Detoxifying and Cleansing


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Your Essential First Step!

Laurence Smith, B.A., C.N.H.C.
Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Want to start strong on your path to wellness? Learn from Laurence Smith as he discusses the essential need for detoxifying and cleansing as a first step to wellness. ( Europe)

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Detoxifying and Cleansing

  1. 1. Welcome! Detoxifying and Cleansing Your Essential First Step! Laurence Smith August 6th , 2013 This NSPWebinar will begin at 11:00 am MDT
  2. 2. Laurence Smith • Area Manager, B.A., C.N.H.C. • Zone Certified Instructor • • (208) 322-5463
  3. 3. Shirley’s Story
  4. 4. Shirley’s Story • Husband, a Vietnam veteran, had various health concerns • Both decided to do a colon cleanse • Shirley lost more than 20 lbs. and her husband’s health dramatically improved. Page 1
  5. 5. Shirley’s Story cont. • Shirley convinced her husband to do a liver cleanse: • “For as long as I can remember, my husband has had these little red moles on his back, a clear sign of liver toxicity. After the eighth time we did the liver cleanse, I realized that all but the seven largest moles had disappeared. And those that were left were significantly smaller.”
  6. 6. Weight Loss = Energy Gained! “I was getting dressed for church and pulled out a dress from my closet. It was too big!” Shirley beams. “It was amazing. But the best part isn’t the weight loss, it’s the amount of energy I have. I can do more and keep going longer than I could when I was a teenager!” - Shirley Stoneking
  7. 7. Your World Is Making Your Body Toxic
  8. 8. Sources of Toxicity 1. Food 2. Indoor Pollution 3. Air Pollution 4. Water 5. Nuclear Radiation 6. Electromagnetics 7. Drugs
  9. 9. The World in Which We Live According to the EPA, in one year, the amount of toxins dumped into the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink is equivalent to loading eighteen- wheelers full of toxins and placing them end to end. The line would go from Los Angeles to Des Moines.
  10. 10. Chemical Contamination 70,000 chemicals are being used commercially in the United States. The EPA considers 65,000 of them to be potentially – if not definitely – hazardous to your health.
  11. 11. Minimize Your Exposure to Heavy Metals • Keep the chemicals in your life, especially cleaning chemicals, to a minimum. • Avoid cooking with aluminum pans or cooking in aluminum foil with anything that is reactive with aluminum (most acid foods are).
  12. 12. Your Body Has Several Pathways of Detoxification
  13. 13. The Body’s 4 “Channels” of Elimination and #5 Primary Eliminative Channels • Bowel (Gastrointestinal Tract) • Urine (Urinary Tract) Secondary Eliminative Channels • Skin (Sweat Glands & Oil Ducts) • Lungs (Respiratory Tract)
  14. 14. Machinery of Life Were it not for the incredible efficiency of your lymphatic system, liver, kidneys, colon, sweat glands and oil ducts in the skin, your body would suffocate in its own waste in a couple of days.
  15. 15. Types of Cleanses • Pre-packaged • Customized cleanses
  16. 16. When to Cleanse • Daily cleansing • Targeted cleansing • Seasonal cleansing
  17. 17. Minimize Your Exposure to Toxins • First, drink purified water! This is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your family on an on-going basis. • Buy organic food as much as possible.
  18. 18. Get Your Basics
  19. 19. Drink to Your Health My Daily Cleansing “Toddy” •4 oz. good water •1 oz. Thai-Go •1 heaping tsp. Vitamin C Ascorbates •3 tsp. Nature’s Three •1 oz. Ionic Minerals
  20. 20. Seasonal Detoxification Keeps You Clean All Year Long
  21. 21. What Can Be Cleansed? • Lymphatic System • Small Intestines • Large Intestines • Liver/Gallbladder • Skin • Candida • Cardiovascular System • Heavy Metals
  22. 22. Where Do I Start?
  23. 23. Liquid Cleanse Aloe Vera - soothes the digestive tract and mucous membranes Capsicum - stimulates the flow of saliva, bile and gastric juices Ginger - increases circulation in the digestive organs Senna - is a stimulant laxative for occasional irregularity or cleansing
  24. 24. Tiao He Cleanse A great 15-day liver and general cleansing program! • Liver Balance • All Cell Detox • LBS II® • Psyllium Hulls • Burdock • Black Walnut
  25. 25. CleanStart A great 14-day bowel and liver cleanse •Digestive system cleansers – Bentonite clay, freeze-dried aloe vera •Colon cleansers – Cascara sagrada, buckthorn, turkey rhubarb •Liver and blood cleansers – Burdock, red clover, milk thistle •Drink plenty of water
  26. 26. The Liver • It is the most important organ for detoxification • Processes toxins generated by poorly digested nutrients and leaky gut syndrome; it also has to process food additives and environmental toxins
  27. 27. The Liver (continued) • Sluggishness • Lethargy • Skin Issues • Weight Gain • Bloating • PMS Symptoms As the liver weakens, this filter becomes less effective, causing:
  28. 28. • One way the liver processes toxins is to to flush them back into the digestive tract via the gallbladder. • This “toxic bile” irritates the upper part of the small intestines, creating nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
  29. 29. Your Lymphatic System The River of Life
  30. 30. Lymphatic Cleansing • Good lymph drainage is necessary to carry toxins from cells. • Certain herbs or nutrients have been shown to help cells detoxify and help the lymph to move more freely.
