aided by huge databases filled with millions of surveys. The great benefit here is that these are constantly updated with new info so they never get outdated and by this they keep
  8. 8. NUTRITION Seite 8 Overdose of Vitamins – See Reverse Effects of Excess By Dr John Anne From infancy to toddlers, recommended or prescribed to their liver, along with head- children to adolescents, and, dosage of iron is adminis- aches, impaired vision and from young adulthood to ma- tered to a young child, the loss of hair. turity, we, as people, at large, effect of this overdose of vita- are confronted and instilled mins can devastatingly result Hampered mobility, numb- with the benefits of vitamins. in either a permanent coma ness felt in either or both the In some cases, individuals or death. In the event of an hands and area of the mouth will conceive the notion that overdose of vitamins through can possibly be a result as to by increasing recommended iron, antidotes, through the an overdose of vitamins, daily dosages of a particular practice of alternative meth- where a higher than recom- vitamin or vitamins, or, en- ods, to include alpha lipoic mended or counseled gaging the overdose of vita- acid, Dimercapto propanesul- amount of Bitamin B-6 is mins, in general, will en- fonic acid or a sodium salt, taken by an individual. hance their respective levels known as unithiol, can be Many individuals believe that of optimum achievement. administered if determined However, such assumption loading their respective bod- and diagnosed in time. can lead to serious complica- ies up with vitamin C can be tions, some, in posing con- Issue in the overdose of vita- a preventative towards the siderable risks, such as a mins, where iron is involved, common cold, as well as a coma of a permanent nature has its impact on both elderly booster to the immune sys- or even death, brought about men and women, as well as tem. While normal, recom- due to an overdose of vita- with women who are men- mended and prescribed lev- mins. struating. In the demograph- els and does of vitamin C ics of individuals, due to ei- supports these matters in its Vitamins are a healthy sup- ther a natural and biological effectiveness, overdose of plement to people's daily di- loss of blood or a lowered vitamin in this case, leads to ets, particularly, in compen- level in the body's production bouts of diarrhea and ab- sating for the lack of clinically of red blood cells, will seek dominal pain and stress. recommended daily vitamin out a supplement to either allowances through inade- propagate or, as the expres- Vitamin D, through the body absorbing it through normal quate eating habits, or, in sion goes, pump up, the red other terms, a balanced diet, blood cell counts. If the re- sun exposure or sun bathing, when taken as directed. spective individuals ingest in any amount, will never However, upon a person in- the recommended or pre- amount to an overdose of creasing their daily vitamin scribed amount of iron, as a vitamins. By way of ingesting vitamin D, as a supplement, “Vitamin D, intake by exceeding the rec- dietary supplement, it can be ommended dosage and allot- beneficial. However, if an in an amount that exceeds through the ments, such overdose of vita- excessively higher amount of the daily-recommended dos- body absorbing age, can cause complica- it through mins is unhealthy. iron, which would result in an overdose of vitamins, is tions in muscle functionality, normal sun Where children of younger taken or administered, the along with the same ill effects exposure or ages are concerned, a misin- body's absorbing abilities of to the tissues of the heart. sun bathing, in terpreted or unintentional zinc would be impeded. Zinc Recommended for lowering any amount, overdose of vitamins, particu- is a mineral that serves a will never larly in those multiple vitamin levels of cholesterol in par- amount to an dual purpose within the body, ticular individuals, Niacin can formulation containing iron, as in healing wounds and overdose of poses hazardous factors. be effective. Ingesting Niacin, regulating the immune sys- vitamins.” Within the natural and bio- in a dosage amount to tem. achieve such purpose, can logical hemoglobin makeup, as a molecule contained in Individuals who exceed the also act as an overdose of the blood, iron is the trans- ingesting of vitamin A, as a vitamins, in presenting jaun- dice, along with damage to portation component of oxy- supplement, by extremes not gen to cells that are living. in accordance with either the liver. Small and normally recom- recommended or advised About the author: For more helpful information read about Home Remedies at Herbal Remedies mended doses or supple- doses, is posing serious risks website. Also read about Breast Enlargement ments of iron permits the that fall into the scenario of Products. body's ability to restore the an overdoes of vitamins. Article Source: http://www.Free-Articles- hemoglobin count. Unfortu- Such dangers to one's body nately, when a larger than can include serious damage
