Sweet and healthy?!


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Sweet and healthy?!

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Sweet and healthy?!

  1. 1. KieFit Journal October 2009 Trans Fatty Acids: The poison in our food supply that most people are STILL eating every day Cooking Low Carb with Pumpkin Workout Video: Halloween Fat Loss Pumpkin Workout! Why Weight Lifting Is An Exercise hat Delivers Top Health Benefits
  2. 2. JOURNAL KIEFIT HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE! OCTOBER 2009 ISSUE: Sweet and healthy?! 3 Hello Fitness- Fans, THE #1 WAY TO HAVE + MORE ENERGY 4 Here is the November 2009 issue of KieFit Journal. The free online publication about fitness and health tips. TRANS FATTY ACIDS: 5 THE POISON IN OUR What gives us energy? FOOD SUPPLY THAT - MOST PEOPLE ARE You have read a lot of articles and books dedicated to helping you STILL EATING EVERY 7 DAY to gain more energy. You have read how to have healthy meals, how to eat a lot of vegetables, how about and fitness routines and so on … What’s the solution for more energy? Read on page 3 in this issue of KieFit Journal an article about the ‘only’ thing that we can do to actually restore our energy... A shocking inside scoop about ‘Trans Fatty Acids’ Find in this issue of KieFit journal an interesting article about these ‘industrially manufactured’ ingredients in our food. Tom Venuto a fat loss Expert and a lifetime natural (steroid-free) bodybuilder will give CHOOSE A DIET PLAN you a deep and shocking inside scoop on this topic. NOW AND LOSE WEIGHT BY HALLO- 8 WEEN Halloween - Sweet or healthy? What do you know about pumpkins? Amongst others did you know pumpkins have a lot of vitamins, min- COOKING LOW CARB 9 erals, fibbers and antioxidants! WITH PUMPKIN Read more about this chock full of goodness here on page 9. See this ‘Halloween – Fat Loss Pumpkin Workout’ video on page 8. Enjoy yourself! Stay healthy, FITNESS PARTY - A FUN AND HEALTHY 1 Heidi TREND 0 WHY WEIGHT LIF- 1 TING IS AN EXERCISE 1 THAT DELIVERS TOP HEALTH BENEFITS Send me your comments and ideas for further KIEFIT.COM ISSUE 1 3 articles. Submit your article to Email: ATTENTION ADVERTISE 1 articles@kiefit.com and see it in the next issue Schedules: Submit events sche- OPPORTUNITYS— 4 KIEFIT.COM of KieFit Journal. dules you know to be mentioned Use your article to generate additional free traffic here in the next issue! CONTACT— 1 KIEFIT.COM 5 to your website as well. Submit your personal Fitness and Sport events you wish to be SEND ME YOUR COM- 1 Closing date to submit your articles you wish to be published here and invite Kiefit MENTS AND IDEAS 5 FOR FURTHER published here on 25th of each month. Journal readers to attend! ARTICLES.
