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KieFit Journal - the March 2010 edition of KieFit Journal. Your free online publication about fitness, training- and workout tips.

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Sculpt Your Body!

  1. 1. KieFit Journal March 2010 The Muscle Fiber Types How I Gained 25 Pounds in One Week Video: Truth about High Fiber Foods - Nutrition For Weight Loss 7 Tips How to Increase Running Speed Training: What are Kettle bells?
  2. 2. JOURNAL KIEFIT HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE! MARCH 2010 ISSUE: Sculpt Your Body! LEARNING THE MUSCLE 3 Hello Fitness- Fans, FIBER TYPES + 4 Here is the March 2010 edition of KieFit Journal. Your free online publication about fitness, training- and workout tips. HOW I GAINED 25 5 POUNDS IN ONE WEEK - 7 Read in this issue of the KieFit Journal about different "muscle fiber types, and helpful training tips on page 3 RUNNING TRAINING TIPS NUTRITION FOR WOMEN RUNNERS 8 Find also an interesting article by Nick Nilsson, the vice-president of the online personal training; how you gained 25 pounds in one week here on page 5 to 7). HOW TO INCREASE RUN- 9 NING SPEED - 7 TIPS Now it’s again time for RUNNING! On page 8 and 9 you can find great running tips, such as: ‘How you can train your speed’. LEARN HOW TO BUILD 1 MUSCLE IN 4 SIMPLE 0 What are Kettle bells? KieFit Journal provides you with a cool STEPS article about this new fitness equipment and also a fantastic training video where you can see how you can be fit with Kettle WHAT ARE KETTLE 1 bells – “Get fit! Kettle bells Training” – Read about Kettle bells on BELLS? 1 Page 11. VIEDO: 1 Enjoy reading and practice. GET FIT! KETTLEBELLS - 1 TRAINING Heidi BENCH PRESS OR THE 1 PUSH-UP? 2 P.S. Archive Of Past Kiefit Journal Issues VIDEO: 1 FITNESS - DIVE BOMBER 2 PUSH UPS EXERCISE KIEFIT.COM ISSUE 1 3 Send me your comments and ideas for further ADVERTISE 1 OPPORTUNITYS— 4 articles. Submit your article to Email: ATTENTION KIEFIT.COM and see it in the next issue Schedules: Submit events sche- CONTACT—KIEFIT.COM 1 of KieFit Journal. dules you know to be mentioned 5 Use your article to generate additional free traffic here in the next issue! SEND ME YOUR COM- 1 to your website as well. MENTS AND IDEAS FOR Submit your personal Fitness 5 FURTHER ARTICLES. and Sport events you wish to be Closing date to submit your articles you wish to be published here and invite Kiefit published here on 25th of each month. Journal readers to attend!
  3. 3. THE MUSCLE FIBER TYP Seite 3 Learning The Muscle Fiber Types By Vince DelMonte  Choosing the best type of workout program te and stored muscle glycogen (glucose). that will stimulate the muscle fiber type that They will not utilize stored body fat at all due will get you the results you’re looking for is to the fact that they are only able to continual- extremely important. ly contract for between one and about 20 se- Unfortunately, all body building programs are conds. not created equally when speaking in terms of muscle fiber types. Type B Fast-Twitch Muscle Fibers The next muscle fiber is also classified as a fast twitch muscle fiber but not to the extent that type A are. This muscle fiber type is mostly utilized in activities that are relatively short in duration, but are not at an all out pace. For example, if you were to sprint 100 meters, you’ll be using mostly type A. If on the other hand, you are to do a run- ning interval at about 80-90% of your max capacity for 30 seconds, this would utilize the type 2A more. Some of the characteristics of the type B muscle fibers are that they still have a large motor neuron (not as large as Type A While you can’t differentiate between muscle though), they are on the intermediate scale as fibers from your outside appearance, on the far as being resistant to fatigue, and they ha- inside of the muscle tissue body, there are ve a high degree of mitochondrial density. three main different fibers present. These muscle fiber types are also