  31. 31. Lymphatic Drainage Cleavers - helps remove excess fluid from the body Prickly Ash - is a circulatory stimulant
  32. 32. Lymphatic Drainage Red Clover - thins the blood and improves oxygenation to the tissues Stillingia - improves the function of the lymph, liver and kidneys
  33. 33. The Kidney Connection • Acid is the primary waste your kidney filters out of the blood. • Acid cannot be removed effectively if we are overloaded with toxins and are nutritionally deficient .
  34. 34. The Kidney Connection (cont.) • If the kidney cannot neutralize the acids, it will “borrow” potassium and magnesium from your muscles and calcium from your bones. • This “borrowing” will break down the structural system in the body, causing: muscle tension and pain after exercise, back issues, leg issues, osteoporosis and kidney issues.
  35. 35. Kidney Cleanse • Your body is composed of 60 percent water. • Water-soluble toxins must be eliminated primarily through your kidneys and sweat glands. • Drinking at least 64 ounces of purified water a day helps flush these fluid cleansing systems.
  36. 36. Kidney Drainage Asparagus - improves the kidney’s ability to filter waste acids Goldenrod - helps restore blood flow to the kidneys and improves urinary filtering ability
  37. 37. Kidney Drainage Juniper Berries - contain an essential oil that stimulates kidney function to promote urination Plantain - is thought to dredge the kidneys, restore the bladder and bring harmony to the urinary system
  38. 38. Custom Kidney/ Lymphatic Cleanse • 1 tsp. Kidney Drainage • 1 tsp. Lymphatic Drainage • Add to 8-16 ounces of pure water • Sip throughout the morning • Repeat during the afternoon • Drink plenty of other water as well • Add Protease Plus between meals
  39. 39. Important Weight-Loss Secret • Restoring blood and lymph flow to the tissues is a key to reducing body fat and changing your body shape.
  40. 40. Targeted Cleansing Can Dramatically Improve Your Health
  41. 41. Dieter’s Cleanse • Helps recapture energy, weight loss and detoxification • Safe and effective • Improves glandular function • Supports the liver/kidneys • Alters metabolism favorably
  42. 42. Dieter’s Cleanse AM/Noon Packet: • Bowel Detox • Master Gland Formula • Enviro-Detox ‒ Focuses on kidneys, liver, lungs and skin • Liver Cleanse Formula ‒ Helps with liver and gallbladder function
  43. 43. Dieter’s Cleanse PM Packet LBS II • Helps with production of digestive fluids, bile and increases peristalsis SF • Provides phytonutrients to nourish the body and increase energy Chromium GTF • Trace mineral for insulin. Absorb glucose better for energy.
  44. 44. What About Those Nasty Critters?
  45. 45. Goodbye to Those Nasty Critters! • Para-Cleanse is a good choice after CleanStart. • Para-Cleanse is a 10-day herbal supplement program to rid the body of unwanted organisms. • Comprised of Herbal Pumpkin, Black Walnut, Artemisia Combination and Paw Paw Cell Reg
  46. 46. Candida Cleanse • What is Candida? • What causes it?
  47. 47. What is the Answer? • (2) Yeast/Fungal Detox • (2) Caprylic Acid Combo • (2) Pau D’Arco • (2) Enzymes • Probiotics
  48. 48. Signs that Candida Needs Balancing • Gas and Bloating ‒ Candida produces carbon dioxide in the intestine. The result is persistent gas and bloating • Brain Fog – poor memory • Fatigue • Inability to lose weight • Coated tongue
  49. 49. Candida Control Diet Two things drive Candida: 1.Sugar or anything that turns to sugar 2.Mold or anything containing mold or fungus. AVOID Cheese, Vinegar, Mushrooms, Mayonnaise or Mustard.
  50. 50. What You Can Eat: Protein: •Meat (beef, chicken, turkey, fish, etc.) •Eggs (preferably organic) •Protein powder
  51. 51. What You Can Eat: Fats: •Olive Oil •Coconut oil (contains Caprylic Acid) •Almonds •Peanut Butter (with a small amount of Silver stirred in) •Be careful with nuts as they often carry a lot of mold.
  52. 52. Good Carbohydrates • Non-starchy carbohydrates ‒ Green beans, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, etc. • Fresh or frozen berries ‒ Freshly picked-not fresh in the store as they are often moldy
  53. 53. Good Carbohydrates • Lemons, Grapefruit (No other fruit) • Beans (black beans, pinto beans, etc.) • Chili is a great Candida cleanse meal!
  54. 54. Avoid These Carbs You should NOT eat Starches, such as potatoes, cooked carrots, rice, wheat or other grains except old-fashioned oatmeal.
  55. 55. Minimum Candida Program • 1 hour before each meal, take the 2 pack (enzymes) on an empty stomach. • 40 minutes later or 20 minutes before the meal take the 6 pack.
  56. 56. Minimum Candida Program (continued) • Take 8 Probiotic Eleven or Bifidophilus Flora Force before bedtime. • Eat the Candida diet. • Continue the program for at least 6 weeks or 3 boxes of Candida Clear.
  57. 57. Final Comments • This program changes lives. • This program gives hope. • This program works.
  58. 58. Cleansing Has Never Been So Easy • You have all the tools you need to keep your body toxin-free! –Remember to take your antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber, essential fatty acids and friendly bacteria each day to fend of those daily toxic assaults.
  59. 59. Cleansing Has Never Been So Easy • Decide which system needs a bit more attention: lymphatic, intestines, liver, and/or kidneys. • Finally, work in your seasonal cleanses, just four times a year
  60. 60. Who do you know that needs this information? Care enough to share!
  61. 61. Thank You!
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  66. 66. Thank You for Joining Us!