  3. 3. HAVE MORE ENERGY Seite 3 The #1 Way to Have More Energy Article From Article Health And Fitness There are hundreds of articles and books say, a bologna sandwich. dedicated to helping you have more en- ergy. I’m sure you’ve heard of these solu- What About Exercise? tions: eat less meat, cut down on sugar, eat more fiber, drink lots of water, exercise eve- ryday, on and on. If simply eating an apple requires energy, you know what exercise does, right? Yep. I’m here to tell you that you can significantly Exercise saps your energy! increase your energy by doing just one sim- ple thing. But first, let me dispel a few Think about it: you decide to go for a jog. myths… You spend a good 30 minutes on the track. How do you feel Do Certain afterwards? You Foods REALLY feel a little worn Increase Your out, right? And Energy? probably a little hungry. Have you seen those Emerald With that said, nuts commer- making exercise a cials? You know, regular part of the ones where your life will the people fall *improve* your asleep during im- energy expendi- portant tasks be- ture in the long cause they have- run. Because your n’t got enough body is now en- energy. Then a gaging in more friend gives them intense periods of some nuts and woo hoo, they have energy movement, average daily tasks will become galore! even easier to perform. They will require less energy from you than they did before an exercise routine was implemented. I want to let you in on a little secret: there is *nothing* you can eat that will increase your energy…not fruit, not vegetables, and cer- Exercising also makes the *true* energy tainly not nuts! booster even more efficient. Digestion is a process in your body and it So what does give us energy? *requires* energy. That’s why everyone Good question! retires to the couch after a large Holiday meal…your body is working overtime to The *only* thing that we can do that actu- process all of the food, leaving you too ally restores our energy is… worn out to do anything else! --> continued Which brings me to my next point: there are certain foods that require *less* effort from your body to digest. Raw fruit, for instance, only takes *minutes* to go through the di- gestive process. But again, even raw foods do not give you energy. It just uses up less, providing you with optimal fuel and letting you retain more of your own energy than if you had eaten,
  4. 4. HAVE MORE ENERGY Seite 4 The #1 Way to Have More Energy - continued - Article From Article Health And Fitness *SLEEP* * Go raw! As stated earlier, eating healthy raw foods require less energy, al- That’s right. Good ole’ sleep. It’s easy to lowing you to sleep much more soundly. do, you can do it in the comfort of your own home, and it’s free! What’s better than * Don’t eat too late. Try to finish your last waking up naturally after a good night’s meal a few hours before bedtime so that rest? your body is not digesting food while you are asleep. When you sleep, your body goes into hi- bernation mode. Because you are not mov- * Be a yogi! Just a few minutes of yoga, ing, eating, thinking, etc., you are creating or any kind of light stretching, is a great less of a demand for your body. All of your way to calm your body and mind before organs, muscles, etc. are given the chance sleepy time. to rest and recover. * Start an exercise routine. You will be How much sleep do you need? It’s an easy amazed at how wonderfully exhausted you answer, but you might not like it…enough. feel when bedtime rolls around. You need enough sleep. * Turn off the computer or put down the You want some numbers? The general laptop at least an hour before you go to sleep. I’m really bad about this some- times, but it truly makes a difference. As far as getting *enough* sleep, you simply have to get into the habit of doing so. The easiest way to do this is to gradually add on time to your nights. For instance, start by going to bed just 20 minutes earlier than you usually do. Add 20 more minutes the following week, and so on. You can also try just adding a few restful moments throughout your day. That means no TV, no computer, and no phone! While this isn’t as restora- tive as sleeping, it does provide your body with a little bit of recovery time. guideline is 8-10 hours every night. How- I have one last little point to make. If you ever, this changes from person to person. wake up in the morning exhausted, that’s Someone who is training for a marathon because you are! The absolute best thing will need much more sleep than someone you can do is go back to bed. Even if it who only goes for long walks on the week- means skipping exercise, go back to bed. ends. Yes, it’s that important. Tips for getting quality sleep As evidenced by the vast number of sleep- ing pills and potions used by the general Author Resource:- For more information on the best public, people have a hard time getting raw vegan diet, be sure to visit Fit On Raw and sub- quality sleep. scribe to Swayze’s newsletter Peachy Keen Ezine. By subscribing, you will also receive the free report The 4 Principles of a Healthy Raw Diet as well as the Here are some easy tips to help you 5-week mini-course The Fool Proof Transition to *finally* get some sound sleep: Raw.