able to use Type A Fast-Twitch Muscle Fibers oxygen to a great extent, as demonstrated by their higher resistance to fatigue and longer The first type of muscle fibers are known as duration of contraction abilities. Type A Fast Twitch and are responsible for the most forceful contractions generated, ho- --> continued wever, will fatigue the fastest. For example, if you were to perform an all out set of 3 reps for bench press, you would pre- dominately be using these type A muscle fi- bers. They tend to have very large motor neurons and very low mitochondrial density. They also have a low oxidative capacity, meaning they will not be able to utilize oxygen very well. It is for this reason that they are not suited to en- durance type of activities, because during these exercise variations, oxygen must be present in order to sustain the muscular contractions. The major type of fuel that these muscle fi- bers are going to rely on is creatine phospha-
  4. 4. THE MUSCLE FIBER TYP Seite 4 Learning The Muscle Fiber Types By Vince DelMonte  - continued - Slow Twitch contract ever so slightly. For example, perform 30-45 intervals re- Finally, the third type of muscle fiber that you peated ten times with about a minute or a have in your body is classified as slow-twitch. minute and a half at a low to moderate pace. For your weight training activities, aim to tar- This is the muscle fiber type you would use if get the 6-10 rep range to utilize the fact you were to run a marathon or any other ex- these muscle fibers have a higher oxidation tended duration, medium-to-low intensity ac- ability. tivity. Finally, to improve your slow twitch muscle These muscle fibers have a very high ability fibers, think endurance. This type of fiber will to resist fatigue and have a large oxidative usually require the greatest amount of time to capacity. train for improvement because you’ll want to focus on simply going ‘longer’. They are also relatively slow to contract, therefore you cannot expect a great deal of If you’re a runner, try and run longer. If you’re force generation from these muscles, and a biker, bike longer. If you’re a swimmer, thus, will not be intended for exercises re- swim longer – you get the point. quiring a high degree of power. This type of muscle has the ability to go for They are very high in terms of mitochondrial extended periods of time so this is exactly density and have a large number of capillar- what you want to train it to do. ies running throughout their bodies. This is to enable sufficient oxygen to get to the muscle So, next time you are trying to sort out your tissues so that they can carry on the ex- training plan make sure to take the various tended duration of muscular work they are muscle fiber types into consideration. intended to do. Doing so will allow you to make the most out These are also the muscle fibers that will of your training program so you get the exact also rely more on fat as fuel, as opposed to results you’re looking for. strictly using carbohydrates or creatine phos- phate. Video: Truth about High Fiber Foods - Nutrition For Training The Muscle Fiber Types Weight Loss So, now that you’re familiar with the three major classes of muscle fiber types, it’s time to recognize how you would train each effec- tively. Since type A are your primary force genera- tors, if you wish to get a higher performance from them you’ll need to train using exercises that require you to max out your effort for a short period of time. About the Author: Think sprinting at full speed, 1-5 rep sets for Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain lifting, and any type of plyometric activities. found at Next, to train your type B muscles fibers He specializes in helping you understand all the princi- you’ll want to slightly decrease the force with ples behind muscle fibers and gaining muscle and which you are to contract while simultane- weight quickly without drugs, supplements and training ously increasing the time over which you less than before.
