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Basic Information about Aquariums

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Aquarium Guides

  1. 1. AQUARIUM GUIDES Basic Information about Aquariums
  2. 2. A. Brief Historical Background of Fish Aquarium The word ‘aquarium’ comes from the Latin etymologies ‘Aqua’, meaning water and ‘rium’, means place or building. Basically, a freshwater aquarium is a water building! Modern form of home freshwater aquariums was developed in the 1850's, but the concept of keeping fish in “water building" is actually very old. Even the Sumerians had a way of keeping their fish: they had a pond in which they kept wild fish until they are ready to have it on dinner. As for the fishes, Goldfish and the Koi were bred as far back 2,000 years ago in China and during the Song dynasty, goldfish were kept in ceramic. Even in ancient Egyptian art, it is possible to trace the existence of an Egyptian version of an aquarium-Fish were kept in rectangular temple pools, which something unique and interesting.
  3. 3. Keeping fish as a hobby was known to people before the First World War (during the late 1800's and in the beginning of the 20th century). While you could see fish tanks at museums, zoos and more spacious places like public aquarium with modern lighting and the filtration, still many people keep fishes as pet inside their home. As the fish keeping began to gain popularity, private companies see this as a profitable venture and come up with a unique and interesting accessories and amenities that makes possible for fishes to put into tanks. There was also an intensive research made to create efficient ways to keep fish healthy, and their environment clean. These are the main reason why we have access to many options and choices when it comes to aquariums. You could choose from different aquariums ornaments and requirements - stones, plants, trucks, stars and a great array of tropical fishes – to make your freshwater aquarium set up unique, interesting and yes, even fun. Fish Keeping
  4. 4. Fish aquariums are glass or plastic enclosures designed to simulate the natural environment of fish. Freshwater Aquariums Freshwater aquariums imitate pond and lake environments with clear, fresh water treated to remove chloramines and other impurities present in tap water. The freshwater aquariums house goldfish, tropical fish and other freshwater fish varieties such as catfish and frogs. This aquarium requires proper filtration, water chemistry and lighting to create a lifelike environment depending on what fish are being housed inside. B. Different types of Aquariums
  5. 5. Saltwater Aquariums Saltwater aquariums are also known as marine aquariums, and they emulate ocean environments for fish that requires a certain level of salinity in the water. The Marine aquariums can house a wider variety of fish and invertebrates including starfish, corals, eels, crustaceans and exotic fish. Saltwater aquariums are often said to be trickier to care than freshwater aquariums as the water chemistry must be maintained more precisely for the health of the inhabitants.
  6. 6. Brackish Aquariums The brackish aquarium is a combination between saltwater and fresh. This is for the fishes prefer some salinity in their water without a full-fledged marine environment. Cichlids, for example, prefer waters with a salinity level above that of fresh water but below the level found in a marine environment. Maintaining the right level of salinity is vital and important to maintain the health of your fish.
  7. 7. Reef Aquariums The Reef Aquariums are a marine environment designed specifically to accommodate the growth of coral reefs. The requirements for a reef aquarium environment are unique depending on the types of coral housed in the aquarium. Different varieties prefer different types of lighting, different levels of salinity and different space. Meeting these requirements is vital to make the coral blooms and live longer.
  8. 8. Planted Aquariums The Planted Aquariums can be freshwater, brackish or marine in nature, though they are focused on growing the marine plants. Plant tanks can feature fish and other living creatures.
  9. 9. C. Setting up your First Aquarium 1. Make an intensive research on the natural habitat for each of your fishes. 2. You can choose between alive or artificial decorations or choose both. You can find plenty of clays pots, plastics figurines, driftwood, rocks, slate etc. 3. You'll have to consider the maintenance of the decorations you choose to keep.You should choose the decorations that can be cleaned easily. 4. Aquariums for fish should follow an ideal ecosystem that akin to the natural habitat of the fishes that can be created by choosing the appropriate theme and decorations. 5. You could place the map of your fish aquariums on paper. This will allow you to make any changes before you finally set up your aquarium to carry out the plan.
  10. 10. D. Aquariums: Latest and Modern Home Décor Wall Aquariums are exquisite artworks combining technology and comfort. It is quite like a fish tank which is mounted to a wall akin to a plasma TV or a painting. These aquariums come with thin materials that support the aquariums to be fixed on the wall safely. This is the main reason why these aquariums are really popular nowadays. It displays elegance, intricacy and provides number of benefits.
  11. 11. a. By choosing wall aquarium, you can be sure that this could not be reach by your kids, their playmates and your dogs. b. When compared to a typical fish aquarium, wall aquarium is a lot more easy to clean because of its size and features. c. Research and studies reveal that having aquarium in your house contributes a positive effect to the owner’s health and disposition. d. If you have a limited area and you want to decorate it with an aquarium, you can select a wall fish aquarium. e. The unique and aesthetic design of these fine artworks complements the interior and design of your place and brings a perfect impression. Why should I choose Wall Aquarium?
  12. 12. From the normal round glass bowl and rectangular shaped, aquariums have advanced through time. Today, you can find aquariums made from materials such as plexi-glass and acrylic. It can be on different shaped such as pentagon, octagon or hexagon. With the available technology, developers have created new sets of designs that fit to the modern lifestyle we have today. You can find all these in any aquarium distributors near you or through online store. Below are the two designs and style of aquariums now available in the market. E. Other Trends of Aquariums
  13. 13. Cabinet Aquariums - The Cabinet Aquarium are the types of aquariums enclosed inside the furniture. It offers unique, homey dramatic effect anywhere you want to place them. The elegance combines with the technology, add more life to your fish aquarium. Portrait Aquariums- The portrait aquarium is the next trend of classic wall aquarium. This exquisite design takes up a small wall space and looks like a painting. Ideal for smaller fish and considers a living picture in every living room.
  14. 14. For an enthusiast who love collecting these stuffs you may opt for buying wholesale aquariums. It would be lesser in cost. Fish keeping could never be fun at the same time within the budget range. To know more about aquariums and customize aquarium for kids, visit please visit Kids