  5. 5. TRANS FATTY ACIDS: Seite 5 Trans Fatty Acids: The poison in our food supply that most people are STILL eating every day By Tom Venuto Most people are eating a poison every day years. Research papers linking trans fats to without giving it a second thought. This sub- heart disease date back to the 1970’s. In stance can increase belly fat and consuming 1994, the Center for Science in the Public even small amounts (2% of total energy in- Interest petitioned the Food and Drug Admini- take) is consistently linked to coronary heart stration to put trans fats on food labels (didn’t disease. The research also says that this stuff happen until 2006). Since 2006, TFA’s have can increase visceral fat, contribute to insulin thankfully received a decent amount of public- resistance, increase risk of type 2 diabetes, ity when they were in the news regarding new increase bad cholesterol, decrease good cho- food labeling laws and the banning of their lesterol, trigger systemic inflammation and adversely affect almost every cell in your use in restaurants in some states. body. New studies have been published in the past What substance could be so harmful that it year confirming the dangers of TFA’s. causes all of these health problems and yet is Four recent studies indicated 24, 20, 27 and so prevalent in our food supply that most peo- 32% higher risk of myocardial infarction (MI) ple are eating dangerous amounts every sin- or CHD death for every 2% energy of TFA gle day? This industrially manufactured ingre- consumption isocalorically replacing carbohy- drate, SFA, cis monounsaturated fatty acids and cis polyunsaturated fatty acids, respec- tively. TFA intake in the United States still averages 2-3% of total energy intake, 4% in some de- veloping countries where fast food is being introduced and as high as 8-10% in certain subgroups (who eat large amounts of baked goods, fried foods, pastries, doughnuts, etc). The government recommended maximum is 1% of total energy intake (2 grams!). Some experts say there is NO safe level of TFA in- take. Legislation has been enacted in some states banning the use of TFAs in restaurants. It was big news New York. As of 2008, 11 cities and dient is called Trans fatty acids (TFA’s). counties have adopted regulations to restrict TFA use in restaurants. However, industrial TFA’s are not found in nature, with the excep- TFA use is still widespread and lots of people tion of some ruminant-derived TFA’s in cer- are still scarfing them down every day. tain dairy products (usually contributing less than 0.5% of total caloric intake). TFA’s come If Trans fats are so dangerous, why is their mostly from the industrial hydrogenation of use so widespread? Dietary fat expert Udo vegetable oils, which alters the natural cis Erasmus put it this way: “TFA’s are a food configuration of the oils to the trans configura- manufacturer’s dream: an unspoilable sub- tion. If you see “partially hydrogenated” oil in stance that lasts forever. the ingredients list of any food product, then it --> continued contains TFA’s. TFA’s have been studied for decades, but were largely ignored until the past several
  6. 6. TRANS FATTY ACIDS: Seite 6 Trans Fatty Acids: The poison in our food supply that most people are STILL eating every day By Tom Venuto -continued - ” TFA’s are cheap and for countless food prod- free. The front of their package may say ucts, they can prolong shelf life, allow easy “ZERO grams of trans fats,” and yet there is transport, provide solidity at room temperaturehydrogenated oil listed in the ingredients. How (to make spreads), and increase suitability forcould that be? There is a label loophole where commercial frying. the government allows companies to claim zero trans fats if there is less than a half a Although most people have heard of TFA’s, gram per serving. So the food companies the bad news is that this increased awareness sneakily manipulate their serving sizes until the has not been enough to translate into behavior servings are so small that the TFA content falls change. below the per serving limit. A study recently published in the Journal of 3. Read ingredients lists. The primary source The of TFA’s is partially hydrogen- ated vege- table oils. In particular, soybean, sunflower, cottonseed American Dietetic Association (ADA) found and palm oils are frequently hydrogenated. that in 2007, 73% of Americans knew that Your first step then, is to read food labels on TFA’s increased risk of heart disease, com- any packaged products and look at the ingredi- pared to 63% in 2006. However, the bad news ents list. is that 79% of Americans could not name 3 foods that contain trans fats. If it contains partially hydrogenated oils, it con- tains TFA’s. 46% of Americans could not name any sources of trans fats on their own. 4. Avoid foods that contain TFA’s most of the time. TFA’s are commonly found in baked “Knowledge about food sources of fats re- goods (bakery), fried foods and packaged con- mains low” says Robert Eckel, professor of venience foods, especially: Medicine at the University of Colorado. cookies* Public health messages have been raising crackers* awareness, but they haven’t been enough. biscuits* “TFA’s are bad for you.” Ok, so now what? pastries* What you really need are some simple behav- pies* ior guidelines and a list of foods to eat very doughnuts* infrequently if you eat them at all. packaged frozen foods (breaded chicken, breaded fish, etc) Here are some good places for you to start. corn chips 4 Ways to Avoid Trans Fatty Acids potato chips packaged popcorn 1. Eat mostly foods that do not have a label. At some breads the risk of stating the obvious, if you don’t eat frostings anything that comes in a box or package with a french fries (fried potatoes) label, then you won’t ever consume manmade taco shells TFA’s. If your diet consists primarily of fruits, margarines and spreads fibrous vegetables, root vegetables, beans, shortening legumes, brown rice, unprocessed whole some salad dressings grains, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish and lean meats, some candies you’re home free. some artificial cheeses 2. Watch for label loopholes. WARNING: Food * major food sources for American adults companies are lying to you on their product labels to make you think their foods are TFA- --> continued
  7. 7. TRANS FATTY ACIDS Seite 7 Trans Fatty Acids: The poison in our food supply that most people are STILL eating every day By Tom Venuto - continued - In 2002 when I published the first edition of avoid anything that is harmful to your my ebook, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle, health. I warned my readers of the dangers of trans fatty acids. I was not the only one either. Train hard and expect success, Years ahead of the 2006 law requiring Tom Venuto trans fats to be listed on food labels and the 2007-2008 restaurant TFA bans, numerous Fat Loss Coach health professionals were already warning About the Author: people to stay away from TFA’s. Tom Venuto is a fat loss expert, lifetime natural Not enough people heeded the warnings, (steroid-free) bodybuilder, independent nutrition re- while meanwhile, politics and commercial searcher, freelance writer, and author of the #1 best selling diet e-book, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle: interests delayed legislation. No doubt, sky- Fat-Burning Secrets of The World’s Best Bodybuilders rocketing rates of obesity, diabetes and & Fitness Models (e-book) which teaches you how to cardiovascular disease can be largely get lean without drugs or supplements using secrets of linked to the continued use of these artifi- the world's best bodybuilders and fitness models. Learn how to get rid of stubborn fat and increase your cial fake food additives. In the US alone, metabolism by visiting: www.burnthefat.com 1,700,000 new cases of diabetes, 233,600 diabetes-related deaths, 600,000 myocar- dial infarctions and 451,300 coronary heart www.BurnTheFat.com disease-related deaths are reported every year. A campaign for better education and life- style change is worth supporting. As re- searchers from Harvard said, “A compre- hensive strategy to eliminate the use of industrial TFA in both developed and devel- oping countries, including education, food labeling, and policy and legislative initia- tives, would likely prevent tens of thou- sands of CHD events worldwide each year.” For a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and for better long-term compliance, I’m rarely in favor of tagging any foods as totally “forbidden” or to use words as strong as “poison” in describing foods. But if there are any exceptions, trans fats are one of them. References If you are unable or unwilling to eliminate Americans’ Awareness, Knowledge, and Behaviors Regarding TFA’s from your diet completely, then you Fats, Eckel RH et al, Journal of the American Dietetic Associa- would be wise for the sake of your health tion, Feb 2009 (2):288-296 and your family’s health, to keep foods con- Metabolic implications of dietary trans-fatty acids, Dorfman SE taining TFA’s to a bare minimum and avoid et al, Obesity, Feb 2009, 1-8. Cardiovascular and metabolism eating any TFA-laden foods on a daily ba- disease area, Novartis institutes for biomedical research, INc. Cambridge, Mass. sis. Mortality from arteriosclerotic disease and consumption of Last, but not least, be on guard, because hydrogenated oils and fats, Thomas LH, Br J Prev Soc Med, history tells us that when one harmful food Jun 1975 29(2): 82-90 additive is banned, it is often replaced with Health effects of trans-fatty acids: experimental and observa- another, which is sometimes even worse. tional evidence. Mozzafarian D, Eur J Clin Nutr, May 2009: 63 That’s why item #1 on my list of four ways suppl 2S5-21, Harvard Medical School to avoid trans fatty acids is the best way to Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill, Udo Erasmus, Alive Books, 1994
