Television Industry in India


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Television Industry in India

  1. 1. Television Industry in IndiaKhushi Sen | Nidhi Upadhyaya | Shray Gupta Jesal Rana | Sunitha Edwards
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. “Television! Teacher, Mother, Secret Lover”-Homer Simpson, The SimpsonsA Teacher who educates, a motherwho guides and a secret lover who isspecial in ways more than one –Television is indeed all this and more!An agent of culture, a carrier oftraditions; a counselor forrelationships, a forger of friendships; atool for empowerment, an instrumentfor learning – TV has come a long wayto mean much more than justentertainment to the public at large.A window to the outside world, aninspiration for growth and a platformfor showcasing talent – think of a role& TV plays it for millions across our rich& diverse country!
  4. 4. Purpose of TVIndustry in India
  5. 5. Purpose of TV Industry in India• Plays a major role in the flow of information• Is equipped with the power to influence people, their beliefs and their opinions• Being a visual medium, its impact transcends the social & educational background of its viewers• Remains a favorite media source for most consumers across age irrespective of domicile: 92% of the respondents rank ‘watching TV’ as their top media source* 94% respondents consider ‘advertising on TV’ as the most influential media source to impact their buying decisions* *Source: Deloitte (ASSOCHAM) M&E In India, Sep 2011
  6. 6. • In terms of number of TV viewers , 1st – China 2nd – USA 3rd – India• The television sector in India has grown at 12%p.a. (2007-2010)• Estimated to continue this strong growth, owing to healthy advertising spends and increased penetration in semi-urban and rural areas, mainly by DTH *Source: Deloitte (ASSOCHAM) M&E In India, Sep 2011
  7. 7. *Source: Deloitte (ASSOCHAM) M&E In India, Sep 2011
  8. 8. *Source: Deloitte (ASSOCHAM) M&E In India, Sep 2011
  9. 9. Purpose served BEFOREthe TV industry came into existence
  10. 10. As a mode of Communication: TelephoneTelegraph Machine Oral Speech (Word of Mouth)
  11. 11. As a mode of Information:Print Media Public Announcements
  12. 12. As a mode of Information as well as Entertainment: Radio
  13. 13. As a mode of Entertainment: Movies Theatre
  14. 14. As a mode of ‘Bonding’:Family Outings Outdoor Games
  15. 15. Size of the TV Industry In India
  16. 16. *Source: FICCI-KPMG Indian M&E Industry Report, 2012
  17. 17. *Source: FICCI-KPMG Indian M&E Industry Report, 2012
  18. 18. *Source: FICCI-KPMG Indian M&E Industry Report, 2012
  19. 19. *Source: FICCI-KPMG Indian M&E Industry Report, 2012
  20. 20. SWOT Analysis
  21. 21. SWOT Analysis• Media And Entertainment is one of the most booming sectors in India due to its vast viewership reach.• The industry like television have a large customer base• The growing middle class with higher disposable income has become the strength of the M & E industry.• Change in the lifestyle and spending patterns of the Indian masses on entertainment• Technological innovations like online distribution channels, web-stores, multi- and mega-plexes are complementing the ongoing revolution and the growth of the sector• The low cost of production and high revenues ensure a good return on investment for Indian Television industry
  22. 22. SWOT Analysis• Among the weakness in the industry, a current weakness may be inability to adhere to ethical standards in the industry which has lead to lawsuits filled against some media industries• The industry also has been slow in its growth only picking up in the recent past, thus its innovation and marketing strategies may be not competitive on the global arena (Bird, 2003)• The lack of efforts for media penetration in lower socio- economic classes, where the media penetration is low
  23. 23. SWOT Analysis• The industry still has room to expand within India as the market is wide & can increase its market share• The high technological innovation which is happening everyday also presents a good opportunity for the media industry to utilize the latest technology in expanding its product mix or improving existing ones hence, reaching or increasing its market
  24. 24. SWOT Analysis• The increasing interest of the global investors in the sector• The media penetration is poor among the poorer sections of the society• This offers opportunities for expansion in the area• The nascent stage of new distribution• Rapid de-regulation in the Industry• Rise in the viewership & the advertising expenditure
  25. 25. SWOT Analysis • Though India can be said to be stable politically, the country is known for frequent changes in government administration & instability in some regions or states, this issue negatively affects the media and it is threat to the media • Piracy, violation of intellectual property rights poses a major treat to the Media And Entertainment companies
  26. 26. SWOT Analysis• Lack of quality content has emerged as a major concern because of the Quick- buck route being followed in the industry• With technological innovations taking place so rapidly, the television industry is facing considerable uncertainty about success in the marketplace
  27. 27. New ‘Biz’ Strategy
  28. 28. NewsLaundry - Sab ki Dhulai• Let’s find out more about the objective people who are reporting the news.• This show features a Q & A with famous members of the media and subjects them to every probing, personal question they have ever asked a murder suspect, assault victim, surviving family member or politician.• Let’s find out about estranged family members, drugs done in college, mental/rehab hospital stays, opinions on racism and more.• If they say “No Comment”, no problem!!• We’ll gladly move on to the next question – as soon as they start to cry for mumma!
  29. 29. Thank You !
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