Social Media and the Workplace


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More and more companies are now allowing their employees to access social media sites while working - and it could be more helpful than harmful.

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Social Media and the Workplace

  1. 1. Positive DistractionSocial Media and the WorkplaceBy Kiara ZuchkanImage  by  elminium  (via  Flickr)  
  2. 2. Due to social media networks, the linebetween our social and professional liveshas been blurred.Image  by  blaahhi  (via  Flickr)  
  3. 3. Today, 75.4% of firms use social media forbusiness purposes.1And 52.4% of those firms allow theiremployees to access social media sites whileworking.1Image  by  Simon  Cocks  (via  Flickr)  
  4. 4. Social media outlets –whether accessedthrough a computer,smartphone, or tablet– have proven to bevery distracting...Image  by  jseliger2  (via  Flickr)  
  5. 5. ...yet more and morecompanies areallowing theiremployees toconnect.Image  by  alles-­‐schlumpf    (via  Flickr)  
  6. 6. In fact, 64.2% of firms do not monitor theuse of Twitter, Facebook, or other social mediasites in the office.1Image  by  gillicious  (via  Flickr)  
  7. 7. So why would 68.9% of companies choose toimplement policies that allow employees touse social media in the workplace1?Image  by  Daniel*1977  (via  Flickr)  
  8. 8. New research suggests that workers who areencouraged to interact via social media areamong the most productive.2Image  by  lovesonic  (via  Flickr)  
  9. 9. But how could one possibly focus with theever-present distraction that is socialnetworking?Image  by  philip.bitnar  (via  Flickr)  
  10. 10. Joe Nandhakumar - a professor at WarwickBusiness School - attributes the increase inproductivity to the “theory of virtualco-presence”.2Image  by  University  of  the  Fraser  Valley  (via  Flickr)  
  11. 11. This theory isdefined as “theability tocollaborate withothers over longdistances inrelatively shortproductivesessions to resolveproblems oraccomplish tasks.”2Image  by  the  Freelens  (via  Flickr)  
  12. 12. Nandhakumar and his team studied a largeEuropean company that encouraged theiremployees to interact with customers usingsocial media sites like Twitter, Facebook, andSkype...Image  by  babyben  (via  Flickr)  
  13. 13. ...and the newly social-media-empoweredworkforce was able to accomplish more salesand customer service tasks in a shorter periodof time.2Image  by  vanhookc  (via  Flickr)  
  14. 14. Additional benefits of using social networkingin the office include increased collaborationamong co-workers...Image  by  ellajphillips  (via  Flickr)  
  15. 15. ...and strengthening the company’s digitalliteracy in order to compete for young talent.2Image  by  scherno  (via  Flickr)  
  16. 16. Companies also believe the use of socialmedia in the office leads to happier, morecomfortable employees.3Image  by  mastrobiggo  (via  Flickr)  
  17. 17. "If youre at work 12 or 15 hours a day, there aretimes when you want to break away and have aconnection with reality, and connecting withfamily and friends allows you to do that. Thesetools allow you to do that...without going stircrazy.”3- Kevin Rice, enterprise architect atAT KearneyImage  by  stesciuba  (via  Flickr)  
  18. 18. Despite the positive results, resistance toimplementing social media policies in majorcompanies is common.Corporations fear that social networksrepresent potential security breaches.2Image  by  sam.d  (via  Flickr)  
  19. 19. “Ubiquitous digitalconnectivity should beseen not as anunwelcomeinterruption but aspart of the changingnature of knowledgework itself that needsto become part ofnormal, everydaypractices ofcontemporaryorganizations.”2- Joe NandhakumarImage  by  Esparta  (via  Flickr)  
  20. 20. Management needs to ask themselves: do thepositive effects on their employees fromusing social media outweigh possible securitythreats?Image  by  Richard  Carter  (via  Flickr)  
  21. 21. If so, we will soon be looking at a new, social-media-equipped workforce.Image  by  PitsLamp  photography  (via  Flickr)  
  22. 22. Sources Cited1 "Social Media And The Workplace." The Social Clinic RSS. N.p.,Mar. 2013. Web. 9 May 2013. <>.2 Warner, Bernhard. "When Social Media at Work Dont CreateProductivity-Killing Distractions." N.p., 1 Apr. 2013.Web. 9 May 2013. <>.3 Gaudin, Sharon. "More Companies Are OK with EmployeesUsing Facebook at Work." N.p., 26 Mar. 2012. Web.15 May 2013. <>.