  5. 5. GAINED 25 POUND IN 1 WEEK Seite 5 How I Gained 25 Pounds in One Week By Nick Nilsson On Sunday morning, I woke up and immedi- in the first day. Not a bad ately took my first serving of creatine and start! All that eating, glutamine. My focus on this day was to eat drinking water and sup- as much as possible, load up on creatine plementation was paying and glutamine and drink as much water as off. My body was ex- possible. Both of these supplements are ex- tremely primed for gain- cellent for forcing water into the muscles. ing. Taking creatine alone can result in a 5 to 10 pound increase in weight over the loading My training session phase of 5 days. To further maximize this lasted about 45 minutes, effect, I had been off creatine for 3 months during which I worked prior to this. every bodypart. After the workout, I immediately took a mixture of I took 4 servings of creatine and glutamine whey protein (40 grams), creatine (5 grams), this day, along with eating as much as I glutamine (10 grams) and Tang (sugary could (for example, eggs, oatmeal, meats, powdered drink mix) as well as some vita- potatoes, fruits, rice, etc.) and drinking buck- mins and minerals (multi-vitamin, calcium, ets of water. magnesium, vitamin C, and an anti-oxidant). It's critical to provide your body with nutrients I took 4 servings of creatine and glutamine and raw materials to rebuild with as quickly this day, along with eating as much as I as possible after training otherwise your could (for example, eggs, oatmeal, meats, body will just be breaking itself down. potatoes, fruits, rice, etc.) and drinking buck- ets of water. I got home and set to work making lunch, which consisted of 2 large chicken breasts I would continue loading creatine for the next and a big bucket of spaghetti and meat 4 days, taking glutamine only after each sauce. Several hours later, I had a couple of workout from then on rather than with my cans of tuna, a sandwich and some ice creatine loading. I would start my weight cream. Please note, these meals are just training program on Monday. I was going to samples of what I ate and not specifically be doing a very demanding program, doing what you should eat. 12 total-body training sessions over the next 6 days. All during the day and evening, I was con- stantly drinking water. When I say con- My theory with doing multiple total-body stantly, I mean I got up every 10 to 15 min- training sessions is this: every single body- utes and drank a full glass of water over the part was going to get as much breakdown course of the whole day. I was very well- and stimulation as possible to maximize the hydrated, which is extremely important for amount of nutrients being taken up over my weight gain. If your muscles don't have whole body. I would do more sets for the enough water, they simply can't grow. larger parts like chest, back and thighs and fewer sets for the other smaller parts. Every My evening training session was also a total- part would get worked twice a day for six body workout. At this point, my body was so days straight. This type of training is not ap- flooded with carbs and water from having propriate for a long-term program as it would come off a low-carb diet, everything I did rapidly lead to overtraining in a matter of was giving my muscles an incredible pump. I weeks. This was a one-week shot for me was focusing on heavy weights for sets of 6 and I was putting everything into it. to 10 reps during my sessions and stretching out thoroughly after. After taking my creatine, I made breakfast, which consisted of 10 eggs and a bowl of --> continued oatmeal that would feed a family of 4. For flavor, I mixed in some fruit yogurt. To gain weight effectively, you really need to eat big. I got to the gym for my first session that day and weighed myself. I had gained 10 pounds
  6. 6. GAINED 25 POUND IN 1 WEEK Seite 6 How I Gained 25 Pounds in One Week By Nick Nilsson - continued - This is a story of how I personally went from sponge - you can fit more water into a 192 pounds to 217 pounds in bodyweight in sponge that's been squeezed totally dry only 7 days. Learn every little secret tech- than a sponge that's already moist. nique I used to accomplish this mind- blow- ing weight gain. It's important to note that I didn't restrict my water intake at all. That will give you exactly It started as a challenge the wrong effect. If you restrict your water to myself. If I took all intake while dieting, your body will actually the knowledge I had hold onto more water. If you give your body about weight gain and plenty of water, it will have no reason to hold put it to work all at onto every drop you give it and will flush it once, how much weight out regularly. could I add to myself in one week? What would For training during this phase, I did three my upper limit be? I high-intensity cardio sessions per week for had some vacation time about 20 minutes each. This cardio was ex- coming up where I tremely tough and designed to burn as could do nothing but many