  9. 9. NUTRITION Seite 9 The 11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating Nutritionist and author Jonny Bowden has omega-3’s, contain virtually no mercury created several lists of healthful foods peo- and are loaded with calcium. They also ple should be eating but aren’t. But some contain iron, magnesium, phosphorus, po- of his favorites, like purslane, guava and tassium, zinc, copper and manganese as goji berries, aren’t always available at regu- well as a full complement of B vitamins. lar grocery stores. I asked Dr. Bowden, How to eat: Choose sardines packed in author of “The 150 Healthiest Foods on olive or sardine oil. Eat plain, mixed with Earth,” to update his list with some favorite salad, on toast, or mashed with dijon mus- foods that are easy to find but don’t always tard and onions as a spread. find their way into our shopping carts. Here’s his advice. 9. Turmeric: The “superstar of spices,” it may have anti-inflammatory and anti- 1. Beets: Think of beets as red spinach, cancer properties. How to eat: Mix with scrambled eggs or in any vegetable dish. Dr. Bowden said, because they are a rich source of folate as well as natural red pig- 10. Frozen blueberries: Even though ments that may be cancer fighters. How to freezing can degrade some of the nutrients eat: Fresh, raw and grated to make a in fruits and vegetables, frozen blueberries salad. Heating decreases the antioxidant are available year-round and don’t spoil; power. associated with better memory in animal studies. How to eat: Blended with yogurt or 2. Cabbage: Loaded with nutrients like chocolate soy milk and sprinkled with sulforaphane, a chemical said to boost crushed almonds. cancer-fighting enzymes. How to eat: Asian-style slaw or as a crunchy topping on 11. Canned pumpkin: A low-calorie vege- burgers and sandwiches. table that is high in fiber and immune- stimulating vitamin A; fills you up on very 3. Swiss chard: A leafy green vegetable few calories. How to eat: Mix with a little packed with carotenoids that protect aging butter, cinnamon and nutmeg. eyes. How to eat it: Chop and saute in olive oil. You can find more details and recipes on the Men’s Health Web site, which pub- 4. Cinnamon: May help control blood lished the original version of the list last sugar and cholesterol. How to eat it: Sprin- year. kle on coffee or oatmeal. In my own house, I only have two of these 5. Pomegranate juice: Appears to lower items — pumpkin seeds, which I often blood pressure and loaded with antioxi- roast and put on salads, and frozen blue- dants. How to eat: Just drink it. berries, which I mix with milk, yogurt and other fruits for morning smoothies. How 6. Dried plums: Okay, so they are really about you? Have any of these foods found prunes, but they are packed with antioxi- their way into your shopping cart? dants. How to eat: Wrapped in prosciutto and baked. 7. Pumpkin seeds: The most nutritious Maybe you part of the pumpkin and packed with mag- should be eat- nesium; high levels of the mineral are as- ing more sociated with lower risk for early death. beets, left, or chopped cab- How to eat: Roasted as a snack, or sprin- bage. (Credit: kled on salad. Evan Sung for The New York 8. Sardines: Dr. Bowden calls them Times, left) “health food in a can.” They are high in
  10. 10. YOGA AND SKIING TOGETHER Seite 10 Yoga and Skiing Go Together Before, During and After the Ski Season By Keith Edwin Renninson Here it is July and you’re probably wonder- for those tough, but fun, double black dia- Youtube Video ing, "Is this guy nuts?" I mean, dude, it’s 90 mond days. degrees outside, not a snowflake in sight PUSH.TV Skiing with and he’s focusing on skiing! Well, you do You can purchase yoga videos, take a lo- Jessica Smith when you love to ski and want to be ready cal, weekly class or watch for special when the time comes to throw the skis in shows on cable often featured on FitTV the car and head for the hills. In Colorado, and OLN. I like to take an occasional class that happened in the first week of Novem- and use videos, they both offer diversity, ber last year. privacy and instruction. Cross-training have become the buzzwords Have a great summer; I'll see you on the in sports the past couple of years, and they Colorado slopes in a few short months. apply to skiing as much a cycling, baseball, basketball or snowboarding. Some cross training activities can only be done before Keith Edwin Renninson is co-owner, along with Jeffrey Forman, of Golden Years Vid- your season begins; then focus changes to eos, LLC a production company dedicated “As with cycling, just the main activity. Yoga and skiing go to offering yoga and chair exercise videos yoga poses help together before, during and after the sea- for those over 50 or of any age who are keep your level of son. rehabilitating from an accident or illness. performance high As with cycling, yoga poses help keep your while you reap level of performance high while you reap year round year-round benefits. Skiing requires a lot Renninson is an avid exercise and yoga benefits. “ from your body and even though a good enthusiast. Now in his late 50’s; he still hot tub, steam or massage can eliminate races bicycles and regularly skis the black some of the sore muscles, yoga will keep diamond runs in Colorado where he lives. you flexible and relatively pain free, if you For many years, a bona fide gym rat, Ren- apply