  8. 8. LOSE WEIGHT BY HALLOWEEN Seite 8 Choose a Diet Plan Now and Lose Weight by Halloween By Coose a Diet Plan Now and Lose Weight by Halloween Believe it or not Fall is already here. It just Another reason to choose a diet plan now snuck up on us didn't it? If you are like and lose weight by Halloween is for a really many people you started the summer out good reason. If you lose the amount of looking and feeling pretty good about your- weight you want to by the end of October, self, because you lost weight during the you will be more likely to watch your diet spring, in preparation for summer. You and not eat and drink too much during the wanted to get fit and be able to look great in following holiday months, because you shorts and sleeveless shirts, right? won't want to waste all of the work you just Well, now that summer has passed you put into losing weight, not to mention it feels might be frustrated when you get on the so good when you've lost the weight that's scales. After summer barbeques, concerts, been making you feel, crummy. dinners and camping, you've probably added a few, or more, pounds. So you If you need a little help finding the right diet need to choose a diet plan now and lose that will speed up your metabolism so you weight by Halloween, because it's less than can start burning fat right away, please visit a couple months away. here. Keeping the weight off is probably If you are planning a Halloween party for more important than the initial weight loss the it- adults, it of course will be a costume party. Have you decided on a self, because it has a direct effect on your costume yet or does it depend on your overall health and well-being and the diet weight? You know, beside losing weight for you follow plays a significant role in perma- upcoming Halloween, it's just a good time nent weight loss as well. of year to lose weight in preparation for all of the Fall and Winter holidays when most people tend to over-indulge. Video: Did you know that September 2 and Janu- Halloween ary 2 are the two biggest times of every single year when people choose diet plans? Fat Loss Pumpkin Workout! They begin in September because it's a new season, school starts back and it's a time of renewal. Well, we all know why January 2 is the biggie, for diets. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/? expert=Sydnee_Hibbi
  9. 9. LOW CARB WITH PUMPKIN Seite 9 Cooking Low Carb with Pumpkin By Laura Dolson, About.com About.com Health's Disease and Condition content is reviewed by our Medical Review Board Did You Know… that pump- with minerals, seem to have perfectly cooked.) Cool, then kin is one of the vegetables an anti-inflammatory effect, scoop out the seeds and allowed during Atkins’ Induc- and may even help protect stringy stuff with a spoon, or tion phase? against prostate cancer and pull it out with tongs. It is SO osteoporosis. A quarter cup MUCH EASIER than when it is Did You Know…that pumpkin has about 5 grams of effective raw. is chock full of vitamins, miner- carb and 1.5 grams of fiber. als, fiber, and antioxidants? If you want chunks, you’ll Selection have to cut into it raw (though I have wondered if “par-roasting” would work to make the skin easier to hack into). Or find a store where you Did You Know…that pie is For cooking, you want a can buy it already in chunks. not the only way to cook pumpkin that is heavy for its Or beg the produce guy at pumpkin? size. The lighter ones are your local market to do it. Ex- drier, with a bigger open space plain that people (such as you) Pumpkin is one of those vege- in the middle. For the most would gladly pay more if tables that is almost emblem- part, stay away from the large someone else had done the atic of fall – it makes us think pumpkins when selecting a wrestling. of harvest, of holidays, of frost, pumpkin for eating – 2 to 5 lbs of lengthening nights and the is about right. For the seeds, let them dry on oncoming winter. And yet, the paper towels, then oil and salt only way it usually gets to the Storage them (and any other season- table is in a store-bought pie, Pumpkins can keep for a long ings you want) and slow roast or perhaps a can of pie filling time in a cool (ideally 50 to 60 them in a 250 F oven until they that goes in a pie we made degrees) dry place. Put news- smell good – about 45 to 60 ourselves. But pumpkin can be papers underneath just in minutes. Stir them every 15 so much more -- and since case, though. Once the pump- minutes or so. Here's a pumpkin keeps for 6 months kin is cut open, you need to quicker way to roast pumpkin whole or for years in a can, it use it within a couple of days seeds. can be a year-round addition (or freeze it) as it can mold to our diets. quickly. Cooked, it’s fine in the Ways to Eat Pumpkin Pumpkin is chock full ‘o good- refrigerator for 4 to 5 days. Pumpkin can be used in any ness. You can tell by its bright squash recipe, but it has a color that it’s going to be going Basic Easy Cooking Tech- depth of flavor that many other to be good for you. Not only is niques winter squashes don’t. Of pumpkin loaded with vitamin A For pumpkin puree: Remem- course, we have to have and