calories as possible as quickly as pos- eat, sleep and train so I decided to do it. sible. This would make my body extremely This is my story... hungry for nutrients and ready to absorb as much as possible. I did high-volume, high- I knew from the start that this weight gain rep weight training (12 to 15 reps per set), 6 certainly wouldn't be all muscle. In fact, it's sessions per week with very short rest peri- impossible to gain that much weight in mus- ods to further set up this effect. cle in only one week (unless you're a baby elephant!). I was going to gain a combina- After 2 weeks of this training and dieting, I tion of muscle, water and most likely some was ready to start my weight gain. On Sat- fat as well. That rapid of a weight gain, how- urday evening, after my final training ses- ever, was going to force a lot of nutrients sion for the week, I weighed in at 192 into my muscles quickly, resulting in some pounds. permanent muscle gains. To start my maximal weight gain adventure, --> continued I first had to set myself up for it by dieting down. Why diet down to gain weight? Your body adapts most rapidly to extreme changes in environment. I knew I wanted to gain weight quickly, therefore I had to first subject myself to a restricted-calorie diet. When I would reverse my goals and begin to feed myself again, my body would react by rapidly sucking up every available calorie and holding onto it. To further set myself up, the diet I went on was a two-week carbohydrate-restricted plan, much like the Atkins Diet. For two weeks, I ate less than 30 grams of carbs per day, sticking to meats, eggs, cheese and vegetables. This cleared out all the glyco- gen I had stored in my body as well as re- ducing the amount of water I was carrying (water attaches itself to carbs in your body - when you clear out the carbs, several pounds or more of water will be flushed out with it). It was kind of like squeezing out a
  7. 7. GAINED 25 POUND IN 1 WEEK Seite 7 How I Gained 25 Pounds in One Week By Nick Nilsson - continued - After the workout, I had another supplement I went to the gym that night for my final train- and vitamin mix then went home. I had 4 ing session of my weight gain week and eggs and a bowl of cereal for a post-workout tipped the scales at 217 pounds. In only one meal, then a protein shake right before bed. I week, to give you an idea of the amazing mixed up a protein shake and set it beside strength and size gains I got, I was able to my bed so if, in the middle of the night, I increase the amount of weight I could bench woke up, I could drink a protein shake. press for 8 reps by 30 pounds and I had This would provide extra calories and protein added a full inch to my arms. and reduce the amount of time I went without food during the night. And believe me, with The best part is, this rapid weight gain was excellent for stretching the fascia of my muscles, giving them more room to grow (see link below for more information on fascia and stretching the fascia for in- creased muscle growth), leading to per- manent gains in muscle size and poten- tial muscle size. Using all the knowledge and techniques (and appetite) for weight gain at my dis- posal, I had gained 25 pounds of body- weight in only one week! ———————-- If you're interested in reading more about a full program designed along these very same principles, go to: "Muscle Explosion! 28 Days to Maxi- the amount of water I was drinking during the mum Mass" day and during my training, waking up during the night was a given! I repeated this type of schedule over the next days, continuing with my creatine loading, food loading and water loading. By the end of the second day, I had gained 15 pounds of bodyweight. By the end of the third day, I was up 18 pounds. When I finished my creatine loading after the fifth day, I began taking a protein shake first thing in the morning instead. Taking protein immediately upon waking is the best way to start the day. It instantly reverses the cata- bolic state your body is in after fasting during Nick Nilsson is Vice-President of the online personal sleep. training company BetterU, Inc. He has a degree in Physical Education and Psychology and has been My training was going well and my body was inventing new training techniques for more than 18 sucking up everything I was putting into it. years. Nick is the author of a number of bodybuilding My strength gains were rapid and my fat eBooks including "Muscle Explosion - 28 Days to Maxi- gains were actually quite minimal. I was in mum Mass", "Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss," "The the home stretch now. On Saturday after- Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of," "Gluteus to noon, I went over to a friend's house and had the Maximus - Build a Bigger Butt NOW!" and "The a huge meal of Shepherd's Pie, which is ba- Best Abdominal Exercises You've Never Heard Of" all sically a big pile of ground beef, potatoes available at HERE!. He can be contacted at bet- and corn. Great weight gain food.