it during the season. ninson still loves to lift free weights and use exercise machines. In pre-season, as we now find ourselves, is the time to use yoga to strengthen the You can contact Renninson or read more muscles used in skiing, and gain endur- about his company and the videos they ance and deeper breathing skills which will have available at: http:// aid you when the season starts. I always laugh at the timing of articles in magazines touting: “It’s time to get into skiing shape” when the season has already started. Sure, a pre-season tune up on the body is needed, but that shouldn’t be a month after it has started; by then you are already be- hind the game and open yourself up for sore muscles, strains and possible injury. Cross-training during the summer and fall months is invaluable and will give you a leg up when November arrives; swim, play tennis, bicycle, run to keep you in shape and interested in fitness through variety. Then, add yoga to improve flexibility and Article Source: strength. Keep it up after the season has expert=Keith_Edwin_Renninson started to stave off any injury and fatigue
  11. 11. SHAPE UP Seite 11 Shape up for the slopes Exercises can help you get ready for ski season Joe Miller, Staff Writer What's a nice guy like An- snow, the Triangle actually earnest in mid-December, To that end Hooge shares drew Hooge doing in a has a healthy population of Hooge says now is the time seven of the exercises he place like Chapel Hill? Not skiers and snowboarders. to start getting your body uses in his classes. Do that there's anything wrong ready. them at least three times a with Chapel Hill. It's just that It's hard to pinpoint exactly week, he says, and you'll when you're one of the how many skiers and snow- "If you get into shape now," hit the slopes in good country's top experts on ski boarders are here. But the he says, "you'll enjoy the form. and snowboard fitness, you evidence suggests the num- slopes more. You'll also re- might be expected to live ber is sizable. duce your risk of injury." A LATERAL HOPS (WARM- somewhere more ... alpine. significant number of ski- UP EXERCISE) * Not a place that averages What you do: Slowly jump seven inches of snow a from side to side letting the year, that touts a 767-foot outside foot hit first fol- mountain (Occoneechee, in lowed by the inside foot. Hillsborough) as its highest Pick up speed as you de- peak, and that's 180 miles velop a rhythm. from the nearest ski slope. Props: Yardstick, broom- "I'm here because of the stick or long piece of School of Public Health," masking tape. (For extra Hooge says to clear up the effect, you can use a Bosu mystery. He's earning a ball. But it isn't cheap.) master's degree in public health while forging a snow- Reps: Three sets, 15-30 fitness mini-empire that in- each side, with 15-30 sec- cludes a book ("FitSkiing: onds rest between sets. Your Guide for Peak Skiing Fitness"), consultation with Muscles worked: Quads, the U.S. Ski Team, creating The Triangle represents the and snowboard-related inju- calves and, to some ex- and teaching two snow-fit second-largest market for ries are the result of fatigue, tent, the core. Especially courses at UNC Wellness Virginia's Wintergreen ski not their perceived inherent good for getting your blood Centers' Meadowmont facil- resort and is the third- dangers. flowing. ity and a Web site that will largest supplier of skiers to include more than 100 rec- West Virginia's Snowshoe And now, he says, is the ommended exercises for Mountain, the largest ski perfect time to launch a ski/ FIT BALL PUSH-UP TO snow conditioning. area in the South. The Tri- snowboard-specific exercise PIKE angle supports five ski regimen. What you do: Lie with your His presence in the Triangle shops, and from January stomach on the ball, then seems less perplexing when into March, at least one bus "If you're in relatively good "walk" with your hands you learn that he shape, a minimum of four to until your knees learned to ski in and shins are the Ohio, on a moun- only areas touch- tain "with some- ing the ball. Do a thing like a 400- push-up. At the foot vertical top of the push-up, bring drop." (That would be the of skiers and snowboarders six weeks of [targeted] exer- your knees into your chest, elevation change from the runs daily from the Triangle cise should be enough," then extend them back to top of the mountain to its to Wintergreen. The local Hooge says. Less active the starting position. Re- base. By comparison, Colo- downhill population is types who plan to hit the peat for the suggested rado's Vail ski resort has a deemed sufficient to warrant slopes may need about number of repetitions. At vertical drop of 3,150 feet.) an annual showing of War- twice that long to whip the end, slowly roll back- ren Miller's ski documenta- themselves into shape. ward off the ball Props: 55- And it makes even more ries. And regardless of whether 65 centimeter fitness ball. sense when you consider that despite its moderate To those of you anticipating you prefer one board or two, climate, its vertical chal- the coming ski season -- fitness is key. "Both require Part II -> lenge and its dearth of which typically begins in good conditioning," says Hooge.