antioxidant carotenoids, ber, you heard it here first: pumpkin pie, and my low-carb particularly alpha and beta- You don’t need to cut the pumpkin pie never fails to get carotenes, it’s a good source pumpkin open before you raves. Here are some other of vitamins C, K, and E, and roast it. I’m not kidding. Just low-carb recipes with pumpkin: lots of minerals, including jab it with a knife once or twice magnesium, potassium, and to vent the steam, put the • Low-Carb Pumpkin Cheesecake iron. whole darned thing on a bak- Half a cup of canned pumpkin ing sheet, and pop it in the • New World Pumpkin Soup has 6.5 grams of effective car- oven at 350 F for an hour or • Creamy Spicy Pumpkin Soup bohydrate and 3.5 grams of so, until you can easily stick a • Ground Beef and Pumpkin Skillet fiber. knife into it. (Once I had to Meal Hot Pumpkin "Cereal" leave in the middle of this, so I The seeds are also worth turned off the oven after 20 latching on to. Pumpkin seeds, minutes, and when I came also called pepitas, are loaded back several hours later it was
  10. 10. FITNESS PARTY... Seite 10 Fitness Party - A Fun and Healthy Trend By Tom Bomar Birthdays, holidays, Thursdays... pretty * A fun social atmosphere encourages much any excuse for a party is a good participation and opportunity to receive one. The latest trend is a healthy trend. In current, accurate, and relevant healthy home parties (fitness parties) are not only information. good fun, but also a healthy as well. With * The economics of hiring a fitness pro- several style options available, a certified fessional for fitness party is an advantage fitness professional can come and provide for all. Many see the benefit in sharing the health information, a workout, or other ex- expense amongst a group while receiving ercise related techniques at your next so- similar information and direction when cial event. alone. It is very natural for each of us as humans * You control the scheduling and loca- to feel the need to socialize with others. tion of your home fitness party. The 2008 Gallup-Healthways Happiness- Stress Index poll showed, "The days of the * They provide excellent variety to your year when the majority of American's ex- perience enjoyment/happiness also tend to normal social events. be days that they report spending more * An automatic support group is created time with friends and family." The sad fact of your participating friends. Long term is that the vast majority of these social fitness habits are more likely to hold when events are a distant cry from being consid- supported by a group. ered a fitness party or even remotely Many home party options exist for you to healthful. socialize with your friends. All have their With 85% of the US population having no varied benefits. If you are busy with work, ties to a fitness club of any kind, the quan- family, and life in general; have not seen tity and more importantly quality of health- your girlfriends in quite some time; need to ful information to the majority is often poor. get a bit of a social life; and want some- The healthy trend of fitness parties may thing new the fitness party program may make a large impact in providing needed be ideal for you. health, fitness, and wellness information Your feelings of happiness and joy will and do so by taking advantage of the hu- increase by being with friends and you will man need and enjoyment from socializing have a party that will not only be hard to with friends. forget, but one that you will want to re- Benefits to the Fitness Party member and run again. Consider joining * As mentioned above, human enjoy- this healthy trend and rather than hosting a ment and happiness is affected positively gathering that is centered around a par- through socializing with family and friends. ticular product, food, or alcohol make it a healthy gathering.-- Tom Bomar is a health and wellness pro- fessional, certified as a strength and condi- tioning specialist and member of the Na- tional Strength and Conditioning Associa- tion. He is the managing director of FIT Launch, Inc. and the Healthy Gatherings program Healthy Gatherings web site - http://www.healthygatherings.com
  11. 11. TOP HEALTH BENEFITS Seite 11 Why Weight Lifting Is An Exercise That Delivers Top Health Benefits By Vince DelMonte While some individuals are strictly interested thus reducing the chance they become in- Vince DelMonte - Vidoe: in obtaining muscle for aesthetics, for most jured when participating in other physical people, this isn’t an interest. Instead, you’re activities. 