  8. 8. RUNNING TRAINING TIPS Seite 8 Running Training Tips Nutrition For Women Runners By: Michelle Spencer When it comes to making sure you get the correct nutrition your body needs for running, there are a few issues that affect women more than men. This is partly due to the fact that women tend to pay a lot more attention to their weight than men do, and not necessarily for all the right reasons. First, you should ensure that you get enough iron in your diet. Iron is essential for transporting oxygen through your blood- and seeds) while avoiding saturated fats stream, as well as providing a key building (which mainly come from animal products). block of muscle tissue. It is easy for women to become anemic (i.e. have insufficient iron) running training, nutrition for running, because of their periods. If you don't eat red women runners,running tips meat, make sure that you get iron from sources such as dark green vegetables, Insufficient fat is highly correlated with irregu- beans and dried fruit. lar periods, which can have long term health repercussions. Avoid drinking coffee or tea with your meals, as these interfere with the absorption of iron. Watch carefully for the symptoms of anemia, which include fatigue, palpitations, dizziness, dryness of mouth, sores in the corner of the mouth and brittle hair. Your doctor can easily test for iron deficiency. If necessary take a food supplement to maintain your iron levels. Second, you should ensure that you have enough calcium. This is essential for building strong bones, and avoiding osteoporosis; it may also help to reduce high blood pressure. Dairy products are generally a good source of calcium; if you don't eat dairy products then try to buy calcium-fortified alternatives (you can buy calcium-fortified mineral water, or- ange juice and soya milk, for example). By: Michelle Spencer Third, some women runners don't eat enough Article Directory: fat. You need some fat in your diet, not least Get the latest tips and reviews ready to buy treadmill for to ensure that you have healthy hair and skin. your home gym. If it's a home use fitness treadmill you're Remember that some fats are good for you - looking for, make sure you're armed with the facts before try to increase your intake of mono- parting with your money. unsaturated fats (e.g. from olive oil and nuts) and essential fatty acids (e.g. from oily fish
  9. 9. HOW TO RUNNING SPEED Seite 9 How to Increase Running Speed - 7 Tips By Kenneth Edwards If you're faster than your competition there's 5. Injury Free: You have to take a preventa- nothing that they can do about it. tive approach to staying healthy and injury free because it won't matter how fast you are If you learn how to increase your running if you are hurt. Ice after every work out, stay speed it will help you to dominate your sport. hydrated, and eat enough protein to support your muscles. Here's 7 Tips To Help You Increase Your Running Speed: 6. Flexibility Will Help Your Speed: It's been said that flexibility can affect up to 33% of your power. Well, to be fast, you have to become powerful. Thus flexibility will directly or indirectly affect your ability to run fast by up to 33%. 7. Better Running Form Increases Speed: The better your running form, the faster you will run. * Running Form Tips: High knees in front, don't over stride, slight lean forward, knees don't extend far behind the body, and foot should strike just behind your center of gravity. I hope these tips help you learn how to in- 1. Train Your Muscles to Respond to You Wanting to Run Faster: You have to do work- crease your running speed. outs where you run at 90-95% or your body will never learn how to run fast. 2. "Dead" Weight Loss: I understand that for certain sports or for certain positions, you want to be a particular weight or size, but you can get rid of some "dead" weight to help you run faster. By dead weight I mean fat and waste material in your colon. You can in- crease your lean body mass if you have a weight goal in mind, but it doesn't have to be fat. 3. Rest: After you've had a "speed training" workout, your body needs 48-72 hours rest before performing another speed workout. Now, that doesn't mean you can't have other hard workouts, just not workouts that are made for you to run at above 80% of your max speed for longer than 2 seconds. Want to dominate your sport? Kenney is the Director of Championship Circle, Sport Training & Instruction For Any Competitive Sport In The World Available 4. Nutrition: If you don't have the right nutri- 24/7/365. Learn to dominate your sport here: http:// tion you will feel sluggish and you won't re- cover properly from workouts either. Make Article Source: sure you eat enough carbs to support the en- expert=Kenneth_Edwards ergy demand for the workout and enough pro- tein to recover and heal your muscles.