  12. 12. SHAPE UP Seite 12 PartII - Shape up for the slopes Exercises can help you get ready for ski season Joe Miller, Staff Writer Reps: Three sets of 10-15. ing the abs and midback, you return to the starting Props: None. Muscles worked: Builds "two very important groups position keeping your focus of muscles for skiing stabil- on the hamstrings muscles Reps: Two sets of 8-12 on core stability and endur- both sides. ance. It primarily works the ity and endurance on the (back part of the thigh). abdominals, low back, hip slopes." When you reach the start- ing position, press the HAND WALK * flexors, chest and triceps. Props: Dumbbell that you can comfortably hold over dumbbell over your head, What you do: Begin in the LATERAL STEP-UP TO making sure to keep your classic push-up position. SQUAT (SKI SPECIFIC your head for 15 to 20 sec- abs flexed. Lower the Slowly inch feet up toward EXERCISE) onds, box two to four feet dumbbell to your shoulder, hands while keeping the high. What you do: Step up side- then to your side. Repeat legs straight as possible. ways with left leg When you can't onto the bench or walk any farther, box. Bring the "walk" your hands right leg up on to out and return to the box. Step the starting push- down with the left leg, keep- Reps: Three sets of 10-15 up position. for suggested number of ing right leg on the box or reps on both sides. reps and then switch sides. Muscles worked: Just about bench. Squat down with left FORWARD LUNGE every relevant muscle, says leg and hold for a second. STRETCH * Muscles worked: Helps with Hooge (try a couple and Bring left leg back to the balance and builds shoulder you'll agree. "Great before a bench or box and step What you do: A basic lunge, muscles, which help in pick- day on the slopes!") down with right leg. Repeat being sure to keep your ing up ski gear. It works the squat on the right side. knees in line with ankle on primarily the hamstrings, Props: None. Repeat both sides for sug- front leg and to extend the core and shoulder muscles. Reps: Five. gested number of reps. front leg and lean forward until you feel a stretch in the Props: Dumbbell that you TORSO ROTATION Muscles worked: "Assists in hamstring. Hold for 5 sec- What you do: Tie or wrap recruiting fast twitch fibers," onds, then repeat on other can comfortably push over an exercise band around says Hooge, "which help your head. side. something sturdy such as a improve the quickness of Reps: 8-12 doorknob. Grab both ends skier's turns. It primarily Muscles worked: Quads, hamstrings and with both hands and step works the quads, ham- SIDE PIKE WITH away until the band is strings, glutes, hips and glutes. Warms LEG UP the leg muscles, taught. With legs set shoul- core." der wide, extend your arms, actively stretches What you do: Lie keeping them as straight as Props: Bench or box two to hamstrings. four feet high. on your side with possible. Twist at the waist Props: None. your elbow on the Reps: Three sets of 10-15 while pulling with the arms floor directly un- to the opposite side of the repetitions on both sides. Reps: Eight, both derneath the body. Slowly return to the sides. OVERHEAD STEP-UPS shoulder. Keep- starting position. Repeat for (SKI SPECIFIC EXER- SINGLE-LEG ing body straight, the suggested number of CISE) ROMANIAN lift the top leg into repetitions, then repeat on DEADLIFT TO the air. With the What you do: Holding a the other side. PRESS (SKI top leg in the air, dumbbell in one hand fully SPECIFIC EXER- lift your hip off the Props: Exercise band. extended over your head, CISE) ground and hold Reps: Three sets of 10 to step up onto the box with for two seconds. 15 each. the foot opposite the hand What you do: Repeat for the holding the dumbbell. Keep- Stand on one leg Muscles worked: primarily suggested repeti- ing the arm straight, step with a dumbbell in works the abdominal mus- tions on both down and repeat for sug- the opposing cles and lower back. Im- sides gested repetitions. Switch hand. With a very proves rotational strength sides and repeat. slight bend at the Muscles worked: and flexibility. Muscles worked: Quads, knee, slowly bend at the Good for "overall structural hamstrings, calves, hips trunk and reach the dumb- integrity, both on and off the and core. Holding the bell toward the opposing slopes." Improves overall weight overhead forces the foot (crossing the body). core and hip strength, and body to compensate, work- Slowly extend the hips until endurance.
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