200 Rep Medicine Ball more interested in knowing what health If you’ve ever been injured, you know just Ab Circuit! benefits weight lifting will have for you… how frustrating this can be. In about 80% of all injury cases, the injury is a direct re- sult of a tendon, ligament, or muscle not being strong enough when a stressful force is applied. Since weight training will really hit all those deep tendons and ligaments, it’s the best injury prevention out there. Reduction of Health Related Risks Numerous studies have demonstrated that regular weight training can have a positive effect on health by showing re- ductions in the rate of insulin resistance, blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. If you couple a solid weight training pro- Far too many people overlook the many gram then with a well-thought out diet, you’ll health and fitness benefits that weight train- be putting your best foot forward at warding ing has to offer, and because of this, experi- off these chronic problems ence problems down the road with their body Prevention of Fat Gain such as decreased bone density, a slowed The more you weight lift, the higher your me- metabolic rate, increased stress levels and tabolism will be, thus the more food you can other negative consequences that are asso- eat while maintaining your weight. If that ciated with constant stress. isn’t good news for your future and the fight Increased Bone Density against body fat, I’m not sure what is. Weight lifting, being one of the best weight Now, with all of this said, one big problem bearing exercises you can do, will increase many people run into is the thinking pattern your bone density and help ward off osteopo- that using a muscle building program will rosis or stress fractures in the future. make you big and bulky. Many people think running is the best exer- cise for increasing bone density, but this isn’t Video: necessarily true. If the truth is told, running actually promotes muscle breakdown in the The Best Home Workout - body, while weight lifting, being an anabolic process, helps to promote the building of tis- Exercise Routine sues. Therefore, weight lifting is going to be much better at preserving your bone mass, not to mention it’s far less impact than going for an hour run. Decreased Frequency of Injuries When you strength train, not only are your muscles going to get stronger, but you’ll also work the ligaments and tendons that are con- necting bones, muscles, and other tissues,
  12. 12. TOP HEALTH BENEFITS Seite 12 Why Weight Lifting Is An Exercise hat Delivers Top Health Benefits By Vince DelMonte This is most certainly not the case. Likewise, you can workout all you want, but if those building blocks – in the form of Let’s look at an analogy to gain an under- amino acids, carbohydrates, and dietary standing of this. fats are not there, you aren’t going to see too much muscle growth. Pretend you have two teams and each are going to try and build a house using the ex- So, don’t get caught thinking that just be- act same building technique. cause you add weight lifting to your work- outs, you’re going to develop large bulky muscles. If you control your diet, this sim- One team is given 10,000 bricks to con- ply will not happen. struct this house, and the second team is So, hopefully it is clear now that just be- given only 1,000 bricks. cause you’re weight lifting, it does not mean you will end up with bulky muscles as a re- sult. Many people make this incorrect as- sumption – but it really is the diet that makes all the difference in how this weight lifting will shape your body. When you make the decision to work with me using my 6-Pack Ab Quest program, I’ll take you through the weight lifting and ab techniques that will provide maximum re- sults with minimal effort on your part (why spend more time in the gym than you have to?), as well as provide you with meal plans that are custom designed to ensure you get the best results from your training without the muscle bulk – in fact, the plans are for- mulated to help you shed the fat so you look leaner and more defined. Who’s going to build the bigger house? Not choosing to include weight training as part of your current workout program is The choice should be obvious – team one without-a-doubt the biggest mistake you since they have more bricks to build it with. could make as far as your long-term health and fitness level is concerned. Don’t let this Now, think of those bricks as being the exercise pass you by any longer. calories you put into your body. Unless you’re supplying enough calories, you aren’t going to build really big muscles. This is precisely what makes bodybuilders look like bodybuilders. It’s not just about the way they train, but more about the way they eat (if you’ve ever had a teenage son in the growing process in your house, you likely know just how much food must be consumed when grow- About the Author: ing at rapid rates). Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Whether it’s growing in height during pu- Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain berty or trying to build bigger muscles later found at http://www.VinceDelMonteFitness.com on, calories must be supplied for this growth He also specializes in teaching skinny guys how to get process to take place. a six-pack and build muscle, without drugs, supple- ments and training less than before with his program found at YourSixPackQuest.com You can’t build a house out of nothing.
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