  10. 10. BUILD MUSCLE Seite 10 Learn How To Build Muscle In 4 Simple Steps By Vince DelMonte Are you sick and tired of will grow bigger and you will at least an additional 2 hours everyone telling you a differ- repeat this process again. should be dedicated to ent way to build muscle? Are Ideally you should hit your stretching. You must coun- you unhappy with how you muscles once every 72 teract the shortening of the look in the mirror? Are you hours so you could perform muscle tissues that occurs frusturated with your slow 2 upper body workouts per with weights or else you are progress in the gym? Are week and 2 lower body a injury screaming to hap- you ready to learn five sim- workouts per week. pen. ple steps that will teach you how to build muscle safely Step #2 Step #4 and effectively? There is a good chance that Focus on eating at least 5- Avoid supplements that you are not maximizing one 7x a day with balanced have not been around for of these four steps. Your meals from carbohydrates, longer than 3 years. proteins and fats. problem and solution lies in f your goal is to build muscle I learned this phisophy from correcting these essential than you should be eating at an Australian strength coach steps before you have any least 15-18 x your current who recommended not try- chance of building a muscu- body weight. Your carbohy- ing any supplement until it lar and lean physique. drates should equate about has been around at least 3 Get read to learn how to 45% of your intake, your years to pass the test of build muscle in four simple proteins should equate time. This will make your life steps, in less time, without about 35% of your intake much easier and help you any drugs and without bogus and your fat should be the avoid all the marketing supplements. remaining 20% of your in- hoopla in the latest fitness take. You should focus on and bodybuilding magazine. Step #1 over half of those meals be- If you follow this rule, you ing solid whole food meals will discover only a small Committ to lifting weights handful of supplements still and the remainder can be at least three to four times standing. Here are the ones liquid meal replacment per week. you should not go with out: a shakes. Your goal is to stimulate high quality multi-vitamin, your muscles with resistance Step #3 fish oil capsules, powdered (stress) which results in your creatine and a protein pow- muscles growing bigger to You should focus on der. These products will avoid the stress from occur- stretching at least half the cover your nutritional basis ing again. Once you go amount that you lift for health, healthy body home, let the muscle heal weights. composition, strength and through nutrition and rest, it One of the biggest mist- muscle mass. kakes I see is people train- ing, training and training with out any stretching. Stretch- About the Author: Vince DelMonte ing helps restore normal is the author of No Nonsense Mus- length to the tissue and if cle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To you are constantly training, Insane Muscle Gain found at http:// your muscle tissues will shorten and big to perform He specializes in teaching skinny weaker and slower and have guys how to build muscle and gain a higher incidence of inju- weight quickly without drugs, supple- ries. So if you are lifting ments and training less than before. weights 4 hours in the week,
  11. 11. WHAT ARE KETTLE BELLS? Seite 11 What are Kettle bells? Distributed by Content Crooner - Article From Article Health And Fitness Though kettle bells have been around for vidually. Additional weight can be added to many decades, they have caught the attenti- moves like squats and lunges. on of sportspersons and weight trainers only recently. It can be described as weight trai- On the other hand, kettlebells are primarily ning equipment that have a single loop used for swinging movements therefore they handle attached to a cast iron weight the combine cardio and strength training in a single work out. Also the exercises on them size of a bowling ball. The weight of them employ greater motion range therefore they range from two pounds to more than 100 increase flexibility and tone up the body. pounds. These are now becoming popular as strength training equipment and are Therefore if the aim is to just tone up the being used in many gyms across Eastern body, dumbbells should be used but if you are a sportsperson and want to increase Europe. your flexibility and strength, you can incor- They are becoming popular due to fact that porate some of the kettle bell exercises to they invoke complete body fitness. Lifting your exercise regimen. and controlling a kettle bell requires the body to be strong and fit. Hence the body It is necessary to take the required training when works on kettlebells becomes strong tips before starting exercises on kettle bells as inappropriate use may cause serious and stable. Work outs on them engage mul- tiple muscle groups at the same time thus in injuries. Otherwise using them is a great a short time, providing a whole body work- way to start a new way of exercising. out. Video: Safety measures to adopt while using kettle bells Get Fit! Kettlebells - Training When starting anew with them, you ought to be careful and it is recommended that you should be trained initially to use them. Nasty injuries can be caused if they are used inappropriately. Before using them, you must exercise and practice with light weights and then go in for heavy kettlebells. As the exercises related to them are diffe- rent from the traditional ones for weight lif- ting, it is necessary that you give yourself time to adjust to these moves. Also the body needs adjustment as there are a multiple group of muscles and body parts working in tandem when working on them. Often new users of them injure their back and spine by lifting a very heavy kettle bell, before they are able to control it. Kettle bells Vs. Dumb bells Author Resource:- To find out more, check out : Kettle- Although both dumbbells and kettlebells are Bells great for strength training, they are used Distributed by Content Crooner differently. Dumbbells being inexpensive are used for toning up muscles of the body. Article From Article Health And Fitness Each muscle group like the triceps and bi- ceps can be isolated and worked upon indi-
  12. 12. BENCH PRESS OR PUSH UP? Seite 12 Bench Press Or the Push-Up? By Ryan D Miller What is the first thing you jump on when you 2.) Your core musculature is NOT activated hit your first gym? The Bench press(this is mostly guys, ladies). I was definitely one of When lying on your back performing the those guys. I was actually benching 3x per bench the musculature of the core is actu- week at one time! I know, I'm paying for it ally relaxed because the bench itself is do- now...2 surgeries later! ing the job of your core. The muscle groups that surround your spine(i.e. the core) relax So which is better the push-up or the bench and if muscles do not get used they get press? weak and atrophy(decrease in size & waste away) sets in. (The movement of the push- Video: The push-up is much more effective and up actually forces your core to fire and work safer than the bench press. throughout the whole exercise!) Fitness - Dive Bomber Push Ups Exercise When I say safer just ask any of the power- 3.) Safety! lifter's walking around your gym. They are Believe it or not, you put your shoulders un- the one's with the severely rounded shoul- ders and who can't lift their arms above their der the most "stress"(pressure/risk) when heads! The reason...the bench press putting/pulling the bar on and off the rack. wreaks havoc on the shoulder complex! This puts a lot of excessive strain on the rotator cuff. Through my years working in a On the other hand, push-ups are one of the physical therapy clinic, rotator cuff tears are best upper body exercises you can do. They one of the worst injuries to come back from. not only strengthen your chest but your Surgery and rehab are torture!! (Push-ups overall upper body strength and power. on the other hand, are extremely safe be- Plus, they will not harm your shoulders like cause you don't have to rack and re-rack the bench press. your body!) Here are 3 reasons NOT to Bench Press Ryan D. Miller is a nationally recognized Fat (Do push-ups instead): Loss expert, Fitness/Wellness Coach, Li- censed Trainer and founder of Training- 1.) Your shoulder blades are "stuck" in a Ryan has created a fixed position when using the bench press unique Canton, OH Personal Training sys- tem called Lose Fat and Get Lean for busy men & women Because the shoulder blades are unable to move, this weakens the finger like muscles, serratus anterior, who's primary job is to As a gift for reading my articles, I'm giving away 12 fat blasting meal plans to kickstart stabilize and pull the shoulder blades for- your metabolism and a fat burning workout ward. you can do from home(or at the gym). Just send an email to If theses finger like muscles are prevented with your (and weakened) from doing their job, this first name and I'll instantly send out the meal causes your shoulder blades to "wing")move plans and workout. away from the midline of your body), limiting your shoulder range of motion. This limited range of motion will eventually lead to in- Article Source: jury...most likely impingement syndrome, expert=Ryan_D_Miller which hurts like hell! (The push-up actually strengthens and allows the serratus anterior to do its job!)
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